Old Journals

7-31-09 Guppy bday
I honestly was totally worn out today from work. Its going to be a very confusingly busy
work week next week. I need to keep my mind straight and get it taken care of. heart of
a Champion right!

Me and Andy went down to Gastofs tonight for guppy's bday. I think that place is a bit
pricey, but what can I say. Th tall beers are like $10 bucks. Well I guess it is a liter. So
you can't really complain too much. Oh well, we had good company I spose.

7-30-09 Harry Potter
I went to go see the Harry Potter movie tonight. Well the 10:30pm showing at Southdale.
Gosh it was a late night. I felt lost watching this movie a bit. You had to be a real Harry
Potter freak to understand most of what was going on. I have scene them all. I felt this
one was one of the best. I like the way they were able to give a lot of story and not make
it feel crammed in. For a guy who doesn't read the books. I felt it will make me watch the
next movie or should I says movies . Since the next book would be split into two movies.

7-29-09 Cheese cake Factory
Every time I goto the Cheesecake Factory I get really happy. i don't know why I love it so
much. Its not like their food is top notch or anything. On a Wednesday night we still had a
45 minute wait. I was surprised there was even a wait on a week night. Craziness I tell
you. Annie has never been there so I figure it was something for her to try.

7-28-09 Resting
I spent most of the night trying to clean up the room. The carpet was still all soaked and
I had to dry it out as fast as possible. This gives me so much unneeded stress. Its hard to
unwind if you know what I mean.

I tried to watched a  couple movies tonight. I watched 12 Rounds. I fell asleep watching
it. I thought it was supposed to be an action packed movie. Well it was, but not the way it
was made.

7-27-09 A lot of sun at Saks
It was nice and sunny today at volleyball. Then all of a sudden the rain just started falling
heavily. Then it went away and was a beautiful night again. What is wrong with our weather
here. i didn't know we lived in a fricking rain forest.

We won 2 games and lost one tonight. I look forward to rushing teams in our division this
year. I don't know why but I have this revenge thing going. I think I am trying to set the
stage for the focus right now.

7-26-09 Return home
I slept the whole way home. i was so tired. I made Chris stop at the Crows nest. I have
learned to like that place. Once I got back to the cities I stayed int he area.

We lost 2 games at volleyball tonight. We on one though. We played the best team. We
struggled a bit, but one guy shouldn't be able to beat 6 people by him self. I just don't
want to hear anymore excuses.

7-25-09 Chicken shit
I tried to sleep in as long as I could. It felt real good. Especially since Thursday night was
a long night for me. I basically ate all day today. We went to a chicken shitten contest. I
bought a shirt too. We bar hopped, was on the lake. Stopped at other places along the way.
I was exhausted and it was only 7pm. Was on the lake till 3am. What a crazy night. I love

7-24-09 On my way up north
I got off work and made my way up north to Mcgregor. I was so excited for this weekend.
I just needed to get away. I have been so busy lately. It has actually made me real crappy
to be honest.

We stopped at the Hillcrest for drinks tonight. Drinks are so cheap. I felt like I could
get wasted cheap. Its nice. Touring the lake is always nice. Whether its warm or a little

7-23-09 Ladies night
I subbed for our other Zero Gravity team tonight at volleyball. I was curious to see what
Thursday night was like. The competition was a step down I thought. I think people are
more concerned with the two for ones and ladies drink for free. Regardless, we won all
three games against a team that was so bad. I didn't even know why they even attempted

7-22-09 Jacob Ristow!
Today was the last day of our softball season. I was actually kinda happy it was over with.
Its been a long year for m. A lot of ups and downs. We are starting to look like a softball
team. My confidence in catching and hitting has gone up. I feel like I am ready for the
regular season now. Too bad its over. We lost 6 to 10 tonight. Against a real tough team.
We actually had them. It was a good way to finish the season strong.

So I went to Caseys and the dodgeball peeps were there. They challenged Jacob to see if
he could eat 3, triple whoppers with cheese, and large fries. So we drove over to dinky
town. Well what ever the U of M campus BK is. I honestly didn't think he could do it.
After time went by, he finished the last bite. It was quite amazing. He even got a girls
number and set up a date for a movie. It was quite the intriguing story. I got it on video.

7-21-09 Fogo de Chao round 2
After a years worth of waiting. I have finally returned to my kingdom. Well Fogo de Chao.
I finally got to use my gift card there. I even called the 1 800 number on there to make
sure it was still active. I told Erika to take it easy on the salad bar. Don't want to get to
full on it. I enjoyed every bite of it. We had a good time. I forget how much I love eating
meat. I felt like I was in heaven every time. I want to go back tomorrow actually. Oh
well, it was a fun night.

7-20-09 Disappointment
It was a start to the new volleyball season for our Monday night team. We finished in 3rd
place for the early summer league. I felt this next session we needed to do better. With
a new format. We will play 3 teams in one night. All one game a piece. We won the first 2
easily against easy opponents. We faced a team that finished 2nd in this past Saturdays
tournament. I felt we should have competed with them, but we lost 20 to 6. I was pretty
upset after this game. I was mad we did not live up to our potential, when it was a team
we should have competed against. I threw a tantrum and decided to mail it in. I made my
share of mistakes. Just all the diving, means nothing. I guess I am the Randy Moss of
volleyball. Hopefully it lights a spark next week.

7-19-09 Confidence booster
I spent today hanging out with my nephews Kobe and Devon. I took them to play miniature
golf at Spring lake amusement park. Kobe wanted to play in the championship course, since
that was the hardest course. It was definitely the toughest mini golf course I have ever
played at. I took Kobe to go see "Up". I thought it was a good movie, was expecting a little
more from it.

Tonight at volleyball. We were playing the 2nd place team. Were are in 3rd place. In my
eyes they are the best team on Sunday nights. We beat them the first two games and
lost the last game. I was quite proud of our team. We did a excellent job of covering and
just playing at their best. I kept talking about how I was in tournament mode from last
Saturday still. Regardless, it was a good win. We need to finish the season strong the
next 4 weeks. We got the 1st place team next week.

7-18-09 Long day
So I woke up early today for the volleyball tournament. We played the Saks team, which
on paper were a bit better then us. We lost 19 to 21. It was a fun game though. We won
our 2nd game, even though we were a bit nervous to start. It was pretty rocky if you ask
me. We lost our 3rd game. We were on our way to winning and then score 8 unanswered
points. That hurt a lot. I was a bit disappointed, we should have had that one. We lost 16
to 21. it was a long day full of emotion for me. I was tired and out.

7-17-09 Anticpation
I knew today was going to be a long day. I was tired and out of it. I didn't even know what
day it was or if it was pay day. I think it must be the meds I am on again. They seem to
drive me nuts and make me absent minded at times.

I had a busy evening. I went to Dan's to hang out for a bit. We played some kickball, I lost
track of time and realized I was way late for Katies bday at Mad Jacks. So I drove over
there. I took it easy knowing I had a long day tomorrow.

7-16-09 Could it be
So I have had a lot on my mind lately. One of those things was, I could be having my own
place soon. I just feel its coming ahead of schedule and I am not prepared for that. Well
today, my dad called and he wanted me to check out this house. It was really close to
work. It was actually about a 5 minute walk. I couldn't ask for anything more. Me and my
dad decided to put in an offer. I feel pretty good about this one. There is a lot of work to
do to the house, but I guess its good bonding time. We shall see what the real estate
agent says. I just gotta wait and see what happens next.

7-15-09 The streak
This week for softball. We had our heads up and ready to fire away. We knew we could
win today. Everyone believed. Some people were tired, some were drunk, some just came
from a birthday dinner. It did not matter, we still played as a team and won. The final
score was 14 to 9. We dominated the game. The score doesn't even show how much we
were winning by. With each win, everyone wants to play again in the fall. I still have to
ponder on what to do.

7-14-09 Bad movies
I seem to always want to rent the dumbest movies. I know it happens to everyone. I feel
like the past 4 movies I have scene have been horrible. The whole renting a movie thing is
supposed to keep me home more. So far, at this rate. I wont be able to stay home at all.
It has been nice trying to stay away from the public. Eventually I wont be ale to do this
for ever. To live the quiet life. Thats something I will have to inch closer and closer. Next
time, I will just have to believe in peoples reviews. Oh by the way. I rented "Confessions
of a shopaholic"

7-13-09 Something different about me
I stopped at my favorite Bagel place in the world today. St Paul Bagelry. I bought a dozen
bagels. I figured I could use it for breakfast and snacks. I need to eat breakfast more.

I was in an odd mood all day. More then usual. I wasn't hungry, and I had a few things on
my mind. I was in my eyes. Quiet. I just had so much work to do today. I felt I was
overwhelmed. I realized I had to take a step back and I couldn't handle it all by my self.
I don't want to burn my self out.

7-12-09 Tired day
We all got up and just cleaned the camps site and it was a good end to a awesome
weekend. I felt this was a great trip. I love just sitting by the fire and camping.

I got home and I tried to take a nap. I watched the movie "push" It was ok at best. I
tried to clean up all my equipment from camping. I just had no motivation. I was so tired
all day.

We won at volleyball tonight. All three games that is. It might have been against the
worst team in the league. Thats ok though. It was a fun night overall. We had lots of
spectators. Rad, becky, Chris, and Laura came out to watch.

7-11-09 Camp trip Day 2: Recreational day
We got up early, so early I felt like I was going to pass out on my chair. I was not feeling
the best at all this morning. Chad and Danielle got the boat in the water. We all got on the
boat and went on a stroll through lake Pepin. They busted out the tube for everyone. I
failed surprisingly. I didn't last long and went into the water. I freaked out like I was
going to drown, even though my life jacket was on. I don't know if it was the liquor or
what. I didn't feel good once we got to the beach. We got back to the camp site and
played volleyball with the other group site. Just a bunch of drunk dudes. We lost to them,
but we should have beaten them. I was exhausted, I didn't last as long as last night. I
think we were just exhausted from the action packed day.

7-10-09 Camp trip Day 1: Hok-Si-la
I woke up today  and I was so tired. It was a long drive home. I felt like I was going to
throw up or something. I managed to get home and basically rush and buy all the last
minute items I could.

We all met up at work and we drove down to Lake city. I thought out camp site rocked. It
was so secluded from everyone else. I mean you had to take a small trail to get to our
site. We could be as loud as we want and there was no way anyone would hear us. It was a
long night. Me and Andy stayed up till 4am I think. Mario brought some fancy tequila. All I
know it was around $40 bucks and we all drank the whole bottle.

7-09-09 Basketball beat down
I went over to Erika's today. We grilled steak and potatoes and veggies. It was really
good. We decided to play basketball and I lost 15 to 5. She was just too much. I am sure
the 3 elbows I took threw my game off. Enough excuses I guess. I just got worked.

We went to Grumpys and I wanted redemption for my basketball loss. Kayla stole my
thunder and won at darts. I was so sad, I just lost at everything tonight. Oh well, I guess
now i have goals and motivation to get better.

7-08-09 First softball win
Tonight at softball, something wonderful happened. As I sat there waiting for the game
ahead of us to be finished. I noticed our team energy was high. People were talking and
having a good time. Luckily it converted onto th field. We won 15 to 6. We actually played
great. I did not play well. I popped up at all my at bats and I only got on base cause I
didn't swing. Not my fault since the pitcher wasn't even close. It feels like we just won
the championship tonight. At least the monkey, or should I say gorilla is off my back.

7-07-09 Not my day
I woke up this morning and my head was just spinning. I got to work, but as I sat there. I
was feeling really weak. I was getting dizzy and it felt like I had a the flu. I went home
and slept. I was pretty embarrassed by it, but at least its a learning lesson.

I put spark plugs into my car later that evening. I drove it around and it was kind of
smoking a bit. I freaked out, I am not sure what to do with my car. I think I need to
make some decisions.

7-06-09 Finished strong
It was pretty busy today at work. I got a lot done. I was actually pretty excited. I just
need to clean my desk right now. Its a big mess. I am sure there is stuff I might have

We won all three games at volleyball tonight. The other team wasn't really that good. I
will take all the wins though. I stayed late and was drinking the gimlets away. I guess with
all the stress and being busy I decided to let loose.

7-05-09 Back and running
Rad swung by and put the fuel pump in for me. I was surprised how fast he was able to get
it done. I thought the fuel pump is supposed to take hours. Thirty minutes is still
impressive. I still need to get other issues fixed.

I had dinner at Granite City. I had their light beer. I was so tired. I wasn't even that
hungry. If that is possible. Regardless, I should sleep great tonight. It was a crazy
weekend. It was a good 4th of July weekend.

7-04-09 4th of July
I was spent from last nights adventures. I took a long nap today. I was just out of it. I
wok up around 7pm. The neighbors were lighting off fireworks. Its so hard to sleep when
thats going on.

I picked up Erika and we drove down towards the taste of Mn. I am sad I wont get a
chance to go see it this year or experience the food. Anyways, we drove down 7th, to just
get close enough to see the fireworks display. We found an awesome spot out of luck. We
went to a couple bars and headed back. We found a place that sold fireworks. Well one of
those annoying tents you see on the road. They were nice enough to sell them at midnight
to us.

7-03-09 Rad's birthday
I got up and drove to Southdale to meet up with Mario and Liz. We went to go see the
Transformers movie. I have been waiting to see it. I know it got bad reviews, but I
didn't care. I liked it, action packed and full of everything.

I made a quick stop at Shamrock's. Dan, Chris and Ann were pretty drunkw hen I got
there. I had my two drinks and drove them to the next bar. i wish I could have stayd buy
I did have prior plans.

We went out for Rad's bday. We went to Green Mill for dinner. We went to Billys after
that. We spent so much money. I don't think I have ever seen a tab that high before. OH
well it was all for fun times. Atleast the taxi ride home wasn't so bad.

7-02-09 My Friday on Thursday
I felt so crappy this morning. I felt like a bus hit me and it also ran me over at the same
time. It was hard to focus today. I did my best though.

I decided to take it easy tonight. I really enjoy driving the Durango around. A part of me
wants to just buy it. With my mini van out of commission. Its tough to decide on what to

7-01-09 Dodgeball return
I don't know why, but I am still pissy today. I think its because I got so much going on
these days. I was telling a friend something about my life and it feels like I have been
doing so much. The wheels are falling off.

To let out some of my anger. I went to go play dodgeball tonight. After that we went to a
bar and hung out. We ended up going to Richfield to the frenchman. It was a long night. I
was definitely not driving home.