1-31-2013 Tea
I felt kinda addicted to this mate drink today. I kept drinking it all day. It was real
good for me today. I needed it, I was a bit hung over from the night before. Its making
me feel young again. I feel happy. Which is a weird feeling for me.

1-30-2013 Dball
My arm was really sore tonight after dodgeball. I tried throwing hard, but that ball
just wouldn't fly as hard today for me. I tried doing some acrobatic things tonight. I
connected with my 360 suicide throw. I tried to do a 360 between the legs. Almost
pulled it off. But I almost landed on my face too.

1-29-2013 Soup
I made my pork soup tonight. I was feeling cheap and it was just a good night for some
comfort food. It was so tasty tonight. I added more carrots then normal. Its a pork
based soup. With the pork bones in there. It really turned out really good.

1-28-2013 Destroyed
Tonight at volleyball we got destroyed. We had no answer for this one guy on the other
team. He was just too good. For recreational fun, I thought he was a bit too intense,
but oh well. We just couldn't beat this team. We lost all three games for the first
time this year.

1-27-2013 Sunday
I really wanted to venture out, but I have been extra tired as of late. Today seemed
like a good day for me to just sit around and watch tv. Just like my other lazy days. I
have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have some money in my account and I don't
want to spend it. Crazy how life changes things.

1-26-2013 Lounging
With my hang over today. I felt I wasn't going to leave this house at all. I was tired
and feeling lazy. Watched a movie and ate and ate all day. Ate like a king actually. Just
enjoying the weekend. I don't do that enough.

1-25-2013 The palace
We had people over tonight. It was nice, cause I didn't want to go out and spend a  lot
of money. Even though I went to visit Mindy and Mike at Two Stooges for his
tournament. It was a fun time though. Everyone just hung out.

1-24-2013 Night in
I was pretty tired tonight. I didn't feel like going out at all. I was going to go, but I
decided to just stay in and save some money. I have been doing a better job at doing
that lately. When your dirt poor. It helps, but I think I got it figured out.

1-23-2013 Vball subbing
I subbed for vballt onight. i took a night off from dodgeball and just subbed on the old
Zg team. Mike, Heidi and Mindy subbed also. We had a lot of fun. We won 2 games and
lost 3.

1-22-2013 Nami
Me and Erika went to Nami, we had a groupon to use. Last time we were here. The food
wasn't all that great. This time, it really left us with much more to crave. This place
has really gone down hill. It used to taste so much better. I think they have gotten

1-21-2013 VBall
We should have dominated the team we were playing. We let one game slip against them.
I don't know why, but we win the first two and we always ease up the 2nd game.
Sometimes we gotta keep that pedal down.

1-20-2013 Harbough bowl
I pretty both games and it will be the 49ers and the Ravens in the super bowl. It
should be a good game. Todays games were pretty good.

1-19-2013 Jess bday
I was feeling pretty hung over today. I just laid around and was not feeling the best.

We all went to Jess's party. It was a lot of fun actually. We had it at Paulas house
and it was a blast. I think everyone got pretty drunk.

1-18-2013 Cu palace
Well Jay likes to call it the Cu palace. Jesse and Dana came over. They brought chili. I
made pulled pork tacos. Which tasted pretty good. It was fun having eveyrone over. we
took it easy. I was a bit wasted though.

1-17-2013 Jess bday
I went to the Legion to hang with everyone. I had a good time seeing everyone tonight.
With me in money saver mode. i took it pretty easy. But Jeremys drinks are so strong.
Once Jess got there. I think she had fun. She was pretty wasted.

1-16-2013 Dball
I was really trying to throw as hard as I could, but my arm was really sore from the
gym the day before. I was actually pretty tired tonight. We shall see how it goes. I am
trying to save money. So I didn't drink much after Dball.

1-15-2013 Gym time
I pushed it pretty good today at the gym during my lunch. I forgot to bring a towel. I
had to run from the shower area to where my stuff was. Someone saw me naked. I was
embarrassed. I know people don't care as they get older, but still.

1-14-2013 ZG rolling
We played real good volleyball tonight. We were covering well and just doing a good job
of not making too many mistakes. We have seen this team before and we know what
they were capable of. It was a good battle for us. Our hitting is really getting better.

1-13-2013 My quiet time
Sundays has really been a good day for me to take it easy. I literally laid on the couch
all day. It was really nice. I am trying to keep the house clean, but there is still
things I need to do around the house. I am working on getting every corner clean. But
I am just lazy.

1-12-2013 Lazy day
Saturday has really become my relaxing day. I really been enjoying the nice comfort of
my home. I think I am so busy during the week. Its just nice to lay around. Plus I spent
way too much money the past few nights. Its nice to sit around and watch tv.

1-11-2013 Marios bday outting
We all went to chino Latino for drinks and food. It was a lot of fun. We got pretty
drunk. We went to the Cafeteria for more drinks. Then we went dancing at Bar Abilene.
Then up to the Republic for one drink. Or was it two. I lost count.

1-10-2013 Dicks Last resort
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this place. It was for Tanjas bday. The place
was what I expected. They are purposely trying to be rude and funny. Seems forced at
times, but it was a good time. For the right people of course.

1-9-2013 Dball
I was unsure how I would play today. With a sore arm from weights yesterday. I didn't
think I would be able to get a lot of heat on my throws. I ended up getting a lot of
power today. I was really trying to push past the pain.

1-8-2013 Planet Fitness
During my lunch today. I went to Planet fitness for exercise. Since it opened up. I
have been wanting to check it out. Its really huge. Its were Circuit City used to be.
There was about 5 people there. So i got a good work out in. Even lifted weights.

1-7-2013 Vball
We took 2 out of 3 games tonight. We should have swept them, but we have this thing
were we ease up on people. Which hurt us the last game. If we can keep the pedal down
we can do more damage.

1-6-2013 Pig and fiddle
Erika had a groupon for this place. Shew as really excited to try it. I thought it was
expensive for what it was. Her shanks was very salty. My chicken cury tacos was very
bland in flavor.

1-5-2013 Vikings
The season ended with some question marks. Ponder was out. Webb was the starter.
The game was over before it was even played. We all went over to Tanjas to watch the
game. It was such a terrible game to watch. There was no passing attack.

1-4-2013 Low key
I really didn't go out tonight. I was short on cash this week. So I wanted to just stay
in. Just had drinks. Played games and called it a night. More my type of speed I guess.
Time to try to get some sleep. I havn't been sleeping well.

1-3-2013 Planet Fitness
With the new Planet Fitness open in Roseville. I plan on going there during my lunch or
after work to work out. I think this is one of the best things to happen. It will help
keep me out of trouble and get into better shape. I havn't really been feeling the best
lately. I need to get healthier.

1-2-2013 Dballin
I did pretty decent at dball today. I felt a bit slow, but I still wasn't feeling good. I
made a lot of baskets though. My arm felt pretty good for having a week off. I was
really trying to get some heat on it. It wasn't as hard as I hoped, but it was good

1-1-2013 New Years day
I was feeling pretty tired today. I just wanted to relax and lay low. It was hard for
me to really even want to do anything. I was kind of depressed I had to go back to
work. Oh well, but it was a good recovery day.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”