1-30-2015 Amys going away
We went to the Smack Shack downtown minneapolis. It was pretty busy in there. Once
everybody got there. I had no idea what to order. I got the juicy Lucy with lobster on
top. We then all made our way to Acme comedy club. It was an pretty good show. I had
a good time.

1-29-2015 Worked from home
I wasn't feeling the best today. The drinks didn't help last night. But I got off my bed
and did a lot of work. My boss was killing me today. I felt tired eventually and took a

1-28-2015 Happy hour
Becky wanted to go to Happy hour. So we went to Station 280. We were gonna try the
tacos. But we didn't see anybody eating them. So we decided not to do it. It was
probably a good choice. I asked one of the regulars and he said it was hit or miss.

1-27-2015 Quiet
I wanted to stay in tonight. I knew it was going to be a busy weekend. So I just did my
normal Tuesday routine. Watch the Flash. Clean a little and laundry. It worked out
pretty good.

1-26-2015 Vball
We got crushed tonight by another team. They were tough tonight. Nothing we can do.
We had our moments. But its frustrating when its always the older teams that beat us.

1-25-2015 Royal Rumble
I was making food all day today for the Royal Rumble. Once every body got there it was
nice just to relax and have a good time watching the show. It was fun overall. I was
happy with how it turned out.

1-24-2015 Lindsay bday
I went out for Lindsays bday tonight at the Legion. It was nice and low key. I was
pretty tired tonight. But I wanted to meet up with Jessie. We had a long night at the

1-23-2015 Started early
I met Nancy today for lunch to catch up on things. Karen was there too and they both
got pho. I stuck with my dry noodles that I love so much. I miss eating out here.

Another night of drinks and this one was an expensive tab. I was really surprised to
see the bill. Thats gonna hurt the piggy bank. Thank goodness for pay day.

1-22-2015 Sober
What do you know. I was actually sober for a day. I got to catch up on Arrow and the
Flash. So I got my tv fix in for the day. I did laundry and changed my sheets. I felt
like it was a very good day all around.

1-21-2015 Drinks
I went to happy hour and it was a lot of fun. I probably drank more then I should have.
But I had a good night overall. I was in a very happy mood lately. Chipotle run was the
best part.

1-20-2015 Hola Arepas
Me and Lindsay went to Hola Arepas for dinner. It was ok. Not my favorite. Not sure
what the big rave over this place is.

I went to legends to meet my vball team for trivia. It was fun. We got 2nd place.

1-19-2015 Condiments
We played well as a team today. We beat a struggling team. But a win  is a win and we
won all 3 games. Which was very important to us. For standings purposes.

1-18-2015 Hogs
I enjoyed every moment of the NFC championship game. The Packers lost and blew the
game away. It was nice to see. Haha.

1-17-2015 Drinks
It was a long night of drinking tonight. I really was excited to just go nuts. I wanted
to be good. But I couldn't help it. I needed to be out and about. Stress has been very
hard to control lately.

1-16-2015 Night in
I was feeling pretty tired tonight. So I just wanted to stay in and catch up on tv
shows. I played some video games. Weird, how I don't get to do that as much anymore.

1-15-2015 Sushi-X
Dan wanted to meet up to catch up on things. We went to Sushi X in  Golden Valley. I
have never been there. But they have a all you can eat sushi dinner for $22. I thought
it was pretty good.

1-14-2015 Happy hour
Went to the Hogs for happy hour tonight. I was in the mood. I have been pretty good
lately. So, it was nice to just relax and catch up with everyone. We have been taking it
easy. We gotta save for Vegas in a months time.

1-13-2015 Catching up
I have been a little lazy when it comes to the gym. So I wanted to get some gym time
in today. I was feeling pretty tired. I think my legs just feel tired. I thought they are
supposed to get stronger.

1-12-2015 Vball
We played one of the best teams I have seen in a long time. They totally out classed us
tonight. This one guy hit it so hard. I can't even see the ball. We got crushed. But we
fought towards the end.

1-11-2015 Sleep
I went out and watched the football game at the Dog house. I wasn't feeling the
drinking. But I was so hungry. I ate 5 tacos. It was cheap. They were only One dollar a
piece. My body is just tired. I needed to goto bed early tonight.

1-10-2015 Bdays
I went to the Steamer late Xmas party. It was nice catching up with the team. I made
egg rolls for this. I then made my way to uptown for Marios birthday. We were at
Libertine and the Republic. Then I went downtown to Glueks for Gordon and Tanjas
birthday. It was a long night thats for sure.

1-09-2015 Friday night night in
I was hurting pretty bad today. I got up early enough to get to the bagelry and get
bagels for Karens birthday. I was craving it so bad.

I took it easy tonight. I wanted to just rest and take it easy. I knew tomorrow was
going to be a big day.

We got pizza today for lunch. I inhaled about 4 pieces. It really made me feel a lot
better. After this week. I never wish for anyone ever to get laid off.

1-08-2015 Late night
I didn't want to deal with the traffic driving home. I looked at the map and it just
looked awful. I went to happy hour and I ended up at the Legion. It was a longer night
then I wanted. I probably had more to drink then I should have.

1-07-2015 Chicken curry
I made a Vietnamese inspired Indian dish last night. It was a mix of Indian curry and
Vietnamese soup. Something my mom used to make. It was so good. I was happy with it.
i shared it with Karen at work today.

1-06-2015 Woke up
I literally woke up today and went straight to the gym. I just was feeling sluggish and
I wanted to keep my legs fresh. I was tempted to get drinks. But I did a good job of
staying in.

1-05-2015 Condiments vball
We played a team we should beat. We lost 2 to 1. But until, we play within our means.
We won't beat anyone. Every season, I have thought about folding the team. To start
over. But when would I be happy enough.

1-04-2015 Pushing it
With my new work out plan. I have been hitting the gym at least 4 times a week. Which
is pretty awesome for me. I'm trying to do my bes to eat healthier though. Thats still
a work in progress, but I have been eating less salt.

1-03-2015 Sawatdee
Che and Kristin wanted to go there for dinner tonight. I was fine with it. I had a nice
work out prior to it. So I wasn't feeling to hungry. So I had the papaya salad. Which
filled me up good and my food wasn't that expensive.

1-02-2015 Back to work
I didn't get this Friday off for work. But its pretty slow anyways. I had happy hour
with friends tonight. Took it pretty easy. I was feeling tired from New Years eve
still. I needed a break thats for sure.

1-01-2015 New Years Day
With all the alcohol last night. I needed a breather. I was feeling pretty terrible all
day. It was nice to just kinda sit back and relax all day. So far. My health is a priority
this year. Luckily I had a nice 3 month head start.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”