1-31-2016 Che bday brunch
We met up at Ikes and got drinks for Che's bday weekend. Ikes was good. But for the
price. I prefer something nicer. We went to Sneaky Petes for drinks.

I had dodgeball tonight. It was good. I was taking it easy. But I have been struggling
lately. I have lost a lot of power in my throws. I think its from the weight lifting. Or
maybe its old age.

1-30-2016 Busy day
I met up with Ashley and Joe at Parma 8200. Ashley wanted me to meet Joe. Her bf
from New York.

I made my way to Lunzers house for the annual Cleveland Steamer kickball Christmas
party. I know its a bit late. But thats how we do things. I walked away with some cat
calendars from the white elephant game. I'll give it to the cat lady at work.

1-29-2016 Busy Friday
I met up with Gordon and Dave for happy hour at rooked pint. Then I drove to Blaine
and had dinner with Jamie and Chris. Its been so long since we caught up. It was nice
talking about the glory days well we just made fun of Jamie. But shes responsible.
Cause shes a mom now.

1-28-2016 Ngon Bistro
I went to Ngon Bistro with Courtney today. Its a americanized vietnamese place. It
was way too expensive for what it is. Not sure how they stay in business to be honest.
But they serve beer and our tab was $50.

1-27-2016 Dball
I tried to push it a little. Since I havn't been at the gym. I needed to get my body into
some more sweating. It went well. I burnt a lot of calories. Which is a good thing. I
made tacos all week. So I am eating tacos all week.

1-26-2016 Sore
My foot is still a bit sore. I hope it just goes way. I'm afraid to run on it and go to
the gym. I will just try to eat healthier this week. I've been making food all week. I
need to do a better job of eating it.

1-25-2016 Mondays
I was not ready to work today. I was just going through the motions. I have been
having a hard time sleeping lately. Not sure whats wrong with me. i just need more and
more sleep.

1-24-2016 Royal Rumble
we went over to Andys house and watched the Royal rumble. It was ok this year. i was
expecting so much more. But It was fine. i had a good time drinking and food.

1-23-2016 Dinner
I went out with Courtney tonight. We went to my favorite place. Big Bowl. Its really
not my favorite place. But I couldn't think of anything else. We went to grumpys
afterwards for drinks.

1-22-2016 Cheat day
I ate like 6 slices of pizza at davanni's. I wasn't proud of it. But I was really craving
pizza. I was doing such a good job of eating. I had to go nuts.

Went to happy hour with Becky and then we went over to Kristin and Che's. I wanted
to see Renee. So I met up with her and Erin.

1-21-2016 Timing
I really didn't feel like going anywhere today. I was tired and sick still. I think its
finally going away. The sickness. But I rented a movie and watched it tonight. I neeedd
the rest.

1-20-2016 Rough
it was hard getting back in the swing of things. My sleep was off and it was hard to
just get back into what I wanted to do. My inspection at the home didn't go as well as
I hoped. But it will be things I gotta figure out.

1-19-2016 Heading home
Woke up this morning and I was ready to head home. I had some pizza at the airport.
But I was still hungry so I went and got Quiznos. I didn't realize how close to
boarding time it was. So I basically just grabbed it and threw it in my bag. Its nice to
be home. Even though its so cold out. It was a good trip.

1-18-2016 Poker day
Patrick wanted to play poker. I made it to the final table. But I couldn't place. I was
so close. But I took it fairly easy today. We had the buffet twice. i walked down the
strip with Sarah and just walked around. I needed to take it easy. But I was drinking
and my body literally just told me to shut it down. I went to bed at 10pm tonight.

1-17-2016 Game day part 2
Out of the 40 teams. We were the 39th seed. Our team was pretty bad. But we almost
beat the #2 seed. They were freaking out. If I wasn't being dumb. We probably would
have. We lost our 2nd match in the double elimination. I did my best, but we just didn't
have enough. We went to the gay club Riegn after. Then we went back to the hotel bar
and I met this girl named Lindsey. We left the party and went down the strip a bit.
Next you know its 5:30am. We strolled back. I can't remember the last time I had
this much fun.

1-16-2016 Game day
we played 12 rounds of round robins. My arm was dieing. I was feeling pretty tired. I
lost so much weight from playing. Water weight that is. We went out and had so many
drinks. We went to a omelette house. It looked really good. we went to Nicoles tacos
party in her bungalo room. lots of place for everyone. I should have ate more tacos. We
just partied at the hotel bar after. I was feeling pretty drunk. I stumbled back to my

1-15-2016 Vegas
We arrived. i was freaking out at the airport. The TSA security limes were the
longest I have ever seen. Luckily I barely made it through. We made it to a german
place and then to the Tropicana. I was feeling pretty good tonight. Went to the
opening ceremony. For a gay event this weekend. It was pretty big and fun.

1-14-2016 Packing
As I pack. I realize. I need to get a bigger suitcase. My luggage us old from like 2003.
But hey it does the job. Laundry and cleaning. Thats all I am doing tonight. Vegas
arrives tomorrow. I am not quite as excited yet. But I am sure I will be when I hop on
that early flight tomorrow.

1-13-2016 Emotions
With so much going on in my life lately. I have been having a hard time trying to figure
out my emotions. I am happy. But I forgot to mention my offer got accepted. Now,
everything changes. My dreams of going somewhere else and starting  a new. Work has
been challenging as of late. Its put more pressure on me. Tonight I go play dodgeball to
release some stress.

1-12-2016 Happy hour
Still trying to get over this cold. I went to happy hour today with Kristin and Che. I
was feeling pretty good. I was supposed to take my moms trash out. Since she lived
over near the bar. I forgot, oops.

1-11-2016 3 a days
I went to the gym this morning. I went to volleyball later tonight. Then I went to
dodge ball. My body sure was tired. But I wanted to burn off what ever sickness I had.
I burnt a lot of calories that for sure.

1-10-2016 Vikings
the Vikes literally should have had it won. A easy field goal missed. It hurt so bad. It
brought me back to 98 . When Gary Anderson missed.

I am also sick. I was in bed all morning and moved to the couch. I made it to dodgbeall
only cause we could not find any subs.

1-09-2016 Nights
I made Joe go out tonight. I was feeling so much emotions lately. Some good, some bad.
I was nervous about the offer I put in yesterday. So far, I havn't heard anything. But
I was feeling pretty good thats for sure.

1-08-2016 Offer
I put in an offer today on a home in New Brighton. It was kind of out of the blue. But
I knew it was time. Well i was looking for this summer., But this was an opportunity I
had to take now.

1-07-2016 Gym
I have been pushing my self so hard lately at the gym. I just want to get into better
shape. My body is always sore. My ankle even my left one still hurts. but its getting

1-06-2016 Dball
With time running out before vegas. I wanted to try to play my normal game tonight.
My ankle was a bit sore. But I was moving at more of a normal pace. As long as I dont
have any set backs. I should be ok.

1-05-2016 Drinking
I went to the bar tonight. I was going to meet up with Ash, but it didn't quite go the
way i planned. I went to the Hoggs breath. Cause i was hungry. I ordered some foods
and had some whiskey.

1-04-2016 Vball
Tonight I didn't know what to expect at volleyball. We havn't practiced all fall. We
were going in col turkey. Luckily we played an easier team and won 2 out of 3 games.
We have a lot to work on. But hopefully this gives us some confidence.

1-03-2016 Vikes
The Vikes pulled a big game tonight. We finally beat Green Bay in lambeau. Which was a
great feeling. We also won the division. Which is the goal. I am so happy right now. I
can't wait to rub it in all my packer friends faces.

We won tonight in my return to MLK league dodgeball. there wasn't much for

1-02-2016 Chilling
I was at home today. My body is sore from lifting weights. I have been doing more back
work outs and its taking its toll on me. My foot is slowly healing.

I met up with Becky at the unofficial bar and Kristen and Che were there too. We
stopped at there place for pizza and drinks. I went home and picked Joe up and went to
the bars. I was pretty hammered. We ubered it home.

1-01-2016 New years day
I got my car to start which was a miracle. I dropped it off at village auto. They had
really good reviews there. Me and Becky went to Granite city for brunch. Luckily they
had their brunch buffet. I was so excited when I saw it.

I went with Ashley to the Gay 90's. I had so much fun there. haha. We were dancing
and stuff. I forgot how crazy that place gets.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”