7-31-2011 Stomach issues
I did not feel good all day today. I just felt like I was going to puke or something. I
was thirsty all day. I drank and ate, but it just made me feel worse.

We won at volleyball. We secured 1st place. It was hot and we played 2 games today.
So 6 games total. It was dreadful but fun.

7-30-2011 Bachelor party
We all met up at Bennets and hit new Trier for a bar. Then we hit up a strip club in
Wi and a bar. Then made our way to KOD. It was a fun night.

7-29-2011 Hotel
We got a hotel at The Holiday inn in downtown saint paul. Joe gave me a free voucher
for a room. It had to be used by July 31st. We wanted it to be a nice night out but I
got some stomach bug and it put me out. Lame night for me.

7-28-2011 End of season
Tonight was our end of season softball party at Chad and Danielles. We had a lot of
fun and there was plenty of food. I was a bit tired and didn't have time to make
anything. Danielle calls it lazy, but maybe that is the truth.

7-27-2011 Crab legs
Me and Mario were talking about going to Mystic lake for crab legs on wednesdays. I
really wanted to check it out. Me and erika went and it was a long 2 hour wait at 8pm.
We didn't eat till 10pm. Crab legs were average at best. I will stick to Treasure

7-26-2011 Mahi mahi
Erika came over and we made dinner. I made mahi mahi. I love this fish since its so
versatile. You can do anything to it and it will just take on the flavors. I made sure to
not over cook it this time. It was very moist. Sauce needs a bit of work.

7-25-2011 Hell Kitchen
I have always liked this show. Although it never really teaches cooking. This year has
just been a wild bunch with crazy personalities. I guess that is good for tv.

7-24-2011 Less then 4
With less then four hours of sleep. I was dragging. I told Erika I felt so tired, but I
didn't know if I could go back to sleep. We decided to get some brunch at Green Mill. I
really enjoy eating with a fork and knife lately. I don't know the reasoning.

7-23-2011 Shopping
I finally got some time to go do some shopping. I felt my current wardrobe attire has
been stale as of late. I have way too many work shirts there are polos fro certain
manufacturers we sell at work. So I splurged and even bought some cologne for fun.

7-22-2011 VFW
I met up with Joe and Kelli at the Vfw in White bear lake. Mary was bartending. We
were trying to figure out our plans for the Duluth trip coming early August. I had a  
lot of fun just hanging out. We ended up at the Roseville Vfw.

I drove Erika and her brother from their wedding in Chaska. Wow that was a heck of a
haul. Drunken people are always entertaining.

7-21-2011 Softball finale
Today was our softball finale. We won, I wasn't sure what the score was. I am sure we
ten runned them. I brought hot dogs to grill. Its kind of tradition to have hot dogs on
the last night of the season.

7-20-2011 Hot and soup what?
It was hot today once again. I decided to make a soup. Which is called bun rieu. Which
is a tomato flavored soup my mom makes. I tried making it, but it was a bit off. I was
disappointed in it. I ate some, but I was just not happy with it. I will change a few
things next time.

7-19-2011 Heat heat
Too be honst I rather have it be below freezing right now. It is unbearable right now.
I don't know how anyone can deal with this. I stayed inside all day and I would refuse
to go out in that heat.

7-18-2011 Day 6 of fasting
I was getting head aches all day. I am surprised I am still doing this diet by the way.
So far so good. Things have been tough, but I am doing well. I have lost 4 pounds so
far. Things are going good. 4 pounds in 5 days. I shed weight off pretty quickly and the
good news is. I have been drinking a lot of water. So it cant be water weight.

7-17-2011 Hot days
It was so hot today. Hot and humid I might add. I could barely breathe outside. I went
to Shamrocks to watch the womans soccer game. Usa should have beaten Japan. Oh
well, atleast Japans win might help heal a country.

We won at volleyball tonight. It was so hot and sticky out. It was hard to breathe out
there for me. I did the best I could in the heat with out using too much energy.

7-16-2011 Finally some rest
I have been tire d all week. It was nice to just finally stay home and rest for awhile. I
didn't want to do anything today. I could have been more productive, but it was just
one of those times I needed to sleep in and lay around. It actually felt good. I am
happy I did this for my self. I have been thinking a lot about things.

7-15-2011 Tough
This has been a very tough day for me. I am starving and this fasting thing is starting
to kick my butt. I just wanted more then juice, but I can definitely feel a difference.
I hope this works and cures my ailiments. We had a tough time trying to figure out
what to do. With out eating any food and drinking. So we just went to Dave and

7-14-2011 Softball
We dominated tonight and it was a lot of fun. We hit the ball so well. Annie got a home
run and I know she was excited about it.

I was starving today. This juicing fasting thing has really made me tired and is giving
me a pretty big head ache.

7-13-2011 Juicing
We decided to fast tonight. Eat one normal healthy lunch and use a juicer at night for
veggies and fruits. This was something we decided to to do be healthier and just change
our life style.

7-12-2011 Well done steaks
Chad and Danielle came over for dinner and I made thems teaks. I wanted to pay them
back for fixing my AC. I did a crappy job on the grill. I had one hot mound of coals and
I tried to cook 4 steaks on them. I should have jsut gone wwith ym plan of cookign two
steaks at a time.

7-11-2011 Vball subbing
I subbed tonight and it was a lot of fun. I got some good spikes in. We played some
game for fun at the end of the night and it was a good work out.

7-10-2011 Kobe and trans bday
Me and Erika went over to my parents house and it was almost a disaster. I guess the
electricity went out. So the pho wasn't done and the wings weren't done. The power
came back on and we were able to get the festivities going.

7-09-2011 Tarsi cup
Another season. Another shot for me to get the elusive tarsi cup. Both my teams lost
in the first round. I did not play my best, but I had a fun time. The hot sun really beat
down on me and it wore me out. It was a fun time though.

7-08-2011 All star game
I did not participate, but I did ump games. I had tough calls, but I did a good job of
them. Teams just like to bitch and they should get over it. But I was pretty upset my
own team mate bitched about me so I wouldn't ump the championship game. Last time I
checked I helped them win.

7-07-2011 Part timing it
I have been looking for part time jobs at night lately. I just know with my athletics
slowing down a bit. I just needed a job at night. I decided to get into the food
business. I am not sure how, but I will figure it out. I found out tonight Andy is
moving on in September. So things will be tough, I better start on it.

7-06-2011 Kitty Kat Klub
Today was Kelseys birthday and we went to the Kitty Kat klub. She was being a
supportive girl friend and cheering on Peters band. I forgot what it was like to be in
that place. I swear. Its always super hot in there.

7-05-2011 Tired
I think everyone was pretty tired at work today. Looks like everyone had a very long
weekend. I can't wait to just kick back tonight. It will be nice to just lay down and
fall asleep early. They AC is fixed so that will be nice.

7-04-2011 Independence day
We went to go watch the fireworks near Harriet Island. We got down there early to
get a good spot. I really love watching fireworks. On this day. It was the first time
me and Erika went out together. So it was our anniversary of sorts.  We went to The
Tailgate after to have a drink or two.

7-03-2011 Transformers 3
I finally got to see Transformers 3. It was pretty good, but it just felt forced. The
story line wasn't too exciting for me. I did like the action. The CGI is just amazing.
Better then the first two. It was easier to figure out which transformer was which.

7-02-2011 Smokin bbq at Mike and Heidis
I was feeling really tired today. I had to take an extra nap. We went over to Mike and
heidis house and we tried our smoked ribs. We were a bit sad to find out they were
pretty burnt. I didn't care as much. We had a good time at the party. It was a lot of

7-01-2011 Hot and dangerous
It was another hot day and I couldn't be home. Iwent to Erikas and we made dinner
tonight. I made shrimp sandwiches. They did not turn out  the best. I actually tried to
make a shrimp trio. I failed the other two shrimp dishes. I just didn't have enough
time and bit off more then I could chew.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”