7-31-01-2012 German dinner party
With Tanjas turn to host the dinner party. We had a german theme. It was a lot of fun
and there was plenty of food.  Spaetzel was good and we played games afterwards. I
wasn't feeling the best today. So I didn't stay late today.

07-30-2012 vball
The gang needed me to sub last night. It was really fun and we basically dominated. 3
and 0 tonight. Against good teams. We did have a dream team, but who says we aren't
awesome right.

07-29-2012 Happy hour
With Tanjas last day at Bakers Square. I wanted to get free food before she left. Me
and Melissa stopped over to hang out with her. We went out to happy hour at Cowboy
Jacks just to celebrate. It was fun though.

07-28-2012 Melissa bday
I had lunch with Becky today. To just catch and talk. It has been awhile since we had
one of these and I know I needed to be there this time. It was a good time. I intend to
do it more often.

I took Melissa to Quangs for dinner for her bday. Shes never really had certain types
of vietnamese foods. So I figure I would get her to open her eyes more. After dinner
we went to park tavern to meet up with friends there for her bday. Bowling was fun
and after we hung around and listened to karoake.

07-27-2012 Dan surprise birthday
We all went to Saks tonight for Dans surprise birthday. It was so much fun. I tried
getting drunk, but the booze content wasn't that strong in their drinks. I had 6 rum
and cokes and didn't feel a thing.

07-26-2012 Kobe over
I got the boy again this weekend. He is actually staying till Tuesday. I had to run to
the grocery store to get more food for him. kids eat so much. Especially picky eaters.

We won 2 games and loss 1 at volleyball tonight. We should have won all 3. Oh well, we
were short.

07-25-2012 Dodgeball sweat
With my gout being such a pain in the ass. I figured I can goto dodgeball and stand
around. That gym was so hot and humid that I was sweating my balls off. It was so
gross in there. I had fun though, but I could't play the whole time.

07-24-2012 Game night
I went over to Tanjas for game night. A bunch of us just came over to drink and hand
and play games that Tanja has in her closet. I had a really good time. For some odd
reason, most of my childhood I didn't have board games.

07-23-2012 VFW white bear
I was showering today and the shower head fell on my head. It looks like it must have
rusted out. I went to Walmart to get a new one. Took me like an hour to replace the
damn thing.

I went to visit Mary at the White bear Vfw. It was nice to jut catch up on things. I
made a promise to everyone I would be back this summer. So far. I havn't been around
and I don't know if I am just embarrassed or if its cause I have been way too busy.

07-22-2012 Ankle pain
My ankle has really been killing me. I was walking with a terrible limp today. More then
yesterday. I really think I do have gout. In about 5 days. This will go away like nothing
ever happened. I felt like an idiot walking around like I have one leg.

07-21-2012 Highland fest
This was the first time I ever been to Highland fest. I took Kobe with me to meet up
with everyone. It was a family friendly event. Which I really liked. I snuck some vodka
in and drank it with the powerade I bought.

I went out for Chris Schucks birthday. It was down at Mortimers. Which I havn't
been there in awhile. It was fun hanging out with everyone. It was fun, but I needed a
late night snack at Perkins. I am so happy Melissa came out. Hopefully I didn't freak
her out by my drunkeness.

07-20-2012 Tam wedding
Kobe came overr for the weekend. Tonight we made burgers. Just something simple.
Nothing too fancy, He was busy playing video games. So I just made them my self. I
wanted to make the big mac special sauce. They turned out real good. I even made the
patties smaller just to mimic it.

Tams wedding was pretty fun tonight. The best part of it. It was at Edinburgh. Near
my house. I went to the wrong reception at first. Didn't realize the place had more
then one reception hall.

07-19-2012 Vball 2 wins 1 ugly loss
We were short bodies tonight. We had to have Christine sub for us. It was just
Christine, Me , Mario and Danielle for the first game. We won with us four. The 2nd
game we loss pretty bad. The 3rd game we squeaked away with a win. It was a good
work out today. That sand stuck to my sweaty body.

07-18-2012 Tv trash
Today I finally got rid of that old tv downstairs. It was unfortunate that the TV
went out. But I needed to get rid of it. With all the extra furniture I have down
stairs now. Chad helped me throw it at the recycling place. His tv was an old tube tv.
It was so fricking heavy.

07-17-2012 Food
Today I continued my bringing in food from home thing. I need to cut costs some where
and eating out was one of them. I just gotta get in a habit of doing it. I shouldn't be
ashamed if I make the same thing and eat it 3 or 4 days straight. Moneys short and I
need to learn to be poor better,

07-16-2012 Back to the gym
So i went to the gym today. I was pretty quick. I lasted only about 25 minutes. I was
on the treadmill and I was too tired to do anything really. I tried to lift weights, but
my heart just wasn't in it today. I decided to just leave and take it easy. its fricking
hot out.

07-15-2012 Drive back
We stopped at some place in Somerset for breakfast. We heard this place had amazing
food. So we had to try it out. I had to say. It wasn't too bad and it was cheap. I
forgot what it was called, but man was everyone hung over.

07-14-2012 Kickball
I drove back to the cities with the biggest hang over in the world. The Steamers did
beat the Run Vultures. We should have beaten Red Headed Spaz, but somehow we lost in
the final inning. Due to some question marks in the outfield from our sub.

I never thought I would see a bench clearing brawl at kickball, but on this day. There
was one and the cops came and everything. Made me realize this was pretty dumb for
most of these people who have done this over the past 5 years.

Back to the apple river. It was so much fun playing vball and hanging out at the camp
site. They had a stage for karaoke and that was fun just hanging out there for the
terrible karaoke. My vodka went down pretty good tonight, but a long day of events
wore me out.

07-13-2012 The Apple river
We went to the Hideaway in the apple river. So it wasn't exactly Float rite, but it
was a awesome spot on the river. I opened the bottle of Jim beam and never looked
back. It was so much fun. The camp site was full of younger kids, but we didn't care.
We stayed up till 4am.

07-12-2012 Prepping
I spent most of today getting every thing packed for the weekend. I was really looking
forward to this trip. I am sure I was forgetting something.

Infinite gravity played a very easy team at volleyball. They were pretty bad. We were
messing around a bit too. So we just let them score some points.

07-11-2012 Dball
Since it was restaurant week this week. Me and Erin went to Bradstreet Craft place.
It was pretty good. They were more of the small dish dinner type of place. I didn't
mind it. But it wasn't amazing food or anything.

07-10-2012 Turkish theme
Today was the turkish theme dinner party at Jordans house. Turkish wasn't too
difficult for me. I figured I could go with more Mediterranean flavors anyways. It
went pretty well. My beef skewers wer cold by the time the party started but I
figured that was ok. It was a good night.

07-09-2012 Vball subbin
After work today. I met up with Sarah for happy hour at Saks. Andy was there too. It
was nice to catch up with her.

We struggled a bit tonight. But we were scrambling for players. It was fun though. I
had a good time. I am tired now though.

07-08-2012 Vball subbing
I am starting to enjoy indian food more and more. Today we went to Bollywood Bistro.
It was pretty good. I had a groupon for that also. Vindaloo and tiki Masalsa is my

Subbed for Zero Gravity. We won 2 out of 3 games. It was so much fun. Good
competitive games.

07-07-2012 Kobe Bday
I had so much fun today. We got up early and did some shopping. I went over to Sky
deck at Mall of America for my nephews bday. It was so much fun. Played Pool for
shots. Shots of patron might I add. Not a good combo. I threw up on the way home.
Well I pulled over and threw up.

07-06-2012 Nami
I had  a Groupon to use at Nami. It was so funny. I ran into Jessica, Nina and Marjan
there. I guess they were prepping Jessica for her date with some guy. Just a small
world I guess.

07-05-2012  Coasting
We were basically coasting at work all week. I just wanted the day to get over with. I
was surprisingly busy still. I guess I should realize its my busy season. Even when it
carries over.

07-04-2012 BBq
Happy 4th of July. I went over to Jesses place for a bbq. It was one of the hottest
4th of Julys ever. I was sweating so bad. But it was a good time.

07-03-2012 Tired
I really didn't have it in me to go out tonight. With the 4th of July tomorrow. I just
took it as another day. With me being short on cash. Its tough to really do anything. I
really don't want to be this poor.

07-02-2012 Early 4th bbq
Went over to Tanjas for her bbq. She did it at the park near her house. It was a fun
time. We got a good group to play kick ball and there was a water balloon fight. It
sure was a fun time.

07-01-2012 Drive home
Today I was pretty exhausted. The drive home was long. We stopped at a mom and pop
shop in Superior for breakfast. It wasn't anything memorable to talk about.

Once I was home. i realized how hot it was outside. It was crazy hot. I was a little
girl and stayed inside today.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”