1-28-2018 Royal Rumble
I had people over again this year and it was a lot of fun. We had lots of prizes and it
was a good time overall.

1-20-2018 Vike big loss
What a sad game to watch. We lost 38 to 7. Was supposed to be our best team in
recent years only to get blown out.

1-15-2018 Vegas Day3
My body seemed off all weekend. I think it just doesnt want any alcohol anymore. We
went on the ferris wheel at th linq today. Which was really neat.

1-14-2018 Vegas Day2 Dball
Now is the playoffs and I hurt my kneed right off the bat. I skid on the ground and hit
a rough edge on the hard wood floor and I was bleeding non stop. I had to leave the
game and Get it bandaged up.

1-13-2018 Vegas Day1 Dball
We played over 15 games and 29 rounds. I was tired. But we had a fun team and it was
a lot of fun. I had a blast this year. I was so over whelmed by everything.

1-12-2018 Vegas
It was a early morning flight. Zoomie is at Maggies house. So I had nothing to worry
about. I was so tired, but I can't wait for this long weekend to begin. Its nice to be

1-8-2018 Hoggs
I havn't hung out at the Hoggsbreath in for ever. But Missy and Reatta wanted to go
there. I figured I would check out the old place and say hi to friends.

1-6-2018 Hanging
Joe wanted us to hang out with him at his dads memorial lunch. So we met up with him
at Guldens. He basically bought a bunch of food and he wanted us to eat it. I had no
problem doing that.

1-3-2018 DBall
I tried to push my self today. I just got worn down and tired. I just can't keep up
anymore. It was nice to see new faces this week. I saw a kid remind me of  a young me.
I don't sling it like that anymore.

1-1-2018 New Year
I wanted to start off the new year with a bang. Unfortunately I just laid around all
day and did nothing. It was a late night last night and I just needed sleep.