Old Journal

1-31-08 I started off today real busy at work. I was over whelmed a bit actually. I was actually a
bit out of it too. My mind has been going crazy lately. I think people are starting to notice I am
out almost every night again. I thought I fixed that addiction. Anyways I almost got in a car
accident when I saw the check, Lindsey dad wrote out to me. It was nice. I should learn to be
more unselfish, but I cant help it. I had lunch with Joey at pizza hut today. I was actually feeling
pretty full. From eating two slices of a medium pizza. I went to Grumpys, it was actually super
packed for once. Well there was a banquet of some sort going on in there conference area
there. Jen made a surprise appearance. I don't remember the last time she came out with out
Andy. After wards we went to the V to get some drinks. Surprisingly the drinks at Grumpys
were really cheap. I had alot of fun tonight. I just hung out with my friends and I enjoyed every
minute of it. Sometimes I lose my way.

1-30-08 Ever wonder what one of the worst feeling is? Well I have the answer for you. Today I
bit my tongue by accident and blood was filling my mouth. It sucked, everything I ate and
drank I could feel it the rest of the day. I went with Mario to Circuit City today. I forgot how
much I hate that place. The service is so bad. You got the cashier girl talking about being sick
and the other co worker there flirting with her. Then they get a phone call about a guy who
works there, always has the cops calling him at  Circuit City. Seriously what is wrong with this
place. I did finally buy my self a bowling bag today. I think people got tired of me bringing a
backpack. So I finally just bought a bag. I was hoping I would get one as a Xmas present or a
bday. So now I can look like a normal bowler. I know, the smiley face ball. Is just too cool haha.
I went to the vfw to get some happy hour in. Mary was there so we played darts. I put up a
fight, but I was unable to catch up. We lost at volleyball tonight. This was a team we should
have swept. They were supposedly the 3rd best team. We had huge leads in all 3 games. I
think I was extra frustrated this week. I wasn't blaming anyone at all. I was just mad, that we
can't just get a win. Why can't the volleyball gods just give us one. I went to Buffalo wild wings
with Andy and Jenni. I havn't had a chance to get to go out with them to a bar or restaurant
lately, so I couldn't say no. I am a bit frustrated, but I realized, that we are there to have fun.

1-29-08 It was pretty busy today at work. I was able to move my elbow around alot more. I
should be able to play volleyball with out any problems tomorrow. Hopefully I don't have to
dive. If I do go down, I wont be able to brace my self. I might not get back up if I do. I cheated
today, I went to Arbys an got a turkey wrap. It was kinda forced, but atleast it was somewhat
healthy, or I think so. Danielle said she would make fun of me if I put it in my journal. So I am
doing it. Me and Joe, and Mario are going to have sushi on Friday. I better write that down so I
don't forget. I got home and did lots of laundry. I am already looking towards this weekend. Its
going to be lots of fun. I guess I will probably do something different on Friday and Saturday. I
just need to mix it up. I have lots of catching up to do with alot of people. Ofcourse I always
lose track when I am busy chasing someone. Its time to go back to the things I love. Thats the
only way I can let everyone see the patented Tony cu smile. Nobody wants to see me lose my
smile. I was told I am the nicest person ever. I just got to remember that.

1-28-08 I think I had another case of the Mondays. I was feeling grouchy, then I was happy
then grouchy again. I think Scott called me a girl, cause I was in such weird mood swings. Its
not my fault the sun comes out and I am all smiles. Then It gets cloudy and I am grouchy
again. I ate at Subway today with Mario. We just hung out there for a bit. I was just feeling so
lazy I did not want to move. I got home and ate some pork chops. The thing I like about pork
chops is no matter what you do to them. They taste great. Mary called she wanted to go out
tonight. I was in the mood to go out anyways. I met up with everyone at the vfw. We went to
Grumpys. Well it used to be Majors in Roseville. Its still the same place. I had a chance to taste
the Elvis burger. Which has peanut butter on a burger. It was ok, not bad. Gotta keep an open
mind. We went to Teds after that. I forget how much of a shit hole that place is. Tom was there
with his brother so we were all excited. We met up with Steve and Mitch at Bradys. I stopped
drinking, I realized I was sober cab and it was time for me to slow down. I didn't have too much
money this week anyways. It was a fun night. It honestly felt like a Friday night. It helped get
my mind off things.

1-27-08 I wanted to do alot today. I had to get air, and move around. I made my self a great
lunch today. I made lasanga tony u style of course and I made some veggies with a wine sauce.
It is my best cooking dish ever. I made my way to Cheapo over in St Paul. I went to Best buy
and I got another Itunes gift card. I was reminiscing for a second and made a stop to central
park. I have had lots of memories there and I just wanted to erase most of those memories. I
made my way to the vfw. I just felt like I was going to finally win at bingo. Boy was I wrong. It
was fun though, it helped get my mind off things lately. I have lost alot of weight now, and I feel
I should probably slow it down a bit. I think I am at a good weight right now. The job search
shall continue this week. Theres been just so much going on it my head I wish it would stop. I
am starting to become an insomniac. I was feeling very frustrated with my elbow today. I had
the sling on all day. I am just being cautious. I will be playing my sports this week. Hopefully I
can find my elbow brace by then. I think I am probably going to call it an early night. I am
trying to get to work earlier now.

1-26-08 For the first time in a long time. I was feeling a bit down today. I just woke up and was
not motivated at all. I need change an I think its coming soon. I put my elbow back in the sling
today. It was alot of work to move around. I went to the bank and to the mall and everybody
just stares at you. With so much going on in my mind lately. I am starting to slowly lose control
again. Last Wednesday at volleyball. I might have to admit. I might have tried to hurt myself,
when I landed over and over again. That fearlessness is starting to come back. Maybe I am just
thinking crazy and the pills are getting to my head. I have been having weird dreams as of late.
I went to go play poker tonight. I wasn't really in the mood to drink. So I bought a bucket of
beer and I barely drank any of it. I lost in the main tournament and played in the side table. It
came down to another Tony and Marco final battle classic. I lost, it was fun though. Right now, I
am ready for something shocking to happen. That seems to make me happy.

1-25-08 Today I was feeling a bit tired. Not much sleep again. I had to sleep funny, so I didn't
lay on my elbow. I normally like to sleep on my side. Today for food it was a nice simple healthy
meal at the St Paul Bagelry. I just like their food and its tasty to me. After work I went right to
the bowling alley for happy hour. I wanted to get as much booze in me as possible to numb the
pain. I pulled a  129, 172, and a 159. We lost 3 games and won one. I played like a champ
through the pain. I am sure I am not going to win any role model awards by doing it, but I did
what a normal person would not do. I went to Mikes bday outting at the CC club. I talked to
Mary for awhile, since I have not sen her in a  very long time. I couldn't stay too long, I was
feeling it and I think that shot Susan got me didn't really help to much either. Not bad for a guy
who came into bowling at 50%. Hahaha its sure going to hurt tomorrow. I am sure I will be in
the sling for a little longer this weekend.

1-24-08 My elbow is killing me today. I took the sling out and I was going to wear it to work.
then I took it off right before leaving the house. I guess i didn't want to raise any alarms of my
status. I don't know if I watch to much football or anything or if I am trying to be Mr tough guy
or not. Either way. I had a hard time putting clothes on today. I can barely lift 4 lbs with my
right hand. My elbow is giving out every time. How am I going to throw a 15 lbs ball for 3
games I don't know. Today we went to go eat at chipotle. i was dosing off into space alot. I
think the drugs I was taking and the food. Just put me off in lala land. I got home today and I
tried to find more Ibprofin. I went to the Legion tonight. I was pretty bored and I wanted to go
out. I sucked at cards. I got screwed over a few times. Thats ok, it happens though. I was
digging threw my junk box that I had for my elbow brace I used to wear for dodgeball. Its not
going to help much, but atleast I wont bend it worse then it is. I will just have to drink alot
tomorrow before bowling. Make me feel happy or numb or something.

1-23-08 Today was a bit slower for me. I wanted to do some things I have never done before.
Ofcourse this is all preliminary talks. Sometimes when people talk about politics it just gets me so
bored. Is it because I am a bad person and I don't care as much or is it the fact that I don't
know anything about it. Oh well. We had a chef come in today for lunch. Charging us ridiculous
prices. I had her mustard chicken tarragon chiptole. It was ok, its just a test run for us at work
to see if people would order cafeteria food. I don't think Mario liked his cesar chicken wrap nd
salad as much. I will give her another chance next Wednesday and see if her new menu is
better. After work I had happy hour at FRIDAYS. I had about 3 vodka gimlets and I went off to
volleyball. I was angry today. I wanted to take it out on the other team. This team has only lost
one game so far this season. I played hard tonight. I was bleeding from my elbow. Blood was
dripping on the court. It was just great. We won the first game and lost the last two. The last
game went into overtime. We lost 23 to 25. Per the win by two format. I think I hit the ground
about ten times. My right elbow is in alot of pain right now. My left elbow is not bleeding
anymore. Ahh what a fun night of volleyball. I am bruised and battered. I am proud the team
played the best games of the season this week.

1-22-08 I was not sleeping at all last night. I got up at 6am and went to work at 7am. Bright
and early I guess. I guess there was so much on my mind I don't know how to even explain it.
Sometimes, I get excited and sometimes it can go away in a heartbeat. Today was quiet, I was
quiet actually. I wanted to stay away from everyone. I didn't want to go out to happy hour
with some friends or anything. I just went home and watched tv and laid low. I was supposed
to go out with other friends tonight, but I actually said "no" for once and stayed home. I tried
eating food, but I wasn't feeling hungry. For lunch earlier today I had subway and I ate half of
my 6 inch sub. I don't know if I am starving my self or what. I just have lost alot of my
appetite. Maybe its butterflies who knows. I dyed my hair last night. I think I did it as a way to
say I am reborn. I don't know I just felt like doing it. Its been awhile. I kinda screwed up. But I
fixed it.

1-21-08 I have some tupper ware filled with beef stew in my refrigerator. I will have to bring that
into work. I am kicking it up a notch when it comes to eating healthy. ALL Fast FOOD is no
longer in my lunch diet. I got rid of Mcdonalds 4 months ago and pop about a month and a half
ago. Today I dropped Jen off at the repair shop. After that I had lunch with Joe. We went to
some Vietnamiese place on University. I think it was called Trieu Chau. We had pho there. It was
pretty good, but they didn't have much beef in there. There sandwiches were great though.
We went to the blue fox to pick up the car, and we decided to have a drink. Next thing you
know we are still there till 10pm. Katie came up and we all went to FRIDAYS for trivia. I sucked at
certain rounds, but when it came to tv nerds category. Guess who kicked ass. This guy.

1-20-08 Today was more of a just feeling lazy day. I wanted to watch both football games
tonight. I was feeling tired. This weekend has worn me out. I am just tired and I don't even
want to type anything right now. I drove to Sams club and bought some fruit. I am feeling
kinda fruity lately.  I don't mean that way at all. I swear, every time I am there the cashier girl
always has to flirt with me. Why can't they let me be, and I can just get out of there with my
fruit. I went to go play bingo tonight. I figured why not, since it was cheap. We went to The All
American bar afterwards. Somehow we made our way to the Blue Fox. It got kinda fuzzy after
that. I do remember the Giants beating the Packers, oh what a wonderful day. I Packer fan
would never root for the Vikings or anyone else, Mn fans would though. They are lame. I was so
mad at packer fans I was pretty much telling them. I hope they all die.

1-19-08 I woke up today and kept my self pretty busy. I did lots of laundry. I got my beef stew
cooked and ready to go. Good thing for my crock pot. Its my new best friend. I just put all my
shit in there and let it go and do what ever it has to do. Its just a time saver. I went to go see a
movie with, Dan, Heidi and Becky today. I was so excited, I havn't seen a movie in a long time. I
used to go every week. Anyways, I waited a long time to see Cloverfield, but it finally was here.
It kicked ass, even though it had signs of motion sickness warnings. I did fairly well. We sat real
close, cause the theater was packed. I was smiling the hole time I was so excited. I probably
looked liked a kid thats never been to the theater before. Oh well. Afterwards I went to FRIDAYs
for some food. I was pretty hungry. I later went to play cards at the local vfw. I like to play
cards when I have stuff on my mind. Lately, I have things on my mind again. I got 2nd place. I
almost won, but Dan took me out. I guess, I tried hard to win tonight. I didn't want to be sitting
alone and I needed people around me. I drove Lindsey home. I guess she wanted to drink

1-18-08 I spent most of the day shopping. I bought some new jeans finally. It only took me like
a total of 2 months to find the right ones. I also, bought other junk. It was pay day and I felt
like splurging. I was feeling a bit hung over my self. It was so cold out too, my face was pretty
cold. I have been eating so healthy lately. I don't know if I will be eating fast food as much
either. People think I am lying when I said I havn't ate at Mcdonalds in a long time. It has to be
close to 3 or 4 months now. I guess I have to clean my self for the next hottie that comes in
my life. According to my destiny, it says its coming within the next 2 months. I got my self
ready for bowling tonight. It was a big game. Ever since I started bowling, the main goal was to
beat Lindseys bowling team. If my memory serves me right. We normally have split all the
games. Today we swept them. I looked at our scores and I wasn't sure how we won. I think
that just didn't do to well. I bowled ok, but not my best. Luckilly, it was enough. We all went to
Legends afterwards. Even though things got awfully awkward, I don't care anymore. I had fun
tonight and you can't take that away from me.

1-17-08 I got up way too early today for my day off. I tried to go back to sleep, but my body
would not allow it. Stupid body, after all the freaking alcohol I feed you. I went to the mall to get
some shopping done. Ofcourse I didn't buy anything today since payday was tomorrow and I
wanted to be able to get something nice. I had lunch with Katie at Panera bread. I wasn't feeling
well, after I ate. I ended up puking it out. I am not sick or anything, so I am not sure why it
came up. I am telling you my body has been out of whack lately. I got home and I was doing
my occasional pushups. I got bored and went to the Legion. I felt so dumb. I had no cash on
me, and the atm was down. Luckilly Jeremy was nice enough to sport me drinks. I went to see
heather at the Corner bar. It was fun, I had alot of fun there. I went to Bradys, and hung out
with Becky and Steve. I think I had one too many vodka gimlets tonight. My head is pounding.
It was nice to see Rob up there he always buys me drinks. So since I had cash on me now, I
bought him drinks.

1-16-08 I had a good dream last night. I was on a vacation in the Bahamas. Then I woke up
and I was a bit sad. Today started off pretty fast. I think I was more ready for tonight. I wasn't
even going with the athletic pants. I was going in shorts. Just so I can get the best vertical
jump for tonight. I went to the vfw right after work. I was starving and I wanted something
light to eat. I had a blt there. It was so light that I was very hungry now. I went to Blaine and
we played 3 games. We lost all three. We could have won 2 of them. I was a bit frustrated, but
I realized they were just too much. I think from this point out as long as we are aggressive we
should beat everyone else. We went to Timeout for some drinks. I had some margarita's. I
forgot, how much it makes me happy to drink margarita's. I wanted to stay out, since I have
tomorrow and Friday off. I needed a break. I have not been feeling well as of late. Its just time
to relax for me.

1-15-08 I had to get up so early this morning. I think I got around 7:30/ we had a all day
training session from Extreme Networks, which is like cisco training. Thats how I took it. I was so
tired, and I also got reminded how much I hated class time. My mind wanders and I have a hard
time paying attention. This is why I wont go back to school for anything. I just hated it. I got
home and I just relaxed. I wanted to stay in tonight. I am just too tired to do anything at this
point. I did play some counter strike. I am now ranked number 1 on that server out of 15,000
people. It makes me feel good. So I better enjoy it now, since everyone is gunning for me. I
went to bed early tonight, I had alot to think about and I just wanted it to go away. Luckilly I
was tired and I fell asleep no problems at all. Today was just too long. The rest of the week
should be exciting though. Its a big week for sports for me. With volleyball and bowling. All
important games.

1-14-08 I finally slept well last night. So well that I was a bit late to work today. I guess I can't
balance it out. Anyways, I was into a good mood today. i think it made me show the peak side
of my personality. You know the one when I am so odd I don't make any sense. I had subway
for lunch, nothing too exciting. I tried to mix up my sub, but it just tastes the same to me. I
don't know how I can make it more tasty. Especially when my taste buds are way sensitive
now. I got home and I was just basically wasting time till I had to pickup my dad from the
airport. I went to the mall of america to look for some new shoes. I was able to find some, but I
couldn't find my size. I know I am such a girl, blah blah blah. I tried to see if I could get a
smoothie, but it was close to closing time and I felt bad if I were to get something when these
stores were cleaning. I guess all those years working in the mall, really made me learn something
and give the retail peeps some slack. The airport was just annoying, I hate it when cars park all
funny. Oh well, it wasn't a late arrival thank goodness. I hate it when that happens.

1-13-08 I had to wake up semi early to pick my mom from the airport. I tried to time it right so
that I could go to mall of America to do some shopping this morning. I took my mom and my
sister to Mai village which is a Vietnamese restaurant. We had some Dim Sum, which is some
steamed stuff. I think some of you would like it. I was so hungry today. Me and Becky went to
Apple bees tonight. I was craving steak and I had a $18 gift card thanks to Lindsey. So I went
and had food there. It was weird, even though the bartender was pretty cute. I didn't even
bother flirting back. I guess I just know what I want now and she was definitely not my type.
We went to go visit Steve at the Hilton. Its always nice to get free drinks. I forgot what that was
like. I got home and I was just pooped. This weekend wore me out. I think I just have some
things to take care of. Plus I am trying to save some cash till Friday. Whatever it is. I just want
this week to go by fast. I expect this week to be a good week though.

1-12-08 I woke up and ran on the tread mill. I had left overs from House of Wong, so I ate that
for both lunch and dinner today. So I didn't need to cook at all. With my head being almost
bald since I cut all my hair off. Its cold. I was looking at the snow for awhile and then I realized it
wasn't worth shoveling. I wanted this weekend to go by very slowly, but it just seemed to be
going super fast. I have been playing alot of counter strike lately. I guess I was top 10 in one
server so I was playing so much I could get into the top 5. I guess it makes me feel special
inside. I went to the VFW tonight,  I had other plans too, but I just didn't want to go out
tonight. I wanted something low key and cheap. Me and Andy watched the Patriots game when
we were knocked out of the regular tournament. I won the consolation table. It was Me and
Linda. I had to get in her head to win. I got home and I was just tired. I will be in the
Bloomington area to waste time, so I can goto the airport to pick up mom and sissy.

1-11-08 Friday is always exciting, too bad its not pay day. I threw alot of money towards my
credit cards this week, as a way to put more of an effort into putting the balance to zero. Its a
goal of mine, and if I can do it before my birthday. Then i will be very pleased. The less drinking
thing has come into effect in full swing. I am purposely trying to get weaker and smaller drinks.
Work has been good lately, the new lady Nancy has been pretty cool, and I am able to interact
with her pretty well. Lately, I have not been able to sleep much lately. I think th loneliness thing
is popping up in my head again. After a few days it went away, so I am just fine. Tonight at
bowling, I think we got swept. With my new higher average, I was not able to live up to the
hype. I think we will bounce back though, we have way to much upside. We went out for
Peters bday tonight at the Hoggsbreath. It was fun, me and Dan went on a tear and won like 7
straight pool games.

1-10-08 I woke up so early this morning. I had to drive my mom and sister to the airport at
4am. I got home and I tried to go back to sleep, but I was wide awake. So I ran on the treadmill
and did some other things to keep me busy. It was about 6:30am by now and I went to Cub
Foods to buy some yogurt. I never eat breakfast so I am going to eat yogurt everyday till I am
sick of it. Well thats the plan for now. For lunch it was more low key today. We all went to
Wendys, which I havn't ate at in a long time. After work today, I went and bought some
dungenous crab. It was on sale for 5.99 lbs. Usually its 6.99 lbs. I had to get some. I stayed
home tonight and I didn't feel like going to the Legion. I was just so tired, but I didn't wan tto
take a nap or else I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. I did more cleaning, and I was trying to  
clean out my vehicle. I spent alot of time, trying to read a book, ok it wasn't alot of time. It was
like 10 minutes, but I tried. I walked on the treadmill tonight, my knee was still sore.

1-09-08 I wanted to get something healthy today. I wanted to lean away from subway. Some
how I always seem to end up there. It was pretty busy at work again. Oddly, its not supposed
to be this busy. So I am a bit confused why it is busy. I got home and had dinner. I had
something very light. Tonight at volleyball, we make our return. We lost 2 games and won 1
game tonight. I think we did good, but it wasn't enough. We had some mistakes, due to rust. I
feel, we should have won that one, but I am not too concerned. I just wish we would have won
the first one. It went over 21 and it was the first to win by two. We should have agreed to not
play by rally score. I think we would have had them if it was that way. Oh well, I guess we look
to next week. We play Valu-pack, which is the best team. I am confident we should be able to
do damage against them. I got home tonight and I realized the furnace was out. I was freezing.
What weird timing, thats all I have to say. Tonight, I took some medication for my headache.
Hopefully it goes away tomorrow morning.

1-08-08 I don't remember the last time I purposely got up very early, but today I got up early.
I was feeling pretty tired all day. Hoping that maybe later tonight I would just fall asleep if I was
so tired all day. I went to Baja sol today. I get the same thing I always get there fish tacos. Not
sure why I like them so much. It was real busy today at work for some reason. I got home
today and I decided to just mix it up. With the 4th edition of the Tony Cu invitational cancelled.
I was feeling tired, but I wanted to go out. So I went to the White bear vfw to play poker. It
was a road game for me, since normally don't play there. There was alot of people. I messed
some of the regulars up. They feared me damn it. I just like the fact they don't know me and I
can scare them. I dunno, I guess thats my way of entertaining my self as of late. I got home
and played counter strike. I wasn't tired and I needed to do something. I went outside late at
night to move the garbage out. I seem to forget on Wednesday mornings. I guess its good I
am doing things ahead of time. Old age does that too ya I guess.

1-07-07 I had a hard time sleeping the night before. I don't know why I am so out of whack. I
got up real slow this morning. I sure didn't get much sleep. I ate my left overs from yesterday.
Me and Danielle went to cub foods to get grocerys. I have alot of cooking to do the next few
days. When I got home today. My sister came by, I guess she needed some cash. The
nephews came over. Wanted to play video games ofcourse. Well When i was that age I guess I
was that way too. I made dinner for my self tonight. I didn't exactly know what I was making. I
just went with it. Next thing I knew I had no meat in my dish. I guess I was going vegetarian
today. I did some light work outs. I guess I gotta get back into volleyball shape since we start
this Wednesday. I was watching alot of tv today. I forget sometimes how much I love to watch
tv. Even if its just background noise. Lately I have stuff on my mind again. I think thats why I
had a hard time sleeping last night. Its been awhile since I had to think about things. I guess I
have really cleared my mind as of late. No matter what, you can't knock the smile off my face
lately. I am ready for what ever happens.

1-06-08 I wanted to sleep in the best that I could. I was not feeling to well this morning. I
watched some of the playoffs games today. I didn't think they were too exciting. I went to
Lindsey work at Edina Realty. She was having web hosting issues. She was nice enough to feed
me olive garden. I was feeling so full. We went tot he VFW and I tried my luck at bingo. I didn't
win, but it was alright. I was feeling pretty tired and I knew I had alot of stuff to do when I got
home. I found out tonight, I have lost 10 lbs in the past 3 weeks. I was watching American
gladiators on NBC. I didn't know exactly what to expect but I guess I somewhat approve of it. I
guess I wanted to see more original events, which I did and some new ones. It works, I guess i
was entertained enough. I mean I did watch it when I was a kid. So how could I say no to that.

1-05-08 So i told my self 2008 would show me my path to finally be satisfied with everything.
What I mean by that you ask? I don't know, I must be mumbling again. Well i am trying to slow
down and save. I am trying to rest up more. I have been very tired lately. I guess that old age
is starting to kick in. I went to TIES today to pick up the laptop. I am afraid to it in the car when
I go out after work. I just don't trust the hoodlums if you know what I mean. I was trying to
think what the last movie I saw at the theater. Its been a long time. I need to do that very
soon. Me and Andy went to the VFW or cards tonight. Chris was there too. We got lucky and
we all sat at the same table. We all made it to the final table, but eventually we were beaten. We
sat around and had drinks. I was so tired after tonight. Gone are the days when I got trashed
there. I got home and went right to bed, I didn't even do anything else. I went from the car to
the bed.

1-04-08 They day started of just like any other day. I was collecting money for Pam's going
away pizza function. I wasn't sure if I was going to end up being short or not, but we got
enough cash. Me and Andy walked over to pizza hut and grabbed 13 pizzas and 4 boxes of
bread sticks and wings. Hopefully it was enough food for 30 people. If not, then I suck at pizza
coordinating. Everything worked out great though. After work today I went over to The Dive
bar in maplewood. Met up with Marco and Lindsey for some happy hour. Once I got to the
bowling alley, it didn't feel like that natural bowling experience. I think, I wasn't mentally
prepared like I normally am. I did pretty good, even though I was trying to sand bag it. I got a
125, 209, and a 193. The pins kept falling even though I was sucking it up. I think it will hurt my
team down the road with such a high average. We all went out for Marios bday at Dave and
Busters and maple grove. Chad and Danielle met up with us there. The girls had lots of fun, we
tried to win as many tickets as possible.

1-03-08 Gas is starting to go up again I see, but from my sources they should be going down
slightly again. I miss gas when it was a buck a  gallon. I was freaking out today about pam's
going away pizza party tomorrow. Not enough people were giving me money and alot of
people replied about coming. I had lunch with Joey at Pizza hut, how interesting. Here I am
thinking about pizza and all. I got home early a bit today. I needed to prepare cooking asap.
With everyone coming over for the 2nd annual tony cu dinner. I had to rush. I felt like I was on
iron chef america just rushing through things and multi tasking. So tonights menu, chicken and
beef fried rice, crab soup, spring rolls, chicken wings, and garlic mashed potatoes. It was cool, I
didn't go out drinking tonight. I am glad I was able to stay in. I sure was tired though. I was a
work horse in the kitchen. After everyone left I cleaned and I just went to my computer and
passed out. I think everyone enjoyed the food. I didn't make anything too fancy. Timing was
not on my side. Maybe next time.

1-02-08 The first day back at work. I looked around and it seems like everyone was just
exhausted from the holidays. Heck I am exhausting from the holidays. I kind of had a tickle in
my throat as of late. I think I am getting more sick, but I can't tell whats going on. Subway
seems to have hit the spot, who knows if it will help or make it worse though. I went to the
grocery store. I made crab soup, which is something I never really had a chance to do before.
It was tough at first, but I was able to find most of the things I need for it. I let it cook in the
slow cooker, and I went to the vfw to play cards. This will be my last chance to play cards there
for a long time. Since volleyball starts back up next Wednesday. I lost pretty quickly so I went
home to clean and get things ready for tomorrow. I have been resting up. No injuries to report
at all. Which is kinda nice.

1-01-08 The New year is off and running. Not sure exactly what this year will bring. I think it will
be the year that sets my path that I want. I am really looking forward to it. 2007, made me
remember who I was years ago. I went to rainbow foods, which I think is so ghetto. I saw some
good deals in the newspaper for pork chops and such. 1.88 lbs I could not say no to that at all.
Afterwards, I was trying to find a local liquor store, but most of them were closed. It was the
palmers new years day party. The food was good and I got pretty full. Which is not much
anymore. I had a hard time eating it, since my stomach is so much smaller. I have been good
so far, I just need to keep it up and not give in top the temptations. I got home tonight and I
was not feeling well. I have a bad headache and i feel very hot. i think I am getting sick. I threw
some clothes in the laundry and I was just cleaning. I laid down and I was too tired to do
anything. So I went right to bed. its been a very exhausting extended weekend. My body is not
able to keep up anymore. Good thing I have dedicated some night for the great tv shows
coming soon.
Daily Journal