01-31-2012 Final Fantasy 13-2
Ever since I beat the first game about 2 years ago. I was waiting for a new game to
come out. They made a sequel to that game. Which comes out today. I have been giddy
about it for 2 months. In my first night playing. i already put 4 hours into it.

01-30-2012 Monday
time was moving pretty slow today. I was just hoping to get home as soon as possible.
I had so much to do. Laundry is  always exciting. I pushed it pretty hard at the gym
tonight. It felt good to relax at home.

01-29-2012 Dball
It was a big game for us tonight at dodgeball. I felt we had a lot to prove. We
dominated our first two games. Went 7 and 0 against two other teams. We wanted to
beat the Badgers. We did convincingly. I felt in a zone tonight. Back to my glory days.
But for some odd reason, the passion isn't there. I still struggle finding ways to be
the player I once was.

01-28-2012 Cancer benefit
I spent most of the day cleaning,but also I wanted to just relax and enjoy the
weekend. It felt so nice. I did do some cleaning. I wish I had the week off. I seem to
eat more at work for some odd reason.

Tonight me and Andy went to the Legion for the Cancer benefit. We were hoping to win
the wheel barrel full of liquor. We did not win though. We went to bradys to get a
change of scenery.

01-27-2012 Legion fun
I decided to head up tot he Legion and get some drinks in me. It was fun hanging out.
Its such a far drive home. i can't just stay too late. I guess maybe I remember why I
moved so far away. To keep me from going here.

01-26-2012 Healthy
I ate my soup today, but it just didn't satisfy my hunger. I decided to goto subway and
try one of those flat breads. They were ok, but wheat bread is actually better for you
and it taste better. I will have to remember that for next time. Flat breads. Just a

01-25-2012 Dodgeball, with out glasses
I played dodgeball tonight with out glasses on. I just didn't want to wear them today.
I actually played more aggressive. I will have to figure a way to balance this out.

We went out afterwards for drinks. I had a good time with the gang. It was a nice
night out that I definitely needed.

01-24-2012 Long meeting
We had a long day of training today. We had our Xirrus training. It was weird, they
presented about wireless most of the time and not about their product. Quite odd.

I went to the Dr today and I had a nice long chat with my doc. I am going to get a
sleep apnea test next month. Wish me luck.

01-23-2012 Monday fun
Today was one of those I wish I could sleep in bed. i was so tired. i didn't feel like
doing anything at all. I wish I could nap and fall asleep at night,b ut it just keeps me
awake at night.

01-22-2012 Vietnamese New year
We celebrated today at my parents house. I wasn't sure what to make. So I had to
come up with something last minute. I had chicken breasts. So I cut them up and put
them on skewers. I made a ginger and orange chicken. it was pretty good. I thought it
was very balance in flavor.

01-21-2012 Le Meridan
We went to Erikas work holiday party. It was at the Le Meridan hotel. It was pretty
posh party. I had to dress up really nice. We went to the bar across the street
afterwards. I was pretty tired. We stopped at Mad jacks on the way home.

01-20-2012 Friday move
After work today. We went over to Erikas old place to help her move her stuff. Chad
and Danielle helped us with the move. With out them. We wouldn't have been able to
move her stuff. We went to Broadway pizza afterwards. Everyone was starving.

01-19-2012 Lettuce wraps
I wanted to make dinner tonight. I wasn't sure what to make. I decided to go with the
simple lettuce wraps. I made my version, which is quite authentic with some asian
flavors. It is going to be awesome damn it.

01-18-2012 Dodgeball cheating
I swear everyone was cheating at dodgeball today. It even made me want to cheat. I
got a good work out in. I threw pretty good. I was angry from last Sunday still.
Hopefully this was a good warm up for me to be ready.

01-17-2012 Hung
I might have had a bit too much to drink the night before. It was in honor of MLK day.
Also the fact the packers lost. I tried to get as much work done as I could. I was
tired and slept most of the day.

01-16-2012 Kyoto
I had lunch with Jamie and Chris. I brought Kobe with me too. We went to Kyoto. It
was so good, it was worth the money. I am glad the boy ate enough to get his money
back. Well my money but thats not the point. It was good though.

01-15-2012 Football
I was watching some of the game on tv and they weren't as exciting as i hoped. This
year. They havn't really had good games to watch on tv. I was happy the packers got
upset by the Giants. I called it.

01-14-2012 Ice crash
Me and Andy went to go see the Red Bull ice crash event. It was quite the sight to see.
It was cool being there, but it lost its nostalgia after awhile. It was cold. We had to
park far. We went to the American burger bar afterwards.

01-13-2012 Mario dinner
We went to Broadway pizza, then to Davanni's. Well they were both busy so we settled
for a chinese buffet. For Marios bday dinner. We went over to his house to kick it

01-12-2012 110 Beers
I finally finished my Old Chicago beer tour today. My last beer was a black and tan.
Figured I would go out in style. This was supposed to be a three year plan, but we got
it done in over a year. A head of schedule.

01-11-2012 Tired arm
My arm was tired today at dodgeball. For once, it was actually hurting from all the
stress of throwing multiple nights. It sure took its toll on me. I don't know what made
me over do it. But tonight. I felt I might have done some damage.

01-10-2012 Work out
I pushed the envelope today at the gym. I really wanted to sweat. I had to be careful
with my sore ankle. I walked fast on the treadmill and went to town on the elliptical. I
was sweating away. Which was a good sign. I need to focus on my eating habits now.

01-09-2012 Sushin
I met up with Heidi after work for some sushi. We tried to make it there for happy
hour, but apparently this place does not have happy hour. I guess I was looking at the
wrong website. We got to catch up on things. Which was nice.

01-08-2012 Lazy day
I sat around watching the football games today. They were kind of all blow outs. So
they weren't that fun. Tebow mania lives on unfortunately.

I started playing in a league for dodgeball. I really weren't too interested but they
begged and asked. So i played.

01-07-2012 Osaka
I finally got to use my groupon for Osakas. The first time we went I went to the
wrong one and ended up forking up the bill. This time, we went to the right place and we
had a nice meal. Although our filet mignon was a bit over cooked. I have no complaints.
I was still recovering from last night and I was just plain tired. I couldn't make it to
Dans bday.

01-06-2012 Franny
We were gonna go out tonight with Shannon down to the gold old Jimmys. But we
decided to just stay and drink. Kayla came over too. So it was pretty fun. I was pretty
exhausted. I drank my self to sleep. It was fun though. Erika says we don't hang out
with her friends enough. First time both couches were filled with drunk people staying
over haha.

01-05-2012 Thursday night
I was tired and lazy tonight. I didn't want to do anything at all. We ended up getting
crab legs at night. It was a late journey down there. Crab was good. But we went so
late a night we got bad dry crabs too. I was satisfied though. I felt full. I also lost
$20 bucks in gambling. Just a normal amount for me.

01-04-2012 Dodgeballin
Today i really wanted to give my all and try my best. Just to warm up. I struggled.
With 40 people it seems. There was just way too many people there to do anything. My
ankle was hurting and I just basically shut it down.

01-03-2012 40 clove chicken
After my exciting work out at the gym today. I made 40 clove chicken. Which is 40
cloves of garlic and some olive oil in chicken cooked for about an hour and 30 minutes.
add some type and salt and pepper. It is amazing. Especially when you grab the soft
garlic and crush it over bread.

01-02-2012 Some excitement
Me and Erika ate at this thai place in Plymouth. Katsama thai or something like that.
It was really good. I have been struggling with bad pad thai that didn't come close to
my standards. I loved it there. Although my pride got in the way. When they ask how
spicy I want it. I got it extra spicy and it was tough to eat.

01-01-2012 Silence
The world didn't fall apart or anything. So that was good. It was a nice quiet day. I
felt the need to take it easy and relax. I just don't get a chance to do that much. The
new year came in with late night drinks at the Legion. It sure was a fun night we had.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”