6-30-09 Tony Cu Day
I went to the local bagel shop and bought some bagels for people at work. I made sure the
little girl working behind the counter put in jalepeno and cheddar bagels for me. i always
request two.

After work today. I went to Bradys to honor my special day. I was able to play some pool.
I forgot how much I like to play. Too bad I don't play enough. I kicked butt though.

I got home and watched a couple movies. I basically finished my isolation from everyone.
Tomorrow should be a brand new day. All the anger and mood swings should be gone now.
Well I hope so.

6-29-09 No drive
I woke up today and I felt not interested. My mind was just off and it wasn't going to get
a jump start today. I have been worn down with so many different things. I don't really
have time for anything right now.

Tonight at volleyball we lost all three games. They were games we were capable of
winning. I didn't care today i was serving like I didn't care and wasn't careful. I figured
we all were making errors. Why would I try to be perfect. My heart wasn't in it today.
The fire and drive was not there.

6-28-09 Fuel Pump blues
So today Rad came and checked out my car. He banged on the gas tank and got my vehicle
started. I drove it straight home. Thats when we knew it was the fuel pump. My mini van
has been good to me. This is the first real problem its had.

At volleyball today we won 2 games and lost one. We should have won all 3. The sun being
in our face was not a good excuse. I wasn't too angry I had other things on my mind. I just
can't wait to finish this month and get over the 30th!

6-27-09 Isolation
I spent all day just cleaning and  getting things done. It was my relaxation day. I was just
not in the mood to really do anything tonight. I tried to watch tv shows and the internet
could only keep my occupied for so long. I had the urge to go out.

I went to Grumpys and hung out for a bit. When I was leaving my car didn't start. It was
such a sucky feeling. I hate having that feeling. Becky picked me up and I just stayed
over. Figured I would worry about it in the morning.

6-26-09 Feeling lost
I was in such a weird mood today. I was feeling like I was on vacation. My mind was just
happy go lucky. We had a department pot luck grill thing today. I was sweating my ass off
at the grill. I enjoyed my steak though.

Tonight we lost 7 to 3 to Ballz and Dollz. They are a way superior team. It was fun though.
I was having a good time. I didn't think I was going tot he bar after. I figured why not its
Friday night. We ended up at Shamrocks. Funny how much I have been there lately.

6-25-09 Late nights
I knew today was just one of those days I was going to be busy. I had so much on my mind
today. For lunch, I went to go see  house. I liked it, but I still gotta figure out my
financial situation. The approval process is on its way.

I went to have dinner with Jamie tonight. We went to Acapulco's. Shes been craving that
place lately. Hesse came and we had a few good laughs and drinks. It was  a lot of fun. I
wish I could have stayed longer. I promised Scott I would get our backed up orders done

Back to work I went. It was about 8:30pm. I knew I was going to be there for a bit. I
ended up talking to Scott for a bit. I got out of there probably around 11:15pm. I was so
tired tonight.

6-24-09 Got benched
Tonight at softball we got smoked. This was our worst loss of the season. We lost 24 to
3. We have been struggling to get runs. I feel our confidence has been shattered. They
don't they can win anymore. They have right to believe so. I struggled at pitching today. I
ended up benching my self and moving Chad into the pitching rotation. Th other team was
just on fire. They were hitting it everywhere. We just got smoke tonight. Its not like
were making any errors.  On the bright side I did make a catch in the outfield. With out
my glasses might I add.

6-23-09 Night off
I was feeling very good today. I wasn't sure what was going on. No matter what I was in a
very good mood. I been having strong mood swings this week. I might look pissed off or I
might be in a joyful mood. I guess it depends which one you get.

Tonight I tried to make a Chipotle style burrito. I honestly didn't even come close to
making one. It was more like a taco bell burrito to be honest with you. I think I need to
add the rice to get the full flavor. Mine just felt like a watery mess. I definitely failed
at making it tonight. It still tasted good however.

6-22-09 Sweaty nights
The weather today was amazing humid and hot. It was almost unbearable. Who wants to go
outside in this. I guess I can't complain too much. It is summer season now.

Tonight at volleyball we won all three games. We have been playing very well lately. We
still make errors here and there. Its expected. We continue to improve. I was sweating
all over today. The sand does not help when you sweat.

6-21-09 Fathers day
I got back to the cities this after noon. I was so from the hard ground I slept on. Well I
was still inside the tent. I was exhausted. It was time to leave this camp site. the kids
got up and was ready to go home.

I went to go buy some meat to grill for Fathers day lunch/dinner today. I was working the
grill a bit. It made me pretty tired. I felt like laying around the rest of the day.

We won 3 to 0 at volleyball tonight. The other team was so bad. I didn't even know why I
even made the drive. They just sucked ass.

6-20-09 Quality with the kids
So I was running around like a chicken today. Getting all the stuff prepared for camping. I
bought hot dogs, chicken, steak. I got lost trying to find the Minnesota valley state park.
Fuckers could at least put a better sign up. My blind eyes can't see it. Once we got to the
site. I packed the wood into the minivan. Of course I under paid for wood. Took more then
I should have. Who doesn't do that though. Its my tax money right? My nephews looked
bored at first. I made them make their own food. Hell they cried like a little girl when  
they found a spider in the tent. Kids, they are so domesticated these days. I let the inner
pyromaniac in them play with the fire all night. Amazing how that can keep them busy.
Taught them how to correctly make a smore. They went to bed  and it was just me and
the fire. Thats where I get to do my Tony alone time thinking.

6-19-09 Chad's birthday
I drove my mom to the airport this morning. Figured I would do it. Since, I did have
Friday off. Also, me being the good child. I helped my dad fill the dumpster full of trash
at this house he bought in the ghetto. I was sweating my ass off. The heavy wood really
wore me out. I was tired and out of it. I felt dizzy. It was enough manual labor for me for
one day.

Tonight I drove to Stella's in uptown for Chad's birthday dinner. It was nice to see
everyone out. I don't like their food. So I just got a sushi roll. Which was ho-hum also. We
went to Williams for a drink or two. Then it was off to the Corner bar. We did the
Shot-ski. We should really take pictures when we do it. It was quite the exciting night.

6-18-09 My Friday on Thursday
I have been trying to figure out the exact details for this weekend. I booked my camp
site. It was tough to find one on short notice. Luckily through hard work and
determination i was able to do it.

Tonight I rested that old body of mine. I knew I had an action packed weekend. Also, the
fact I was going to be spending a lot of money also. I was tried and out of breath. Lately,
I have been down, but I just keep my self away from everyone.

6-17-09 Anger management
Tonights game at softball had a few different story lines. I practiced during lunch today
to make sure I was ready to pitch. It was also Chad's birthday. So I made him start off. I
didn't exactly like the team we were playing. They really got in my head and I was
struggling. We lost 12 to 1. We just could not score runs. The ump thought me and Joy
were arguing, but we were just talking behind the bench. I might have threw an F bomb
here or there. Chad's sister Heather brought pizza for everyone. After the game, we
gave a homeless guy a couple slices of pizza. Made me feel better about losing for a brief
two minutes.

6-16-09 Love my sushi
I was trying to figure out a lot of things today. What I realized was. My brain just
basically shut down. I had to take a deep breath and get it all back. I think its that time
of year I lake to slow down a bit.

I went to happy hour with Erin. We went to my favorite place to eat these days at Azia. I
guess the waiter said it was pronounced like "asia". The sushi was good and the beer was
good. Hell I had sake even. I hate sake more then anything. We went over to the black
forest after. It was another exciting uptown eat street adventure for me.

6-15-09 Vacation or was it
It felt like I was on vacation today. My mind set was set. I was so relaxed today when I
was doing things. I just didn't have any worries. It felt like I was on vacation for some

I went an looked at another house today. I liked it a lot actually. I think its one of those
houses that is livable now. I just need minor repairs. Which I can do over time. Me and my
dad thought it was a good house. I am sure I will put an offer in.

At volleyball tonight we won 2 games and lost one. I was trying a little too hard and was
making mistakes the first game. I was getting frustrated we didn't beat them. They
blew ass.

6-14-09 Sunday fun day
I spent most of the day just looking at articles online. I kept reading and reading. I felt
like being a sponge today for some odd reason.

Went over to Andy and Jen's for Amy's bday bbq. I was tired, so it was nice to just
lounge and kick back. It was amazing how wonderful it was outside today.

Tonight at volleyball we won all three games. The team we were playing was only two
games behind us. The games weren't even close. I felt like we were just toying with
them. Never did we have to turn it on. I didn't even turn it on. I just stayed off. Easy
wins. I will take it.

6-13-09 Annie bday outting
I spent most of the day shopping and cleaning. I was having a hard time trying to figure
out what to get Annie. Good thing Target just has good gift ideas.

We went to uptown for Annie's birthday. We had dinner at Chino Latinos and the rest of
the gang decided we bar hop. So we made a cameo at Stellas, The cowboy bar and ended
up at the drink on the roof. It wan' so bad of an evening. The money spent. Well thats
another story.

6-12-09 Maniacs running wild
We won 12 to 4 tonight. With half our team missing and picking up a few people. We just
kicked butt. The other team had a really drunk girl. She was flirting with me quite a bit.
It was all fun anyways.

We went to Sherry's for her birthday. So I drove down to Golden valley. I was a bit
tired, so I just laid low.

6-11-09 Busy nights
I was trying to get so much done at work today. I kinda shut down a bit after getting
burnt out. I have been pushing my self lately. I just  everything to be done.

I went to go see the Hang over tonight. I thought it was super funny. Well it was the
funniest thing since American Pie to me. Thats pretty statement from me. I highly
recommend everyone to see it.

We went out for Amy's birthday tonight. We went to Old Mexico. We really didn't get
any service. So we went to Grumpys and got slightly better service there.

6-10-09 Grouchy today
I woke up kinda grouchy today. I was in a crabby mood all day. I just wanted to get things
done at work. Since I have been very focused lately. Not sure why, but I guess I just
want to make things easier and less stressful.

My new diet. I have been eating bagels, turkey, and cheese. I throw in a salad here and
there. Maybe a chcken wing for good measure. I doubt this will last long. Its orth a try

Tonight at softball. We lost 20 to 8. Our biggest beat down of the season. They were
just too much offensively. We did get a grand slam thanks to Shawn. We look to rebound
next week.

6-09-09 Realizing life
I found an old friend on facebook today. Way back from elementary school through middle
school. She moved away in 9th grade. Funny how many of those I had actually. Anyways, its
always a exciting moment to see how they are doing. Something clicked in my head when
she was telling me a story about what she has gone through to this day. Everything was
starting to make sense. It was all clicking at this very moment. To hear someone deal
with bone cancer and to have surgery. It forced her to step back and basically start a
new life. That was her exact quote actually. She had to learn how to walk again. Laying in
bed for months on end. Today she has a baby girl and is happily married. So the point of
this. Well, I've always blamed so much of my issues on others. Blaming fate for me losing
my ex. Blaming anything I can think of. I whined about things not being fair. I never really

I took out my anger at dodgeball tonight. I wasn't going to go, but I had so much on my
mind. I did fairly well, but I felt my throwing power was lacking a bit of well power. I got
a great work out in. I feel pretty light tonight.

6-08-09 Starting to click
Today we went down to Ruam Mit Thai for lunch. I have been going back and forth on pad
thai dominance lately. I have decided this place beats any other place in pad thai
especially. Portion size and flavor just beats every other place I have tried.

Tonight at volleyball we played the 2nd place team. We finally played as a team and beat
them all 3 games. It was quite satisfying. We finally had the lets just take the game
attitude. Even if the other team had their full amount of players I am sure we would have
still won. We were covering the court pretty well and not making silly mistakes.

6-07-09 Finally dominance
I went to work to get some things done this morning. We have been having a lot of things
backed up lately. I got sick and tired of it. So it was gone like the wind. Now I can worrya
bout other stuff.

Tonight at volleyball we won all 3 games against the 2nd place team. We dominated them
in every aspect of the game. I played well, I wanted to take on the challenge. Only to be
disappointed they couldn't fight back.

6-06-09 Green light, go
I was so sleepy when I woke up this morning. It was nice sleeping next to someone again. i
totally forgot what it was like. Anyways we all went to go get breakfast and drive the
peeps back to their cars. I was so tired I took a nap from 3pm to 8pm.

I was trying to convince my self that I had nothing to do tonight. I saw a bunch of calls
and texts to see what was going on tonight. I just basically ignored it all. I decided to
take it easy. My body is sore from sports. My body is feeling groggy from alcoholic
beverages. I was just content tonight.

6-05-09 Christmas in June
For lunch today I met up with Annie at Longfellow grill. I never seem to like their food,
but was going to give it another try. It was ok today. I just don't feel it is amazing enough
to stay busy. Somehow they do.

For kickball tonight. We had a Christmas in June themed game. We beat our other halves
called the Dipso's. Formerly Dipsomaniacs. I am on the Maniacs now. We won 12 to 4. I
was forced to play well by leading off. I wanted to win this game, since that was the
reason I was brought in.

We had a pretty drunk adventure tonight. From the Sports page to Shamrocks to Dan's
house. I havn't let loose like that in a long time. The girls were rough on me. I think I am
going to be bruised tomorrow.

6-04-09 Darker by the minute
I felt a little bad today at work. I was so focused on getting things done. i didn't have any
input for Karen when she was asking me a question. Usually I throw in my two cents. I just
know this month gets hectic and i want things to go by fast ans easy. It doesn't help that
I got so much on my mind.

We made it out on the lake today. We went to lake Gervais. The small lake near home.
The one lake thats in my city.  How did ignore this lake. Who knows. Chad and company
went wake boarding. I didn't go. It was just not hot enough for me to do it. Next time
around though.

6-03-09 Pitching debut
I was nervous today about pitching for my softball team for the first time. I got there
40 minutes early to practice. I was struggling a bit. I think I might have watched one too
many video on youtube about pitching. We lost 14 to 10. If we just had a little more
offense. The team is improving though. It feels we are just about ready for the regular
season. We are about 6 weeks behind. I just wish we had a bit more energy. It will come
in time.

6-02-09 Month of June
Tonight I got to see some old kickball action. The snow cone machine was out. It was a
wonderful day. It felt like I was at a county fair to tell you the truth. Looking at todays
game of kickball, comparing it to the years past. Seems like there has been a change in
the wind.

Everyone knows how much I hate the month of June. I am not allowed to talk about
anything about the ex. I am not allowed to make a big deal about it this year. Actually it
hasn't been that bad the past few years. Its hard for me to sleep at night. I moved on
though. Its just in the back of my mind. These days I am in a great mood. Hopefully I can
ride that momentum through July. Friends! Please help me stay occupied.

6-01-09 Volleyball victorius
We got a much needed win tonight at volleyball. I have been losing so much lately. I have
lost confidence in my self. I am starting to believe we can't win anymore. With all the
different nights of sports. I have been worn down. We won all 3 games against a team
that has only won 1 game. I am glad we didn't lose any to them.

I got sick making and eating the sunfish I caught from yesterday. Not sure if they were
spoiled or what. It was just plain disgusting. I almost puked in bed. I was actually starting
to think I got food poisoning. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.