Old Journals

6/30/06 - I got up and got ready for lots of camping. Lots of food, lots of liquor. Everything I
need for a nice relaxing camp trip. On the drive up, I was thinking about the last time I went
camping and how it changed me afterwards. I guess with all the built up stress. I just wanted
to take some time off. The campsite was a nice size, Lunzer, brad , Casey and Kiersten came
up later on. Just a casual pace tonight, nothing overly drunk, but I liked it alot. Oh yeah,
today would have been my 3 year break up with Evelyn anniversary if anyone was keeeping
count. Camping, has already made me forget about that.

6/29/06 - I saw a commercial the other day. It was a Wendy's commercial about not always
having to eat their fries, and you can choose the sides. Well I hate their fries. So I ended up
going there, but I still couldn't decide what to get so I got fries. Kind of a dumb story, but it
explains how odd I am. Today, me and Joey basically walked our seperate ways. I tried my
best, but I failed. I went to The corner bar after work for a few drinks. Heather has gotten a
little bit bigger in her tummy. She still looks cute though. It is Heather. I am so happy for her,
she is always smiling now. I went to Walmart to pick up a few camping supplies. I am quite
excited, I finally get my time to relax and rest up a bit.

6/28/06 - I got to work early today. I was just focused on getting work done today. For lunch
today I had taco Bell. It seems every time I eat there. I end up splurging a bit. I been a little
tired lately, I don't think I been feeling well. I think I might goto the doctor after the 4th of july.
After work today I went over to Joeys and we had dinner. I havn't really got a chance to
spend time with her lately. It was kind of weird not playing poker tonight. I got some shit for it,
but I love my poker. Just not tonight I guess. I went to Legends later and got some drinks in
me. I just wanted to get wasted. Tonight, I think I accomplished that. Although, I got some
good friends that made me laugh tonight. Just couldn't get my mind off of things.

6/27/06 - I felt a little tired this morning. I knew I couldn't call in sick again. Work went by
pretty fast today. I have some in my pocket these days. Or should I say my checking
account. I am start to feel like I am cash money all over again. After work today I went to
Blockbuster and rented the final disc for LOST. That show is so addicting. I have lost some
weight the past few weeks. I am proud of my self, but I just got to keep it off and not eat alot
still. Alot easier said then done. So, I have been trying to figure out the future of Zero
Gravity, the old kickball team. I havn't really asked around too much. I just got alot going on
right now, I don't know if I have the time to run the team again. Tonight, I got to sick back and
relax. I love each moment right now. I forgot what it was like to be at peace again.

6/26/06 - I was puking this morning. The sushi I ate the night before was not sitting well at all.
I was sweaty and I just felt ishy. I laid home and barely ate any food. I was afraid too actually.
I felt better later on in the day. I went to play kickball for Lunzers kickball team. I believe we
lost, but it didn't feel like a regular kickball game to me. Tonight, I am going to bed a little
early. I hope this week goes by fast. I seem to have  a new swagger lately.

6/25/06 - I woke up at 5:30am to pick up my dad at the airport. I was so tired. I just wanted to
sleep. This afternoon, I went to my first twins game of the season. We all met up at Fred's
place and we drank from a keg there. Me and Mary had good bonding time at the game. I
don't think we were paying too much attention too it. Afterwards. I went out for Brian's
birthday at Martini Blu. I am not too big of a sushi fan and I was feeling sick afterwards.
Tonight I just want to pass out.

6/24/06 - I woke up pretty early this morning. I went to goto the mall and do some shopping.
Basically looking for some new flip flops. I played dodgeball today, but it seemed alot less
busy then normal. I nded up going out with Danielle and Chad at Bullwinkles later that night.
Got some good drinks in me. I really needed a drink. I think tonight. I am just upset with the
female species. They have been pissing me off.

6/23/06 - I was not feeling to well this day. I was in a chipper mood, but just not feeling it. I am
glad we got paid though. I desperately needed it. I had lunch with andy at Old chicago. I forgot
how much I love there pizza's. After work today I went over to Joeys to install a wireless card in
her computer. Later on that night, I went over to Paul's and played some holdem. I told him I
would make an appearance one of these times and I just happen to do it.

6/22/06 - I was full of energy today. Today was the big championship game for kickball. I  
wanted to get another championship under my belt. I will get to that later. At work today,
things moved quite quickly. I have been eating at Mcdonalds alot for lunch. I better quit doing
that. After work I drove my dad to the airport. He was going to somewhere in Cali. Finally it was
game time. It was a high scoring battle. We had the lead at one point, but we went into extra
innings again. We ended up losing 21 to 22 this time. We almost got the win, but it wasn't our
night tonight. I was so upset, I had to leave the field. I couldn't stick around like I normally do. I
promised I wouldn't get mad if we lost. We proved we could play with any team this year. I am
proud of that, we backed down to nobody. I just wanted to win it for the people on my team
this time. Instead of me first this time.

6/21/06 - Today went by really fast. I have regain my focus, but I was still leary about alot of
things. For lunch today I had burger king. I know I have ate at Mcdonalds alot lately and a
whopper just sounds good right now. I don't even know why I bother going out and getting
food. There is always left over food after meetings and such. I didn't want to exercise today. I
wanted to conserve my energy for the big game tomorrow night. I went to go play poker and I
was chip leader at one point at the final table. Eventually I was 3rd place and won a tiny $10
bucks. Its winning money though. So I am a bit stoked. Something triggered in my head last
night. I feel happy right now, real happy, but I don't know why. I confuse my self sometimes.

6/20/06 - Today was pretty busy. I was trying to stay on top of things, but I just lost control.
Today, I am having trouble dealing with my inner demons. After work today, I went to shoot
some hoops at Falcon Park, its the court I normally play tennis at lately. I got an email from an
old friend today. Asking me on somethings about dating and such. I basically got yelled at. For
once, I saw things I never saw before. I found out I need to let go of the past. Which I did. Its
just very hard lately, when I am trying to make everybody happy, but when I need to be
cheered up nobody is around. I went to kickball tonight to cheer everyone on, and to get out
and clear my mind. The Steamers finally won the big one and I was happy for them. As I was
driving home, I drove by the cemetary on Roselawn ave and saw the old elementary school
were the cops picked me up and brought me to the hospital over a few years ago. My inner
demons found me again. This time I didn't panick. Just feeling tired right now. Only my very
very close friends know what happened that night. Tonight, I can only help but to reminisce.
Obviously I am a bit sad tonight.

6/19/06 - I decided to pack my self a very small lunch. Ok basically alot of baby carrots.
Ofcourse, I was still hungry after that. I had to fight it, I been eating so much lately. Plus today i
was taking a step forward on eating healthier and being healthier. After work today I went to
the park and I had alot on my mind. So I went for a nice little jog around Pioneer Park. I got
home and I saw Andy and Jen biking. They stopped by and invited me over for sloppy joes. I
came over and we ended up watching Office Space. I didn't remember too much from the
movie so it was like watching it all over it again. I got home and I was hungry. I just had to fight
the temptation.

6/18/06 - I woke up and went to the basketball court by my house. I called Andy so we could
go shoot some hoops. I just wanted to get outside and running around. I havn't had a chance
too the past 2 weeks. Just been busy I guess. We were having a bbq for my dad today. So I
loaded up on hamburger meat and cheese and buns. I think I ate everything from lobster to
hamburgers for Fathers day. We eat everything that taste yummy I guess. I also got my
haircut. I was sick of the long hair so I had to shave it all off. So my brown colored hair is all
gone. I guess back to black hair I go. Or is it? Guess you will have to see me. Tonight, I just
wanted to relax and take it easy. This week is going to be another slobber knocker.

6/17/06 - I told Joey I would be on time to help her move. I got there at 8:30am. Ha, talk
about being punctual. She had a trailor full of stuff. Her dad, mom, brother and grandpa came
to help. I think we got her all moved in within a 2 or 3 hour span. I was a bit winded and hung
over. I decided to get away for awhile and play some dodgeball at Kenwood. The showing was
quite dead. There was about 9 people. So I got to play some dodgeball even though I was
already winded. Later on, I picked Joey up and we went to go watch The Lakehouse. I really
wanted to see this movie, so I was glad I got too. It was really good. Afterwards, I went over to
Dan and Kristin's house. They were having a party for Kristin's friend Paula. We ended up going
to the Breakaway later that night. I got alot of alcohol in me. I think I wen through 6 bottles of
Premium and 3 shots of yag and I don't remember how much I ordered at the bar. I had alot
too eat so I was ok.

6/16/06 - TGIF. I think I am just been a bit tired lately. I think its old age. Today was also the
beginning of my journey to becoming a softball player. Well, I had a few drinks at FRIDAY's in
Roseville. Jake and the other bartenders know me now. So its nice having bartenders that know
you. We I got to the field for softball and it was raining. They decided to play anyways. They
put me in right field. First ball was hit my way and it went over my head. It was tough, since it
was raining hard. Then next hitter hit it to right field again. This time I caught it, it was a difficult
catch since it was curving alot. Then I got up to bat and I popped it up, by 2nd base. I was just
thrilled I hit the ball. Then they called the game, since it rained very hard. So I guess all of it
didn't count. Later on that night we had a outting at Becky and Jamie's, basically alot of

6/15/06 - Today was going to be an awkward day. Things have not been going so well for me
lately. I will just skip to the most exciting news of the day. Zero gravity pulls off the biggest
upset in kickball history in my eyes. We beat Unmentionables 13 to 10 tonight. I knew if we
could contain there bunts I trusted everyone to make catches in the outfield. We scored points
too. So we seem to be progressing as a team. Right now, I am just full of joy and I am very
very proud of my team. I later made my way to Ryan's outting at the Country bar. It was his
bday and I wouldn't miss it at all. Did I say how happy I am tonight. Lately, I need to drift away,
I guess I am drifting now.

6/14/06 - I finally got some sleep. I just wish I could focus more lately. Things have gotten really
screwy with me lately. Today I told my self I would never eat at Mcdonalds again. So what do I
do. Eat at Mcdonalds. What can I say, its so cheap and it taste very yummy. I got my review
at work today. I don't know what to think about it so I will just leave it as it is. I wen to the mall
with Joey cause she needed some pants. So I helped her pick some. We got in a little
argument, bu tI hope things are ok. To get my mind off of things. I went to play poker at the
VFW. I did farely well. I made the final table but I just took too many chances and I lost. Poker
help me clear my mind. Tonight, I just felt lonely though. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
I am a little drunk, but I chose to be drunk. Glad I got to get wasted. Lately thats been my
escape to be able to sleep lately.

6/13/06 - I was so tired this morning. I tried to goto bed early tonight, but I have alot on my
mind lately. After work today I helped Joey clean her new place. Its over in NE minneapolis and I
am not too fond of that area. Across the bridge is North Minneapolis. I feel like I am going to get
shot. Tonight, I went to go watch some kickball. It was playoff time and there was a major
upset. I only had one beer, I am just trying to not drink as much lately. Its kind of hard to do
that when your always at all these functions as of late. Tonight, I just want to watch the
basketball game. Go Mavericks.

6/12/06 - I was a bit tired this morning. I had a very long weekend. Today was an odd day, but
it went by fast. I went to go eat lunch with Joey at Pizza Hut. Later on that day, I went to Lisa's
birthday outting at Olive Garden. I havn't ate there in a very long time. But I just don't feel it
much there anymore. I feel theres alot of other italian places that has passed them by.
Afterwards, I went to the casino with Becky and Katie. We were drinking wild turkey on the way
up to Mystic Lake. I never had it before, but it was very strong and gross. Actually, now that I
think about it. I kinda liked it. I was up a dollar all night. So I decided to just stay ahead of it. So I
won $1.

6/11/06 - I picked up my nephews this morning. SIcne my sister and her b/f wanted to go to a
car convention or something like that. Either way, I got home and finally got on the internet. Its
been 3 days since I got onto the internet. I was missing alot of emails and such. Also, I gotta
have my myspace. HAHAHA, I took a nap from 2pm to 6pm. Ok, that is more like a regular
nightly sleep for some people. I went on the grill to cook some hotdogs. These were some big
brats. Yummy, thats all I have to say. Tonight, I just wanted to relax and chill. My body is not
healing properly lately. I think thats why I feel so tired lately. So, I got a call, and since I was
bored, I figured why not get a few drinks at FRIDAYS. So I drank, and drank. I just wanted, to
relax. So a very late night drinking on a Sunday night. I think I am feeling lonely, but yet, the
experience of meeting this Katie girl there made me realize a few things. So I think this will
change me starting tomorrow.

6/10/06 - Woke up and we walked to Walgreens to grab some snacks. There was something
going down at the Capitol itself. I think it was a fair of some sort for kids. I couldn't tell what it
was. All I know was, there was just alot of weird people out there. We went to a few seminars
today. They were ok, but it just seemed like it was stuff, I could find here or something. I wasn't
too impressed. Seems like I am just not impressed all the time anymore. I don't know. We
decided to drive home and we had more bonding time and talking. I figured when Scott talks its
like a lecture, but I just let him talk, since he likes talking. I ended up going  to Isanti for Brian's
bonfire. Ofcourse lots of drama happened up there. AHH its so nice to be home in dramaland. In
Madison there was no drama and peace and quiet in the hotel. I guess, my life is drama.

6/09/06 - I woke up very early this morning. I think I got up around 6am. I had to be over at
Scott's by 7:30am. I was so dragging this morning. I think I almost fell over at one point. We
made our way towards Madison today. I hate long car drives. I really really do. I think we only
stopped twice. Thats pretty good for us. Since we got some weak blatters. The convention was
alright. We got to me tour rep, he was alright. We went to go eat at some steak place. It was
alright also. It was kind of cool, the hotel was on the lake. Made it more cool to look at.

6/08/06 - I was a little slow moving this morning. I was kind of packing for tomorrow, but I felt
too lazy. Today, I brought my macaroni and garlic in for lunch. I think it was pretty good, but
there was free chinese food upstairs. I had to grab it. I drove over to Dan and Kristins house
after work. I figure I could finally see there place since they moved in. Finally, it was the biggest
game of the season for kickball. Never in my kickball career have I missed the playoffs. We win,
were in, we lose, were not in. Simple as that. Well we ended up winning 13 to 5, I was very
excited. Afterwards, we played a little mini all star game of our division. I went home and packed
for a long weekend.

6/07/06 - Today had to be the most busiest day ever at work. I think I got like 10 emails from
Scott. I got through them like a trooper though. There isn't anything I can't handle. I brought
in carrots for lunch today. I ended up eating Papa Johns pizza. So much for my diet. I think I
was convinced to goto Milwaukee next weekend. Tonight, I went to play poker at the VFW. I
think I wasn't really trying to win it, but to just hang around. Since poker is my safe heaven, or
something like that. I know it doesn't make any sense at all. As I was driving home tonight, I
saw a homeless guy on the street. Normally I don't feel bad for them, but this time, it just hit
me deep down inside. I drove by, and didn't do a thing, but I think next time. I might try to
make a difference.

6/06/06 - 6,6,6. Thats all I heard about all day today. I even heard a newborn baby had a 666
birth mark in Romania or something like that. Thats garbage!! All I got to say is, as long as Tony
F'n Cu is on this planet. I am the next big thing. Ok enough with the ego thing. I didn't go out
to eat today, surprisingly. After work I played tennis with Joey. She hurt her arm, so we had to
stop the match. I was dominating anyways. Oh well. I decided to not watch kickball games
tonight. I just wanted to go home and relax for a bit. I have had alot on my mind lately.
Luckilly, I have someone I can talk to lately. Nobody knows of her, and I am glad she has been
around to just keep my mind straight.

6/05/06 - I am trying to think of a day where I was just dragging. I couldn't think of one, but
today I was feeling it. I think I need to stand in the rain and get some strength from the earth.
Ok, maybe I am doing the whole soul searching thing again. Who knows. Enough jibberish. I
went to Fridays with Becky, we had more then a few long islands there. I was pretty drunk
during happy hour I went home and just relaxed. I somehow ended up going out with Joey to
Dairy Queen. Then we met up with Becky and Jamie at the Shortstop. It was an interesting

6/04/06 - I have been having issues sleeping again. I am considering going to the doctor lately.
It is really affecting me alot. I went to go to the parks to work out. I was tired, but Mary gave
me a call and wanted me to go to Grand ol days. It was a fun time there, alot of people were
there and our group, which we ended up losing most of the time. We did eventually end up at
the KDWB beer garden. That was fun, we listened to some band that played alot of cover
songs, but it was a blues band type of group too. I got home and just went right to bed. I was
so tired.

6/03/06 - I went to go meet up with Joey, and her kids Hailee and Kyra. We went to the
Childrens museum. I have never been there before so I was a little excited to go there. It was
basically a step down from the science museum. We then brought the kids to the zoo. It was
so hot out. I don't remember the Como zoo being so full. Its pretty happening these days
there. Tonight, Brian and lisa wanted to go watch a movie. I finally got a chance to see Xmen 3.
I was a little disappointed in the movie. It was not even close to being as good as the first two
movies. I am sure this will be the last Xmen movie, they did kill off alot of characters. I went over
to Brian and Lisas to hang out for a bit afterwards.

6/02/06 - Work went by pretty fast today. I think I was just getting stuff done and I wanted to
get the weekend started as soon as possible. After work, I went straight home and watched
another 8 episodes of LOST. Yeah, i know thats LOST over kill. So technically within a 24 hour
period I watched 12 episodes of LOST. Crazy... huh.. I got bored and decided to go watch the
Break up very very late at night. It could have been better but it wasn't as good as I thought it
would be.

6/01/06 - Today, I felt better then I have been feeling the past few days. I normally been
having this horrible tummy feeling which blows. I have been losing some weight again. I think I
try my best to get into shape. For lunch I decided to eat chinese. Yes very greasy chinese.
Even though I just typed something about eating healthy. Hahaha. We went to happy hour for
drinks before the game. I wanted to get hammered, but timing wasn't on my side and I realized
we had a 7pm game. We lost 10 to 1 tonight. We kept it close, but then they had a big inning
on us. It always seems we find ways to shoot our selves in the foot. Oh well, I have finally come
to the conclusion, that this is for fun. I just don't even want to argue with the refs anymore. I
am getting sick and tired of the other teams being assholes. Then nothing gets done. I got
home and since I am back on netflix. I wanted to get into the whole LOST thing. So I watched
the first 4 episodes of LOST.
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