1-31-2017 Tired
I havn't been sleeping well lately. I just have been so busy with everything at home
and stuff. Tonight was a good night for me to just get drinks at happy hour and relax.

1-30-2017 Busted ass
I was kicking butt today at work. I was really focused and got a lot of tickets closed.
It is so much to learn. But for some reason I got a fire lit on my ass.

Me and Ashley went to the Humane Soceity today. We looked at a few cats. But she
wasn't happy with them.

1-29-2017 Royal Rumble
I once again cleaned and got ready for todays party. I was running errands all morning.
Then out together some of the ikea chairs. I barely got everything done in time for the
party. It was a good time It was really fun this year with all the little prizes.

1-28-2017 Crawfish
I had the family over for crawfish today. It was really good. We had so much food. We
had over 35 lbs of it. It was crazy. But it was a good time and everything. We were

1-27-2017 Wine tasting
There was a wine tasting in Fridley That Lori had an extra ticket for. So I went with.
I really cared more for the food. But they were just local places. But the wines were
good too. I tasted more stuff than I could imagine.

1-26-2017 Depressed
I was pretty depressed today. People over the years at my work and friends who I just
know were gone in an instant. It made me really ponder my life and even the future. I
let the darkness in today. But tomorrow I move on.

1-25-2017 Dinner night
Lori came over and we went to an Ecuadorian place for dinner. Then we went to
Tattersall for some drinks. I didn't even know this place existed. But hey 2017 is all
about trying new things.

1-24-2017 Ankle
My ankle was pretty sore today. I needed to take it easy. I am definitely not going to
be on the treadmill any time soon. I havn't had a high ankle sprain in a long time. its so
depressing my healing powers aren't kicking in anymore/

1-23-2017 Layoff Monday
12 people were let go today. Its so scary, not knowing if you could be next. The scary
thing was. These people were hard working people. Its not because of performance.
Which makes things tough.

I needed to go to the bar today. But it was tough for me to focus. I sprained my ankle
at volleyball. But at least I met some one new. A positive.

1-22-2017 Home
I really enjoyed my Sunday today. The Falcons creamed the Packers. I wanted to goto
the bar and rub it in. But I guess I was the better persona nd stayed home. I needed
to sober up lately.

1-21-2017 Saturday night
I was super busy today. I ran all over the place. I am so busy with life. That is hard to
even take care of my dog. But I make things work like I always do.

1-20-2017 Delayed holiday party
I have been thawing the prime rib all week. So we could have it for this party. It
turned out good. A bit more medium rare then I wanted, but it was good. We had a good
time this year. I felt blessed to be around friends again.

1-19-2017 Catch up
I was busy doing adult things tonight. I had so much to do. Catching up on every thing.
I didn't really talk to Ashley much this weekend. So it was nice for us to catch up

1-18-2017 Work
It was so hard to get back at work after a long vacation. I was happy to be back, but
at the same not. It was hard to stay focused. I forgot about the user conference I
was supposed to be at.

1-17-2017 Day off
I needed the day off to recover. I was glad I didn't have to work tonight. I laid
around all day. Forced Amanda to come out. I was at cowboy jacks for 9 hours. Rough
night thats for sure.

1-16-2017 Leaving
With 3 hours of sleep. I was pretty tired today. But I could barely eat at the buffet
we were at. It was a long day of lay overs. But got home eventually at midnight. This
was a good trip.

1-15-2017 Buffet
We were the 43rd seed against the 7th seed. I decided today I was just gonna take
over. We won and upsetted them. They were in shock. But I went nuts.

Went to the buffet at golden nugget. Lots and lots of drinks tonight. Partied in Vegas
till 6am.

1-14-2017 Round robin
I was still sick, but it was so hard for me to breathe this year. But I had fun, same
usual stuff that happens last year. But I made my impact that I wanted. We didn't
drink till like 8:30pm vegas time. Crazy.

1-13-2017 Vegas
I got up a bit earlier then I wanted too. But Joe drove us to the airport. First night
in Vegas. We threw some money down. But it was pretty nice and low key.

1-12-2017 Thursday
Calm before the storm. Maybe that should have been the title before I goto Vegas. I
am excited. I packed tonight. Gave Maggie a walk through. Since shes house sitting and
watching Zoomie while both me and Ashley are gone in Vegas.

1-11-2017 Sick
I couldn't make it half a day today. With vegas coming. I  don't know if I will heal in
time. But I do have quick healing abilities. I should be ok. No dodgeball. I need to rest
my arm tonight. Rest it is.

1-10-2017 Slow
It was one of those days I just wanted to go home. My voice is getting deeper and I
just want to sleep. I got home and just ate left over turkey. I baked a turkey on
Sunday and I'm doing everything I can to get rid of it. I fell asleep early tonight and
much needed rest.

1-09-2017 Vball/Dball
I was on my way to volleyball. But the other team forfeited. Because their girls didn't
want to drive in the light snow. So I just went to dodgeball to get my reps in for Sin
City. I felt confident catching and throwing the ball.

1-08-2017 Ubering
I had 3 trips for $23 total. I only drove for an hour. But I am learning where to go
and where to pick people up better. I had some short trips. That kinda screwed me.
I've been getting that sick feeling. I hope it goes away before Vegas.

1-07-2017 Happy hour
Sarah and Andy wanted to watch the football game at cowboy jacks. The game was
pretty bad. But I had a good time. i was feeling pretty drunk. I wanted to uber later
at night. But couldn't get the energy to do it.

1-06-2017 Happy
I was in a very good mood today. It was Friday and i just wanted to get stuff done. I
went to happy hour and got a lot of drinks in. i got home and was just done. I needed
sleep and my throat was getting a bit sore.

1-05-2017 Late night
Ashley got home and we decided to go bowling tonight. We played 4 games and I bowled
a 210 for my final game. Usually im just messing around. But I figured I would try the
last game. We went on a McFlurry adventure and 3rd time was the charm.

1-04-2017 Dball
This was my final tune up before sin city next weekend. I wanted to work on my
catching and accuracy. My thumb is still jammed. So I am just trying to make the best
of it.

1-03-2017 Work
It was so hard for me to get up for work today. I was just off my sleep pattern. But I
eventually got up and got going. It was hard to stay focused today. But i was busy
doing two jobs again.

1-02-2017 Lazy day
I ended up at happy hour today. i wasn't in the mood to get much done today. But I
promised I would just be my self this year and not hold it in all the time.

1-01-2017 Family buffet
I wanted to take it easy today. Well because I was really hung over. I didn't move
much at all today. i just laid in bed and the couch. Once I had the energy to get up. It
was sinner time. We went to royal buffet down in Burnsville. It was ok. I heard good
reviews. But it must have been a rough day.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”