7-31-2017 Vball win
We played against a gritty team this week. They fought well. But we were just a bit
better. We struggled a bit. But we did well and didnt buckle this week.

I got a flat tire on the way home. I don't know why i said a flat tire, but I got a giant
nail stuck in it. I dropped it off at tires plus in their lock box and ubered it home.

-28-2017 Last day of severance
Today was my official last pay check from TIES. Which means my time there of over 11
and a half years is over. Time to move forward and figure the next phase of my life.

7-24-2017 Vball win
We had a nice easy win tonight. They put up a fight in the last game, but we played
great. Probably the best I have ever seen. We covered tips well.

I went to Costco after. Iwas so excited to just check out the store. I was over
whelmed by their deli though. So I will have to go back another time.

7-20-2017 Drinks
I had drinks with Gordon, Dave and Andy. Gordon wanted to check out the new Crooked
pint off larpentaur and 35e. The inside still reminds me of the old champs. But their
service really sucked.

7-19-2017 Tree
A tree fell on my parents house, so both brother sand I went and chopped it down and
moved it. It was a lot of work. I don't like heights much, but the roof scares me.

7-18-2017 Spiderman: homecoming
I took the nephews to see the movie today. Kobe, Mason and Cameron. They enjoyed the
movie. I picked the wrong seats. I thought they were the back, but they were the far

We lost another heart breaker tonight at kickball extra innings again and we had a
giant lead.

7-17-2017 Tough matches
We won tough games tonight. We wanted our revenge from the first week in the
season. We lost 2 to 1. But we really had to fight for it. We struggled with tips again.
But We dont have  a system in place to move bodies around.

7-16-2017 Busy
We had dinner at my sisters house for her and Kobes bday this year. We drank and ate
a lot. People liked my fried rice. So thats a plus. I wasn't ready to go home so I just
got a bunch of drinks. It was a fun night.

7-14-2017 Bar
I needed a night out to just relax tonight. I went to the bar and hung out with the
regulars. They crack me up all the time.

7-11-2017 Premium debut
We lost in extra innings today. The score was 11 to 10. It was a heart breaker. But
hopefully we do better next week.

7-10-2017 Vball win
We won another one tonight at vball. The team only had 4 players but they gave us a
lot of problems. We won though. So I am happy.

7-09-2017 Sunday fun
My routine of morning walks is my new favorite thing to do. Its relaxing and I am
getting my exercise in. Which is a good thing. If I could only control the eating alot
things. But I do have 5 small containers of different ice cream. Its ok if they are
small pints right?

7-08-2017 Relaxing
I went for a nice long walk with Zoomie today. He was excited. He loves his walks
thats for sure. I got a bit tired from the sun. I went to the grocery store to get a
few things, but I had a nice lazy day today.

7-07-2017 Home
I got in my uber and just headed to the airport. It was so nice to just get home. I was
tired from all the eating and the sun.

I was exhausted when I got home. I ate very little. I was so full from yesterday still.
All and all. This was a good trip.

7-06-2017 Chicago pt 2
We went to this place Ashley wanted to get her french toast. I got the lump crab,  
crab cake. It was really good. We went to the Cubs game. We know a guy that worked
there so we got free beers and nachos. We went to a couple of bars and ate more and
more food. A fried chicken place then a burger place. They were good. But I couldn't
eat anymore.

7-05-2017 Chicago
We dropped Zoomie off at Maggies house and we were off to Chicago. The AirBNB was
pretty sketchy so we just decided to rent a hotel. We ate at some pizza place. It was
ok. We had drinks at this bar called Sway bar. It was fun hanging out with the owner
and drinking there,

7-04-2017 4th
This has to be one of my first quiet 4th of July I have ever had. I went over to Andy
and Sarah's house with Zoomie. Then I just went home and hung around. I went to the
bar. I didn't get a chance to see fireworks this year.

7-03-2017 Hung over
I was a bit hung over today. I went and just laid around all day. Eventually I got up
and started to clean around the house. I wanted it to be nice by the time I got back
from Chicago.

7-02-2017 Hanging
Another day where I am walking Zoomie for long periods of time. I was so tired from
this. But I aint doing anything in the day. I am really enjoying my self. Its causing me
to look ahead.

7-01-2017 Exercise
I was surprised it was July already. It felt so weird. Summer is kind of moving really
fast already. I promised my self I would get into better shape and eat better. I did
some grocery shopping to make more soups and healthier foods.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”