6-30-2011 Softball
I went to the Dr today and after Xrays my doctor says I have secondary ligament
sprain. Which is worse then a regular sprain. Its basically a tear in the ligament. I
was out of action today for softball even though I wanted to play. We lost 6 to 4. It
was against a good team, but we couldn't get runs.

6-29-2011 AC down
My air conditioner stopped working today. It was really hot in my house. I didn't know
what was wrong with it. I think it was the furnace fan not blowing the air around.
Which is a bummer. My dad is coming by tomorrow to take a look at it.

6-28-2011 Foot pains
I have been having some serious pain in my left foot. I couldn't even walk today. i was
crawling all over my house to get around. I did work from home. I felt bad but I got
enough done.

6-27-2011 Summer time heat
I was feeling kinda funky today. I was in a really weird mood and I wasn't sure what
was going on. I was happy and thats all that matters. I got to spend soem time with
Erika tonight and that made me happy.

6-26-2011 Championship
Today we had our finals match for kickball our steamer team went in with 4 guys and 6
girls. We did our best to win, but the other team just had a little too much. We lost,
but it was a good end to the season.

6-25-2011 Farmers market
I have never been to the big farmers market in minneapolis. I thought it was pretty
cool. It was so fricking big. All I was searching for was beef jerky. I love beef jerky
especially the home made ones.

We went to Natalies bbq near the state fair for the night. I drove Casey and Erika
and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't feeling the best so I took it easy.

6-24-2011 Kickball finale
Saras team needed the win to win the division. I have been on a winning streak as of
late. Racking up divisions titles at a high rate. I wanted to win. I am glad we did. I
hardly had to do too much. Our team was just better.

6-23-2011 Return?
It was supposed to be my dramatic return to softball. Well we got rained out againa nd
I didn't get to make my return. I did goto Annie and make a very delicious halibut
dinner. I grilled it and had a wonderful orange sauce for it. I couldn't afford to take
her out to dinner, for her bday. So I figure making it would be much better.

6-22-2011 Figuring ways
To once again set my self apart from Starcraft. I decided to catch up on my tv shows.
I watched Master chef which is currently my top priority shows right now. I just love
cooking shows. I rather watch them over a drama or any tv show any day.

6-21-2011 Starcraft
I have realized I have been so addicted to starcraft lately. I needed to do something
different. So I decided to play other games. Its kinda sad I had to do that though.

6-20-2011 Hard to believe
That its June and the weather is just 70-ish. Usually its a lot warmer. I am not
complaining at all. I am saving money on AC. I made my home made mac and cheese for
Kobe tonight. I don't think he liked it. He wanted the Kraft or Velveeta cheese
flavors. I made him eat it, but I had to add more cheese into it.

6-19-2011 Fathers day, but not really
I took Kobe to go watch Pirates of the Carribean. The 4th move. It was ok, not great,
not good, but just ok.

I made my return to kickball tonight. I was a bit tenative, I just didn't know how my
body would react after 4 weeks off. After running to 1st base for the first time in
for ever. I felt exhausted. I was breathing hard all game. Towards the end I wanted to
get the runs to keep us in it. I had to sit on the bench every chance I got.

6-18-2011 Early fathers day
I was so hung over this morning. I had a long drive to Shakopee to watch Kobe for the
next few days. While my sister was in Vegas. We went to my dads house for fathers
day. It was ok, but I feel like we have become more distant from our parents. Some
where along the way we were just sick enough of each other we are drifting apart.

6-17-2011 Chad and Andy bday
We went to Stellas again for their bdays. I mixed it up this year and got Mahi mahi
and I thought it was pretty good. We went to Psycho Suzies after and it was just a
long night after that. I had a good time. I got pretty drunk. It was a pretty expensive

6-16-2011 Finally
I finally got my long awaited promotion. Honestly, it didn't really mean much to me. It
was so long over due. That I was left behind and it just doesn't feel like anything to
me. I was disappointed, but I tried to be positive. I knew it wouldn't be good enough.
So I still have to be what I am worth.

6-15-2011  Moments of life
today I got to see more of things in life I always wanted. I know that doesn't make
sense. I just find it hard for me to enjoy the simple things. I know some people have
this and that and they show it like there is no tomorrow. I will never be that person. I
am glad I wont ever be.

6-14-2011 Raining hard
It was raining pretty good tonight. I opened my window to get some of the fresh air in.
It was nice and relaxing. The twins game will probably be delayed for a bit. I am sure
Erika is happy. Since her Semi pro team is making her work at the game. Another
reason they needed a attachable roof for the twins stadium.

6-13-2011 Tired
When I got home tonight. I finally fell asleep early. All these times I have been trying
and trying to go to sleep early. My body would just lay there awake. Some people say I
have too much on my mind. Tonight though, I slept early and it felt so good

6-12-2011 Feeling lazy
I really didn't want to do too much today. I decided I was hungry for tacos. I bought
about $100 worth of ground beef. I love making tacos for some odd reason. I like to
add a lot of cilantro to my beef. Its odd, but I feel it gives it a lot of flavor. I add
corn too it also to sweeten it. Try it sometime. You wont be disappointed.

6-11-2011 Sherri bday
Guppy came over and I drove to Sherri's party. Basically kickballers on one side and
her other friends on the other side. I tried to talk to them ,but the other girls just
were in their own world. One of those girls I guess. We decided to goto Lafonda in
Eagan. The party couldn't end in golden Valley I guess. It was a late night, but I had

6-10-2011 Criminal minds
Tonight at kickball, it was a cold rainy night. I was once again forced to watch from
the sidelines. It was hard for me as usual, but I had a few drinks in me. Erika hurt her
ankle. So I drove her home so she could throw her ankle in a bucket of ice.

6-09-2011 Softball win
I was not feeling good this morning. I had that same fatigue and dizziness feeling. I
was a little worried it would be heart related, but I don't think it was. I better
document this just in case I croak. I just worked from home.

Today at softball we won 12 to 6. We were struggling the first few innings, but we
finally got our bats going. Our defense was pretty strong today. We made some good
double plays. Our offense wasn't the best. I am glad we won after last weeks loss.

6-08-2011 Axel's
I had dinner with Annie tonight at Axels. I havn't ate there before, but I figured we
would try something different. I get tired of Sweeneys after awhile. The food was ok.
I had the mahi mahi tacos. I expected so much more flavors, but it was good. When it
comes to any type of fish tacos. I expect the world.

6-07-2011 Today was hot
It was a record 102 degrees today. We havn't had a 100 degree day since 2006. Its
amazing when we do have temperatures that high. I was a bit annoyed by everyone
taking pictures of it on facebook. Everyone knows its hot out.

I watched the Finals tonight and Dallas was able to squeek by and take it from the
Heat. The series is now tied at 2 a piece. Dirk was playing with a fever tonight.

6-06-2011 Daily grind
It was tough getting back to work today. I wish I would have taken today off. I was
tired all day. I was fading at times at work.

I was inspired to make some ribs tonight. I obviously didn't have time to slow cook
them. I have learned a few methods to cook them quick and make them tender.

6-05-2011 Kansas City part 4
It was time to head home with everyone. Erika was getting addicted to four loco so we
had to find a place on the way home for her to stock up on them. We stopped at Toot
toots for lunch. It was family style buffet. It was actually pretty good there. It felt
like comfort food from grandma. We got home around 7pm tonight. We drove the 8
hours. I was so tired. I had a great trip and I am very happy. I was not feeling the
best at times, but I did not want my friends to worry.

6-04-2011 Kansas City part 3
We wanted to try another bbq joint. This time we went to Gates. We got the ribs this
time and I have to say. It was out of this world. I have never had anything so good. We
 went to the Boulevard beer tour. It was fun seeing it. I thought it was cool to
samples stuff. We went tailgating today. It was so hot out, but it was a fun time.
Even when the parking regulators were yelling at us.

Me and Erika went to explore the city. We were at Country plaza and it was pretty
cool to walk around and eat. We ended up at a piano bar and spent the night chilling

6-03-2011 Kansas City part 2
We got up at 8am and had breakfast. i have never seen a automatic pancake machine
maker before. With the start of one button. I thought it was pretty futuristic. We
finally arrived and we went to Arthur Bryants for bbq. It was so  good. Erika got the
pulled pork and I got the beef sandwich. They were amazing. We went tot he Twins
game tonight and it was a lot of fun.

6-02-2011 Kansas City part 1
Me and erika were preparing for our trip to Kansas city with everyone. We needed a
quick bite to eat for our long trip. We went to La Mixteca. it was pretty authentic. I
liked it. We got on the road at 7pm. We met up with everyone in Faribult. We got to
Ankeny Iowa and thats where we stayed the first night.

6-01-2011 Menards
I went to Menards to get aa sink strainer bolt holder thingy. I have been having
problems with my sink and I just decided to buy another one. I had to have Andy help
me. With my strength not as strong these days. I needed more hands.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”