6-30-2016 Happy hour
With  this being one of those days. I needed a drink. This 4th of July came out of no
where. It doesnt feel like it at all. What has gone on with time lately. Is this what
getting old is like?

6-29-2016 Rest
I have been getting up so early with the dog around. My sleeping in time is cut short.
Which makes me tired. But I get to relax and chill at night. I fall asleep easier also.

6-28-2016 Courtney        
Courtney came over and her and Rupert hung out with Zoomie and I. We had fun.
Zoomie was all over Ruperts ass non stop. It was pretty funny. He was so relentless.

6-27-2016 Work
Back to work today. I left Zoomie at home and kenneled him. He barks and howls for 30
minutes when he is kenneled. But I am hoping it goes away. We lost 2 to 1 tonight at
volleyball. But I was happy we played well. They are probably one of the better teams.

6-26-2016 Figuring
Hes still trying to figure me out. But the dog seems to be settling down a bit. He has
no hesitation. I brought him over to Kristen and Che's place. He played well with their
beagle. He had a field day. He will be a tired pup.

6-25-2016 Busy
I woke up early thanks to Zoomie. Then I made egg rolls for Ashleys grad party. I was
struggling a bit. Since I had the dog. But I got it done and they went pretty fast. I
raced all over town today. I got a crate at my sisters house and then I went our for
Mikaylas bday at the legion. I am exhausted.

6-24-2016 Zoomie
It was 10pm and that was the time I was supposed to pickup Zoomie. I eventually
walked out of there with him at 10:30pm. He is full of energy so far. I didn't know
what to expect. But he is quick as a cat.

6-23-2016 Preparation
I am officially fostering a dog tomorrow. I went and bought some pet supplies for this.
I am not sure what I am gonna have to get. But I will figure it out. I spent some
money already. I am pretty excited for this.

6-22-2016 Zg finale
We played the division winner today. We lost 4 to 2. But we had our chances. We just
couldn't quite cash in. It was a good season for us. We went 4 and 3. Proud of how we
played all year. We fought!

6-21-2016 Push
With my gout clearing up. I am pushing my self so hard to work out. I feel good. But
my ankles are just so sore as well. So I continue to push on. I'm feeling a bit down
with Courtney gone. But I continue to move forward. Hoping she comes around.

6-20-2016 Condiments vball
We won 2 out of 3 games tonight. We played an easy team and i was not happy we
couldn't finish and win all 3 games. I just feel we don't have that killer instinct to
put teams away.

6-19-2016 Fathers day
we had crawfish today for my day. It wasn't as good as it was in the past. I think
some of the dead ones got in this batch. But I was still full adn got my moneys worth.
iI was good though.

6-18-2016 Drinks
I was pretty busy all day today. I went and played dodgeball to get my work out in. I
went and did errands afterwards. I Made it out for drinks tonight. But I was so tired.
I saw Sarah and Andy for their bdays.

6-17-2016 Grumpys
i had some fun today. We went to happy hour for Caroline's fair well. Seems like we
are having going aways every week. I stayed pretty late. Then I made my way to
Grumpys to see everyone else. It was fun, but I had a long day of drinking.

6-16-2016 Back on track
I didn't want to over eat anymore. So i got back on track and ate normal amounts of
food and worked out a bit today. I am sore. But its the right direction. Since I got
caught off track.

6-15-2016 ZG
We got a good win today. We won 4 to 3. It was a tough emotional day for me. I tried
so hard to forget things. But it is what it is.

6-14-2016 Shortstop
Me and Courtney went to Shortstop tonight. We wanted to spend some time together. I
wasn't sure what to get. I wasn't too hungry. I was not impressed with the chicken

6-13-2016 Budgeting
Today i filed for a adopted dog. We dball see if I hear back. i think i am ready. I did
the numbers and we shall see. It was something I wanted to do for awhile.

6-12-2016 Low key
I took it easy again this morning. The key was to not get out and spend too much
money. I am on a budget and I am trying to keep funds low. I paid bills and got a lot of
stuff done tonight.

6-11-2016 Gout
Today was a rough day for it. I could barely walk around the house. I just laid low and
took it easy. I did got happy hour with becky for a bit. It was a nice night to rest and
get some R and AR.

6-10-2016 marks retirement
It was kind of sad today. Mark was cool and he was fun to be around. We need more
people like him at TIES. I stayed as along as I could. But I was so tired. It was great
to see so many old faces tonight. I am happy for him. He will be missed.

6-09-2016 Lazy
I havn't been getting much sleep lately. So I really need sleep. I just can't sleep at
night. Whether its too warm or I have pain in my foot from gout. I hope this works out
in the end. Cause I am tired of it.

I went to go see Ashleys graduation tonight. Funny, how my graduation was over 17
years ago.

6-08-2016 ZG
We played well tonight at kickball. We need a big game after the man bunters last
week. But we won 12 to 7 I think. We played much better. Even with me hurting still.

6-07-2016 Legion
We made our way to the Legion tonight. We had pho off of university, and then we hung
out with Jeremy at the Legion. It is always a good deal there and I was feeling it.
Thats for sure.

6-06-2016 Condiments vball
We played against a team that we shiould have easily beat all 3 games. unfortunately
we dropped one game to them. It is sad, but I wasn't a 100% either. we will continue
to grow later this summer.

6-05-2016 Steamers
we got our first loss of the season today. We played very flat. Nothing was going our
way. We were just out played. But our hopes were up.

6-04-2016 Ribs
I went to dodge ball today. It was the first time in about 4 weeks. I needed some
exercise. But i finally can walk normal with not too much pain.,

Courtney went to Costco and bought so many spore ribs. They turned out good. We have
so much we don't know what to do with it.

6-03-2016 Friday
It has been a long 2 weeks of training. I am ready to just relax and enjoy the weekend
to be honest. I was gonna go out tonight. But i stayed home to take care of a few
things. Just need to figure stuff out.

6-02-2016 Sleep
I am craving so much sleep. But I have gotten so little lately. It doesn't help when I
am sick. The weekend is almost here. So i am pretty excited.

6-01-2016 ZG loss
We suffered a loss today. We should have won. But the other team dropped 4 man
bunts on us. There is just no way we can win when that happens. I was pissed but it
happens. I get used too it.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”