7-31-2013 Happy hour
I went to happy hour with Nicole at Wild Bills. It was a lot of fun. We had two bills
since the first bartender had to leave. I checked my online statements and it only
showed I was charged once. So thats pretty cool for me.

7-30-2013 Intervention
So today we finally had our intervention with Jake. We drove obver to his house and
when he opened the door. He knew it was coming. We tried to tell him we were
concerned, but he just laughed it off really. I knew phase one. We wouldn't really get
to him. Just to let him know we care.

7-29-2013 Lunch with mom
I went to a Vietnamese restaurant to pick up  lunch. I brought the food over to my
moms house. It was pretty good. I had some rare bonding time with my mom. She
harassed me about finding a girl friend like she always does. I think she was happy I
stopped by unannounced though.

7-28-2013 Frenchmans
I havn't been to the F bar since Erika lived with Casey. When I walked in the
bartender remembered me. Which was kinda embarrassing. It was a fun time. i forget
how cheap that place is though.

7-27-2013 Wolverine
I went to go see the Wolverine today. I thought it was pretty good. Better then the
last one thats for sure.

Me and Becky went to Kristens birthday at Psycho Suzies. It was a lot of fun. Then
they decided to goto to Tony Jaros(pronounced JARe-Us) Weird I had it wrong all this

7-26-2013 TGIF
Speaking of Fridays. I went to TGIF for Happy hour. I had a pretty good week this
week. My emotions have been good all week. All the meds and things I am supposed to be
doing are kicking in. I think I'm back on track and sticking with it.

7-25-2013 Cosettas
I havn't been here since they remodeled the place. It is a lot easier to order things
now. I still love their pizza. Its big greasy and filling. They have this new desert
section. I guess I was quite impressed with that as well.

Zg volleyball won all 3 tonight. We played a tough team but we fought pretty hard. It
was a good win for us.

7-24-2013 Olive Garden
I havnt been to Olive Garden in a long time it seems. I tried to order something
different. I couldn't so I just did the endless soup and salad. At least I could try all
the soups at least. I saw Kelli for the short time I got to see her. it was really busy
during lunch time.

7-23-2013 Arms
My body really hurts lately. I have been really trying to work out a lot. I think I am
going a bit over kill on things. I am trying to get rid of some flab, but it wont go away
no matter how hard I try.

7-22-2013 Vball
I went to the volleyball meetup group today. It was my 2nd time going. I had a good
time. I do leave my competitive nature at home when I go to this. I am just trying to
fit in still. Its nice nobody really knows who I am. Which is nice. I don't have any
pressure to be awesome all the time. I did have a good time talking to some people
though. It was a long day of games. Keep in mind I went tot he gym before I got there.

7-21-2013 Sunday Funday
I wanted to take it easy today. No drinking for awhile. Which I tell my self. Then
Becky sends me a text and wants to get a few drinks. I couldn't say no. It was happy
hour at Mad Jacks. We invited Chris to come out too. I mean were all friends having a
good time. Reliving our old fun days. We played dice games like 654. So much for
staying sober tonight.

7-20-2013 Volleyball party
I was taking it pretty easy today. I didn't exactly sleep well last night. I think I was
over thinking things again. It just seems I am my own enemy sometimes. I know I
shouldn't think a bout the past. But its always on my mind.

I drove all the way up to East Bethel. For Jamies volleyball party. I don't know why
its a big deal for everyone up there. This is a long 8 or 9 year tradition. I have a fun
time every time I go up there. Even though were all older and do crazy things as much
anymore. I tried to dumb down my skills so people didn't think I was too awesome.

7-19-2013 Slow day
It felt like today was going so slow. I felt like the clock wasn't moving at all. I went
to India Palace for lunch today. I was craving indian food. It was ok, but for $11 I am
not sure if its worth it.

7-18-2013 Vball
We had Amber sub today. We won 2 out of 3 games. But we should have won all three.
We eased up and they took advantage of it. We are still leading our division, but we
need to be more serious then that.

7-17-2013 Lift
I've been trying hard not to work out as much. I have been hurting my self. I think my
technique is a bit off. My arms have been sore. I am too lazy to goto the gym. Its hard
when its so freaking hot out.

7-16-2013 Head ache
My head was hurting all day. Not sure why it is. I have been eating pretty good lately.
I couldn't make it to work. My eyes felt like they were coming out of my head. I took
it easy tonight thats for sure.

7-15-2013 Vball
I played some pick up volleyball today to tune up my skills for the big tournament in
August. I am pretty excited for it. It was a warm day and I got some sun. Which is a
good thing. I think I really need more vitamin D.

7-14-2013 Staying away
I was kind of a baby today. I didn't want to deal with the heat at all. So I just stayed
inside and took it easy. I been trying to eat better. But its so hard to do.

7-13-2013 EOS tourney
I was one and done for both teams today. Which was  what I predicted. I just felt we
started off slow. Teams took advantage of it.

I hung out with Erika tonight. We went to the D Spot. It was about an hour and a half
wait. Which sucked, but the food was worth it.

7-12-2013 Quiet?
I was doing my best to stay in tonight. But Brian and jay convinced me to go out to
mad Jacks. I was sober cab. So I took it pretty easy. I had a fun time though. I had to
get home and get some sleep. We had some awesome fish tacos today by the way.

7-11-2013 Drive
I was packing up my stuff today. I really didn't feel like leaving. But I knew I had to
get back in time for volleyball. We won all three but we had four people. It was a work
out thats for sure.

7-10-2013 Sun
I tried to just enjoy sitting outside all day today. We played farkle all day and drank.
It was also much fun. The boat ride was fun. I got pretty tan.  I was feeling pretty
good tonight.

7-9-2013 Cabin
I drove two hours west towards Mindys cabin. I got there and I knew it was going to
be nice and relaxing. We just hung out and drank and watched a movie. I really enjoyed

7-8-2013 Mel
I wanted to get as much done at work today as possible. Since I am leaving town for a
few days. I finally got out of the office and enjoyed the fact I was leaving.

Me and Melissa went to Tiger Sushi. I had a Groupon for that place. It was pretty
good. I thought it was better then I expected. I had low expectations by the way.

7-7-2013 Kristen benefit
I woke up early today to make egg rolls for Kristens part at the Legion today. Melissa
came over early to help. It was a fun time there. I was so tired. I ended up going to my
nephews birthday at Mall of America. I twas at the Sky deck. It was fun, but I drove
home pretty tired.

7-6-2013 Reunion of sorts
Chris called me and he came over. Becky and Emily came over too. WE decided to get
stuff to make strawberry and banana margeritas. It was a drunken good time. I was
feeling it pretty bad.

7-5-2013 The Neighbourhood
As I was sitting at work today. i wanted to do ty something different. I found out
about this band and I went on a whim and bought tickets for it tonight. It was a
pretty good show. Becky came with me and she liked it too. Fun night overall.

7-4-2013 4th Of July
I went over to Jesses house for the 4th of July. It was a good time. We all went over
to Jeffs place and  watched the fireworks in St Louis Park. The fire works show was
ok. I am used to downtown fireworks.

7-3-2013 Dball
I was trying to throw hard, but the ball wasn't flying today. Maybe all the drinks at
happy hour slowed me down. It was something. Not sure what it was. I went to Pats
Tap for dinner. It was good. One of the best chicken sandwiches I ever had. I ill
definitely order it again.

7-2-2013 Working from home
I havn't been feeling good the last day or so. I decided to stay home today and take it
easy. I don't want to be sick for the festivities this weekend. What ever I am doing.
But I just didnt want to deal with it.

7-1-2013 Soup time
With all this nice weather. What do I make for dinner. Soup what else. Jay always
likes the neck bone soup. Its very good comfort food. Even with the warm weather. Plus
its somewhat healthy anyways.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”