1-31-2014 Che bday
Went to Green mill for drinks before hand. Then we made it to Liquor Lyles for Che's
bday. It was actually a lot of fun. We made it to Gordys in Little Canada. Then back to
the Legion. It was a lot of fun.

1-30-2014 Rest
After nights and nights of partying. All I wanted was rest. Erika wanted to get drinks
tonight. So I figured it would be a good time to do it. I already had happy hour earlier
with Amy. Figured might as well keep drinking.

1-29-2014 Zg
We lost 2 out of 3 games tonight. We should have won the last one. We were up by 6
points at 19 to 13 and we couldn't finish. We lack that killer instinct. Which is sad.
The game was over. These guys we played was nothing special.

1-28-2014 Fishy
When I got home today, I wanted to make something kinda healthy. So I went tot he
store and got some fish. It was pretty good actually. I really enjoyed it. So far so
good with my health kick.

1-27-2014 Schools closed
Another school closing state wide. Not sure how this is possible. During my time as a
kid. I have never had 3 too cold days for school. Its actually 4 days this year. Crazy
how cold its been now.

ZG volleyball won 2 out of 3 games tonight. it was a good feeling.

1-26-2014 Sunday fun
Went to Big Louies in Crystal for drinks. Then made my way to the Dawghouse in
Maplewood. It was actually a lot of fun there. Probably too much fun for me, but oh

1-25-2014 Night out
I went to the Legion tonight to hang with Kristen and Che. We had multiple drink and
some shots. Then I made my way to Park Tavern where ever one else was and I got
Brian a shot since he was going through stuff. It was a fun night. Man am I tired, we
got more snow tonight.

1-24-2014 Lame
Its Friday night tonight and i'm being pretty lame. i really didn't want to spend any
money going out tonight. So I just stayed in. I have a lot going on this weekend
anyways. I woke up at 6am this morning to drive Shawna to the airport.

1-23-2014 Oil pulling
So I heard of this oil pulling thing. I wanted to try it out. It sounds gross, but you
basically swish oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. I bought some coconut oil. We shall
see if it makes a difference in two weeks. Its supposed to detox your body.

1-22-2013 Vball win
ZG Wednesdays, we won against a Mad Hot team that used to beat us in the past. We
didn't play our best. But we did pretty good. They have gotten older, we are still
young. 2 for 3 not bad tonight. I was hurting a bit with my ankle, but I played well.

1-21-2014 Sakura
Me and Shawna went to Sakura for sushi in Plymouth. It was alright. I wasn't
expecting much anyways, Since, it was a groupon thing and usually most places needed
it. We went to Dicks, she needed a snowboard bag. I remember when I used to want to
snow board. But I never got around to doing that.

1-20-2014 Monday vball
We lost all three games tonight. We didn't even win one. Which was disappointing. We
are better then that. A team we should have easily gone 2 and 3 against. We will get

1-19-2014 Conference Championship party
I did a lot of cleaning this morning and cooking. I made fried rice, it wasn't my best. I
was missing a couple ingredients. I made the weiners wrapped in bacon. It was so good.
Both the teams I had predicted going to the Superbowl lost. I was a bit pissy about
it.  It was fun having everyone over though.

1-18-2014 Drink 2
I went over to Beckys place tonight to help shovel her out of the snow. Her car was
stuck. The guy living there was a idiot and just sat there while I was pushing the car.
That made me so mad. We ended up getting drinks at the Legion. I took it easy tonight.
I have been trying to be good lately.

1-17-2014 Drinks
Me and Shawna had happy hour. We were originally gonna use my Groupon but it wasn't
valid for Fridays. I was a bit bummed, but we got drinks at Mad Jacks. She got a little
taste of my Roseville life at the Vfw and Hoggsbreath. It was a fun night.

1-16-2014 Bills
I did some math tonight. I wanted to know how much I spent on food and alcohol. I was
pretty disturbed by the amount. Enough that I was embarassed to even post about it. I
need to really do a better job. But I also realized I spent more money on food, cause it
was healthier.

1-15-2014 Dball
It was so busy tonight at dodgeball I really couldn't get going. I was throwing the ball
not as hard and accurate. It was pretty frustrating. But my arm was really feeling it
after. It was throbbing.

1-14-2014 Night off
I really needed a night off. I have been pretty busy lately. Its like i'm living at home
again and I am always out and about. I needed rest tonight. I took a sleeping pill
tonight to help me sleep. So far so good.

1-13-2014 Opening night
We started our new volleyball season off to a pretty good start. Crystal was out this
week, but I had Nikki sub for us. Nikki messaged me an hour before and told me she
fell down the stairs. We ended up just grabbing a girl at the gym. We won all three
games tonight. It was a easier team, but we needed the confidence.

1-12-2014 Starving
I was really hungry today. In one day. I made spaghetti, pork chops and fajitas. I know
sounds gross eating all that. But I was really craving it. Kobe didn't leave till about
5pm today. So I wasn't sure if I was going anywhere. I felt kinda bad. I really didn't
spend much time with my nephew this weekend.

1-11-2014 Bdays
I went to dodgeball today to just get soem exercise. I didn't want to go to the gym at
all today. So I figured I would just sweat while throwing balls at people.

I went out For Gordon and Tanjas birthdays tonight. It was a lot of fun. We started
at Glueks. Me and Kristin were going to meet everyone at the next bar. We got lost
looking for Cowboy Jacks. We made a pit stop at Jimmy Johns. We found Cowboy
Jacks. But every one decided to goto Uncle Bens. So we just went there.

1-10-2014 Kobe
It took me nearly an hour to drive from work all the way down to Shakopee to pick up
Kobe. OLnce I picked him up. It took me another hour to get home. I was feeling pretty
tired and crabby from it. I went to the grocery store to feed us for the weekend. Let
me see if $30 bucks was enough.

1-9-2014 Feeling fat
I was feeling pretty fat today. So I wanted to try to eat less. I actually had catered
food from work today. Pasta and meat. Yumm. Well so much for my diet. I guess I
better start it tomorrow. I can't wait for pay day tomorrow.

1-8-2014 ZG falls
Tonight at volleyball we just got destroyed against one of the teams. We didn't even
put up a good fight at all. It was pretty sad actually. I only got to hit the ball twice
in the spiker position. Which really sucks.

I was so mad. I went to dodge ball to let off some steam. I tried to do my best but I
kept having troubles seeing everyone on the court. Just way too many people. I had a
fun night out with everyone though.

1-7-2014 Another cold one
I went to the Intermediate volleyball tonight. I wanted to try out my skills against
the big guns. I think I held my own pretty well. Those guys are just monsters. Its
unfortunate. I never truely developed my skills.

1-6-2014 Very cold
So schools were closed today. It was below tempts out. Win chills in the negative 20
or 30's. I worked from home today. When the CEO sends an email saying you can stay
home. I am going to take advantage of it.

I went out with Erika and Shannon at Brunswick zone. I got to meet Shannon's new
lover. They were really nice. I didn't bowl so well. That ball just seemed heavier then
normal. I do kinda miss league a bit.

1-5-2014 Football
I needed a day to recover. I wasn't feeling right all day. Andy and Sarah came over.
We were all watching the Packer game. I was cheering against them. I am so glad they
lost. We all went to Mad Jacks for a few drinks. It was a lot of fun actually.

1-4-2014 Long Saturday
So we were supposed to meet at the Legion at 3pm. That was a bad idea. We didn't
even goth the movie. We were having too much fun drinking. We made it to Sawatedee
for food. Then from there we went to Alarys and The hogs breath. I knew it was going
to be a long night. Heidi wanted to goto the strip club. So we all went for it. It was a
long night. Im exhausted,

1-3-2014 Friday
I didn't really know what to expect for thew weekend. I knew it was going to be a busy
night tomorrow. So I wanted to take it easy. I just had happy hour with Becky at
Bostons. I wanted it to be low key.

1-2-2014 Back to work
I wasn't really feeling it at work today. So I decided to do some budgeting. I realize I
could have 2 extra car payments if I just saved better. Things to focus on I guess.
This is with out the extra rent money I get also. Crazy. I need to seriously figure out
where my money goes.

1-1-2014 New Years day
Time to reflect. 2014 has arrived and I got a lot of focus this year. The end of 2013
was a big turning point for me. I think I finally grew up as a man. Not sure what took
so long, but I'm moving forward this year. I can't wait for this year.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”