6-30-2014 Work
I just did not have the energy today. I didn't want to do anything at all really. I was
feeling so tired. I couldn't focus. Let a lone keep my eyes open. But I made it through
the day barely.

6-29-2014 Home
I stayed up all night. Our flight got home at 7am. I was so tired. But I had so much on
my mind. I decided A. I don't want to be alone. B. I'm way too nice. C. I just need to
take care of my health. I just couldn't fall asleep on the plane. So I pondered thoughts
on life.

Today I got some dodge ball action in. We played outside in the sun. It was fun. But
man was it a work out.

6-28-2014 More walking
I did so much walking ever since I got back from Vegas. That my feet were hurtin
pretty good. I was just tired of walking. So I gambled more then I wanted too today. I
did fairly well. But overall I was probably down 100 bucks since I arrived. But i sat at
the bar and got free drinks. So I guess I did well. We made it to downtown vegas and
had the buffet some where. It was pretty bad. But oh well.

6-27-2014 My night
I really wanted a day for me. Today was that day. I took the bus over to China town.
It was so worth it. I went to a awesome cajun place that had crawfish. It was really
good. I also got mussels.I found someone to hang with for awhile. her name was Donna.
She was actually a stripper. I guess her stage name was Neveah. But I had fun hanging
out with her for awhile. I twas a long night. Cause we went to Citizens for late night
dinner. It was spendy.

6-26-2014 Explored
Today I got out of my hotel room and it was a breezy cloudy day. Which is nice for
Vegas standards. I walked all over the place. We had dinner at some pizza place near
the Luxor. We went to Coyote Ugly tonight. Chad was feeling pretty good.

6-25-2014 Spirit
My flight left pretty late tonight. It was delayed. Spirit, really sucked pretty bad.
The chairs don't recline and it was an hour late. So far. I don't know if it is worth
the money. But I am keeping it cheap.

6-24-2014 Push 75
We finished the regular season on a good note. It was a tough game for us. we dug our
selves some big holes. But we were able to walk away with a 2 out of 3 games. My gout
in my foot really affected my offense. But my defense will always be there, We had a
bbq to celebrate a good regular season. On to the play offs.

6-23-2014 Happy hour
I met up with Angela for happy hour. I havn't seen her since well I don't remember the
last time. I may have stopped by at Caribou when she was working. But We dated for a
few weeks. It was a good night overall.

6-22-2014 Steamer win
We were the 4th seed playing a 2 seed. Also our Rivals The Multiple Scoregasms. We
won 7 to 2. It was a good game for us. We played well. We did what we do best. We got
our revenge on them. They were kind shocked.

6-21-2014 Night out
Me and Erika had brunch today at Lush. Yup the lesbian bar. It was pretty good
actually. I was pretty surprised. We went to uptown to get more drinks. It was nice
catching up.

I went downtown tonight. It was odd for me. Since I was hurting pretty bad with my
gout pain in my foot. But I tried dancing anyways. I had a good time overall.

6-20-2014 Vball/Joe
I played some vball tonight. My knee was bugging me. But I did the best I could. I
tried to take it easy.

I went out for Joes birthday. We were at Grumpys and we made our way to the VFW.
it was a good night overall.

6-19-2014 AC down again
When I got home today. I noticed my place wasn't as cool as it normally is. I went
outside and it looked like the AAC unit was not turning on. Chad came over and took a
look at it. Hoping it was just the fuse. But it seems the used AC is out again. Which I
may cancel Vegas. If its not fixed.

6-18-2014 Dinner
I went to the Hoggsbreath for Happy hour. Che met me there. Dinner wasn't till 7pm.
I wanted to try to watch a movie. But timing and show times just did not work out to
my favor. But I spent more money then I wanted too. I was feeling pretty good.

6-17-2014 Push 75
We won 2 out of 3 games tonight. We played a older team. But They were ranked 1st in
the division. We are really playing good volleyball right now. Our hitting continues to
struggle. But we get points at the right time. Also, screw up at the right times. Either
way. We snuck out another one.

6-16-2014 Dinner
We had Columbian dinner tonight. Crystal, Amy, Becca and Jenna. I was the only dude. I
guess thats fine with me. It was pretty good. I remember it being a little bit better.
But oh well. I had a good time. Oh and USA mens soccer team won.

6-15-2014 Steamers
We were the 4th seed this year. We beat the kicksters(1 seed) in extra innings to
advance to the finals. We will Play the Scoregasms. It seems like its this every year.
But it should be a good one.

6-14-2014 Paulas party
I went over to Paulas to help set up the grill and get it going. My chicken was good. It
could have been cooked a bit more. But I felt rushed for some reason. It was a good
time. I was feeling pretty tired tonight.

I went out for Sarahs birthday. Me and Patrick did. Over in White bear lake. It was a
haul from my house. I was feeling tired.

6-13-2014 Grumpys
After work today. I did some more pick up volleyball. I have been playing so much this
year. Although Friday isn't the best competition. But its fun. We all went to Grumpys
after. I was feeling pretty happy from the drinks. I better take it easy.

6-12-2014 Infinite  Gravity
We snuck away with 2 games and 1 loss today. We were really short and we played the
other good team in the other division. I played my heart out today. I was so tired at
the end of it.

6-11-2014 Strained
With my strained pectoral. I figured I better take it easy tonight and not play
dodgeball. I got home and just did laundry and caught up on my tv shows. It was really
nice to just get that all done. I feel the pain still. I better goto the Dr if it doesnt
get better. Its been almost 6 days now.

6-10-2014 Push 75
We had a couple subs today. We had Crystal ex Nick sub. I also had Shawna sub today.
We won the first two games. But the 3rd one slipped away. Shawna missed the serve.
Damn. I could have played better. But my chest was really hurting.

6-09-2014 Happy hour
I had happy hour with Sarah today. I told her I didn't have much time, but maybe we
could squeeze one in. I was feeling pretty tired and busy as of late. It was fun to
catch up though. This is my only free night I have to my self.

6-08-2014 Steamers
We won today. We beat the other team 19 to 10. I was getting a little worried. Seems
like we were going to have a close one. But we pulled away eventually.

I went to the Doghouse and Hoggsbreath for drinks tonight. It was a nice night out. I
had a good time just sitting back. I took it fairly easy tonight.

6-07-2014 Bp
Che, Kristen and Becky came over to my place for dinner. I made them some pork. We
drank for a bit and made our way out to Mad Jacks. I havn't had people over in for
ever it seems. It was a good night out. I had a lot of fun.

6-06-2014 Friday fun.
At volleyball tonight. I had such a good time. I don't mind playing volleyball with
people who are terrible at volleyball. I guess i'm there to just socialize. But the last
hour we had some competitive games. Which  makes it a lot of fun. I wanted to recruit
this girl to my vball team. But maybe I will ask her next time I see her. She stuffed
me like 3 times. Hit way better then me, I was impressed.

6-05-2014 Pagoda
I met up with Dan tonight for chinese at Pagoda. We like eating there. Its really good.
When we left. The owners blocked us in. They parked behind us like idiots. I don't know
why, but they made it so hard for us to get out. Thats just dumb if you ask me.

I met up with Sarah at Jimmy's in Vadnais Heights. Then we met everyone else at The
Doghouse. It was a long night. But I spent way too much money. I had fun though.

6-04-2014 Twins game
One of our vendors at work took us out today. They paid for everything at Kierans
down town and they also took us to the Twins game. Which was pretty nice. Everything
was paid for there too. It was a beautiful night. It was a nice relaxing night for me. I
skipped dodgeball for it.

6-03-2014 Push 75
Tonight at volleyball. We were playing a tough team tonight. I didn't know what to
expect. I had happy hour with Amber before the games. We came into it. With low
expectations. But we fought hard and won all 3 games. I was really proud of our team.
We fought for every point. We wanted it more. We didn't make too many careless

6-02-2014 Quiet night
With most of my nights pretty booked. Monday is my only night free from activities. I
think I really over booked it this year. I wanted to enjoy summer more this year. It is
just so hard. I feel like i'm 24 all over again. I guess my heart has always been young.

6-01-2014 Steamers
It was Grand Ole day today. I usually go every year. But this year I just wasn't
feeling it. It was gonna rain most likely and I didn't want to deal with that and drive
to kickball by 4pm. So I figured it was good to just take it easy.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”