Old Journals

06-30-10 Wow
I hate this day regardless, but my review sucked. I was pretty bummed and disappointed.

06-29-10 Tired
Not much really going on today. Just stayed late at work and getting by this season.

06-28-10 3 and 0
We went 3 and 0 this week for volleyball. It was nice, we might have moved up to the
number 1 spot.

06-27-10 Playoffs
I went over to my dads house for a belated fathers day. We had crawfish and beef and
chicken. Not a bad combo to turn down. I must say. It was a good time, but family is
always so tense when we are around. Pisses me off even. People always wonder why I
don't talk about my family much. It is a negative cloud that hovers over me.

I skipped volleyball tonight and went to kickball. They over lapped this week. I didn't
have a choice. The kickball team was in playoff mode and I wanted to win, wit 5 guys and 6
girls. We still got the win. We needed to play good defense and we sure got some good
breaks. It was an awesome 4 to 2 win.

06-26-10 Cowboy jacks
I spent the whole day basically recovering from the busy weeks I have had. I have been
so tired, that I slept in as long as I could. It felt good, but something was still wrong. I
feel like I just got thrown in a boxing ring and I am in the 12th round.

Chad and Chris came over and we played some video games and watched tv. Then we
decided we needed to go out. So we decided to goto Cowboy Jacks. It was a lot of fun and
the prices were cheap. Which is always a good thing.

06-25-10 Night out
I have been so hungry so hungry lated during lunch. I have not been eating the healthiest
at all. I am trying to slim down, before vegas. It is pretty tough right now.

Tonight the gang came over and we went out to Edinbrough for drinks. Then it was off to
Mad Jacks for some more drinks.  We sat outside to enjoy the fresh air. Well all the
smokey air haha. I was so tired at night. I tried to stay up and watch tv, but I just past
out. I needed some sleep.

06-24-10 Taking it easy
Work has been pretty rough the past few days. Nothing seems to work and its always a
little more complicated then it should be. I get frustrated around these times.

I was so tired tonight, I went to bed around 10pm. Of course I didn't exactly fall asleep
right away. My mind drifted into the darkness and it was nice to just lay down. I really
feel physically tired.

06-23-10 First loss
We suffered our first loss of the season to a team we had our first walk off win against.
We were ahead in the final inning by 4. Unfortunately, they rattled off 5 to win th game.
I think this will be  a good learning experience. I felt we got lazy, but thats ok. It was
hard watching from the sidelines as usual. There was a lot of weird calls, they kinda
benefited us anyways.

06-22-10 Smashing it, with McGowan
Erin had a class today at TIES. So we went out to lunch at Smash burger. I tried my best
to get her to eat pho. She was not having it and wanted to try Smash burger. I just felt
like I ate a lot of oil. I feel its over priced and over rated there.

I have been doing research to eat healthier. I found out that a lot of the things I eat are
really bad for me. I mean a lot of the healthy things I eat are bad for me. Kinda scary,
but I am sure I will figure something out.

06-21-10 Injured list
I sat out today due to my shoulder and my foot injuries. It was hard for me to watch. So
I didn't even bother showing up. I am pretty confident in my time to do what they need to
do. I guess with out my glares, they won 2 and lost 1. Its been 7 days since I have played
any sport. Its hard for me, but I guess I just have to watch from the sidelines and heal.

06-20-10 Joe Bday
What is up with all the bdays the past few days. It feels like everyone and their mom are
having birthdays. I have been laying pretty low as of late. Just trying to save money for
Vegas and just being low key. I promised my self. I would step away from  he limelight.
With a broken body, bills and other things going on I figure, now would be a better time
then ever.

We went out for Joes bday, from the Legion to the Blue fox. He had a good birthday!

06-19-10 Its Clear
My body is beaten up and I need to take time off. At the ripe old age of 29. I am going to
be going to Walgreens to pick up a prescribed muscle relaxer. That my friends is pretty
depressing. For years and years, I had the will of KG. the relentlessness of Kobe Bryant.
Now I am feeling those tires are pretty bare these days.

Schmeeze, bday party. I ended up going out to his house party. We all ended up going to
Guldens and Macoluso's. Which is always a drunk fest down there. I made it through. I am
tired. Not used to all this drinking though.

06-18-10 Andy Hansen 21 bday
We went to lunch at macaroni grill. I have been eating light all day. I started lunch with a
spinach and scallops. It was quite delicious. Not that I am a big fan of spinach or anything.
For dinner I had sushi with eel and spinach at Stellas for dinner. I was sticking with my
light eating.

We went to Jaros and Gastofs for Andy's birthday. It was pretty fun, Andy took shot
after shot. He was definitely hurting. He was quite the trooper though. The best part was
when he got back to our place and he was like a wreckless child who wont goto bed. He ran
in the streets, refused to goto bed and the best part of all. I got it all on video.

06-17-10 Remember when
It was hard for me to let go o something. Funny how its always that same month. This
time for someone else. Funny how life is always like a race track. One of these days I will
turn right. I have had so much on my mind as of late. Whether it was sports, injuries,
girls, or work. Its been hard for to keep things straight. I need a breathe of fresh air.
Right now, I have been laying low in the shadows.

06-16-10 7 and 0
The softball team is kicking on all cylinders. We ten runned the other team again. Me and
Erika pulled out and didn't play. With my injured shoulder. There was no point for me to
attempt to play.

Speaking of my injured shoulder. I am going to the Dr tomorrow. I am not sure what they
are going to do. I think its something small, but I guess I better be safe. Since I can't
raise my hand over my head.

Me and Jessica went out after and got more drinks. We were all at JJ's. We drove
around. We figured a TGIF would do. We were mapping out quest of Vegas. It was a darn
good map. Look on facebook for more.

06-15-10 Magic number 23
Only twenty three more days till Vegas. Yes I do have a count down. I have been waiting
for this trip all my life it seems. It will come at a perfect time. Right after my busy
season at TIES.

Things have been really hard on me lately. Just having an emotional roller coaster of
things going on in my life. I will probably sit out at volleyball do to my injuries.

I am happy my Lakers won tonight. I am not a Boston fan and I am happy KG got his one

06-14-10 Moving forward
I went over to Heidi's after work today to help her get her photos uploaded on facebook.
She was nice enough to feed me food. I love it when I get meals made or me. I forget how
much I enjoy that. So for those of you reading at home. I enjoy that.

We won 2 games and lost 1 tonight. We lost too our good friends, and we are not trailing
the series. I played injured, maybe it was my fault for not having the fire in me tonight.
With my hurt shoulder I was heavily limited. Erika was favoring her ankle. We were a
team that was beaten up mentally and physically. I didn't care anymore, therefor our
season will be over soon. I watched as we trailed, and I knew we werent going to win. Its
hard to watch. I feel bad for our friends watching.

Tonight as I was driving home. I feel it may be more then one night I am taking away from
my sports. My body isn't holding up at all. I might cut it down to just two nights. Call me
KG, but I used up a lot of miles over the years. The wheels are worn out.

06-13-10 Injured shoulder
I had a hard time getting out of bed today. Everything hurts, especially my shoulder. The
dive into 3rd base, might finally be the one to put me out. I can't raise it over my head. I
played kickball and volleyball through it. It was not good. I was in pain every time I had to
do something with my left. I need to rest my body sooner then later.

06-12-10 Epic night for old times
We went out to The Toby Keith bar. It is like a more ritzy Cobwboy Slims bar. The
beautiful people definitely came out. I guess it was in the hot spot of St Louis Park. With
Crave and all that other jazz. I can never say "no" to Kate. So it was nice to see her out
again. It was funny earlier today we went to Fleet Farm looking for a cowboy hat.

It was off to the VFW, me and Chris was looking to get drunk. So nothing better then to
visit friends at the Local VFW in Roseville. It was fun, meeting up with everyone and just
bs'ing. I know people think I drink a lot, but honestly, my life has changed so much I
havn't done that lately.

06-11-10 Maniacs vs the Greasy Cooters
Two undefeated teams goto battle. We are the disfunctional cinderella team that didn't
even win a game last year. They are the State End of season champs. Which makes them
number one in the land of Lakes. We were heavily mismatched. We had an ailing tony cu.
We scored 1 run, I don't even know the finals core, but they did have ten more runs then
us. We dressed up and everything. I am sure they thought we were crazy. Some of us did
not like them. I like them though.

I went to something called Kascade last night at Club epic. I guess he's one of the
hottest DJ's for house(techno/rave) music around. It was a 20 cover and it was pretty

06-10-10 Ron bday
I went over to Erika's and I grilled some chicken and asparagus. We then decided to head
down to the local Legion to Ron's bday outting. I made a stop to Costco, to get him a
birthday cake. I think he really appreciated it I even saw Ron eat for once. For a guy that
only eats breakfast. He is a happy 69 years old.

06-09-10 Day of conference
It was a busy day of conference stuff. Nothing too exciting, except filling my bag of
goodies and pens. It has actually been nice this week. I didn't have to sit in front of the
computer much.

It was a long drive home tonight, and I was not looking forward too it. We did buy some
fireworks and I didn't spend too much money.

Side note, the softball team won and 10 runned the other team.

06-08-10 Off to Madison
Officially one month away from going to Vegas. I was pretty excited to make my big count
down. I promised my self this would be my trip to remember and I wouldn't nickel and
dime it.

It was time to travel to Madison Wisconsin for the big C2ES conference. It is for our
distributor Douglas Stewart. I also, get to meet up with Courtney, who I have became
close too out there. The welcome reception had free beer, wine and h'orderves. The
h'orderves actually filled us up. There was so much food. We went to the Great Dane bar
and had a good time with Courtney. I finally got to play darts with her. It was pretty even.

06-07-10 Volleyball distraction
So much going into tonights volleyball game. A legend like my self does not get distracted.
I was like Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals. Nothing stopped me from dominating tonight.
We almost got the sweep. We played good teams tonight. So I am proud of our team. I am
a bit sore, but my body is starting to hurt from volleyball. I understand the other sports,
but volleyball should be my safe haven.

06-06-10 Enjoying the Sunday
I had lunch with Annie today. We decided to goto uptown to get some grub. We walked
around the remodeled Calhoun Square. Were were going to try the new thai place. It
didn't seem appetizing, so we decided to just goto Stellas. I got a salmon burger and
sushi. It was nice to catch up on things. I had a good time. It was two for ones.

I had a conflict in my schedule this week. Which causes me to have volleyball as a first
priority. The Steamers did win 16 to 0. I would have had a field day with that. Oh well, I
was brought on to play part time anyways.

We won the first two games at volleyball. This was a very tough team. They played us
well, but they had mistakes that we don't make. We lost the final game by two. I should
have gotten a hold of it. We seem to be gelling so much more then ever. We have improved
playing with better teams.

06-05-10 Jamie annual vball party
Another year in the books. Even though this didn't happen last year. It was mostly
because I told her to put it off for so long. Oh well, its back and it was a lot o fun. I think
I lost weight being in the sun for so long. It wasn't raining anymore and the sky cleared. A
keg full of beer and it was a lot of fun. I did great at volleyball. I was so focused. It was
also nice to see everyone again. Some times I forget people I havn't seen in awhile.
Nothing against them. I just havn't been around.

06-04-10 Maniacs running wild
Last year this Maniac team was quite embarrassing. This year we have a different talent
group. It is nice when the bad people don't show up. We won 14 to 3 We dominated this
team with ease All though we did let them kick a home run on us. It was fun, because I
got there a bit drunk. I didn't care what was going on. All that matters is we won and I
like it. Next week we got the Greasy Cooters. We wont win, but we will be doing some
type of theme night.

06-03-10 Feeling the pressure
I was pretty busy today at work. I was just trying to get everything done. I just can't
afford to get behind. I find y self not mingling as much lately.

My body has been aching more then ever. Never in my life, have I felt this much pain. My
wrists hurt from the fall at softball. Which was a sweet play might I add. My
feet(achilles and heel) are just not healing. My neck and back are sore. I just feel like a
train wreck.

06-02-10 Softball streak
The team barely got there on time. I was freaking out. Luckily we didn't have to forfeit.
We came out matching everything they did. One thing our team struggles against is,
catching the long balls. Every team that has hit it out. Has given us troubles. We won 15 to
12. It was close, but we were able to hold them off in the end. I really enjoyed the
moment after the game. Everyone seems to be opening up a bit more. My teams are very
anti social and this really made me happy.

06-01-10 A lot of thought
Today is usually the day I wine about my ex. That is no longer the case. These days. I have
girls who drive my brain nuts. In both good and bad ways. Right now I have accepted many
things. I accepted that I still am not ready for one. I accepted the fact that I need to
fix my self first. Which I am supposed to spend this whole year on. With so much on my
mind, it make me focus. Right now, I have a lot of emotions and I wish I can take things
back. I realize, what ever happened, happened. A typical Lost phrase.  Eventually I will
find my way. I had a good talk this weekend to help me steer back on path. I finally get it.