06-30-2012 Day 2
We drove down to Pattison state park to go to the beach. It was pretty low key out. i
am a baby when it comes to the heat. My sister and Do made pork chops for dinner.
Kobe kept getting nose bleeds. It was kinda scary.

06-29-2012 Amnicon Falls
After pummeling through the last day of the fiscal year at work. I was off to Amnicon
Falls. It took us awhile to get up there. But once we were there. It was a great
camping experience. Kobe got nose bleeds like crazy.

06-28-2012 Good bye
Tonight was probbably going to be the last time Me and sarah got to hang out as room
mates. we went to Mad Jacks for good old times. Andy met up with us. They came with
me to volleyball.

We got the sweep tonight at volleyball. It was fun, but the team we played against
just didn't match up with us that well.

06-27-2012 Dball heat!
It was so hot in the gym. I could barely breathe. It was 95 % degrees outside today.
In a gym that had no A/C. It was almost unbearable. I sweat so much. That I couldn't
even grip the balls. It was very hard for me to throw them.

06-26-2012 Dinner party
Today I hosted a dinner party. We had a Caribbean theme and we had 11 people show up.
It turned out really well. There was plenty of booze and food was awesome. It was a
hell of a fun time. I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully it will be a fun theme.

06-25-2012 Happy hour
I had happy hour with Jillian just to talk and get to know each other a bit more before
she moves in. It was fun. I think we well get along pretty good.

I was pretty tired today. I wanted to get the chicken ready and marinated for
tomorrow. I figured I would get drummies. Thats always a safe bet.

06-24-2012  Steamer finale
We dominated all game. We were up 3 to 0 in the final inning. Tyler, supposed kickball
God. Munted. They scored 4 game over. It was quite depressing. We lose to bunts. It
hurts a lot. But I think every one knew  we were the real winners.

I went to Mad Jacks for Texas Holdem poker. It was a lot of fun. I forgot how much I
miss playing. I met a lot of cool people. They were fun. It was a good night out.

06-23-2012 Glencoe Days
We all got up early for the fun drive to Glencoe Mn for the kickball tournament. We
lost our first game 1 to 0. We lost in the final inning. The winds were blowing in. We
never adjusted.  We won the next 2 games. Until we got to the finals and we lost to a
non drinking team. Which is lame.

06-22-2012 Dipso sub
I needed a night out to get my mind off of things. I decided to play kickball at
Bloomington. It was  lots of fun. I once again got my revenge on Charm school. I did
have a scare where I slid into 2nd base and almost tore something. Luckily I came out

06-21-2012 Vball lead
Infinite Gravity took control of our division tonight. We beat one of the top tier
teams in our league. It felt pretty good too. We all played really well. i am surprised
how scrappy we are.

06-20-2012 Chest pains
I woke up with chest pains this morning. It was nothing like my minor heart attacks,
This feels more like a sprained muscle or my pectorial. I think it was from laughing so
hard at the comedy club.

06-19-2012 Acme comedy
We went out for Sarahs birthday. We went to Acme Comedy. I havn't been there in
years. It was so much fun. I was laughing so hard. I am glad we got a good comic for
the end of the night.

06-18-2012 Vball subbing
It was really fun tonight at vball. I got some good saves in. I was pretty exhausted
after tonight. I felt I had a hard time gasping for air. Not sure what was really going

06-17-2012 Steamers win big
I got another home run tonight. We blew the other team out. We were playing pretty
short. It was so much fun though. It was definitely hot though.

06-16-2102 Chad and Andy celebration
I went over to my parents house for Fathers day. I made eggrolls for it. It was fun
just hanging out. But I was feeling pretty tired from getting up so early. Atleast
everyone liked my egg rolls.

I went over to Chan and Danielles house. They were making snow crab and king crab and
every thing else. It was fun. I had a good time

I ran over to Sheris for her bday celebration. The mosquitos were out in full force. I
had fun though.

I met up with chad and Danielle and everyone else at Gastofs. i only had 1 beer. I am on
a budget and it wasn't too terrrible not drinking.

06-15-2012 Friday night return
I had to get new cleats. Since I lost my old ones. I tried to kick away all night. I
popped up every time. I need to just try to keep it down. We beat the Charm school
team. But it wasn't the regular team. It was charm school lite.

06-14-2012 Infinite Gravity
With all the storms we had today. I was unsure if we were going to play. Apparently
the other team called my phone. They forfeited. I was so into the basketball game. I
didn't even notice. So when we got there. There was no team to play. We just messed
around. I felt bad.

06-13-2012 Dball action
With me slowly losing weight again,. I need to go and play and sweat. The hot gym
really helps me achieve that. Plus, its the only way I really truly push my self. Tonight
was a light asian salad with turkey meatball.

06-12-2012 Mario bbq
With all the stuff going on lately. I figure life should be less interesting right. Well,
at Marios bbq his rott ran up and went to bite me on my neck. Luckilly I moved back
just in time, but he also got my hand. I was bleeding a bit on my neck. His tooth got in
pretty deep. Seems like I just can't seem to catch a break.

06-11-2012 Vball subbing
I had some time to waste. So I went to go see Prometheus. It wasn't what I expected,
but it was good. Just wish it had more good scenes.

We went 2 and 1 tonight. I felt pretty good out there. But once the darkness hit. I
couldn't see well. They were late games.

06-10-2012 Steamers
We went head to head with the other undefeated kickball team tonight. The Monistars.
We won 7 to 6. It was a close game, but we were in control the whole time. It seems
we have been winning those close games this year.

06-09-2012 Dball
I went to go play dodgeball today. I t was fun, I met a few new people. Well they came
out to drinks afterwards. It is always good to get new people in the mix.

Erika came over. We made tacos. Which were really good. It  was nice just hanging out
again. I really needed that with everything going on.

06-08-2012 Not much
With my financial struggles ahead. I decided tonight was one of those days I needed to
just stay in. As I was bored and just cooking liver. Chris came over to grab me to goto
Jamies place. She was having a fire. So I went over to there place and just hung out.
It was fun we played games.

06-07-2012 Vball
We played against a 4 and 2 team. We are 3 and 3. I was a bit nervous. But we played
well took all 3 games. We actually came back from 13 to win the 2nd game. The other
team was pissed. I would be too.

06-06-2012 Dball
With all the stress I have been on lately. I have been feeling pretty low. Its tough,
but its another thing I gotta get my self through.

Tonight at dodgeball I had a fun time just throwing balls at people. Gordon tried to
call me out. So I destroyed him.

06-05-2012 Differences
After years and years of tying to get my self out of debt. I got my self in some
troubles. My bank account was frozen and wiped cleaned by collections. Everything, my
checking and savings were wiped out. I am negative $560 dollars. What bad timing.

06-04-2012 Recovering
My body is sore from all the sports I have done. Its not like I play every day. But I
have been pushing my self pretty hard. I decided to skip the gym tonight. I needed to
clean for the bbq Tuesday.

I look in he mirror a lot lately. I don't know who I am sometimes. I feel like my
personality can change in an instant. Hopefully I figure it out some day.

06-03-2012 Grand Old Days
I havn't been to Grand old Days in years. It was fun meeting up with everyone. I took
$60 out of the atm. It went by pretty fast. It is expensive. Now I remember why I
don't go anymore.

Steamers pulled a big win against the Scorgasms. 3 to 2. It was an exciting game. I did
the best I could, especially being drunk all day.

06-02-2012 Night alone
Its been a highly emotional week for me. I just wanted to take it easy tonight. I had a
good work out from dodgeball and I just needed to unwind. The past week has been hard
on me.

06-01-2012 Infinite Gravity
I havn't gone to TGI Fridays in such a long time. For years i would spend so much
money on happy hour. Some how I got roped into going to Elk River. I really didn't know
anyone, but thats the fun part right.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”