Old Journal

7-31-07 My vehicle has been nice to me lately. I think its time for me to put some cool things in
the car. First, I always wanted to get a new cd deck, since the current one doesn't play mixed
cd's. Which is quite annoying. I have $100 worth of best buy gift cards. With the extra money
I am getting this Friday, some of it might go towards the car stereo. Or is it the new bottle of
cologne I have been wanting to get. Or should I be responsible and put it to bills. Decisions,
decisions. I went to Roseville 4 to watch a cheap movie tonight. I mixed a few summer movies
and I wanted to catch up. So I went to go watch The Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer. It
was alright, nothing overly special. I went to the park and watched a few softball games. Still
preparing my self for next year I guess haha. I looked over at the basketball court, I just know I
can't hang with the other ballers anymore. I feel slow and my stamina isn't what it used to be.
Once I get into better shape I will have to get back on the court. I did some jump roping today,
my knee isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would be anymore. With the heavy sports
this fall, I should hold up, hopefully. I never got to run any marathons this year. Maybe I can
train for it this winter and do it next year.

7-30-07 Weirdest thing happened today, I was driving to work, and this lady infront of me is
freaking out that I was too close to her car. She pulled over and once I past her she got behind
me. I eventually looked over at her and wondered what was going on in her head. it was weird,
I was so far back. She must be imagining things, or has drug issues. So anyways, about 4 years
ago I had my car broken into and my cd's were stolen. 4 years later. I now have a cd case full
of cd's again. I was sad to lose them back in the day, but I have re-created the originals, thanks
to cheapo.. The latest and greatest of tony music, which everyone I know hates haha. I have
had alot on my mind as of late. Luckilly, today was a fantastic day. I am focused on work again,
and I have been busy with alot of different things. Its always fun to meet new people. I went
home after work today and did some cooking. I really think, if I could go back to after high
school graduation. I would goto college for cooking. It relaxes me, I guess this is my way of
baking cookies for stress. Today, I made some stuffed chicken. I ran around the block today for
some exercise. My knees were killing me, but I made it through. When things get rough lately, I
just listen to my music, it always relaxes me. Especially christian music for some reason. I found
out today, that theres a chance I could goto a salsa bar. I was quite excited about it. I have
never done anything like that. I guess last week I did polka dance. So how hard could it be. Its
amazing how much things change when your not around. People change. I change. Life is
great right now. I love the weather and I just love the summer heat. Even though i still bitch
about it. I am tired of being fake lately. Time to be selfish, thats how I used to be tony first and
nobody else. Well, ofcourse I will always go out of my way for my friends. I let my self be taken
advantage for 4 years now. It was my personal punishment, i was trying to fix everything.
Right now, I have nothing to fix. I no longer have that jealousy that Evelyn used to hate me
for. I no longer have the anger that controlled me. I got my smile back. I blame nobody for
anything anymore, clean slate for all, but if you piss me off and I will fucking kill you. Oh and  I
got a nice raise. I am just happy go lucky right now. I am trying to get back to the friends I
care about. So i have been emailing and trying to hang out with the ones I care about most. I
have been in hiding for too long. I remember who I was before. I am Fuckin Tony Cu, and I am
still the greatest ever. Nobody can knock me down a peg anymore. I am stronger then ever. I
guess, "What you see is what you get" from  now on. Wow, I havn't wrote this much in a long

7-29-07 It was more of a low key day for me. I was just tired from the weekend. I did some
laundry and went to TIES. I made my self porkchops, using the TIES grills outside. They worked
very nicely actually. I wanted to catch up on a few things, since I am behind for once. I got a
chance to talk to a few people today to catch up on things. I have been sore all day. Too much
working out, but eating like a pig. Doesn't sound like a good combo does it? I went to the
Legion to play cards for the first time in a long time. So much for my return, I was the first
person out. I didn't play well. I lost all interest when I got stuck in a hand and I hand top pair,
and the worst kicker ever. I just decided to throw it in. I went to my brothers house to play
with my nephew and to get food before volleyball. I was treated to the best steak ever. My
nephew kept running in circles, it was quite cute. We won at volleyball 2 to 1. I was going to get
upset if we lost that 3rd game. This is  a team we should have swept. I played terrible, ofcourse
it was dark out and the lights always seem to ruin my vision. No late night drinking tonight.
Drinking has been 2nd priority as of late. Another work week starts tomorrow, a new beginning.

7-28-07 Woke up early, since me, mario and Danielle were decorating Ceil's office for her
birthday prank. I was so tired, I don't know how I ended up being the first one there. We went
to brunch afterwards. I got back home and I was playing counter strike on my computer. Now
that I have a computer able to play again, I missed shooting things on there. I lifted some
weights, but I hurt my arm so I had to go to a lighter work out. I went over to Danielle's and
played on her nintendo Wii. It was fun, I been wanting to get one for ever. I was surprised she
was able to get one at target. We went over to Broadway pizza, and had a pizza, well me and
Christine had a pizza. Danielle had a salad. I was sober cab tonight, but sober cab for most
people is one drink. I on the other hand, had more then that ofcourse. I am the best drunk
driver around. I know, thats nothing to brag about. We stopped at the refuge first for $2
drinks/shots. Wow them girls drink shots after shots after shots. I don't think I can even handle
that in my hay day. Then it was the Lodge bar, were they were having there spike tv captain
morgan thing. Went to Perkins afterwards, I was starving... It was a fun girls night out.. Haha

7-27-07 Today is one of those days I wish I could just go home right away. Mario was nice
enough to pay for lunch today,w ell he owed me and Danielle a lunch, since we made a side bet
at cantebury and he lost. So we went to Pizza hut. I was supposed to have the day off, but
thats ok. I was looking forward to tonight. The plan is to just take it easy. I have been very tired
lately. Not sure why. The Simpsons's movie comes out today and I really want to go see it. I
went home to make some steak today. I tried to marinate it, it worked out alright. Tonight, was
Jim's bday outting. He is turned 29 yesterday. We went to Gastofs and it was the typical night
there. Big german beers, with a boot. damn them boots, they always get me drunk. Mario and
Danielle came also. It was lots of fun tonight, but I was just so tired, and I was trying to save
money too. Ofcourse I always suck at doing that. My face was feeling kinda numb afterwards.
As long as I get home safely thats all that matters. I went right to bed, gotta get up bright and
early tomorrow.

7-26-07 I was in a good mood today, so I went to the local St Paul bagelry and bought a
bunch of bagels and cream cheese. Everybody needs breakfast to get through the day. So
why not today. Today i didn't get the typical lunch. So we made an adventurous drive to
Sam's club. I am glad I am getting some use out of it. I love how every time I walk by the big
thing of cheesy puffs. I swear, one of these days I will just buy it for the hell of it. I spent some
time looking back today. i havn't done that in a long time. It brought a smile to my face. I have
been pushing real hard lately, I got alot of weird stuff on my mind. It feels like I have a stalker,
but hey atleast I am getting attention right. Its more attention then I have gotten out of any
girl recently. Hahaha. Fun inside joke once again. I don't think I will end up going tubing down
the apple river with the guys tomorrow night. Well it is jim's bday outting tomorrow night. I
love going to Gastof's. Atleast there beers are strong enough to give me a nice buzz. So I
should be there beyond 9pm

7-25-07 this was probably one of the most odd and overly exhausting days I have ever had.
For lunch today we went to La Casita for Ceil's bday lunch. I was so full, I really pigged out. It
was nice to just have everyone go out for lunch, everyone is nice. I am nto to much of a fan of
mexican food, but it was alright. I went to cub foods today, I needed something satisfying for
dinner. So I bought some steaks. I just wanted something real juicy. Afterwards, I ended up
going to CR's to watch pool. I was curious to see how Chad would do, but he didn't have an
opponent to play. I guess I kinda learned alot from league style. Definitely alot different than
regular bar pool hahaha. I got home looking for my steaks, they mysteriously dissappeared, it
kinda creeped me out. It was like a had a stalker or something(inside joke). I took a day off from
working out. My body really needed the rest. My arms and chest are hurting alot. Todays food,
did not help at all.

7-24-07 I have been in great spirits as of late. I love summer time, and summer time loves me. I
have been staying pretty light lately, with less alcohol consumption. Today was a healthy day,
well kind of. I went to Wendys, I love there spicy chicken sammy. I got home today and I
realized I was bored out of my mind. Instead of going to a movie. I went to cheapo to buy
some cd's. I was checking out the local section, since I know a few band people, and figured I
would support them. Ofcourse I grab my tony like music, that everyone hates so much. I went
to The corner bar. Heather was working, she seems super happy still. I am telling ya, a baby
changes everything. I got home, I knew it was going to be a sleep like a baby type of nights. I
hope so, I have been having troubles sleeping lately. My mind wanders off and I try to watch
tv, but it just doesn't help as much as it used too. My tummy is slightly shrinking, maybe I will
get that 6 pack I had in high school. I just need to eat healthier.

7-23-07 So I was looking at the calendar date and I realized it was almost August. Summer has
gone by very quickly. I had an extra  boost in my step today at work. I had lots of energy for
some reason. Maybe its all them steroids I have been taking lately. Just kidding, I am not on
steroids, but all this working out has given me some energy of sorts. I went out to happy hour
today. Well it wasn't exactly happy hour since, Ruby Tuesdays don't have their 2 for 1's
anymore. They actually jacked the price up. It was ridiculous, 15 bucks for 2 drinks.
Unbelievable for happy hour pricing. I got home and I was just looking for food all over the
house. I get in a creative mood and decide to cook something I have never done before. I was
making stuffed walleye. It worked out pretty good. I was quite proud of my self. I just didn't
want to screw it up. I got some pretty funny text messages last night, it makes you wonder
how crazy some people can be. I have seen alot of crazy things in my day unfortunately.

7-22-07 Coming home, good thing we left early. I cleaned up and went to Cantebury with
Danielle and Chad. The main reason we were there was to watch ostrich racing. we bet on
horses. I finally won. It was spam day, so we got spam t-shirts, and I had a spam burger.
Yummy... We went to Mystic lake and I lost some money there. I was playing my favorite video
poker machine. I only lost 20 bucks, but I was also up. This is why I don't goto casinos much. I
just never win, or should I say I can't walk away. I went to the vfw to get a few drinks. I had
some time to waste before I play volleyball tonight. i wasn't in a poker mood so I just skipped
the Legion. I went to POV's and it was a reunion of sorts. jamie came and played for us, since
we were short. Chris came to watch and cheer us on. It was a great moment for me. I don't
get to see them much anymore. I was driving home and I realized I used to go bowling every
sunday night. I was a bit upset, about the conversation I had today. I don't know why
everyone thinks I am the bad guy. For some reason, they just don't see things on my
perspective. Maybe they will see someday. I have said a billion times. I have no hard feelings
towards anyone and to just let it be. Its already hard enough on me. Just let me be.

7-21-07 I woke up this morning, with a bit of a hang over. I went to work to get some things
done, I talked to Russ and we drove about 2 hours to go camping at Sauk centre. It was a nice
lake lot, basically a big camp ground just for us. due to my friends playing alot of lawn games. I
dominated the competition. Me and rRuss went through a bottle of some type of jamaican rum
and their was also 2 kegs there. We had it all this weekend, nice weather, great grilling
food(seasoned pork chops), fireworks, pontoon boats, bonfire, keg stands, people falling over,
it was just great. I finally got to sit by the fire and stare at the stars all night. That is my favorite
thing to do. UI had no drama to deal with at all. I loved every moment of it. It was a party for
basically 2 birthdays, a going away for a few different people. So there was a few different cakes
there. I forgot my airbed, so I slept on the hard ground, my cheap sleeping bag didn't even
have a chance.    

7-20-07 It was a bit chilly this morning, but it got alot nicer after that. My weight loss has gone
quite well, I havn't gained any of it back, yet... for lunch today we went to Whiteys in the st
anthony area. It was pretty good, not as good as it was last time. The pulled pork tasted funny.
maybe cause it had alcohol in it. Who knows. work went by nice today, I got a special phone
call and that totally made me smile all day. After work I went home, feeling fancy today I had
crab legs for dinner. I picked Jenni up and we went to go watch Andy's softball game. They
made it to the finals only to lose by points when the lights went out. Two years in a row, thats
kinda sad. Getting robbed twice. I went to Bullwinkles in 7 corners. After that, they decided to
goto NE minneapolis and have some greenies at Jaros. After a couple shots I was feeling it.
maybe I am just weak from not drinking as much anymore. I guess you can call me a light
weight these days. Thats ok, this was one of the better chippy days I have had in awhile. I
made it home and I just past out, I knew It was going to be a busy day tomorrow.

7-19-07 With the weather the way it is, I need to get back on the basketball court. I am just
feeling kinda lazy, I am beat down mentally and physically again lately. Today felt more like a
wide opening eye popper like day. I guess things just became clear to me. Work was sorta busy
for me today. It shouldn't have been, but it just was. I was looking at my desk and I realized
how messy it was, but I was so lazy I didn't even feel like cleaning it. I went to Danielle's for
another bbq, well it was more of a potluck type of deal this time. It was nice to go somewhere
and have some fun, bonfire lawn games, what more do you want. I got home that night and I
was just doing more pushups and lifting weights. I have some anger towards some people right
now. Its ok, its helping me get into better shape. I have done so many pushups my fingers are
blistering. I guess I have been doing it on over kill lately. Each pushup  was for every time I got
screwed when I was weak, and for everyone who never told me anything, cause they were
afraid too. This weekend, is pretty exciting for me, I get a chance to get out of town, well 2
hours away doesn't really count as leaving town, but atleast the cities. I am a better person
then I was 4 years ago. Therefor I will do things my way.

7-18-07 My new favorite thing to do, besides eat alot. I have been listening to UK music lately.
Basically its the same thing here in the states, but they got cooler remixes and stuff. I have
been doing a good job losing weight. I have been focusing my anger towards lifting weights and
getting into shape. Which, I never even thought about before. Looks like this weekend should
be action packed. No matter what I decide to do. I went to the vfw for happy hour and I got a
great buzz. Mike and heidi, dropped off the cheddarwurst for me and I was so excited to use
them for grilling tomorrow. They are so yummy. I am almost obsessed with them. I didn't play
cards tonight, I felt I needed to get along of things done at home and prepare my self for
camping or packing for going up north or what ever the case may be. Heck, there was a
chance we could be going to Cantebury to watch ostrich races. I was tired, I fell asleep early. It
feels good to get that type of relaxation. I needed it, for what I have been through this whole
week. This time I wont break.

7-17-07 Today, my back and shoulders were really sore when I woke up. I literally just crawled
out of bed. At work, we went to the farmers market down the road. I found a little meat place
and bought some cheese curds. I like squeeky cheese curds. Especially since they were cajun
style. I sent Ashley a package on its way to NY, it should make her happy. I really wanted to
keep our softball dreams alive, but I realized it was just time to let it go and cancel it for Zero
Gravity. I wanted to slow down in my sports anyways. I will already have 2 of my nights
booked for athletics. Once I got home today I did some minor workouts, I went to the mall of
america to do some shopping. I got home and watched the twins game. I have been alcohol
free for 2 days now. It feels nice being a bit lighter these days. I guess thats what happens
when you put alot of work into it. Driving home from the airport, I passed the place where I
asked evelyn out. I didn't even stop there, I was quite proud of my self. Today would have
been our 8 year anniversary. It was just time to let go.

7-16-07 I got up early today. Today, I had soup for lunch. Nothing special really, just Healthys
Choice. I got home and just lifted weights the whole night. My nephews came over for a bit and
it was nice to see them. I went to walgreens to get some pictures printed. I was testing their
online system just to see how it turns out. It worked out pretty nice and it was fairly cheap. I
got home and lifted some more weights. I figured I was in my healthy kick, I might as well do it
till I was tired. I thought it was funny there was a bar with a $2 cover. Bunkers was the place,
seriously pretty lame idea, who makes money out of two dollars. I guess what ever works.
Tomorrow, is going to be another big day, another obstacle. This time I kept it quiet, and kept
my cheerful mood. Tomorrow would be me and evelyns 8 year anniversary. I will feel a bit
sentimental. I guess I would have just wondered, what could have been.

7-15-07 I woke up today and did some errands. i was trying to figure out Walgreens online
picture processing. It was the dumbest thing I ever had to deal with. I went to my nephews
bday party at lake nakomis. Played some basketball and played volleyball. I was so banged up.
My knee has been hurting since Saturday. My oldest nephew Devon is getting big. Kids , they
grow so fast. I went to POV's and we won 2 out of the 3 games. We should have won all 3. We
were by far the superior team. I only had to dive once, my knee didn't allow me to move much.
I was so tired by the end of the day. I ended up going to Jimmys later that night. I got a few
drinks, they hit me pretty hard. Well thats the good part about 2 for 1's. I remember when I
used to go there alot back in the day. Just reminiscing again. thats what Tony cu does best.

7-14-07 I got up today at like 8am. I got ready and picked up Andy and we drove down to
Bloomington for the kickball tournament. I was playing for the Puff N stuff again. We lost in the
first round. We were winning and it slipped away, it just bought back memories again. I whored
up, and played for the Unmentionables. They needed someone so they picked me for some
reason, we beat one of the teams but lost to the steamers. It was a closes game. It was nice
out, but the sun was beating down on us, drinking as early as 10am takes its toll on you when
your out in the sun. I went to go watch Harry potter with andy at rosedale. that movie could
have been better, I guess maybe they rushed it out, but it wasn't the same. I got home and
just relaxed again. I didn't want to get to the bar. I did make a trip out a 24/7 walmart and got
some food for next week. I am eating healthy and getting into shape.  

7-13-07 Friday the 13th. Not sure why its such a scary day, is their a full moon or is it just bad
luck. Whatever the case. It was a very significant day for me. I woke up early today and I just
couldn't sleep from there. For lunch I had Mary goto lunch with Mary at Olive Garden. It was
nice, the food wasn't good to me at all though. The main point, I guess it was nice to have
some type of closure. I went to the vfw to wish all the golfers goodbye and to have a fun trip.  
Joe and Mary convinced me to got the Ramsey county fair in white bear. we played cards
there, ofcourse. In the beer garden which was weird. I did well, then I lost a few big ones. I had
pork chop on a stick and those are my favorite. I went on the zipper with mary, that ride made
me feel a bit sick. I went home to rest up, and then I made it out the vfw again.

7-12-07 Day started pretty quick. I hopped right out of bed and got cleaned up early. i made it
in very early today. Not bad for being piss drunk basically last night. I went to the Blue fox for
lunch to help Mitch out with his resume. Hopefully he gets the job at the VFW. That would be
way cool. It was so nice out I sat on the bench outside of work and talked on the phone. I
ordered some photos online today. I had alot of good memories I wanted to hang on my desk
and stare at them. I stayed pretty late at work today. Basically till 6pm. I went over to danielle's
and for some reason got lost. I am not sure why, I have been there a few times now. I really
hate it when that happens. We ate and played every sport you can think of there. we had the
football out, frisbee, soccer, volleyball heck softball. It was nice to see Mario again, we havnt
seen him around work since hes out in bloomington. We went to the park and tried to get
some softball in, it was getting dark. I decided I am an amazing pitcher. I went home, I was tired
and I needed to stay away from the bars. I got new objectives and priorities now.

7-11-07 Is it dumb to think that its so nice that its about mid 70's all day. With a nice gust of
wind. It sure made me happy today. There seems to be so much food laying around here at
work. Everytime I go get food, I come back and theres left overs from meetings. No wonder I
can't lose any weight around here. There are some good concerts this year going on at the fair.
I am going to buy goo goo dolls tickets. Since I am in a buying mood, I feel its time to get a nice
pair of sunglasses. I been wearing cheap ones. I have been reading the newspaper again. Its
nice to get an insight on whats going on in the world lately. I have been stuck on people or
things lately. I went to the vfw today and I got 3rd place at poker. I drank alot of vodka
gimlets. It sure did its damage to me. I was trying to not show I was drunk. I even did
somewhat well at darts. I went home, I knew if I had one more it would be trouble. Luckilly I
have a internal clock inside of me that tells me when to stop. Well sometimes it works. I am
working on a new banner soon. I need to update some of the friends on there.

7-10-07 Best day of the year for weather that is. It was nice and windy. Since I have been
looking towards the future these days. I really need to save some money. Atleast I am paying
off my credit cards bills. Thats always a good thing. I went to meet up with Joe and we met up
with everyone else at the C1 buffet. Mike and Heidi have eaten there before. i think it was Cy's
first trip. I ate so much, I was so full of food. I got home fixed some computer issues my dad
was having. I decided to not goto the vfw. I decided, I have spent too much time there. I want
to do different things again. Today, I am alcohol free. I lifted some weights and I was just
cleaning and all that fun jazz. I guess its time to go back to basics. Since I feel a bit free spirited
lately. I was actually watching some tv shows and I like watching tv shows. Keeps me out of
trouble I guess.

7-9-07 I got outside and I just felt groggy. I am not sure why though. It was very warm today.
I wish there were no bugs out. I hate bugs so much. I went to Applebees with Heather and
Becky. I got to finally meet Autumn, shes about 15 months I believe. She is very cute. Looks
like Heather all the way. After work today I went and dropped off lawrences bat. I made my way
to Mcdonalds to pick up food for Mary, since she was craving cheese burgers. She never eats
burgers, so I had to see it. We went to the Legion to watch the Legion baseball team. I went
inside with Joe and watched the home run derby. Went bowling with steve and mary and I
sucked, we all sucked actually. There was something definitely up with them lanes. No matter
what I do, it would not go down at all. I got home, I was so tired. I am glad I can rest up. My
mind has been free lately. Somehow, things seem to get crammed up there and gets my mind
going crazy.

7-8-07 I was so tired this morning. I woke up and it was about 12:30pm. Isaiah, was running
around so I could hear him all morning. So I didn't sleep much. I went home to clean up and all
of a sudden, my parents had alot of people over. I just wanted to get the heck out of there. It
was just to busy for me. I went to the vfw since Joe was working and I was playing darts. I
went to the Legion for poker, but I was trying to lose, since I had volleyball. After I lost, I found
out we didn't have volleyball due to the heavy rain. I was so in the mood for volleyball too. I got
home and had dinner real quick. I went to saxon for bowling, but my wrist was in alot of pain.
Every time I released the ball it felt funny. Thats what I get for bowling so much I guess. I got
home and I was just tired. I been very unmotivated lately. Just relaxing I guess.

7-7-07 Everybodys favorite wedding day of the summer. Basically everyone is getting married
today. I went over to my cousins house for some pre wedding festivities. I ate duck and pig
and had a early beer. I was feeling bored, since there was a long intermission, so I went to the
vfw for the meat raffle. Afterwards, I went to the church part of the wewdding and it was so
long. Catholic weddings ofcourse. Another long intermission and I went to bring Mary to Dairy
Queen and then I made my way to the reception. I ate so much food. In one day I ate duck,
quail, lobster, fish and I some other weird mystery meat. Who knows what is was. I went back
to the vfw and then I made my way to the Blue Fox. I was so tired, but I had so much to drink.
At the reception, there was another wedding next door, played a little wedding crashers, but
the other wedding was lame. Me and Mary stayed up till 5am in her backyard patio. I don't think
I have stayed up that late in a very long time.

7-6-07 With it being somewhat of a quiet day. It was just nice to have it. I am tired, physically.
Me  and Ceil wen to Whiteys in Lower NE minneapolis. I was just excited to go somewhere new.
They had this huge burger. I barely finished it. I was feeling so full after that. After work today I
went to FRIDAYS for happy hour. Me and Andy went to go see Transformers. I loved it. I
thought it was pretty cool. So far the best movie of the summer. Afterwards we went over to
Marco and Lindseys. Played lawn games all night. I was getting bit by mosquitos. I hate them
and they love me. I always get bit, and I have an itching problem, cause I basically will itch it till it

7-5-07 Going to work today just felt very odd. It seemed out of place. I should have just taken
the whole week off, because I just wasn't in the mood. My mind has been shut down for weeks
now. I got home today and I was just pooped out. I was so tired. I woke up early for workday
and I just havn't recovered on sleep. I went to the legion and played cards. I was so impatient
tonight. I ended up losing right away. I even lost at the consolation table right away. I was
trying to drink all the beers on tap, but it just made me more loopy then before. I am reverting
back to the old tony. The Tony that was around evelyn. Which is the best version. I feel pretty
open and I can talk about whatever again. I don't have anything holding me down, and
nobody to chase. Its just a good feeling right now. I have the ability to just do what I want. I
had the chance to goto the vfw last night and I just turned around and went home. Whats the
point of drinking more. I guess.

7-4-07 Happy 4th of July. I got a wake up call this morning from Steve. They needed another
person for the golf group, since Cy backed out since his brother was in town and he needed to
clean or something. So I went, I was golfing with Terri, Mindy and Heidi. We went to the Phalen
golf course. I sucked pretty bad, I couldn't hit off the tee at all. I never got a chance to goto
the driving range. I got the hang of it later on but it was way too late. It was fun though. It was
a nice day out too. I sucked the worse out of everyone. I got home and helped my dad grill
some food. I guess, one thing I am good at is making sure everything cooks well on it. I went
over to the Palmers for their 4th of july party. Played lawn games, the one they call golf, and
the bean bag game. I was so tired, from earlier today. I made it a short night. I got home and I
was just beat tired. I didn't feel like going into work tomorrow. I didn't get to see fireworks this
year. I am a bit sad about it. There will be other times though.   

7-3-07 I slept like a baby this morning. I woke up and I got to relax. I did my pushups and then
some weights. Atleast its becoming a routine for me again. I been thinking of alot lately. All good
things this time, I promise. I went to the bank and cashed in some change. I had so much
change laying around. I helped clean around the house today. We are having people over for
the weekend. Since one of my cousins are getting married. I don't know them at all, but since
its on my moms side. We have to go. I went over to Mike and Heidi's. They have alot of wood
to burn so that was the reason why we were there. Plus they wanted people over. I was
drinking wine all night. I got a pretty bad headache and I decided to call it a night. I got home
and my headache was so bad I couldn't sleep at all. It was quite painful actually.

7-02-07 I got to sleep in a bit today. It sure helped from this busy weekend and I am just
beaten up from sports. Me and Danielle went to the batting cage today. I whiffed on the first 5
balls. After that, I figured it out and started to whack them. I was so sore afterwards. I got
home later that day and had to go back out and pick up my dad from the airport. I spent most
of the day cleaning and doing laundry. I worked out pretty hard today. I wanted to get into
better shape. Atleast my arms are bulging ever so slightly. I been thinking, of things to do
differently lately. I guess I am feeling a it adventurous. I feel like it may be time to bring back the
tony cu love tour.Since I am no longer hooked on anyone and I don't have anyone on the
radar at the moment for once.

7-01-07 I woke up early. I don't think I had to get up this early on a Sunday in a very long
time. I had a vietnamese bowling tournament today. Basically it was a team of 4, you had to
have one girl. I did fairly well today. I played my heart out the first game. I wanted the high
score. I got 191, but it wasn't enough. My second game was not as good, a 164 wont cut it at
all. Mindy and Becky came to support my cheering section. Went to the VFw and drank for a
bit. I decided that I am not drinking as much lately. I don't know why. Just doesn't seem to go
down anymore. Ended up going bowling at Saxon later that night, right before volleyball.
Speaking of volleyball. We lost tonight 2 to 1. we should have won, but we just didn't get it
done. I was all over the place. I don't know what else I had to do to win. Its ok, I had fun
though. As long as I don't get stuck singing karoake at POV's thats all I care. I went to the
Bluefox afterwards, played a game of Gotcha(darts). Busy day, but atleast one thing is back. I
sure got my smile back.
Daily Journal