7-31-2014 Ashley dinner
I had dinner with Ashley at Salut in St Paul. It was pretty good. I got a lot of
different things. I can't wait for her to come back late August.

I had volleyball tonight in New hope. We won all 3 games. We needed to win. Since this
team beat us last time. I was fairly drunk that time.

7-30-2014 King crab
Me and Mario went to the Uptown Tavern for all you can eat king crab. It was about
$25. We were a bit skeptical. But man was it a good deal. I was eating so much. I love
it really.

I went over to Sushi tango to meet up with becky and Laura. I was feeling pretty good
tonight. I had a nice buzz.

7-29-2014 Vball
Today was a windy day, but we still had some good games playing volleyball. I was
working on my bumps today. They have been a bit off as of late. With my play today. I
am ready for Canadian days.

7-28-2014 Mall
Monday we went to the Mill for Ceils bday for lunch. I actually like that place. I guess
my sophisticated palate loves it.

After work. I needed to waste some time for our gathering later tonight. So I went to
Maplewood mall to waste some time. I can't believe their is a pho restaurant in the
food court. I will try it next time.

7-27-2014 Ankle
My achilles is bothering me again. Especially since some guy ran into me at volleyball
the other day. I wanted to go for a jog today. I wanted to get into better shape. But I
can't seem to get healthy. Vball doesn't help it much. But sand its less pain for me to
play on it.

7-26-2014 Bdays
I went to go play dodgeball today at the Airmaxx for Patricks birthday. We did some
laser tag after also. I was feeling pretty sweaty and gross. So much for the air
conditioning. We went to get a grab and some drinks after.

I got home and cleaned up to go out tonight for Kristens birthday. We all met up at
the Vfw in  Roseville. We then made our way down to Murrays for dinner. I love their
steaks there. It was a good night overall. But my bill was $90 yikes!!

7-25-2014 Bags
When I was at Grumpys after vball. There was a bags tournament. Me and Kumar gave
it a shot. We got knocked out right away. We wanted redemption. So we played in the
2nd tournament and made it to the finals. I didn't want to lose. I couldn't let someone
down there.

7-24-2014 Vball win
We needed a big game tonight. We needed 3 wins against the best team in our division.
Since we are currently in 2nd place. We smoked them the first two game. Then they
came roaring back the 3rd game. But we were able to hold them off. Mario and Michelle
seemed to want to drink tonight. So I stuck around.

7-23-2014 Wednesday vball?
With all the drama from dodge ball lately. I figured it was a good chance for me to
venture off and do something else. There was a Maple Grove Meetup for volleyball. I
will check it out and see what happens.

7-22-2014 Night off
With volleyball over for now. It was nice to get home and relax. I was feeling pretty
tired from the long weekends. I got home and decided what I will be doing to clean my
place more. With recent events. Things are changing rapidly.

7-21-2014 Hot humid
There was no way I was going to be staying at my place tonight with the warm air. I
stayed over at Beckys. I made stir fry for my night stay there. We went to the Legion
to meet up with Che.

7-20-2014 Legion
There was a blues band at the legion so we went there. It was a nice warm day out.
With a nice breeze so we listened to the band outside. I was not going to be sleeping
well tonight with the warm air. We shall see how I do.

7-19-2014 Cameron
I picked up Cameron today and we went to a mini gold place in Spring Lake Park. I
wanted to see how he liked it. He seemed to like it a lot actually. We were only going
to play one course. But I nailed the last putt at the end of the strip to get a free
game. So I took him to the other course.

I went to Jesse's party. I was trying to be a good boy and not drink too much. But of
course. Its tough to do. I had a good time though.

7-18-2014 Friday
I wanted to save some money today. I didn't feel like going out and spending my money.
I figure tomorrow would be somewhat spendy.

7-17-2014 Infinite Gravity
We we actually had most of our team back this week. We won two out of three games
tonight. We should have won all three. We all did a mystery shot. It wasn't too bad

7-16-2014 Laundry
I know another exciting day of doing laundry. But I didn't want to deal with the drama
at dball. Plus I am basically retired from dball. My heart just isn't in it anymore. It
was nice just being home and catching up on things. I had to pick up Che and Kristin and
Becky from the airport anyways.

7-15-2014 Push 75
We finished the season with mixed reviews. We won a tough sloppy battle to win 3rd
place. But we seemed not happy with the result. The team felt battered and bruised.
We won in the 3rd game. But the energy just wasn't there. It starts with me. My
heart wasn't in it today.

7-14-2014 Monday
It was tough being back at work for me. I really couldn't et the energy to really do
anything. Luckily. I stopped in at work Sunday to get a few things done.

7-13-2014 Kobe bday
Kobes bday was actually last week. But we went down to Burnsville for a chinese
buffet. It was ok. For the seafood. If they cooked it a little fresher. They would be so
much better.

7-12-2014 Jamie vball party
I went to Jamies party tonight. I didn't tell her I was coming, but she was glad I
went. We played some good games of vball. I was feeling pretty tired tonight. It was
warm and all the drinking does not help.

7-11-2014 Busy day
It was a beautiful day today. I didn't want to stay in. So I went out and about. got
some things done. Ran a lot of errands today. I didn't want to spend too much money
with it being pay day. I was at grumpys awhile tonight. It was a long night.

7-10-2014 Vacation
I went to have lunch at The hoggs. Marya was working and I was feeling pretty good
all day. It was a long night. But Once I got home I literally passed out right away. I
needed to sleep.

7-09-2014 Dball
I havn't played dball in a long time. I played decent tonight, but I was rusty. I can tell
I lost some zip in my throws and accuracy. I know times running out. I think with my
other sports. I can be done with dball soon.

7-08-2014 Vball
We struggled tonight. We played well, but the other team was just a bit better. We
had big leads but failed to put them away. Hopefully we learn to put teams away. They
were the number one seed.

7-07-2014 Kumars
Kumar had people over for indian food tonight. It was so good. I really enjoyed it
actually. It has some bold flavors on the chicken. The sauce with the naan was awesome.

7-06-2014 Late night
I went on the internet and checked the weather. With th Ac broken. I was hoping for
good weather. So far so good. It will only get to 83 degree highs on Wednesdays. So
things are looking good.

7-05-2014 Smoker
I really wanted to test out the smoker I bought from my brother. It worked pretty
well. I made pulled pork and I was satisfied with the results. I wanted a bit more
smokey flavor, but I can do that next time.

7-04-2014 4th of July
I ended up going to Jeffs. It was a big group of us. The fireworks were pretty good
this year. I tried to be very good. I jut packed my cooler with 6 beers. See where I go
from there. It was a fun night.

7-03-2014 Calm
I wanted to go out tonight. But at the same time. I knew I had a long weekend of
festivities. So I wanted to take it somewhat easy. After sitting around. I ended up at
the Legion anyways. It was nice to get enjoy the night.

7-02-2014 Relax
I didn't goto dodgeball yet again this week. It seems like I have separated my self
away finally. My body is just too beaten up. I am trying to take it easy. Plus I am still
eating my triscuits.

7-01-2014 USA FIFA
I left work early after I got my review. Figured, since I was crabby. I better just go
watch the game. We lost.

I went to volleyball. It was a big playoff game. We barely advanced. it was a tough
game, but we snuck through. Next week. We play the 1 seed.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”