Old Journal

6-30-08 Ah yes the sound of birds chirping waking me up in the morning. I was trying to decide
what to do for lunch today. I was so indecisive. I ended up driving south on snelling. Then I got
on 94 and took 280 back to 36. I then decided to goto rosedale and goto market place. I just
didn't know what to do. After work today, I went over to Andys and Jenni or tacos. We went
to Dairy queen afterwards. I am starting to think we goto dairy queen alot lately. I got home
and just took it easy. I let the old memories consume me for a few seconds then I just let it go
and it was just another normal day to me. I am happy that this year it didn't really affect me to
much. I know I brought it up a bit, but this year just felt like it was over with. I know it took me
awhile. Its just all part of the moving forward phase.

6-29-08 I wanted to go running today. It was just so hot out, I lost alot of motivation. I guess it
aint to hard to do for me anyways. I spent alot of time at target getting stuff for camping next
weekend. I am excited and at the same time. I hate the long 2 hour drive up there. Once I get
up there, I cant wait to just sit there and relax. I went to go see "Wanted" today. It was ok, it
was Matrix like in its own weird way. Kinda crazy stuff, but nothing I havn't seen before. I went
to Northtown to do some shopping. I am looking at pants and shorts. I went to POV's early
tonight. Since we had a late game. We had lots of time to waste. We won 2 games and lost our
last game. It was a bit deflating losing one game to the last place team. I dunno, what we have
to do. In 2 weeks we have our big showdown with the first place team. Hopefully we will be
ready for them. I made a stop at the blue fox for good times and memories. I havn't been
there in awhile. Tomorrow is the day I hate most in my life. After lots of time, it should just be
another day tomorrow.

6-28-08 I spent most of the sleeping in. I was so tired and I needed to just lay in bed as much
as I could. I did some should exercises. I have been slacking on the body building department. I
guess I have been more focused in slimming down. I went for a nice walk around central park
today. I have been trying to get things out of my head. With June 30th around the corner. It
hasn't affected me as much this year. I think I am just over it. It still lingers in the back of my
mind. I went to Fridays for some mid day food. I was starving and it was around 3:30pm. I
wanted something healthy, so I got chicken. I went to go pick up Cara and Andy and we went
to the Twins game. Everyone else met up with us once we got there. It was a crappy game.
Twins ended their winning streak. I am bad luck. We went to the Corner bar afterwards. I had a
bad headache tonight, so I wasn't really in a drinking mood. Chad, Danielle, and Mike went to
Sgt Prestons, I wanted to go, cause I love that place. But I was just too out of it.

6-27-08 I had trouble sleeping last night again. I was feeling so tired. I thought about drinking
coffee again. Today was a bit of a wacky day. We went to Chianti for Nancy's heavilly belated
birthday lunch. I had the meatball sandwich, which was their special for lunch. It was horrible. It
was so salty, and I eat more sodium then anyone you may know. I was doing my budget plans
for camping this next weekend. I estimated around $170 bucks. I thought camping was
supposed to be cheap. After work today I went to Brians house for drinks. Mostly everyone
from work was there. I was full off of eating munchies. I got home and I was so tired. I fell asleep
while watching tv. I woke up at around midnight. I am glad I was able to stay in tonight. I just
needed to relax. I have been so out of it lately. My body gets to rest tonight. Hopefully I will be
more active and about tomorrow.

6-26-08 I was so tired this morning. I couldn't sleep last night and I think I went to bed around
3am. This is so lame, it makes me mad. I was having a hard time staying motivated today. I had
to get up and walk around a bit today. I left Ashley a message on her voicemail. I wished her
Happy bday. I know shes still mad at me, but I am a stand up person and gotta try to fix those
bridges. I went to Checker auto parts today to get some brake pads. I gave into taco bell. It
was right there. I figured I could just splurge since I have been so good. During my lonely lunch
visit. I had an idea. I felt it was time for me to change history. What I mean by that. I have no
clue. Well maybe I do. But I am sure my favorite readers will take that out of context and make
it something more. Nah, I think for a tonycu.com first. I will just tell you right now what I meant
by that. It means I am moving forward. I have been moving forward for about a month now
really. My priorities have changed and I just have goals I want to take care of now. Tonight, I
got home and I was trying to fix my brakes. I failed horribly. I couldn't get the damn tire off. I
suck. Oh well, I kinda got over my fear of working on cars again. Atleast a car didn't fall on me
this time. Tomorrow I decided I am taking the Durango for a spin or the day.

6-25-08 I noticed my brakes were grinding a bit this morning. Which blows, cause I didn't want
to have to deal with it. I told my self that when it comes time to get them done. I would actually
take care of it and get over my fear of getting under a car again. My incident I had like 4 years
ago when I had a car drop on my forearm was not a good feeling and I think I am over it now.
It was pretty busy today. I don't know how I am doing so many different things with out my
head falling off. After work today I went to the vfw to get a drink. It was only one drink. I kinda
milked it. I guess I didn't have a choice. I was  just not thirsty. I went to the game tonight. I was
running behind. Traffic was just horrible. Luckilly I made it in time. Jeff put me in the beginning
of the line up. So that means I can't kick away. We won 6 to 0. The team forfeited after the 6th
inning. They didn't want anymore of us I guess. Most of the team went to the 5/8 club
afterwards for food and drinks. I was so hungry, that when it came time to eat I barely ate my
food. My tummy is affecting my hunger. Just toying with my emotions. I went over to Green
Mill in Shoreview for Russ's birthday. We did a couple shots. Jameson equals ishy. Anyways I
got home and I was wide awake I couldn't sleep. I got stuff running through my mind this time
of year. I fell asleep around 3am I think.

6-24-08 I woke up this morning going to the bathroom more then anything I have ever done. I
didn't know my body could have so much liquid in it. It was kinda scary it was a weird reddish
color. Not sure if thats normal. I decided to take the day off. Physically I didn't think going to
the bathroom every 15 minutes would be work appropriate. Plus I am mentally breaking down
anyways. My butt started hurting from how many times I had to go. It was ridiculous. I got
some much needed sleep. My arm is hurt. I am not sure why there is a big bruise near my heart
when I looked at it today. I am just a complete mess. So i was drinking pepto bismol like it was a
cold beer on  a hot sunny day. It was a wonderful day and I was unable to do anything. I was
just so mad at everything. I have been good so far. I have almost forgotten about june 30th.

6-23-08 I was pretty crabby this morning. I was just out of it today. I think today I hit the wall.
I really wasn't too motivated for anything at all. I need time off and I should have done it a
month ago. I think I will be taking some time off in July. Not sure when though. There has been
talks of my brothers buying a cabin two hours up north. I thought that would be kinda cool. Me
and Danielle went to the fair grounds and threw the softball around. It was hot out. It was a
nice work out for my arm, which hasn't been feeling well. Just because I havn't used it for
sports lately. I went to Jimmy Johns today for lunch. I wanted something light and fluffy. Yes
thats right, I said fluffy. I felt real sick after I ate my sub. I was thinking about going home, but I
figured I would tough it out. I got home and I threw up. I think I ate some bad meat or
something. I don't think I will be going to Jimmy Johns for awhile. Tonight I just laid low and
watched a couple movies from my blockbuster online account.

6-22-08 I think I spent most of my after noon working out. I hit the basketball court and shot
some hoops. I ran up and down the court a few times. Just enough to wear my self out. I was
winded, but thats a good thing. I know I do enough physically to stay in shape. Its th eating
part I need to work on. I went to the mall today to do some shopping. My jean supply is
running low and I figured its a good time to have jeans on sale since people would be buying
shorts anyways. I went to Andover to drop some things off at my brothers house. I then went
to go see "You don't mess with the Zohan". It was funny, I like wacky funny movies. So it sure
did the job. I went to POV's. I met up with Chris and Jamie there. Tonight at volleyball we won 2
to 1. Even though this team was in last place. They had a few subs and we still took it to them.
It was nice out we stuck around and had a few drinks.

6-21-08 I have been trying to discover new music lately. I have been just searching into newer
genres I normally wouldn't got for. I heard something called pandora.com. Check it out if your
bored. I couldn't decide if I was going to cut my hair all off today or not. I ended up putting the
buzzer down and didn't do it. I went over to a friends house to help with their washer and
dryer. I helped them install the exhaust duct. I went over to Erins, and we visited her neighbors
for a drink. They were pretty cool. I wanted to go somewhere relaxing tonight. So Erin chose
some place in downtown Edina called Beajou. I think its french, but I am not sure. Anyways, we
went there to check out the wine samples. I was hungry so I ordered walleye. It was ok, but the
sides were amazing. After wards we went to Cheese cake factory. I didn't know where we could
go for night life around this time at night. I figure you can't go wrong with cheesecake factory.
My favorite!!

6-20-08 When i walked out to my car. I just knew today was going to be nice out. I could feel
it. It doesn't take a meteorologist to figure that out. It was pretty busy this morning. The all
staff meeting was so boring. We got a free lunch. So I can't complain to much. My head ha just
been spinning lately and its hard for me to just keep my sense straight. Right now, looking out
the window I see all these back to the 50's or what ever it is cars. I am not a big fan of old cars,
or classics per some people. After work today I went to cub to grab some food for grilling. I
really didn't know what to get, but since I was in a good mood. Figured we would try the tony
cu bbq ribs tonight. I had my dry rub in place, I felt it was missing something so I just added a
little marinade to it. We went to Chads and grilled. We then went to the Victory grill. Heather
was working, but we sat in the wrong section. The place is ok, nothing fancy. We had over 6
shots I think. I think christine drove us back in the mini van. I spent the night. I was so out of it.
Its been so long since I have just let loose.

6-19-08 It is remarkable how a wonderful day makes  everyone so happy when its nice. It was
just one of those lets take the day off and go on a nice picnic type of days. Well thats the stuff
I remember doing on days like these. Everything was perfect, gas was slightly cheaper. It about
$3.89 a gallon right now. Sad, but it is what it is. We went to a garage sale for lunch today. It
was a boy scouts garage sale. It was pretty weak and it had nothing of value. If they did have
something worth looking at. It was overly priced, even for a garage sale. With no kickball
tonight. I took the opportunity to just lay low at home. I worked out a bit and just wanted to
relax. I have been so tired lately and my sleep habits have been out of whack as of late. Oh I
had my review today. Nothing out of the ordinary that I didn't know. Just stuff that makes me
think less or more. I don't have a clue. Reviews just bore me. They are the same to me every
year. Atleast I am consistent at sucking or doing good. What ever the case may be.

6-18-08 I was being pretty moody today. One moment I am in a good mood and the other
time I am pretty crabby. I have been eating less beef as of late. Seems like I seem to gain more
weight when I eat beef. I was trying to decide what to do for lunch today. I have gotten so
dark from being outside so much this summer. After work today I went to The Legion to watch
the Rosetown baseball game. Afterwards I went to Fridays for some dinner. I then went to the
kickball game. We won 4 to 2 tonight. I struggled at kicking again, but I got home. This was
probably one of the most boring games I have ever played in my career. I got home and I just
worked out in the garage. I was hitting the boxing bag a bit tonight. I was so tired, I wanted to
get to bed early. I got my review for work tomorrow. I don't expect much. Just hearing I did
well here and need to better there. Its so boring to me and repetitive.

6-17-08 I was doing some reading today. I really wanted to take more time to see the world
events around me. I guess thats what the news is for. Well I guess yahoo home page works
too. For lunch today, we went to go check some things out at Sports Authority. Danielle was
going to buy Chad some water ski's. I guess that means they better get a boat too. That
means fishing for me. With snelling ave backed up due to construction I was trying to take the
back roads home. I made some tilapia tonight for dinner. I watched the NBA finals tonight. My
Lakers lost horribly. With KG getting a championship, it makes me happy. At the same time, I
hear how much of a dick he is too. I really wanted to rest tonight. Seems like I havn't had time
to rest the past few days. I have just been out and about.

6-16-08 I was running a bit behind this morning. I took Annie to lunch for her birthday today.
We went to Fridays. I didn't care where we went really. It was weird not sitting at the bar, but
she really wanted to sit outside. I didn't even know there was out side seating. I must have
been in a flirty mood lately. I was flirting with the waitress all day. Funny how her name is Katie.
Everyone knows I fall for girls named Katie. I went to Cub foods to look or some steak tonight. I
was really craving it. I decided to go out for once. I met up with everyone at the Hoggsbreath. I
was so tired tonight, but I just wanted to be out. I have been so good at staying in lately. I met
two girls last night. One was Tara and the other was Jen. They were quite entertaining. I had to
hit the dance floor for a bit. I ran into my sister, its just weird seeing her at the bar. Anyways, it
was just alot of fun overall.

6-15-08 I wanted to do some more biking this morning. Lindsey told me she was doing an open
house and it wasn't too far away from my work. So I figured I would check it out. Well I came
over to talk anyways, I havn't been around too much so its just nice to catch up. I never
realized how much of a reputation I have for backing out of things. I went over to Andy's to
help move. It was nice out today. I think the summer feeling is finally here. We went to Dairy
Queen, I finally gave in and got ice cream with chocolate. I drove down to POV's. We won 2
games and lost one tonight. We probably played our best game of the season. We had to
really, this was our toughest opponent I thought. I got home and I was just so tired. I am glad
my lakers won. They are only down 4 games to 2.

6-14-08 Since I havn't really been doing alot of working out lately. I decided to go on a nice
bike ride today. I drove to TIES, since that where my bike is. I saw Scott's car in the garage. So
I decided to cal his work phone and make fun of him. I went towards the state fair area and
towards the  dale area. It was a nice day out and I sure got a work out in. I drove to Robert
street so I could eat at the buffet for fathers day. Only a few of  the family members could
make it. I paid the tab this time around. Wasn't to bad it was around $70 bucks. I got home
and I was watching the twins game. I was so full from eating there. Danielle called and we
decided to goto Oceanaire to visit mario. It was cool, we got free food and drinks. It was
awesome. The funniest thing was the crab cakes we ordered for $15 bucks. I was expecting a
few of them. But we only got one and it was so small. But yet so good. Once Mario got off we
just went to Spikes for some drinks.

6-13-08 I was out of it today. I had so much work to do. Today has probably been one of
those days where it was so busy. I just needed to take more breaks then I should have. I
should have been taking vacation time to brace my self for this. I almost forgot about returning
the rental car. I made it on time, barely.. Nancy picked me up and we went to Wendys. After
work toady I had some time to waste. I went to Target to look for a few things. Then I made
my way to Champlin and stopped at target to get a few things for the bbq at Danielle's. Since
nobody was there yet. I was playing the Nintendo Wii, they got the Wii Fit. So I was checking it
out. I thought it was pretty cool. The food was good. I was just falling tired sleep. I never really
cooked corn on a open grill before. It turned out fine though. We played some more Wii fit and
called it a night. I felt like I was dozing of on the way home. I made it home fine though. Its just
been a long and draining week.

6-12-08 Today I was just feeling so tired. I don't think I have been getting too much sleep. I am
very picky when it comes to where I sleep. The hotel had comfy beds, but for some reason. I
just kept waking up in the middle of the night. I stuffed down some breakfast today. I shouldn't
have done that. I normally don't eat breakfast at all. So my body was out of whack all day. I
really just wanted to get the heck out of Madison at this point. Luckily we did leave a bit earlier
then we planned. The drive home was so boring, I am not a sleeper or car trips. I wish I was a
child or something. Kids normally fall asleep. I was watching atleast four episodes of Hannah
Montana on my phone. Trying to pass the time. Wen we got back. I was just tired. Once I got
my kickball gear on. I didn't know how much energy I had left for tonight. I met up with some
of us at the Corner bar for happy hour. Danielle was in the mood to do that. I guess shes a bit
lonely with Chad out of town. We lost our playoff game 7 to 5 tonight. I made mistakes and I
just have been struggling at kickball lately. Doesn't matter which league I am in. We went back
to the corner bar for more drinks. I drove Annie home, she was a bit drunk. I am happy shes
having a bday weekend.

6-11-08 So today I woke up at 5am. I was feeling kind of awake for some odd reason. I was
feeling cold, then i was feeling hot. Then maybe cold again. To tell you the truth. I am not sure
why that was the case. I went for a morning walk with Nancy through the farmers market and
to Walgreens. We went to a few seminars today and we were at the conference picking up
goodies taking to all the vendors getting free stuff. Free stuff is always exciting for anyone. The
lunch today was good, it felt like a dinner meal. It was a chicken breast with hollandaise sauce on
it. It was cool to talk Courtney this week, shes been very cool with us. She works at douglas
Stewart. Which is the distributor we go through and who is setting up the conference. For
some reason, I just like spending time talking to her and just getting to know her. For 3 years
now, its been the same thing :). Maybe thats why i always come back to the conference.  We
wen to the Gray's Tied House. Which is a pretty sweet sports bar, we got free dinner and drinks
per Douglas Stewart. I wanted to spend some time alone. I was at the hotel bar and Nancy had
a drink with me. It was nice to just relax. I had another drink and just wanted to just kick back.

6-10-08 Today started off with a bang. I was moving around all morning just to get some last
minute things done. Me and Nancy went to get the rental car. I didn't feel like doing any driving
what so ever. I think we only made about 1 stop on the way to Madison, which isn't bad at all.
Once we got there. The only thing I cared about was the free drinks from 6 to 8pm. The hors
d'ouerves weren't too bad. The Madison folk, seems to kep pushing Spotted cow as their beer.
We went walking around State street trying to find anything. It was like going through uptown,
maybe somewhat cooler. Once we got back to the hotel. We all hung out in our room. It took
awhile to pry scott away from doing work on his laptop. Once we did it was fun. We went to
the Great Dane for food. Interesting place I would say. So far the trip has gone according to
plan. I was able to withstand the 4 hour drive here. I am in a pretty decent mood. I think even
though this is work related, this is my little vacation in a way too.

6-09-08 Its amazing how people drive in the morning. I know I am not the best either, but
when I saw someone on driving and typing on there laptop at the same time. Its a bit ridiculous
to me. I was feeling really lazy today. I had a few things to get done. It was just so hard to
focus today. My mind was in a different world. I have not been feeling hungry lately at all. When
I was eating today. I wasn't really feeling any temptation for food. Luckily when I grabbed a feel
bites I was just ready to put it aside. I have been looking at different ways to cook bass. For
some reason, bass is one of my favorite fishes to eat. I think cause it feels real meaty to me.
Without too much of a distinct flavor. I was watching some blockbuster movies I rented online.
I just wanted to catch up on things I missed. I was supposed to get some pants for this week. i
got lazy and decided to just go with my older pants. i don't care if I look bummy this week.
Image aint my first priority anymore.

6-08-08 I woke up and went to Andys apartment to help them move some more stuff. We
made a trip to Home Depot. I was thinking about getting a job at Home depot the other day. I
figured with so many people I know doing renovations of some sort. What a great deal that
would be. Then I realized how much I would probably hate it. I went to uptown to do some
shopping, well I was basically just relaxing and getting a nice little walk in. I needed quiet time,
well until the stupid homeless people came to me asking for money. Ofcourse I gave them the
don't fricking ask me for money stare. I met up with Erin and we went to go eat at Indio. It was
a nicer mexican restaurant. I had the red snapper fish. I couldn't pronounce it. It was pretty
good though. The waiter cut my whole fish for me. It was like someone opening your crab
meat. It was strange, but oh well. I went to POV's tonight not sure what to expect since it
rained a bit up there. We lost the first game, and we stomped them the 2nd game and the 3rd.
On that 3rd game, we won 20 to 0. We posted a shut out. Not sure if thats possible in
volleyball. Overall it was a pretty exciting day.

6-07-08 Today it felt nice to just slept in. I was just tired from all the driving I had to do last
night. I spent most of the day helping out at Andy's place. It will be nice when they get all
moved in. Jodeci made us ribs. I was feeling pretty tired. Not sure what it was. I think I was just
relaxing all day. When I got home I was just ready to pass out. I didn't really feel like doing any
packing what so ever. I figured I am a last minute person anyways. I think I was complaining a
bit about how  it was, but it was humid. I was sweating a bit. I guess its summer time and we
better get used to it. I am just glad I was able to not do much at all, it saves me money and
thats what mode I am in right now.

6-06-08 Thank god its Friday. I was really short this week do to heavy bills this month. Gas
prices aren't exactly helping either. Well I gotta blame some thing besides my erratic spending.
We went to go eat at Houe of Wongs today. I wasn't in th mood for chinese at all. I was the
only on that got Italian food. I saw lasagna on the menu and I got all excited. After work today.
I drove to Brooklyn park to pick up my nephews. I then had to drive down to Bloomington and
meet up with Mario and Liz's kids to go eat at davanni's. I decided I will only eat Davanni's deep
dish now. There regular pizza is just so unpredictable to me. Sometimes its good and sometimes
it sucks. We then went to Southdale to go see Kung Fu Panda. The prices have finally reached
$10 bucks. Movies will be more and more spendy and it sucks. I know in other big cities they
are around $12 to $14 bucks but seriously. While I was waiting in line I saw someone that
looked exactly like the ex. I turned away hoping it just wasn't her. It was uncomfortable, cause
she was pretty close with the nephews at the time. The movie was pretty good. I liked it, it was
nice to have more of a low key movie with our crazy sidekicks. Well this one had a small side
kick. I had a quiet night. Relaxing and I got a chance to spend time with my nephews, it was
well over due.

6-05-08 I was checking the radar today. Just watching to see if it was going to rain heavily or
not. I was in good spirits, I didn't want our game to get cancelled. I did everything, even a little
rain dance to make it go away. Ok I am kidding about the rain dance. After work today I went
to La Casita to have a quick dinner with Andy, Jenni and Jodeci. As I was driving there. I was
thinking about how much rain we have gotten in the past few days. According to my math. We
got alot. I am not to found of mexican restaurants. It just seems like the menu is always the
same. I wanted to try something different so I got the seafood enchilada. It was ok, nothing
special. I was proud of my self for not eating all of it. Especially when I am full. Or maybe it was
because I didn't think it was that good. I didn't want to do any working out at all today. I was
just relaxing and watching the basketball game tonight. I should have an exciting weekend set
up. Well more family oriented I should say.

6-04-08 I decided I needed a mental holiday today. Its just been tough for me to get to work. I
needed time off. I had my dr's appointment later today anyways. So it made more sense to
just take it off. I was reading online one of my favorite singers, Matt Wertz. Is going to be at the
Varsity theater. Unfortunately I will be in Madison. Ugh, that just makes me even grouchier
about going to Madison. The Dr's appointment was more of a disappointment again. This time
around xrays were done, but they still did not see anything. I am starting to wonder if I have
become just a pussy about it. Atleast my diet will have to change, well again. I went to Fridays
for some food. I had chicken, it was oh so good. I went to the rice and arlington fields to mess
around with some kickball. The only thing that caught my attention were Dean's jalapeno and
sausage brats. They were tasty. I sucked at kickball tonight. With Matt gone this week. I played
3rd base. I struggled for some odd reason. I was trying to loft the ball, cause I felt bad throwing
it hard. I am used to lasering the ball to first. Today i would have to say this was one of my
worst kickball games in my career. We won 5 to 1.

6-03-08 I was not feeling to well this morning. I was just out of it. I weighed in today, and I was
down a few more pounds. For lunch today I had something healthy. Subway is always a pretty
good choice. I don't think you can get fat on subway, but I am sure I am wrong and its
possible. I have been very quiet all day today. I have just been doing alot of thinking and I have
been doing some trimming to speak. I have been having odd cravings lately. I was really
craving fish tonight. I spent tonight just staying in and watching tv. I watched "PS: I love you"
I thought it was alright. I needed to have a plan and I was basically constructing my life plan. I
think this was kind of like my mid life crisis. I am not sure what thats supposed to feel like. Today
was a significant night of some sort. Obama claimed his victory at the Xcel Center in St Paul. Its
pretty historic. We don't get things like that happen around here.

6-02-08 I had to take a detour on my way to work today. My main exit ramp was blocked off
for some odd reason. So I just basically took back roads on the way to work. I was doing alot
of thinking today. For lunch today. Joey picked me up and we went to Applebees. I have really
been craving it alot lately. We were just catching up. I have been so worn out from work that I
am thinking about taking some time off soon. Next week I will be going to Madison during the
week. I will be missing some of my sports activities. I went to Festival foods today to pick up
some healthy food. I need to figure out how to just get the fatty foods out. I think the seafood
diet will help a bit. I bought my self a small piece of steak. I will try my best to stay away from
beef more. I did some more boxing today. I did a light work out. My arms and back are sore. I
am just taking it easy. I am so glad I have gotten it. Its just a real good work out for me.

6-01-08 I was trying to sleep in a bit, but I was feeling so tired. I was sore in my arms, probably
from boxing. I was feeling so hungry. I went to go pick up Erin and we went to one of my
favorite places to eat for lunch. The News room. Ever since back in my TCF bank days in  
downtown Minneapolis. When we had events and happy hours there it was always very
exciting to me. It was nice out, it was nice to just be able to eat outside there. I have been
craving ice cream alot lately. So we walked around looking for some ice cream places, luckilly
there was a coldstone in Block-E. I dropped her off and I was making my way to andover. I was
basically hanging out at my brothers house. I felt like I thief, I saw some nice looking ground
beef. I decided to make my self a burger. Nobody was home, so I was just pretending I lived in
a nice big house. I went to POV's to play volleyball tonight. We dominated the first game and
lost the second game and won the 3rd game. We then just took care of them and won 2
games to 1. I was feeling so tired, its been a long day and it was just wonderful out. I am glad I
was able to enjoy most of my day outside. So far my most grueling month is going good so far.
Daily Journal