7-31-2015 Quiet
I was so tired tonight. I literally just ran out of juice. I wanted to meet people out.
But I think I may have had too much fun this week. I laid on the couch and eventually
passed out early. It was kinda nice.

7-30-2015 Dinner
I picked Ashley up and we went to Osaka's in Maplewood. She loves Osaka for some
odd reason. I was never a fan of these places. Probably cause it is expensive for what
it is. This has been a pretty expensive week in total. I should take it easy this

7-29-2015 Shawna bday dinner
We went to Moto-I for her bday dinner. I got some fun stuff. I bought her a bottle of
wine. I got some fancy drinks with gummy worms in it. We all went to Herkimer for
more drinks and food.

7-28-2015 Kristen bday
We went to Turtle Lake casino for her birthday. It was pretty fun. We stopped at a
few bars on the way up. I won $20 so I was happy about that. I didn't know what to
expect. But I was glad. I took $200 out of the atm.

7-27-2015 Dball
With me easing up on the weights. I decided to play dodge ball tonight. I am glad I
went. I got a good work out in. I didn't have to throw too much. Which is a good thing.
I knew I needed rest. Got a lot of birthdays this week.

7-26-2015 Tired
I was pretty tired today. Not sure if it was just the long festivities. I been doing
really good lately. Just drinking less and eating better. Today, I took it pretty easy. I
needed to rest. So I did that.

7-25-2015 Apple river
I picked up Shawna and we made our way towards the Apple river. Where our friends
were camping the night before. It was a nice warm day. The river felt good. It was
nice to relax. I was pretty beat from the sun though.

I drove back to the cities and went to Kristens bday party at her house. I was just
toasted all day still. So I didn't feel like drinking too much.

7-24-2015 Crystal house warming
I picked up Andy and we went down to the Lyric apartments. Crystal was excited to
see us. It was fun. We got the beer pong going. It was on the roof top. It was pretty
nice out. I'm unsure why everyone was inside in the party room.

We went to the night cap after words to meet up with his friend Alex. We closed it
down. I am going to be tired tomorrow again.

7-23-2015 Drinks
Jesse was off all week and he wanted to get drinks. I was a bit tired from last night.
We went to Half time rec for two for ones. Then we went to the Hogsbreath for 3 for
1's. Yeah we closed the place down. I am going to be hurting tomorrow.

7-22-2015 Dball
Ashley asked me for a ride to dball today. So I picked her up. We went to Brasa before
for some chicken. I really like it there,.

I wasn't really gonna try to throw too hard at dball tonight. But my arm felt good
surprisingly, But once it got hot and the balls were covered with sweat. I was losing
grip. I had a good night overall though.

7-21-2015 Vball
We had a weaker team tonight at volleyball. But We let them have the 2nd game. We
need killer instinct. We can be soft at times. Too many mistakes. We will fix this
problem next week. I will use it as motivation for the team as we play another weak
team this week. We need to be ready for playoffs in two weeks.

7-20-2015 Dball
I was  playing pretty well tonight. I was trying out my new head band. Which was
great. It really helped with the sweat big time. I will have to buy more. It was still
warm in there though.

7-19-2015 Home
Since we partied pretty hard last night. I think we went to bed at 5am. After playing
beer pong and sneaking into the pool which was closed. It was a rough morning for me. I
was hurting really bad. But I perked up a bit and it wasn't too bad. I was tired though.

7-18-2015 Dells/Madison
Andy picked me up today and we went towarsd Wisconsin to the Dells. We got there. I
was a little weary about the hotel situation. Cause When I did it online. The actual
website, said it was unavailable. But There was a room through travelocity. So once I
got there. They told me to called Travelocity. So we just went to Madison Wisconsin
and got pretty drunk there. They gave me $100 off. So I just got a big king suite.
Since the girls will be meeting us there later tonight.

7-17-2015 Pushing
It was 89 degrees outside and humid. I decided togo for a run anyways after work. I
really pushed my self today. It was hard to run, but I did my best. Still trying to shed
some of this baby weight. Or weight I gained from eating a lot. I went to Cow Boy
Jacks down tonight. Ended up at a foam party it was fun.

7-16-2015 Dinner
I meet with Christina at Origami for dinner tonight. We had some sushi rolls. They
were alright. We went for a walk and ended up at 112 Eatery. We ended up getting
more food. It was so good. It was a good night overall. I just wanted to see if it was
still there,

7-15-2015 Dball
I talked Ashley into coming to dball today over lunch. She did pretty good. Better than
me for sure. I was sore from lifting weights. But I still beat Gordon 9 to 5. I was
feeling sore thats for sure.

7-14-2015 Vball
We have ben feeling good lately. We are on a 9 game win streak and 3 match win
streak. We won to out of 3 games tonight. With our schedule easing up. We will win
our division in the next few weeks.

7-13-2015 Dball
I met Marjan at happy hour before dodgeball. It was nice to get some drinks down, At
Dball. I wasn't throwing too hard. I was sore from weights still. I tried to throw and
the balls were too sweaty for me. I got my exercise though.

7-12-2015 Cannon river
I went down the Cannon river with Joe and Becky today. I wasn't going to go. But I
felt I needed to do it. Since my body was tired and I could go down the river. I had
fun. I was tired. We went to the casino on the way back. I won $4.00. I felt rich.

7-11-2015 Dball/Vball/Picnic
I went to dodgeball today. Cause I was too tired to goto the gym. I knew being in the
hot gym at MLK would make me sweat. I got home and cleaned up and went to Adam K's
bbq and vball. I brought chicken skewers. I had a good time.

7-10-2015 Surprise bday
I ran around the lake today at central park twice. Then I went and played volleyball
for awhile. I got home and cleaned up. Went to my sisters surprise bday party. It was
a lot of fun. But I got pretty drunk doing shots of Jameson,

7-09-2015 Saint game
I had happy hour with Sarah. Which turned into the Saints game. Andy met us down
there. It was fun to check out the stadium. But it wasn't as big as I hoped. It was a
fun day regardless.

7-08-2015 Dball
Since I couldn't play on Monday I decided to play tonight. It was a good showing. But
once those balls got sweaty and wet. I couldn't throw them. I went home. I was so
tired tonight.

7-07-2015 Back at work
It was hard to get back in the swing of things at work. I was trying to get things done
But maybe I might have checked out. Today I decided I was staying for now, Until I
can get another apartment.

7-06-2015 Drive home
I paid for the White house cafe for my family for lunch. It felt good. Since I was able
to afford it for once. I was a bit tired but atleast I got some sleep. It was a long
drive home. Kobe was pretty quiet. But I am home and tired.

7-05-2015 North Dakota
I woke up at 4:30am to get on the road and pick up Kobe. We got to Devils Lake around
noon. I was tired. i had to put ice cubes on my body to wake up. We didn't catch much
fish the first day. I can't believe this is a dry casino lame!

7-04-2015 4th of July
Patrick had his picnic dodgeball slash volleyball all day event there. It was pretty fun.
It was too hot for dodgeball though.

We ended the night at Jeffs and we just all hung out and walked over to watch the

7-03-2015 House warming
I made eggrolls for Tanjas house warming party tonight. I was not feeling the best
from the night before. But I just did the best I can to get through the day, I had a
good time playing cards and other games though.

7-02-2015 Night
I met up with Kristen and Che at the Hogs. I was having a good time. I was dancing
with Kristens crutches on the dance floor. I ended up staying till close. It was a lot
of fun though.

7-01-2015 Dball
I had a hard time getting going today at dodgeball. My arm was tired from playing on
Monday. But I wanted to run around enough to get a work out in.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”