6-30-2013 Steamer finale
We lost both our games tonight. The first team man bunted about 3 times to beat us.
Pretty sad, but what are you gonna do. We played Multiple Scoregasm and they whipped
us, but we were messing around. We had a all guy outfield. It  was fun,

6-29-2013 Gordon and Nina wedding
The wedding was actually pretty fun. I was pretty sober, but it was a fun time. A lot
of dancing and drinking. I had a good time with everyone. Just a fun night overall. We
went over to the White Bear Lake Legion after for a nice night cap.

6-28-2013 Legion
I had some cash in my pocket. That meant I was able to go spend some money on drinks.
Since I have been feeling a bit normal lately. I can go out and drink again. It was fun.
I had a good time. It was Dans dads 70th bday party.

6-27-2013 Vball
We won 2 games and lost one tonight. We played very bad in that loss. But we
rebounded and took them down. We crushed them in the 3rd game. I was pretty tired
tonight. I had to stay really late at work for a retirement party. I was on the clean

6-26-2013 Dball one night only
I had happy hour with Sarah at Park Tavern. We decided to go play dodge ball tonight.
It was nice. Since it was so hot inside the gym. I got a nice work out in. I was
sweating so bad. I couldn't breath though.

6-25-2013 Catching up
I have been a little behind on all my tv shows. So tonight was a good night to catch up
on them. I love watching my shows. It makes for a good relaxing evening.

6-24-2013 Movie time
Me and Melissa went to go see World war Z tonight. I thought the movie was pretty
good. Nothing like seeing hordes of zombies. But it was pretty good. I actually liked it.
I wasn't really expecting much.

6-23-2013 Summer time
I think summer has finally arrived. It was toasty and hot out. I went to kickball
tonight and it was a lot of fun. Guppy was in control of the team. We won by a lot.

6-22-2013 Glencoe Days
Summertime Brews wins this tournament no problem. It was a warm day and it took its
toll on me. I was so tired. But we coasted through and won this tournament pretty
easily. I had fun eating at the food stands though. I love doing that.

6-21-2013 Andy bday outting
Andy wanted to celebrate his bday in uptown. We were at the Cafeteria and we
basically didn't make it anywhere else. Mario got his revenge with the starry night
shot. I believe its yag and gold schlager.

6-20-2013 Heat sucks
The Spurs couldn't win game 7 to beat the Heat tonight. I hate Lebron James so much.
Hes the worst. They get every call go there way. Spurs don't get any calls go there
way. NBA is rigged I tell ya.

6-19-2013 Gym
I wasn't afraid to push my self at the gym today. I felt a bit odd. I havn't been there
enough. I am afraid to hurt my ankle again. My left feels very fragile for some reason.
I felt some soreness in my ankle again and it was near my achilles again. So I slowed
down a bit.

6-18-2013 Bdays
Today was Andy and Sarahs bday. Both who I was room mates with. I found it really
odd. Jays birthday was this past Sunday two days ago. Just weird, but oh well. I went
out for Sarah for a couple drinks for her bday at Stouts. I went out to Mad Jacks
with Andy later that night.

6-17-2013 Push push
I wasn't needed for vball tonight. Which was night. I just drove home and relaxed. I
have been doing such a good job eating better. I knew I have to eat a lot better. My
chest has been feeling a bit weird lately.

6-16-2013 Fathers day
We all went over to my dads house for food. We got ribeye steaks and fish. My brother
caught a lot of fish up north. Well Devils lake North Dakota. It was a fun time
though. I had a lot of fun.

6-15-2013 Wild Bills
Chris was sober cab tonight and we all went to Wild Bills. It was actually a lot of fun.
We get drunk so fast there. I needed a good night out. The music was loud and it was a
fun time.

6-14-2013 Pie
Shawna came over and baked Jay a pie today. It was very sweet of her. It was very
good blueberry pie too. It was fresh and warm. I don't remember my last fresh pie.

6-13-2013 Vball
There was so many mosquito's last night. It was crazy. We won all three but it really
sucked playing when they are swarming all over you.

6-12-2013 Time
I have pushed my self harder then before at the gym. I am pumping the iron pretty
hard lately. I feel it, I feel good.

6-11-2013 Spurs
Everyone knows how much I hate Lebron James and the Miami heat. Tonight they got
blown out by 36 points. Which brought tears to my eyes. What a great feeling.

6-10-2013 Vball
I have been struggling at volleyball as of late. Seems like I just havn't been playing to
my level. I am still doing decent, but not as good as I once was. I think I just gotta
play through it. All the distractions aside.

6-9-2013 Jerk chicken
I bought this caribbean jerk marinade about a couple months ago. I wanted to see how
it would taste on the chicken. Luckily I had it marinating over night. I have been
trying to try different flavors as of late. I thought it was good. I wish I could try
the real stuff some time.

6-8-2013 Cecelia house warming party
I went over to my sisters house warming party. It was a bit of a drunkenfest. I had a
good time. Spending time there. I really didn't know many people there. So It was nice
just kinda hanging out there. Plus there was a lot of craw fish there. I havn't been
eating much lately. So I didn't get a chance to eat too much.

6-7-2013 Mad Jacks
I really wanted to just be left alone this weekend. Melissa showed up at my door. She
convinced me to goto Mad Jacks. I only had a couple drinks. I wasn't really in the mood
to drink. I am more of a happy drunk. i don't drink when I am crabby.

6-6-2013 Infinite G
We won all three of our games tonight. I struggled tonight. I believe with the other
team just being bad. I just let my guard down. Plus, with all the distractions lately.
Its been hard to focus on really anything.

6-5-2013 Neck bone soup
Jay really likes the pork neck bone soup I make. So I made that today. I had all the
ingredients for it anyways. I made it a bit lighter then normal. Since I am on my health

6-4-2013 Tougher
About this time last year. My wages were garnished out of my bank account. Well it
happened again. I am not sure how I will get by till the next pay day. But i will figure
something out. I just can't seem to get a break.

6-3-2013 2 for 3
Seems like we keep getting 2 out of 3 for vball. Which is a good stat for me. I was
giving Amber crap. Since she struggled this week. She did run 2.6 miles an hour before.
While I biked. My ankle is just not ready.

6-2-2013 Grand Ol Days
I met up with Jeff at the Walgreens stage. It was quite busy. We were listening to a
Beatles cover band. The weather was nice out. I had a good time. I needed the sun.
At kickball tonight we didn't do so well. We got pounded. WE didn't have everyone.

6-1-2013 Away
What really gets me these days. Is the fact I don't really want to hang in big groups
as much. I have been pretty fed up with people in general lately. I am mad at the girls
that have used me over the years. Just mad at people for being dumb.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”