Old Journals

07-31-10 Camping day 2
We got up and we all went and made breakfast. We were curious to see what the water
was like. So we took the boat for a spin. We got back and everyone has arrived to the
camp grounds. It was fun to just interact and talk to everyone. We played volleyball. I
had a young Swanson family fans I should say. They knew the great Tony Cu was going to
be in town. We went on th boat withe everyone so we can go tubing. It was fun. The sun
just beat down on me. We went to Zorbuz at night, cause we got warned again by the
camp rangers. Even though we weren't even that bad. All of our guests who kept coming in
were a bit amped up. It was a long night.

07-30-10 Camping day 1
So once Erika finally got to my house we made the trip to Cross Lake. I didn't know what
to expect up there. We got there around 9pm. We set up our tent to find that it was
missing the cover. It was actually Mario's tent. Luckily I brought mine and I set that up
instead. We had a pretty fun night just talking to random people who went into our camp

07-29-10 Delayed
I was supposed to be on my way to camping this weekend, but Erika wanted to come and if
I waited another day she would be able to go right after work. I did get to sleep in today
It felt good. I got a lot of things done like. Goto Benihanas and get my oil change before
the big trip.

07-28-10 Sleep
I had to nap in the TIES extended parking lot during my lunch today. Thats how tired I
was. I don't know how I did it, but I went to the far corner and out I went. When I got
home I Napped a little more.

I basically did errands to get things in order for camping this weekend. I can't wait. It
will be nice to just stare out and not worry  about anything.

07-27-10 Tired of being tired
I am definitely behind schedule for sleep. I can't seem to sleep at night or anything. It is
really annoying. I have been trying to goto bed early, but nothing helps. I think I still got
some lingering stress I need to get rid of. The money is low this week. Hopefully I can
get by for a little while

07-26-10 Back to reality
Enough of the healthy eat for now. I got tired of doing it, but my portion control is still
pretty good. We had brats for lunch today. I had some fancy one with spinach and some
thing else in it.

I went over to my parents for some bonding. I was really fixing the their computer, but
they grilled steaks and everything for me. It was definitely a break through for me.

It was nice to just have a day to just relax. I was so tired from last nights activities. I
got a good chance to recover.

07-25-10 Day 6 Pork part 2
I went over to Erika's to grill some more pork I had. It was pretty good. We got some
corn to just grill also. Target corn wasn't as good. It could have tasted better.

I went out with Ashley tonight. We went to Jakes in Maplewood and towards the end of
the night. We went to The Happy Gnome. Then we closed it down at The Wild Onion. I
havn't done that in years.  Overall a good time and I miss my Ash. Especially saying out till
3:30am on a work night. We had great talks. I can tell her anything.

07-24-10 Day 5 Pork
I slept in this morning. It felt so good, I can't even explain. I basically cleaned all day.
scrubbed vacuumed and everything. I sure got the fumes in me. I was feeling odd

Andy came over with Rudy and we just played video games. We were gonna go out. I just
lost track of time. I made more pork chops for dinner. I grilled it.

07-23-10 Day 4. Seafood Pasta
Tonights kickball was my good bye to Friday nights. I was a bit burnt out over the past 3
seasons. I was supposed to only play the first season to get Casey to play kickball. I feel
I might have stayed a bit too long. Ofcourse it has to do with a lot of different emotions
I have. They are genuine people and I like that. Gives me  a sense of something normal for

07-22-10 Day 3. Wine
My patio furniture came to my front door today. I was pretty excited and stressed at
the same time. Why stressed? I had less than an hour to prep cook, clean and put the
furniture together. I did a pretty solid job I would say. I ran out of time and Annie
helped me put the finishing touches on it. I was just going to let it sit anyways.

Dinner was good,t he pork chops and corn and potato salad was very good. I over cooked
the pork just a little bit. The wine and mixed watermelon drink was yummy. A bit too
much mint though. I was unsure since it was a bit more frozen then I hoped. We ate and
hung out on the patio. Putting that furniture to good use. It was a good time.

07-21-10 Day 2. Pork
With so much pork. I didn't know what to do with all of it. I decided I will just cook it
tomorrow during the dinner thing. I ate pretty healthy today. I stayed in and ate. I was
trying to do so many different things.

I tried to lift some weights, but my should wouldn't let me do too much of it. Just some
small curls, nothing fancy.

07-20-10 Day 1. Healthy life
Today I decided was going to be the day I eat healthy and exercise. I ate some bread,
yes a hot dog bun this morning. I normally don't eat breakfast. So this was a start. I ate
my left overs from that chinese place. I have had a lot o bad chinese lately. I drank a lot
of water, about 32 ounces at work today. I didn't run on my lunch. Like I had hoped. I
forgot my shoes at home. So far, I am off to an okay start. At least I am trying.

07-19-10 Caught up
I got to work a bit early to get a lot of things done. I was a bit more focused then last
week. I put my head phones on and just went with it. It seemed to work well. I think that
was the best hours of work I could put in.

With my down time. I put the finishing touch on the kitchen. With plenty of paint left to
spare if I wanted to put a 4th coat on it.

I been thinking lately. Remember when I use to goto happy hour. Geez, those were the

07-18-10 Quiet time.
I got to sleep in a bit today. I was so tired, but I knew I had to continue painting my
kitchen. So I put on another layer of paint and let it sit and went off to play volleyball
against the toughest team we ever faced. We lost all 3 for the first time. My arm was
not holding up at all. I got home and took some ibuprofen and painted again. I like the way
it looks, but I am sure I will hear from the critics.

07-17-10 Kickball tourney
I was so hung over this morning. Erika made breakfast. It almost made me throw up again.
It was mac and cheese with sour cram. I ran out of milk and sour cream became the

I got to the fields not feeling the best. The Maniac team went down to Shh. Which was
expected. The Steamer team won and loss the next game to the Undies.

Me and Erika left the bar to get food. I wasn't going to stay late. I was tired from the
night before and the hot sun didn't help much today. We decided to goto White Castle in
the pouring thunder storm. It was crazy. My shoes were soaking wet and clothes too.

07-16-10 Finally weekend
It was hard this week for me. A lot of emotions all over the board. Just happy the
weekend is here.

I partied it up tonight. I am glad every one came over. If you didn't know what we did. It
was full  of craziness.

07-15-10 Paint
I had the urge to paint today. I wanted to get that kitchen project done with. I picked a
pretty sassy color. You will just have to come over and check it out.

Me and Erin went down to eat street. It was the Eat street excursion today and
tomorrow. Basically participating restaurants had specials. It was a very good time.

07-14-10 Softball champs
We have come a long way in softball. From one of the worst teams in history to champs. It
was in E league, but we showed signs of improvement this year. We easily won the finale
and it was one of the best feelings. I wish I had brought the champagne.

07-13-10 Nothing but shrimp
I decided to make tiger shrimp for dinner tonight. Yes it comes with the heads on. You
just gotta suck out the juices from the head and neck. It was delicious. Although, I did
make it a tad too salty.

07-12-10 Volleyball champs
After this exciting season. The great story book had to come to an end. We tied for first
place and it was a great feeling. I played injured and went through a grueling schedule. Its
time to move on from Monday nights. It was getting so expensive.

07-11-10 Division Champs
The flight home was pretty  quick. I had another friendly talkative passenger next to me.
Jessica was sleeping. So the 3 hours went by pretty fast. It was actually a good  
conversation and I really enjoyed it.

Went to go play kickball int he Sunday night championship game and we won 7 to 1 against
those Monitaurs. I choice kickball over vball tonight since it was the championship.
Another conflict in schedules. With my body broken. I cant wait for my time off.

07-10-10 Broken feet
More pool time today and gambling. I won some money at poker. I was pretty excited. We
went to see the Stratosphere and did the Insanity ride. Which scared me to death. Went
to go see David Copperfield also. Front row tickets, aint too shabby.

07-09-10 Burning up
It was a hot one at the pool today. We sat out for hours with every one else. My chest is
just burnt red. I probably have skin cancer. I had fun at the pool. I am not one to dip in
the water much. It was so hot. I had no choice.

Things I went to see today: Caesars palace, Mile mall, Old Vegas, Rio, I am sure there is
places in between.

07-08-10 Vegas
I finally got to see the lights and everything. We walked to everything in sight of the
hotel. So far we have done a lot of what we wanted to do. $240 total spent so far
between us. Crazy, I say. Its been quite the adventure so far. I drank so many margaritas
my stomach hurt. My favorite thing so far is the Bellagio fountains. I thought it was
pretty neat. Were just two kids with out a plan. Its better that way.

07-07-10 Softball scrubs
We were missing half of the softball team this week. Since they are all down in Vegas
already. We did well 18 to 2 win. We kinda didn't count the scores to keep it close. WE
kicked ass.

07-06-10 Busy days
With so much to do at work today. It was so hard to stay motivated with out the promo. I
was frustrated nothing was working again and it slows me down. I am trying to pump
through as much as I can before the big trip.

07-05-10 Volleyball collapse
I was sitting around all day today. I was so tired when I got back. I just wanted a break.
I ended up getting bored and went to work to get thigns done. I got a good 3 hours in.

Tonight at volleyball I watched this team crumble after last weeks domination. I stopped
trying once I realized the team wasn't going to win. I was off firing tonight on all
cylinders, but they wouldn't feed the monster. We had to go back to basics and hitting
the ball over. Oh well, I didn't mind tonight actually. It was a nice work out.

07-04-10 St Cloud
I woke up early today to drop them off at the airport today. then I went over to Annie's
to drop off the cat food. I mean feed the cats.

I was off to St Cloud after that. I was going to Erika's parents friends cabin. It was hot
out once again and its right on the lake. It was actually quite beautiful. I had a good time
and the food was good.

07-03-10 Hot Nights
It was a hot one today. We went to the beach of 65. I forget what lake it is. I hit the
water finally this summer. I wasn't too excited at first,b ut I got used too it.

Went over to Chad and Danielle's for a bbq. It was nice to kick back and relax. A sweaty
game of ping pong and it was a good night.

07-02-10 Friday fun
Today was such a long day, work has been so busy that I have been behind. With out any
help and no promo. I don't know how I get the motivation.

I had people over for a bbq. It was a small turn out. Maybe they will actually go out for a
real promotion.

07-01-10 Buffet
We went to the Treasure Island buffet and it was pretty good.I love crab legs more then
anything.  It was a long drive back. I had fun.