7-31-2016 Busy
I went to my nephews house. I picked up Cameron and Mason and we took Zoomie for a
walk and a little picnic. They had fun with the dog. They are afraid of him at first. But
after awhile, they liked him. I grew up not liking dogs. Cause I wasn't really exposed
too it.

7-30-2016 Drinks
I spent mostly all day with Zoomie. I was supposed to watch my nephew. But that fell
through. Went to Target to get some shopping done. I went out at night and it was fun.
I needed some late night happy hour. Plus havn't been to Station 280 in awhile.

7-29-2016 Friday fun
I had a pretty busy week at work. I needed some type of escape. I went out for Marks
little reunion with all of us since he left TIES. We met at the White bear VFW. It
was good to see him. But he didn't like the loud noise there.

7-28-2016 Kristen bday
We had drinks at the Hoggsbreath. Then we made our way to the Porterhouse. It was
really good. I had the lamb rack, which was pretty cheap for $31. It was good. But I
didn't like the wine reduction as  much.

7-27-2016 Happy hour
I feel a little bad this week. I havn't been walking him as much during the day. I have
been tired and just lazy. I had drinks tonight which caused me to stay in. Ashley made
some pizza roll rollup thing. But she burnt it haha.

7-26-2016 Legion
I went over to Beckys to help her with her ikea purchase. After that I went to the
legion for drinks. I havnt been there in awhile. But I was craving it. It was a late
night for me.

7-25-2016 Condiments
We lost 2 to 1. We were just beaten this week. We had a good sub. But once again. Too
many mistakes, too many serving errors. Nobody to blame but our selves. We cant beat
people when we make more mistakes.

7-24-2016 Sunday sub
I subbed for Zero Gravity tonight. We lost 2 to 1. But we should have done better. We
had them on the ropes. But they were having fun. So i can't complain. I had more fun
that Mary was giving me crap about not marrying Cara.

7-23-2016 Crystal jeremy wedding
They got so lucky. They were able to do an outside wedding, it worked out, the rain
literally stopped in time for the wedding. I had such a good time. Even though I was
soaked in the rain from going bar to bar for an atm machine. But it was a fun night

7-22-2016 Drinks
It is official. I adopted Zoomie today. I drove and finally filled out the paperwork.

I went out tonight to celebrate. Well me and becky went to the Hogsbreath for old
times sake. It was fun. I miss Cass and Cory there.

7-21-2016 Hot #2
Once again I walked Zoomie in the morning and basically said screw it. I didn't want
to walk later tonight. I have been eating terribly again. I need to fix my hunger issues.

7-20-2016 HOT
It was sop hot today. I walked Zoomie in the morning and when I got home from work.
I refused to leave the house. It was gross out. I wanted no part of it. I was going to
try to do push ups in the hot garage. But i held back.

7-19-2016  Happy hour
I always seem to goto Cowboy Jacks on Tuesday for happy hour. Its cheap and Tuesday
is my do nothing night. So its nice for me to just relax.

7-18-2016 Vball
We wanted to beat this team 3 to 0. But we won 2 to 1. They aren't in our league. But
they always seem to get a win. We lacked that killer instinct again. The games were
close and they should have been blow outs.

7-17-2016 Zoomie
Since I neglected him a bit yesterday. I took him over to Kristen and Che's. So he
could play with Billy. He ran around quote a bit. He was passed out when we got home. I
was tired too.

7-16-2016 Apple river
I woke up today and decided. Why not head down the river. So I went to the apple river
with the dballers. I had fun, we went down twice.

I went home and let Zoomie out and made my way to Jamies vball party in east bethel.
it was fun, but very low key.

7-15-2016 Low key
I have been so tired lately. I just wanted to take it easy tonight. I went out and had
drinks with Joe and Kelli and the Vfw in Roseville. Its been awhile since I have been

7-14-2016 Drinks
Gordon dropped more stuff off at my place. Dave had drinks with us. We had a pretty
big tab. But he was trying to convince us to goto the river again. We both declined. I
just wasn't feeling it this year.

7-13-2016 Wilderness walk
I took Zoomie through some nature preserve trail. It was nice. A bit crowded, but I
was sweating like crazy. It felt like a jungle in there. I made it through though. It is
crazy how many steps I get. I havn't been to the gym in awhile.

7-12-2016 Happy hour
i had so much fun at happy hour today. I was trying to take it easy, but Dave was
really pushing for me to get to the river this weekend. I was not feeling it. But who
knows, my mind changes often.

7-11-2016 Vball
We won tonight, but I wish we could have won all three games. we just lack the killer
instinct to win games. We are not very careful of the ball. Stupid mistakes will always
haunt us.

7-10-2016 Drinks
I had brunch with Maggie and Becky today. It was pretty good at Pizza Luce. I wasn't
really expecting much. I subbed for volleyball tonight. We won 2 to 1. With Zoomie
worn out. I went and had drinks tonight. I really needed it. I went to the Legion and
the Vadnais Inn.

7-09-2016 Saturday
I got some good sleep again last night. It really helped my mind. I lifted some weights
today. Today I start my new regime and get back into shape. It will be even harder. I
feel my age these days.

7-08-2016 Moving Becky Part 2
we got Becky all moved into her new condo. It wasn't too bad with more help this time.
But I was pretty sore from it. I tried to push through. I wanted to take it easy.

I drove to Prior Lake for my sisters/Kobes birthday. It was at a 1.8 million dollar
home. It was cool that was for sure.

7-07-2016 Sleep
Finally got some sleep last night. Which was so awesome. I felt so refreshed this
morning. Today I decided to make the push on July 23rd. Crazy how summer is almost
over in a weird way.

7-06-2016 Lazy
I needed some exercise, but I was too lazy to get to dodgeball. The god has worn me
down. Which is a good thing. But i just haven't been able to catch up.

7-05-2016 Tuesdays
I had a case of the Tuesdays. Thats for sure. I was feeling down all day. I think i just
felt alone on the 4th of July this year. Not sure why. But I kept moving on. Today was
a rough day.

7-04-2016 4th of July
I didn't get to watch the fireworks this year. I wanted to be home for the dog.  But I
didn't go this year. Which ended a 12 year streak I think. I had a hard time sleeping. I
felt slightly depressed.

7-03-2016 Drinks and dogs running around
Went over to Kristen and Ches today for drinks and just had the dogs run around all
day. It was fun. He was seriously running all over the place. They had fun. i was
exhausted tonight.

7-02-2016 Shopping
I can't tell you the last time I went and got some clothes. Ashley came over and we
played with Zoomie a bit. We went to go look for a cone for him. He kept licking his
wounds. We got some shopping done as well. I havn't gotten anything from American
eagle in a long time.

7-01-2016 Sleep
The weekend is here and I really don't have many plans. Which is a first. Maybe time
has moved so fast I forgot what is going on. I fell asleep early tonight. I guess I
better get a quick start to the weekend. Zoomie got his buts cut off today.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”