6-30-2017 Hanging out
It was a very productive day today. I ran a lot of errands. I stopped by my parents
house and hung out with them. I am basically helping my dad with his old computers. He
wont let them go.

6-29-2017 Quiet
I havn't really figured what to do with my self yet. I know I got chicago next week
and that I will take care of it after the 4th and Chicago.

6-28-2017 ZG Champs
We won our division today. It was a good feeling. I was so happy. iIdidnt know how to
handle it. But I was very happy.

6-27-2017 Exercise
I got some good exercise today. I walked Zoomie pretty far. My back started hurting
for whatever reason. I guess its an old age thing. We shall see. But I think its nothing
major. I've been so active that I'm probably over doing it.

6-26-2017 Day 1
I got a lot done today. I dropped off food at Joes. Went to Sarah to drop off her
leash she left over last night. Then I went to my parents to help them with their
computer. I got home and I did my daily exercise.

6-25-2017 Zoomie 3rd bday party
Who throws a birthday party for a dog. This guy. It was a good turn out. I was really
happy about it. It was a lot of fun as well. He got a lot of good gifts. Every one liked
the food. Which was the best part.

6-24-2017 Busy
There was so much going on today. I had our kickball tournament and I was worn down
from it. I played 3 games and it was almost too much for me. I was feeling really sore.
I went to the grocery store to prep all the stuff for the big party tomorrow.

6-23-2017 Good bye
I was let go at the end of the day today. My first time ever being laid off. They were
happy I was professional about it. But in the end. It was time. All my friends have
either gotten laid off or left on their own. I was the last of the originals. Time to
move forward.

6-22-2017 Sick
I was still sick and I had to just take it easy today. I was just trying to get over my
cold. But my body wouldn't get going. I laid in bed mostly today and just tried to sleep
it off. But my nose was running all day.

6-21-2017 ZG Division champs
I was not feeling good today. I left early and laid at home to get rest. We won our
kickball game tonight and we are division champs. It was a great feeling. The team
carried me. I was so tired.

6-20-2017 Nada
I was pretty tired today. Not sure why. I just felt off. I went to bed early to just
get things back on track.

6-19-2017 Vball
We won all 3 games tonight. We played well. But it was against a very bad team. So we
coasted all the way and had beers after. I went to play dodgeball after. Since it was
an early game.

6-18-2017 Fathers day
Sarahs bday was at CVowboy jacks for bloodys.

Today was fathers day. We all met at my brothers house for it. One thing though. We
forgot to tell our parents about it. My dad eventually came. But food was good and I
got my fill of crab.

6-17-2017 Petapalooza
I went to Petapalooza. It was at the state fair near work and I wanted to check it
out. They had tents up for vendors to give away samples. Kinda like the Saints game.
Zoomie was doing pretty good and didn't do anything terrible. I got cheese curds

6-16-2017 Friday fun
By Friday fun, I mean be sober for the day. I needed a break for sure. I stayed home
and watched tv. I had my nephew Cameron and Kobe over. We grilled burgers and made

6-15-2017  Dorothy good bye
We went to Kahans for lunch today and to Stouts for happy hour for Dorothys good
bye. This makes me the only original left and its sad. But I will keep plugging and see
what happens to me int he future.

6-14-2017 ZG win
We played our toughest test of the season. We won, but our offense really helped us
today. We made way too many mistakes on defense today. But our offense was on fire.
Im proud of my peeps.

Drinking streak ended today. Ashley wanted me to run up hills after. Was unable to
find hills.

6-13-2017 Day trip to fuluth
Ashley asked me to take the day off. So we went and visited some state parks. Jay
cooke, Banning, and the lighthouse near goosebury. We got hit by heavy rain. But it was
a exciting day. We were both tired after.

6-12-2017 Vball
We played a team with a better record then us today. We won all 3games. A game we
needed to have all of them. Records really count in this league and we started off very

6-11-2017  Steamer loss.
We lost today, but we are still the division champs. We should have still won actually,
but I wont get into it. I was pretty tired today. The hot sun was wearing me down. We
had a bbq at Lunzers after. I made egg rolls.

6-10-2017 Tired
Well I finally got some rest this weekend. I slept so much. But I got a lot of stuff
done around the house. I went and put my desk together and I went to beckys to put
her vanity together.

6-09-2017 Jacks
I was having so much fun at happy hour today. I just have really been craving some
relaxation. Its been a tough week and I needed a break. I have been happy though.
Thats the key part.

6-08-2017 Cowboys
It seems like after work I have been going to cowboy jacks a lot.I don't know why.
Today. Kristine hung out with us for awhile and it was just a lot of fun. We played the
ring game outside. We got tips on how to get it on the pin.

6-07-2017 ZG wins
We had our first challenge of the season. We won, but we are making some smaller
mistakes. I always worry about our offense. But it showed up today.

6-06-2017 Drinks
I have been going strong for awhile now. i really need to take a break. There are no tv
shows I can watch right now. Maybe I should watch some netflix.

6-05-2017 New appliances
I took today off today. Cause my appliances were coming today. The new refrigerator
and stove. I had to pay extra for a gas line hookup. But I am glad I got working frig.
The stove is awesome. I am really happy.

6-04-2017 Division champs
We played the Kicksters today. We won and clinches the division a week early. Which
was really cool. We all had a good time and it was nice and easy. It was a good season
for us this year. We played well. I struggled throwing the ball today, but we won
pretty easily.

6-03-2017 Wrestlepalooza
I had a nice long walk with Zoomie again today. I was so tired all day. I borrowed Joes
truck and went to Marios bachelor party. Then I had tickets for Wrestlepalooza with
everyone. It was a fun night.

6-02-2017 Drinks
We had a nice outting at Cowboy Jacks tonight. Andya nd Sarah came out. Gordon and
Nina met us later. We were just hanging out on the patio. What a great day for it. It
was nice to hang out.

6-01-2017 Break
Zoomie had a nice long walk this morning. I got up early and I wanted to get some
exercise in.

I have been trying really hard to slim down. But my old body seems to struggle with
high intensity work outs.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”