Old Journal Logs

1/31/06 - Happy Birthday Brie!! I will get to that later. I started the day off pretty early. I did
alot of little things at work today. I ended up driving to Southdale, since were all gathering at
The Cheesecake factory. I got there early so I got her a card and a bag to put a box of
Godiva chocolate in. She loves sweets, since back in our Marketplace days she worked in
candy. So I got there and it was good times. Ryan was there, so I knew a familiar face. I
ended up getting some shrimp and bacon sandwich. The waiter rang up my bill wrong,
instead of it being $27 with tip, he added gratuity even though my original purchase was only
$21. I ended up paying $32. I was too lazy to say anything. It was snowing hard out and I
wanted to get home safely.

1/30/06 - I have been taking allergy pills every day and its helping me alot. I still have to goto
the doctor and see whats making me react. I was trying to also figure out exactly when I was
going to California. The date is now set. March 1st through March 5th. After work I went
bowling and I had a big game. I had a 139, a 178, and a 171. My average was only 119 and I
blew that out of the water. I been trying to find a home for my guinea pig. I just don't have
time to take care of it anymore. So if anybody wants to adopt my guinea pig then you have
my contact information. I made the weirdest thing for dinner tonight. I made mac and cheese
with tuna. Not bad, if I say so my self.

1/29/06 - So I woke up wondering... wheres my football. I didn't do much today. Just basically
lifting some weights and watching some t.v. I forgot how much I miss watching t.v. My back
has been really soar lately. I think I should get it checked out. I think all those days of
throwing my body around might be catching up too me. I listened to alot of old school music
tonight. Just still living in the past I guess.

1/28/06 - I woke up at around noon. I havn't gotten that much rest in a long time. I went to my
parents house cause today was Vietnamese and Chinese New Year. My dad was thrilled to
have me come back home. I havn't told my mom yet. For some odd reason I just can't tell her
yet. I then went to the VFW to play some poker. I saw the guy to beat me for first place
tonight. I was locked and loaded to take him out. Unfortunately he was at a different table.
There was 2 tables left an I was low in chips. I went all in blind and won. My streaks of 3 final
tables are now in tacked. Finally final table, and he sat right next to me. He went all in, he
had a King and a 7. I called him and I had a King and a 9. He picked up a straight on the
river and beat me. End of that. That guys going to win it again. I took 5th place tonight. I went
up to East Bethel to Jamies. Same old people. Same old drunkness. Same old drama. I drove
Katrina home, since she didn't have a ride. Wow what a long day.

1/27/06 - I stayed at work for awhile today. Just doing random stuff. I felt special booking the
plane tickets and hotel and rental car. Did I mention we got suites at a hotel. Oh yeah!!
Anyways, I went to Mikes bday outting in Eagan. We all decided to goto Grand Slam to play
laser tag. Then we went to some place. I forget what it was called, it was Lafando or
something like that. Its off highway 13. Anyways, I didn't stay late tonight. My body was just
tired from the busy week and I needed to rest up. I did talk to a few people that I never talked
to before. That was fun though.

1/26/06 - Today I was pretty tired. I didn't want to get out of bed again. I didn't goto dodgeball
tonight. I went to the Legion and watched and play Poker. Then after that I met up with Chris
and Nick at the Myth. It was very cool, since we got to go into the VIP suites area, behind the
glass doors. We were better then the regular VIP area by the ledge hahahha. It was a pretty
late night. I didn't get home till after 2am. Oh well good times overall.

1/25/06 - Today I woke up all tired. I didn't want to move out of my bed at all. I was so
dehydrated. Work was pretty slow today. Which was a good thing. I had lunch with Mary at
Applebee's, that was a good chance for us to catch up. I was trying to decide if I should call
Rachael or not. I think its a bit too soon. Since lately it seems I have been burned one too
many times. I guess you will have to stay tuned. Every body knows I am extremely
spontaneous and I can change my mind very fast. I met up with Chris today at the Mermaid.
We talked to Heather too. It was kind of interesting. This one goofy guy, kept giving her stuff
and you could tell he was into her. Even though shes taken. I guess, some guys just try too

1/24/06 - What an interesting day today was going to be. After work I went to Target and
bought one of those cd holders for your visor. I then went to the VFW to play some poker. I
ended up getting 2nd place. I really think I could've gotten 1st if I wasn't so drunk and ad a
party to go to. I ended up going down town to Euphoria. I only saw a few people from
Roseville High School. Oddly, I talked to Laura Hernick and Rachel Dishinger. These were
people I didn't talk to in high school. Just cause they were in a different crowd and I don't
think I ever had any classes with. Either way, I talked to Rachel and got her number. I think I
might give her a call this weekend. Somehow I spent most of my winnings there last night.
Well almost all $50 bucks.

1/23/06 - I was a bit tired today. Ok, probably it a bit more then I usually am. I had alot on my
mind. Today, I was just focusing on little things. After work, I went to bowling. I had an ok day.
A 153, 119, and a 110. So I got worse as the night went. I was beaming with confidence, then
I lost my touch. I got home and I was tired. I figured tomorrow, will be an interesting day with
possibly seeing some old friends from high school at Chau's bday party tomorrow night.

1/22/06 - I woke up and I had this bored feeling. I didn't hear the kids running around this
morning. I was kinda lonely at home. I finally had my sister pay the internet bill so I could go
online. Oh how I missed the internet for two days. I went to go eat at Denny's with Becky and
Jamie and Katrina and Hesse were there too. They were talking about there drunk night last
night. I chose to skip  on it since I had Li's bday. I got home and did some laundry. I was
basically trying to figure out how to take care of my bills better and I have slowly figured a
decent system.

1/21/06 - I woke up at 8:00 am today. I was wide awake. I was kind angry, since its the
weekend and I should be sleeping in. I got up and found out my sister didn't pay the internet
bill. So I had no internet. I basically was struggling with the fact about not knowing what to do.
I do everything on the internet. Reminds me what it was like back in the day with out it.
Hahaha, never agaihn will such a thing like this happen. Me and Becky went to go see The
new world. Which is kinda like Pocahontas. It was a nice little remake about the story of John
Smith and Pocahontas. I lied it alot, but the movie was so long that I had to leave towards the
end since I had to goto the VFW poker tournament. I lied it alot but it was pretty slow paced.
Well it was actually kinda fast since it was jumping all over the place. I finished at the final
table at the VFW poker tournament. After that I went to Edene Prairie for Li's bday. Brian and
Lisa were there so I caught up with them most of the night.

1/20/06 - Friday... It came so fast. Well I am glad its here. I was walking around at work to,
and I just felt really soar all over the place. I was trying to figure out what I was doing this
weekend. I was just shocked the weekend came so fast. Tonight I bought the Schick Quattro,
the 4 bladed razor. I was a very good customer of the Gillete Mach 3 razor for years. I figured
it was a good investment to give it a shot. Well, after trying it. I felt it was a pretty good shave,
but I feel the Mach 3 is better still. Went out to Brunswick Zone for some bowling for the
Lenscrafters get together. I bowled pretty good. The we all went to Mad Jaxx after that. Nice
night, I had lots of fun.

1/19/06 - I was real tired today. Maybe its left over sickness, or just being exhausted from
skiing the day before. For lunch today I went to Subway. I decided, if I end up going out for
lunch. It should atleast be for something healthy. Today I was emailing Sara and Tiffany a bit.
It brought back memories of the old TCF days. Oh how much I miss them. I really don't have
people to mingle with at TIES. Today I got home and did some workouts. Chris and I went to
dodgeball at Elm Creek and we played, and we were pretty dehydrated. I was exhausted
tonight. I decided I need to slow down a bit. My body is getting beaten up lately.

1/18/06 - I woke up and I felt like crap. I didn't feel like moving at all. We finally met up with
Zach in Cottage Grove and ate at Perkins. I usually don't eat breakfast. I decided to order
eggs benedict. I never had it and it looked tempting to me. So I ordered it. So we finally got to
Afton Alps. I was feeling so nervous. I havn't skied since 6th grade. We went on the little
bunny hill. I guess they called it Nursey hill or something like that. I went down it with some
issues. Finally I was getting the hang of it and we went down some pretty standard hills. I was
proud I only wiped out 3 times. I did all the hills except the black diamonds. I had a good time
and I was becoming pretty decent at skiing I wasn't scared anymore. Later that night, I went
to watch dodgeball and it was a good time. We all went to the Bulldog in uptown. It was a nice
little bar. I forgot my wallet at home so I didn't drink anything.

1/17/06 - After work I had to go to Jamie's since, I needed clothing for skiing tomorrow. We
basically went to Steve and barry's since i really don't have a winter jacket I can get messed
up. So I bought the poofiest yellow jacket I could find. I usually like to stick out. So, I picked it.
I though it was awesome for only $8.00. Ended up staying at Jamies since we all had to leave
at 7:30 I think. So we had a few drinks and we all kicked it there. Well, I guess me and Chris
had a few beers.

1/16/06 - I woke up and felt horrible. I am just sick as a dog right now. I just laid in bed and
tried to get as much rest as I could. I finally got up and had to do a few chores and things like
that. I took some stronger pills and it seemed to work. Tonight, at bowling, had a decent
performance. I got scores of 117, 121, and 147. My average was 116. So I came up big in
my eyes. I got home and I was feeling sick again. My meds weren't kicking in anymore. So my
head hit the pillow and I was out cold.

1/15/06 - I got up like 3 times to goto the bathroom. I was so dehydrated it wasn't even funny.
Ended up going  out to eat. Since I thought we had reservations at Benihana's. So me,
Jamie, Becky, and Chris went to Bennigans. I guess it kind of sounds llike Benihana's. After
wards I just went home and laid in bed all day. I was so sick. I don't like being sick. I had a
long weekend. I am just exhausted. Luckily, I have Monday off.

1/14/06 - I woke up and I was out of it. I had no energy and my throat was all soar. Barb
called and she wanted to remind me Stacy was back for her Bday outting. I slept basically the
whole day and just laid around watching t.v. Finally I got up and met up with everyone at Old
Chicago in uptown. It was fun times and I guess you got to check out the pictures. After that
we went to the Independence. Mary ended up coming up too. So it was good times all
around. I was so tired. I had to leave. With me being sick. I have no energy right now.

1/13/06 - I am so sick today. I t sucked. I got home and took a nice long little nap. I ended up
going to the Wild Onion even though I was sick. I had a good time tonight. Basically got
pretty trashed and heck I even went up to a girl and got turned down. It was the fact I ended
up going up to her though haha. Ended up going to Elijahs place and I ended up sleeping
there. I was so out of it tonight. This was basically me and Ashleys last hurrah, since shes
going back to Boston.

1/12/06 - I went to The corner bar where Heather works. She seems to look great these
days. Maybe shes just working out alot or something I don't know. Anyways, I went to
dodgeball and I made Chris come too. I sucked it up. I am getting a cold and its pissing me
off. I was very sick, but I played through it. I got home and I am still trying to get this thing off
my computer. Still losing the battle. Currently updating my website in safemode.

1/11/06 - So today I found out there is a virus or some spyware on my computer. Its called
"razespyware" its pretty nasty as it takes over my desktop and it controls what sites I go to. I
been battling this thing, but I can't seem to get past it. I tried everything. Sorry for not
updating tonight. Just been dealing with this thing.

1/10/06 - I felt great today. I don't know why, but that old Tony Cu was showing today. I was
trying to hold it back but I couldn't help it. Well I guranteed everyone I would finish top 10 in
poker tonight. Well that didn't happen. I sucked again. I just played very conservative and
was scared all night. Jen, ended up taking me out. I am glad she did it, and nobody else.
she's still best friend in my phone but I had to change it back. Chris finished 3rd again. Thats
pretty good if I have to say anything about it. All I know was, I was pretty drunk tonight.
Enough said. Adios.

1/9/06 - I had one of the most productive days at work today. Too bad nobody noticed. I was
so busy I wasn't goofing off or anything and I was in my zone. Yes I have a Randy Moss
attitude about work sometimes, but I do, do work when I want too. Today I was on fire. After
work I went to go to Walgreens, to waste time before bowling ofcourse. Today I had a score
of 114, 114, and 104, 115 is my average so I suck. I don't even know why I try to play bowling
sometimes. I talked to alot of different people tonight on the phone. First talked to Katy and I
was trying to figure out when I will see her before shes goes. I let Mary know I wont be
playing dodgeball with them this session. Sarah called and invited me to her Sangria party,
what ever that is. I gave Ashley a call and just wanted to set up our last night before she
goes away.

1/8/06 - I was working out pretty hard today. I think when I was doing an extra set of push ups
I hurt my right wrist. I should be ok, but its feeling kinda crappy. I drove around today trying
to find some cheap gas. Since where I live gas prices fluctuate so much. I have noticed I
have lost some weight pretty fast. Eating smaller quantity and exercise has really helped. I
feel in pretty good shape. Watched a little football today. It was kinda boring for me, I don't
know why. Tonight I took some more allergy pills. It is really helping me sleep at night. I feel

1/7/06 - Chris came over and we were playing some poker online. Trying to get ready for the
VFW. Well once we got to the VFW we new we were going to do well. I had to try to lose early
so I could pick up Ashley at Rosedale. Chris ended up finishing 3rd. I think he could have
done better if we didn't rush him. Plus the other two people against him were just trying to
play with themselves and he didn't stand a chance. Me, Chris, Ashley went to Dans birthday
party at Park Tavern. It wasn't as crazy as last year but it was good times. I felt a good buzz

1/6/06 - What can I say, I finally get to relax this weekend. Ok just kidding. I am always going
out on Fridays. Well, I drove up to East Bethel after work to fix Brians networking issue.
Internet sharing was not working with the dang router. I believe there is something wrong with
the router cause it doesn't even recognize a damn thing. After that I went to Acapulcos, but it
was too busy so we went to Bennigans. After that went to Grand Rios hotel. The beach club
bar or whatever it was called was lame. It was an early night.

1/5/06 - It was alittle more stressful today. I really was getting kinda pissy. I really just wanted
to go home and sleep. Since I havn't been able to sleep again. I went to Walgreens during
lunch and I bought some itching cream. It was $8 bucks. I can't believe how much it costed.
Well tonight me Jim and Sara went to go play dodgeball at the Maple Grove Elementary
school. I forget what it is called. IT was fun, it was only $3 bucks. So I can't really complain. I
was so exhausted. I got a really good work out though.

1/4/06 - Today, I was shaving and I had a nice little cut on my neck. It was bleeding so bad. I
couldn't stop it. Kinda gross huh?!?! So after work I went to Maplewood mall to meet up with
Ashley and Chris. I actually bought something at Barnes and Nobles tonight. Its an EI test. I
know you have heard of IQ test but this was a EI test. Which stands for Emotional Intelligence
book. It was a $4 book, or pamphlet but I think I will score high. I will let you guys know how I
do. So we wen tto go see "Rumor has it". I thought it was pretty good. I got home and
watched the USC and Texas championship game. It was an amazing game. Vince Young was
quite amazing.

1/3/06 - So today for lunch me and Scott went to  Buffalo Wild wings. I can't stress to tell
people how much I like that place. It doesn't matter what BW3's it is. After work I went to my
parents to add a modem and configure it so they can go onto the internet. They are using
AOL so it was very very slow. It was pissing me off. Oh, how I forgot about those slow days.
Afterwards, went to VFW, me and Becky are setting up Joe with Renee. I hope they go out, I
think it was a good fit for now.

1/2/06 - Chris came over and we went for a jog in Maple Grove. I have been trying to
exercise more to get in better shape. Right now at 170 lbs I feel I am 10 lbs over my normal
weight limit. I promised I would be in better shape this year. Went to bowling tonight I sucked
pretty bad. I did a 103, then a 93 then a 116. I don't know, all I know is the lanes were pretty
bad. Since they had open bowling on them. Afterwards me and Chris went to Applebee's
where everyone else was. I was so proud of my self. I didn't drink at all. Even when it was $1

1/1/06 - Today, meant to me a lot of different things. It marks a brand new day, a new
beginning. I shoveled some snow on the drive way. Then I wanted to do some more
workouts. I played online poker and did pretty good again. I played with my nephews all day. I
spent some quality time with them. Watched the Vikings win and watched  the news about
them not renewing Mike Tice's contract. Which is the smartest move ever. With all those top
coaches out there. Why not get one of them. Today I feel good, real good.
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