Old Journals

7/31/06 - Day 2 of not eating meat. I ate mac and cheese today for lunch. I was craving red
meat, but I fought it off. Today I got a 7up, a diet coke, and a mountain dew. I been drinking
alot of pop again. I went to go play kickball later that evening. Lunzer's team finally won in the
CSC sports league. I hurt both of my knees, when I went for a dive, but then changed my
mind at the last moment, so I dropped on my knees, scraping both of them. I went home and
worked out. I don't know if this diet will help me lose weight, but I feel kind of healthier. I sent an
email to the former TCF gang. I told them I wanted to have a happy hour outting next week.
Its been so long since I got drunk at happy hour. I remember back in the day, I was drunk on
the bus ride home to the park and ride. Ahh those were the days.

7/30/06 - Another hot day. This heat wave is killing me. Me and Joey went to the mall of
america today. I wanted to walk around in the cooler air. We ended up going to Rosedale and
Northtown, but we never found what we were looking for. I got home later today and I just
rested my back. Its hurting alot lately. I think I need a new bed. I will probably end up getting
my bed from my sisters house one of these days. Today was also my beginning of not eating
any meat. So far, so good. I havn't had any problems yet. I think tomorrow I will struggle a bit.
I hope this week goes pretty well. I just want to get through the summer and save up. I want
to take a nice vacation in September. I feel like I deserve it.

7/29/06 - What a busy day  it was today. I went to go watch Brian's softball game at Mcmurray
park. brian had some time between games, so we went to go eat at House of Wongs. I drank
some more and I ended up going to dodgeball at Kenwood, keep in mind its fricking hot
outside. I think we only played for an hour. The heat was just too much. I was dripping sweat.
It was kind of gross. I went home to clean up and then I made my way to Mike O'leary's. We
were all meeting up there for Jim's bday. We went to the same chinese place for my bday. We
made out way to Gastof's and it was fun drinking out of the boot. Its fun buying and drinking a
liter of beer, or should I say a $10 beer too. Also, I went to go talk to some random girls
tonight, you know boost my self esteem. HAHA. I went to Heidi's house warmng. There was no
Joey, but I got to meet some people. I got home and I talked to Ashley on the phone. Sounds
like shes coming home at the end of the month. Good news. Wow am I exhausted tonight.

7/28/06 - I was excited it was Friday today. A long week, and now its almost the weekend. My
back has been hurting lately. I think its cause I sit too much. So I am going to make sure I
wander around alot today. I helped Danielle move some stuff out of her apartment during
lunch. I don't ever remember eating Little Cesars pizza, it was good though. Tonight, I wanted
to take it easy. Its just too hot outside to do anything. I went to go watch Andy's softball
game. I think they won twice. I went to Halftime Rec with Joey and Heidi. I didn't want to stay
too long, it was their girls night out. I have a big night of drinking tomorrow anyways. I got
home and I went to bed

7/27/06 - Today was Thursday. I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. I had more
meat today for lunch. It was so good. I don't think I can ever give it up. I actually thought I
could last on Survivor. Alot of stuff happened today. Nothing big, just minor details. I talked to
Susan for the first time in a long time today. Looks like were going to see each other next week
sometime. I drove to Ikea today, I was a bit bored, and I like looking at there 3rd rate furniture
and products. They try to be trendy, but its really tacky and ugly. You get what you pay for
people. Ok, enough BS!!! I went there because I am a broke joke. I was looking for a desk for
my dad. Didn't find anything I liked ofcourse. I went into the area where they had pillows, and
they had one of those ergonomic pillows for very cheap. I was going to get it for my self or
someone I know who can't sleep at night. But while I was holding both pillows in the check out
line. I realized my wallet was in my car. I put everything back and walked to my car. Since I was
at my car, I looked at Ikea, then looked back at my car. I decided to just go home, and I was
too lazy to walk back in. Thats my story o the day. DONE!!!! Moral of the story is, I saved a few
bucks tonight.

7/26/06 - Ok, I am updating todays journal a little drunk. It is Wednesday night, late at night.
So today was kind of slow, but for some reason I feel busy at work. Go figure. I had Mcdonalds
today for lunch. I loved eating meat, and I don't think being a vegetarian for a week will be easy
at all. Basically I inhaled a big mac fries and a double cheeseburger and I was still hungry. I got
home today and I went to Best Buy with my dad. He needed a new printer, so I went with him
so he wouldn't spend so much money. We ended up getting him one of those all in one
printers, fax/scanner/printer/copier. Brought it home and the thing was scratched up. While he
went to go exchange it. I went to go play poker at the VFW. I was one hand away from the
final table. Andy took me out, he took Chris out too. I was doing great tonight, but I just
sucked at the end. It was a good night for the Esnaola family. Lindsey won the side table and
Marco got first place in the regular tourney(even though he chopped with Steve). I had alot to
drink tonight. I think I am going to go to sleep now. Entertaining night!!!!

7/25/06 - Got up pretty early this morning. I went to Tires Plus and told the guy I needed an oil
change. Jokingly he says "don't you want to buy a new tire". I replied, "Yeah, I need a new tire
cause my car shakes after going over 60 miles per hour. Damn those sales people. Always
working me over. I found out I had 2 bad tired so I had to buy 2 new tires. Fuckers!!! Today
was Ceil's birthday at work. We had a plan to basically put "post-it" notes all over her car. Ok
we put it all over her office too. Quite entertaining. I got home today and I was trying to go
take a nap. My dad was bugging me about this old scanner, and I was too lazy to figure it out.
So I told him I would go with him to Best buy tomorrow to buy a new scanner, but then he
wanted a all in one printer. Geez, he can send some money my way. I watched the contender
on t.v. Makes me want to start a boxing career, ok but I can atleast dream right.

7/24/06 - Since I am on the craze of eating breakfast lately. I went to Mcdonalds for breakfast.
Also got Joey breakfast also. Today was a nice day. I got a few things done with out Scott
walking around all stressed out. Pam Left too so I had to be more busy. I had lunch at a place
called Nelsons. It was pretty good, cheap sandwiches that were good, can't complain. We had
plans on doing stuff for Ceil's bday tomorrow. Should be a fun time. I got home and was pretty
tired. Me and my dad had some small bonding time, we basically talked for a minute. He looked
at me, like I was suppose to buy him beer. I guess its my fault my sister doesn't come home at
night or very late I should say. Tonight, I went over to Joey's. With the whole stalker thing
going around, someone has to protect her. So I have decided next week, I start my one week
of being a vegetarian. That should be interesting.

7/23/06 - I was suppose to pick up my dad at 8:22am this morning. While I was on my drive
there he calls me and tells me his flight got delayed. I drove to Burger king and has some
breakfast. I figured I would stay up. I ended up going to watch a movie. I wanted to see My
super ex girlfriend. So I went, but then 10 minutes in, my dad calls me and tells me his flight is 3
hours early. I was pretty pissed, he should have called me before his flight took off. I got home
and I ended  up just relaxing at home. lately, I been feeling kind of old. I just don't want to stay
out too late anymore, and I am getting tired of people really easilly. Just rude people pisses me
off. I have been studying everyones moods and body language lately. Some people are just
sad. I think I am going to bed early tonight. I guess maybe I can still be an old man. Lately, I
been wanting to go meet new people. Just want to stay busy and not relax too much.

7/22/06 - I slept in a bit this morning missed half of the kickball game this morning. It was the
big city tourney. All I remember was going to the liquor store at 11am. I felt like a alcoholic, they
ended up winning against a few teams and advancing to the semi finals. They lost in extra
innings. What a heart break it was too. I wish  my foot wasn't hurting, I wanted to play. We
went to the Sportspage afterwards for a few drinks. It was so hot outside alot of dehydration
going on. I got home and took a nice little nap. Jamie called and waned me to goto Ramsey
tonight to meet this Jamie guy she is seeing. I told her I would. I drove out to Diamonds. Gina
and Missy were there too. Well Jamie(Jamies new boyfriend) seemed pretty nice. He reminds
me of Danielle's boyfriend Chad. Except a little taller. I thought he was friendly and had a good
sense of humor. I texted message Jackie, I tried to get her to come out. She was stuck bowling
in Anoke. Lately, I miss her for some odd reason.

7/21/06 - Today seemed to go by pretty slow. I was getting off early today, so me and Joey
could goto the Kanabec County Fair. I didn't know what to expect since this was Mora. The fair
was a good time, alot smaller then I expected, but those cheese curds and pork chops were
damn good. Plus, I got to see Hailee and Kira. Hailee remembers me, but Kira seems to no too
haha. Motocross was cool, It was everything Sara Fish used to tell me back in the tcf days. I
think I could dominate if I had time to ride a bike. It doesn't seem to look that hard. I didn't eat
too much today. I guess I been on a light diet lately. I was in my driveway when Andy called. He
wanted me to goto the Chalet. So I went. Fred, Kelly, Lawrence and Ben were there. I got to
meet one of Ben's friends, they seemed pretty nice. There was some karoake action going on
there tonight.

7/20/06 - So I been trying to beat this spyware that is on my computer, but I have been failing.
These pop ups wont go away. For once I might have failed. I may have to re install my OS. Ok I
will try to fix it some more, but we shall see. I have  been eating alot of chicken lately. For lunc h
me and Danielle went to Cub Foods. I always get the crispy chicken meal in the hot food deli
area. After work I went to go play tennis with Joey. I know I was in crutches on Monday, but
you know how I am. I think I am unbreakable. I played through some pain, but I am hurting
again. I think I will just ice it tonight. I basically did some laundry tonight. I wanted to take it
easy for once. Hopefully I will be able to do that. Tomorrow is pay day I am a bit excited about

7/19/06 - I woke up today and I did not want to get out of bed at all. If I could I would sleep
the rest of the day. At work today, alot of little things were going on. There was talks about
auctions, moving this weekend, free food(more quiche). Well I am sure Scott misses having his
name in my journal. SO I will go ahead and mention his name now. We had some bonding time
later this afternoon. We don't get to do that much anymore. Since hes so gung ho about work
lately. I went to the DR today. I had a tetanus shot, which wasn't painful at all. Looks like I will
live, so thats good. I am suppose to get a physical next week sometime. Make sure I am ready
for the NFL next year, ok obviously joking. Also, a quick side note. While I was filling out my
records, there was a question about how many drinks I drink during week. I wrote over ten.
The Dr looked at me all funny and said thats alot. It made me laugh. I went to go play poker
tonight. I lost twice actually, I was very bad tonight. Chris did well he made it to the final table.

7/18/06 - Today I had a hard time getting out of bed. Those pain killers make me sleep so well.
Ugh!! I went without the crutches today. They were pissing me off. Today, Dan, from one of
our other kickball team wants me to play on Thursdays for his team called "Nagma". Don't ask
why its called that. The main thing that got my attention was, that it would be out in
Bloomington. I can find new fresh teams to compete against. Also, maybe I can find a
Bloomington honey out there. Haha. I went over to Jason's after work. Just to catch up on
things and just hang out for a bit. His music is going very well. We will collaborate someday. I
got home and I was very tired. Lately I been losing weight again very fast. Also, today is the 3rd
day straight I am alcohol free. Surprising, I Know!!! Tomorrow I will be going to the DR, I don't
normally go, but I think I need to this time. Since my body feels like a car wreck.

7/17/06 - Today would have been me and Evelyn's 7 year anniversary if we would have stayed
together. We talked a little online today, some nice back in the day talk. It kind of cheered me
up actually. I barely left my seat today. With my foot being all messed up. I was on crutches,
but I think I am going to ditch them tomorrow. They are pissing me off. I went to go watch a
movie with Ashley tonight. We went to go watch Pirates of the Carribean. It was kind of funny
since there are two theaters in oakdale. I went to one of them and Ashley went to the other.
Funny, I guess you have to live in the area to understand what the heck I am talking about.
We got it all straightened out and we finally got to watch it. I wont be going to the dr, I feel its
healing quickly. I think tonight, I am going to sleep like a baby, more pain killers. Oh yeah!!!!

7/16/06 - My left foot is killing me today especially. I can barely walk on it, its getting so swollen
now I can't walk with out crutches. Today I went to go watch a cheap movie at Roseville 4. Alot
of weird things happened. First the lady behind me drops her water bottle and slides down a few
rows. Then there was a guy with his own flashlight so he could make sure he doesnt sit in
something gross. Then these two amazing loud and stupid woman were talking the whole time.
Then the movie cuts and the lights goes on. Then the movie is playing again and it happens
again. Well, you sure get what you pay for a t a $2 movie. Afterwards I went to go out to eat
for my nephew/sisters bday. The food was small portioned and it was expensive, I was not
happy. I will have to goto the DR two times this week for 2 separate things. CRAZY!!

7/15/06 - I woke up early so I could go drive down to Welch MN, for Mary and Sarah's bday
camping thing. We went tubing down the river. It was about 5 hours long. I like tubing, I like
the loud groups I like the peace and relaxation too. I just love tubing, haha. It was alot better
then the last time I went tubing, that was a pretty good river to go down. I got pretty dark. For
some reason my foot was hurting alot, and I think I might have hurt it last night, I am hobbling
pretty bad. Then when we tried to get off I couldn't use my left foot to stop, I forced it down
and I hurt it more. We stopped at the campsite and I was unable to continue. I drove back and
cleaned up and went to Jason's party. I forgot how much me and Jason used to hang out. I
am glad I showed up, it made him happy. Plus I was so tired and drinking during the day, and
alcohol I consumed I was just getting drunker. Overall a good day. Tired, but a entertaining day.

7/14/06 - TGIF, thats all I have to say about that. It was pretty busy today. Alot of stuff to do
at work. I think starting next week I am going to start my drinking less and eating less meat
diet. I have been very sensitive lately and I just want to try something different. After wrk I
went home and cleaned up. M and Chris went to go meet up at the VFW we had a couple
pitchers. Finally it was time to goto The Wild Onion for Ashleys thing. It was good times, since I
remember Nicole and Elisha from last time. I think I danced so much I was actually pretty tired. I
was getting pretty sick though. Let me say this now, mixing drinks really makes you sick, and
fast too. I hwish I had my camera cause I had a good time hanging out with those girls. I miss it
actually, since I don't seem to goto the fancy places anymore. I am so used to go into hole in
the wall places now. I ended up puking that night. Thats two Fridays in a row.

7/13/06 - Today was Thursday, which means Ashley comes home. I have been very tired the
past few days. I think my old age is catching up to me. Patti from TCF gave me a call today.
We got to catch up on a few different things. It was very nice she called. After work today. Me
and Joey and her friend Heidi went to Fridays for some happy hour drinks. I was wasting time till
Scott and Ray(the HP guy) gave me a call to go out for dinner. We went to go eat at Morton's.
Which is a pretty good steak place. I liked it alot actually. We went to a few different places after
that, but I wasn't really feeling it. I was on a short budget and I think I went over it. We went to
a few strip clubs but nothing special. I don't care for it like I used too anymore. I actually felt
really bad tonight. I had plans with Ashley but I had to break them, cause I was stuck being out.

7/12/06 - It was a nice relaxing day today. All though it was a little too hot outside for me. I
talked to Mary on the phone today I feel bad she lost her job. Hopefully things will get better for
her. Something interesting happened to me today. I got a weird voicemail about calling on an
urgent matter and its not a collections call or anything like that on my house phone. I didn't call
back. I was a little afraid too. I went to go play poker today at the VFW. I got eliminated pretty
early. Then in the consolation table. I lost quick again. I guess it was just not my night. So much
for being aggressive. It totally didn't work for me at all. Tonight I talked to Joey for awhile on
the phone. I forgot how much I like talking on my cell phone for a long period of time. I just
don't seem to do that anymore.

7/11/06 - I find my self pondering off alot lately. I just got alot of little things on my mind. I
been thinking about a vacation. I think its coming in August, but I don't know when. The more I
think about it, the more I realize summer is half over already. I had lunch with Mario today, now
that hes full time I can have lunch with him and Danielle. Ashley will be coming home on
Thursday I can't wait too see her again. I missed her lots. I have been thinking about what to
do about Zero Gravity. Right now, things aren't looking good. Not because of players, but
because of time and funds. I think I might have to fold it, right now I would fold it. I helped my
dad clean the back yard today. All the extra branches and logs were all cleaned out. Alot of
chainsaw action, I had wood dust all over me. I was pretty tired. I guess I been spending quality
time with the pops. I guess, I am making up for loss time. Tomorrow will be a good day, I still
can't decide to goto poker or dodgeball. Most likely I am leaning towards poker.

7/10/06 - Lots of stuff to talk about today, I'll keep it short. My knee has been bugging me alot
lately. Also, my back, my neck and my headaches and my hamstrings. Ok I feel like a car wreck.
Today Scott challenged me to not drink for a month. I laughed!!! It would be very hard for me
to do that this week especially. I will try it but not until another few weeks. Me and my dad had
some bonding time. We had alot of big branches and stuff to cut up in our backyard. He used
the chainsaw and hacked the tree's, we don't talk much. Just respect I guess. Went to play
kickball for Lunzer's CSC kickball team. We had no girls, so we forfeited but we still beat the
other team in the exhibition game. Tonight, I got an email from Heather in Arizona, I am glad we
are able to talk again. Glad shes doing well, and she has finally found someone she likes. Seems
like everyones got a stalker on them. Joey's got a stalker, some dude who wont go away and
Jamie's got a stalker too, some chick who is still in love with her man I guess. Today was an
overall good day.

7/09/06 - I went to the mall to get some sandals. I finally bought my nike pair of sandals that I
keep trying on. The only issue was, There was a black and red sandal, and there was also a
black and blue. I honestly sat here for like 10 minutes, just thinking which ones I should buy. I
almost walked away with both pairs. I decided to go with blue. Sometimes I feel like a girl
hahaha. Me, Andy and Jenni went to uptown to get something to eat. We ate at figlio's. I had a
big burger. I didn't finish it, I was two bites away. My streak of never letting a burger beat me is
over. We walked around Lake Calhoun. I never really had a chance to do that on a weekend
before. Alot of people watching. I got home and just watched t.v. I was still tired from the
weekend. I stopped drinking today. So that streak ended too.

7/08/06 - Lynn, called to wake me up. Its about 7:30am. We made our way towards
Rosemount. I was dragging so bad. Today was the big Shaningans kickball tournament. It s a
double elimination tournament. We basically won all of our games. All close games. But we had
way too many veteran players and skilled players. By the time we got done it was 5pm. We
won a $100 bar tap at the Shaningans bar. I made my way to Burnsville, since it was my
sisters/nephew Kobe's birthday. I made my way home. I was a bit tired from the long hot day in
the sun. I stayed home and just relaxed.

7/07/06 - I got paid today. Finally, no more stupid credit card company harrassing me. My final
big payment of $400. I feel so free. Today I was kind of lagging a bit. It was very quiet and
slow. Lately I been thinking about my job. Around this time last year I was still at TCf and I
remember how much I had troubles getting to work for it. I don't seem to have much of a
problem at TIES. Tonight, I went out with Danielle and Chad. We went to the Well by
Northtown. Then we went to Billiards street then made our way to MOntes and then Roberts. I
guess the band was called High Noon. I actually drank so much I ended up puking when I got
home. I was puking. I made my way to bed, its about 2:30am right now. I knew I had to get
up very early tomorrow.

7/06/06 - When my alarm went off this morning. I hit snooze. Not because I needed more
sleep. Only because, I was actually getting good sleep. Make sense? I didn't think so. Scott told
me today that he thinks I should goto AA meetings. I don't think I have a drinking problem.
Well I guess I have drank alcohol of some sort 7 straight days in a row now. Heck, I even have
a beer next to me right now as I am updating my journal tonight. My dad finally got around to
sheet rocking the lower level of our house. I am so glad. The holes in my walls kind of suck due
to the flood a few months back. I went with Joey to get some Dairy Queen. For some reason I
have been really craving it alot lately. I can't seem to figure out why. Yummy ice cream.
Tomorrows Friday and I just can't wait for the weekend. Summer is going according to plan.
Also big news, tomorrow will be my last installment of having $400 bucks taken out of my
paycheck for the past 7 months. I will be rich again.. hahahaa...

7/05/06 - Today me and Joey decided to not be angry at eachother. Hopefully, things are back
to normal. What ever that was before. Me and Scott had lunch at Subway today, thats the first
time we ate lunch in a very very long time. After work I went home and I just did some laundry.
I made my way to the VFW to play some poker. I did ok, but I was knocked out. It was kind of
early and I decided to just go home. Since I had a few drinks in me. We had bonding time at
the Cu household. My brother and my sister was over and we all bonded with my dad. I guess,
lately I want to be around my dad more. I need to give back more to him. He has paid alot of
bills for the house and everything else for us. I think its time to give back. My headache is still
lingering lately. I think I need to goto the Dr soon. But I am not sure when, maybe I will call next
week and set up an appointment.

7/04/06 - So today I woke up and just had another bad headache. This is for straight days of
headaches. I don't know whats wrong with me. Oh yeah, Happy 4th of July by the way. I was
in charge of setting up the grill. We had lots of meat. While I was getting the grill going When I
was igniting it, I blew up in my face, and singed some of my hair off. Got my left eye, and
eyebrow and the left part of my hair. It scared the living fuck out of me. Good thing its not
noticeable. I went to Fridays to get a quick happy hour drink in me. Tonight, I wasn't in the
mood to go out and watch fireworks, since I saw them last night at the Taste. Theres going to
be alot of change in the next few days. Alot of personnel like changes.

7/03/06 - Packed up and tried to get out of Wisconsin, but got a little lost. Finally made it back
home and I was just happy to jump in the shower. Since there was no showers at Amnikon. I
think I was in the shower for like 30 minutes. After cleaning up picked up Jessica and Jeremy
and went to the Taste of MN. I saw Evonne and her bro Steve. Click on her name to see a
picture of me and her last year at Brian and Lisa's wedding. Its been awhile since I have seen
both of them. Everyone knew Evonne was one of my big crushes. Ahh, what could have been.
Went to go see Soul Asylum, they played alot of their songs. Had some decent food, and didn't
pay too much, which is a good thing.

7/02/06 - We knew this girl named Katie, she was basically friends with Jamie. Any who, made
our way to Gordon, MN. Trust me I never heard of it either. She was playing in a mud volleyball
tournament. Basically, they were a guy short. So I had to play. It was a double elimination
tournament. We sucked pretty bad. My shirt was completely muddy and I was muddy to from
diving. It was about  a foot deep of mud. Afterwards we went tubing down some river. It was
about 2 hours long. My headache came back and it was hurting again. Made our way back to
the campsite, it was a nice time, but it was quieter then last night.

7/01/06 - Went to go check out Amnikon falls today. I think I somehow got lost, but I found
my way. It was a nice little waterfall. Today I drank and drank, I think I mixed and ended up
passing out around 6pm. I had such a bad headache, I couldn't bare it anymore. I woke up
later that night, and I guess some peeps from another camp site stopped on over. I made my
way back out of the tent, but I think it was like 3am in the morning. My headache was gone
and I had a couple beers. Nice quiet day, I loved it.
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Daily Journal