6-30-2015 Gym
I really wanted to push it hard at the gym today. I went early in the morning just to
get it done with.

6-29-2015 Dballing
I played pretty well today. I was a bit tired, but I was trying to get a strong work
out in.

I went and had a drink at the Legion. I took my sleeping pill and left. It really helped
me sleep;.

6-28-2015 Coming home
I woke up early again and made my way back to Dallas and the airport. I actually got
lost getting to the car rental place. As I was sitting at the airport bar. I talked to a
few locals. They were so friendly down there. People are just happy for the most part.

6-27-2015 Austin
While the other dballers had business to take care of in Dallas for the tournament. I
drove 3 hours to take care of business in Austin. It wasn't that bad of a drive. I met
with the apartment searcher guy. We found one place I liked. I applied and now I have
to wait and see. I checked out the downtown scene. 6th street is the crazy fun party
area. I liked it a lot.

6-26-2015 Dallas
I picked Ashley up for lunch today. She didn't know I was coming to Dallas. Since I
was supposed to drop her off at the airport after lunch. She was in shock when I drove
her there and checked in and everything. It was hilarious.

Off to Dallas and it was stormy down there. Went to a couple places. I was feeling
pretty good. But I had a long day tomorrow.

6-25-2015 Night with E
Me and Erika have been trying to have a night to hang out. We started with happy hour
at Red Dragon and Mortimers. We made our way to Roseville and stopped at the Legion
and Hogsbreath. It sure was a long night.

6-24-2015 Tired
I was so tired today. I just havn't been sleeping well at all. I have been getting up so
much earlier. Maybe I am just getting older. I am not sure.  It doesn't help the
neighbor has a kid screaming very early in the morning.

6-23-2015 Vball
We needed to win all three games tonight.  We were playing a team struggling and we
got all three. But they were a bit more close for comfort. We got the job done though,
Should be another easy team next week.

6-22-2015 Dball
It was the normal day today. My money finally hit the bank account. So I was feeling
rich. I guess I have to decide what to do with it.

I went to dodgeball tonight and it was a lot of fun. I was sweating quite a bit. So I
got a good work out in. Thats usually the plan.

6-21-2015 Fathers day
Tonight was the final kickball game of my career after 6 years of retiring. This was
finally it. We won the division championship to boot. It was a good end to a career.

I went to my brothers house. Since we had fathers day there. Every one was late as
usual. But We had a lot of craw fish and it was tasty. I had a good time.

6-20-2015 Joe Bday
Since Joe has a busy bartender schedule. We just took him to Outback for his 50th
bday. It was not too shabby. I think between 6 of us. The waiter got a $60 tip. Which
is awesome. I don't miss the days of being young and people not putting in the right
amount for the bill.

6-19-2015 The Close
I woke up early and got the gas turned back on and cleaned the remaining items out of
the garage. I had a lot of memories at this place. The close didn't go so well. Emily
told me I needed the AC invoice. I drove from Maple Grove to Roseville to get it. But
the close is done. Finally. Its been a long two weeks.

6-18-2015 Nervous
The closing is tomorrow and I am just freaking out. I just want the close to be ready
to go. Its tough when things are beyond your control. I did make a boo boo and shut off
the centerpoint energy gas early during the walk through. I just wanted to close off
all my bills.

6-17-2015 Happy hour
I went to happy hour with Becky today. I had so much stuff to get done. I had the day
off and ran a lot of errands. We got pretty drunk at Station 280. I went to dodgeball
after. To sweat off any alcohol. I was tired and fell asleep early.

6-16-2015 Sleep
I have been struggling with sleep the last few days, Given. I was sleeping on the floor
for a few days. Since I had no bed from throwing away my bed. Tonight, starts my
return to Roseville and staying at Joes. It was nice to sleep in a bed.

6-15-2015 Cleaning
Its the final week. I have stepped up my efforts to clean my place and remove junk. It
is so crazy. I don't think of my  self as hoarder by any means.

I played dodgeball tonight. It was a nice work out. I needed to distract my self for a
little while.

6-14-2015 Steamers
We won our kickball game today. We had a decent lead. Where we can switch positions
on the field and goof around a little. Which was nice.

I went to my brothers house for food and drinks. I guess my brothers Godfather was
in town from Australia. I stayed for a bit to watch the Nba Finals.

6-13-2015 More moving
I got more stuff done today. Basically moving my stuff to Roseville. It is so weird
seeing my place so empty.

I keep applying for jobs and places in Austin. But I am not really getting any bites.
This is a lot harder than I thought.

6-12-2015 Expedition
I drove over to Shawnas to grab her Expedition. I loaded it with my swivel chairs and
Erikas stuff. I dropped off Erikas stuff. Then I drove to Tanjas to drop off the
swivel chairs, It was a long night.

6-11-2015 Reality.
With me cleaning my house and selling things on craigslist. It has been hitting me
finally that I am leaving. Its been overly emotional for me. I cant even hide it. But I
move on. Doing what I can.

6-10-2015 Vball
I subbed for my brothers team tonight. We had a double header. We won the first
games, but got smoked the 2nd game. We played a undefeated team who moved and
played like a real team. We had no chance.

6-09-2015 Vball
We will finally have our full team ready to go. Alysha is now permanent. We lost 2 to
1. But we will have a lighter schedule the rest of the way. Which will help us. We will
need time to gel. But its hard when were all gone.

6-08-2015 Busy day
I had lunch with Ashley today. She didn't have a Tony Cu moment so I wanted to have
lunch. We had vietnamese which is my favorite.

I went to Dodge ball tonight. I was exhausted from working out in the morning. But I
got a good work out in. I needed to push my self to slim down. Gotta get ready for

6-07-2015 Grand Ol Day
I took the night off from kickball. I didn't want to come hammered like I have the
previous years. I becky went with me this year and we met up with the dball crew.
After everything was done. We went to Sweenys for the worst service of all time.
Given it was Grand Ol Day and it was busy. but it kinda sucked.

6-06-2015 Kabobs
I went over to kristen and Che's tonight for dinner. I made beef kabobs. They turned
out pretty good. I was happy with them. The funniest part of the night for me was
trying to make minute rice. I never made minute rice before. I am used to real asian
rice. We went to The Hogsbreath for  a few drinks tonight. I had a good night overall.

6-05-2015 Baby sitting
With both my nephews over. Cameron and Kobe. I really had to stay and feed them food.
Those kids eat a lot. I was also entertaining Cameron. Cause, I don't really get a
chance to see him much. We watched the latest night of the museum together.

6-04-2015 Lunch
I had lunch with Lindsey at some indian buffet it wasn't too bad. It was over in
Bloomington. It was down pouring that day. I havn't seen so much rain in one period in
a long time.

6-03-2015 Picking
I went to my parents house to pick up fish today. My brother caught a bunch of fish
and I kinda was the delivery boy for everyone. I fillet the northern. A lot of people
are picky about the bones. But they weren't so bad if you fillet it right.

6-02-2015 Looking
It is so tough to find a job down in Austin so far. I have applied but have gotten
nothing. Even looking for places is tough. Especially when you don't live in the area.

6-01-2015 Monday
My body beaten and bruised I took the night off and just went to the gym instead. I
have been trying to get more things done around the house. But things keep coming up.
Just can't seem to get past things.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”