Old Journal

3/31/06 - Finally my birthday has arrived. I woke up pretty early, I was full of excitement. Got
to work and my desk was plastered with tape and balloons. I had to cut my way into my desk
which was pretty fun. For lunch today, I went to Bruegglers where Rachel was working, I
wanted to see her for some odd reason on my Bday. After work I went to Walmart to pick a
few things up. Then Went to the bufet where the festivities began. From there we went to Sgt
Prestons, and then to the Corner bar. I had alot of fun tonight. Alot of the peeps came out,
and a few didn't make it, but thats ok. Cause they promised they would make it up to me at
some point. I had lots of fun, every body has to check out the pictures in the pictures section.
It was a great time.

3/30/06 - I woke up today and I heard all the rain falling to the ground. I was very cheerfuly
through out the day today. For lunch Scott took me out to Macaroni Grill. That was quite
yummy. After work I went home to lounge. I was sent home early, I think they are decorating
my desk. I hope its pretty good, I already took a before picture so when I get to work
tomorrow I can show the after picture. I went to The Corner bar. Keyla and Heather were
working. I had some happy hour, and it was quite good. Tonight we won at dodgeball. I don't
remember the score. I fell on my head and I was kinda groggy ever since. Tomorrow I
celebrate like a King.

3/29/06 - Well today was hard getting out of bed. I have just been tired lately. Not sure why
though. For lunch I had left overs, from the Old Spaghetti factory. After work I went home and
just lounged. Andy finally got his dining table from Slumberland so we carried that into his
apartment. When we tried to extend the table, it kind of broke. It was kind of a what the hell
type of moment. They waited 2 months for this thing and it was fricking heavy to carry up.
Tonight, I chose not to go out to Legends. I figured being tired all the time, it was just a night
I needed to relax. Another day of the birthday week I stayed home. I am building up the
moment for this Friday.

3/28/06 - So there was a SAN seminar at TIES today. I sat there for the first hour and a half,
but I got bored and I knew what I needed to know anyways. Today for lunch, Me and Danielle
went to Cub Foods, I went into their hot foods area and got some chicken. It was ok though.
After work, Becky and Heather and I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory. For the first time in a
long time, I couldn't finish my plate, I barely ate it. Well atleast I have left overs for tomorrow.
Tonight was a good night of poker, I couldn't get a hand to save my life, but I made a good
enough run to the final table. I was the first one eliminated, but I am just happy to be there.
Tonight, I am just in a good mood. Today was a very good day.

3/27/06 - For lunch today, some of the fellow co-workers wanted to goto Khans. I hate that
place more then anything, but I felt the need to go out anyways. Tonight nobody wanted to
goto the Bluefox. I guess it was ok to take a night off from poker anyways. I was at home and
it was kind of relaxing too. Watched wrestling for the first time on a Monday night in a very
long time. I worked out a bit, but I took it easy today. My body is soar all over the place. For
the first time ever, I think I am feeling kind of old. Gone are my glory days of being 21. I kind
of pondered about what I did the past 4 years. I wasted alot of time, but I did enjoy going out
and having fun. Now thats out of my system, theres not much left for me to do. I think
traveling will be my next big thing.

3/26/06 - This afternoon, I had food at Ihop. I really never liked this place. I got a sandwich
but I was unable to finish it. I know, thats not like me at all. I saw the movie "Shes the man"
with Amanda Bynes. I must say, it was a pretty cute movie. I liked it alot, I forgot how much I
like romantic comedies. I figured today was the start of my birthday week. So I made a stop at
Time Out in Blaine, and even to Scoops, wow what a dive bar this place was. I was real tired
today. Just a long weekend overall. I am still pissed off about the waitress incident yesterday.
I think I my file a complaint tomorrow.

3/25/06 - So today, I went to go eat with Saprina. We went to eat at Bakers Square. I havn't
ate there in a very long time. We went to Target after that to do some shopping. After that, I
wen to Southdale to waste sometime before my b-day dinner from my family. I went to go see
"Larry the cable guy, health inspector" It was actually pretty funny, but a lame story line. So
my family decided to celebrate early for me since my dad wont be around next week. For the
first time in 3 years, I snapped. My dad was paying the bill and the waitress rudely points at
the tip area, since it was blank. We always leave cash for tip. She wouldn't leave and I felt for
the first time in my life. I had a chance to back up my dad. I told her we are leaving cash on
the table, and she refused to listen or leave. I snapped, so started calling her a bitch and all
those fun words. I was so pissed, I  whipped out my wallet and flung out 18 bucks into the air
and on the table. Everyone was pissed at me for being rude. I felt I wasn't rude by doing that.
Some Cu family birthday dinner it was for me. This is why I get frustrated, I am a great tipper,
due to having some friends who didn't tip well in the past. My dad was disrespected, I felt the
need to go ape shit. Later on I went to the VFW and played some poker. Me and Chris
ended going up to Becky and Jamies.

3/24/06 - Its Friday, how awesome is that, well pretty awesome if you ask me. After work I
went to The Mermaid and had dinner there. I had the seafood buffet but it was not good at
all.After that, I made my way to Marco and Lindsey's. They had a $20 buy in tournament at
their house. I normally don't do good at houses and I lost pretty quick. I was going to make
my way towards Blaine, but things got called off. So I was trying to decide whether to go back
to Lindsey's or just go home. Shockingly, I went home. I have just been very tired lately and I
wanted to get some sleep.

3/23/06 - Another day of coming in early, I don't know how I do it. Work went by pretty slow
today. I couldn't stop eating today. I was eating everything in site. After work I went to The
corner bar. Heather was working. Shes doing well, and she looks happy as ever since she
found out shes pregnant.I got  a little shlicked, as my boss calls it. I came to dodgeball kind
drunk. We won 6 to 1 anyways and I did pretty good. My winning streak is still alive , I have
not yet lost in a real game this year. We went to The VFW afterwards for a few drinks.
Tonight, I was just having fun.

3/22/06 - I got to work very early today. I don't know how I did it, but I got there early. Today I
had alot on mind. I guess I was in my naive mode today. I got alot of work done today, I was
quite proud of my self. I found out that I have a new girl on my team named Lynn. I don't
know a thing about her, ok well I lied, I kinda know alot now. Long story. She will be a fun
addition to the team. After work today, I went home and lounged. This is now two days in a
row I didn't go out. Impressive for a busy person like me right? Nah, just taking it easy for the
always crazy weekend. I have been looking online lately to look for big brother programs and
any type of charity help I can offer. Nothing seems to interesting right now, but I will keep
searching. With all this working out lately, my body feels like its been ran into the ground. I
am soar and hurting all over and tired. Also, a quick state of the tony address... Just want to
let all my friends know, "I will always watch over you and keep ya laughing".

3/21/06 - What a nice quiet today was. I have been just in my lucky go happy world. I got alot
of work done today surprisingly. I was trying to think when the last time I visited my old private
school in my younger years. Which was not since I first got my license. So I will do that
maybe tomorrow. For once after work, I had nothing to do. It was a nice quiet day at home.
No drinking and no going out. It just feels weird for me. I am so used to going out on a nightly
basis. Maybe this is a step forward of slowing down. I am quite excited My birthday is inching
closer and closer.

3/20/06 - Today I woke up pretty early, thanks to going to bed earlier then usual. I brought in
a salad today from home, that I made. Some people offered to goto Subway and I took the
offer, so my wonderful salad is sitting in the fridge at work. Some day I will say no, but right
now. I love eating out. Went to the Bluefox tonight, my horrible streak of just sucking
continues. Although, I did win a side table and got another invite card. Andy won his side
table too, so we bot added onto our points. Tonight I got home and just worked out. I feel
pretty good about my birthday plans, since I sent the Evite out. I hope people reply back.

3/19/06 - I drove to my sisters house to pick up some things this morning. After that, I made
the drive from Maple Grove to Lakeville. I wanted to see Susan's town home and we were
going to go eat out anyways. We decided to goto Hooters since we couldn't decide where to
go. It was fun catching up on things. I drove all the way back home to Little Canada and just
basically lounged. I think I am recovering from all the alcohol this weekend. My birthday is
coming up, so tonight I am planning for the night of March 31st. Its going to be a great
birthday. The hard part about it is trying to keep everyone happy. I am inviting alot of friends
from different groups and we know that never works.

3/18/06 - So I woke up early so I could play Madden football at Mario's house. Me and Dan
had this challenge and I am glad I beat him. I think the score was 17 to 10. We later played
but he beatme, even though he had to turn on QB vision mode to beat me, that punk. HAha,
oh well I got the all important 1st win anyways. I went over to Andy's after that, we went to
Best Buy and bought some stuff. we played at the VFW, Chris and Jamie were there too. I
lost right away, but Jamie did good atleast. I got into a big argument with some dude who was
being an idiot. I don't like people who bitch about free poker. I wish his dumb ass would have
gotten out of his chair. I was pretty steamed. Maybe I was trying to start a fight but oh well.
We went to Casey's housewarming party after that. So this was a pretty busy day. I should
be able to sleep in tomorrow.

3/17/06 - So I got off work early today. I didn't think I was going to be able to so I didn't wear
any green at all. I went to Target to buy a green shirt. I met up with everyone at Mcgoverns in
St. Paul. we eventually made our way towards the Radisson where Steve was working. After
that we went to Alary's. Which is basically like Hooters, I didn't know there was another place
like Hooters out there, the girls were wearing shorter shorts(white) and a shorter tank
top(green) then Hooters. I usually don't like drinking green beer, but it usually makes your
turd look green, hopefully its not the case tomorrow.

3/16/06 - Today continues the trend of me eating everything in sight. I ate my tiny little salad
and was still hungry. I ended up going to Cub foods and buying more food. After work I went
home and took a nice little nap, I been very tired lately. Afterwards, I went to dodgeball and
we won 6 to 1. I had a little burst of energy tonight. I was so angry for some reason, but my
chest pains flared up again and I had to slow down, I took a beating tonight, i got a few
headshots, but they weren't direct shots or anything. The only direct shot was a stinger to
the balls. That hurt like hell. After that we went to the VFW in uptown. I had a couple strong
drinks. I made it through though, but I know I will be hurting tomorrow.

3/15/06 - I went into work early today. I knew it was going to be a very busy day. I havn't
been this busy in a very long time. I have a very large appetite these days. I just can't control
it. I been thinking of maybe going on a trip to Jamaica, that sounds like alot of fun. I been
trying to think of ways to help me do things other then go drinking a night. For some reason,
I couldn't think of anything. I went over to Andy's, we had quite the adventure tonight. We
had to drive in that stupid snow storm outside.

3/14/06 - Well today traffic wasn't so bad. I took back roads since I saw it was pretty busy on
the freeway. I was doing some busy work today. It kept me busy for awhile. So, everyone
knows I been trying really hard to not go out to eat for lunch. I actually ate food that I brought
from home. For some odd reason. I was still hungry, so me and Danielle went to Mcdonalds
to get food off the dollar menu. I am a bad influence influence for her. I need to stop eating
out. After work, I went to the VFW. For some poker, I could not get a hand. I basically lost
and didn't win a hand at all. Not a good night for Tony Cu. I ended up going to Halftime Rec
for some drinks, I almost have a finalized roster for kickball on Thursday Nights. I am one girl

3/13/06 - I woke up and there was snow all over there place. Even though I brough tfood
from home today. I decided to still go out to eat. Me and Danielle went to Ruby Tuesdays. My
meal wa sso small I had to go and get real food. Tonight Me and Andy went to the Bluefox to
play some poker. There was 2 sessions, the regular tourney and the Northstar tourney. The
first session I got 2nd place and Andy got 5th, we both made it to the final table. Therefor, we
had automatic bids to play in the Northstar tourney. I got eliminated right away, with 3 kings.
Andy on the other hand, made it to the final table and got 2nd place. He lost on the river, he
actually had it won, he was a card away from Las Vegas. Well atleast we both got 2nd place
in both tourneys.

3/12/06 - I woke up late again today. I went to go eat at Don Pablos today with Heather and
Becky. Its just so amazing how much Heather has changed, since she found out she was
pregnant. I am very proud of her. I don't like eating mexican food, but my fish tacos were
really good. It kept me full. Tonight I went and saw "The hills have eyes". I do have to say this
was a pretty disturbing movie. Although it was pretty good, it was very bloody and gory. I
didn't expect that at all. Tonight, i went to Super Target and got some grocery's. I am
attempting to bring food to work every day. So I don't spend money eating greasy food.
Hopefully this ends up working out.

3/11/06 - I woke up around 2pm today. I have been very tired lately. I don't know why to tell
you the truth. I have been working out alot lately, maybe you have noticed the muscles, ok I
am kidding. Today I basically did laundry all day today. I went to the VFW, Becky and Jamie
were there. I did well, I was one hand from the final table. So I guess my 4 straight final table
appearances at the VFW has ended. Quite an amazing feet if I say so my self. I played in the
2nd session, and I was told to lose right away again. I did fairly well, and finally got some
chips, but I spent more then enough time there. Jen went all in, and I knew she had a better
hand then I did, so I called. So I could lose on purpose and atleast give her my chips. So
anyways, Becky, Saprina, Chris, and I went to Glueks downtown. I didn't like the place that
much. Oh well. Me and Chris decided to goto Perkins, since I was really hungry.

3/10/06 - I had lunch with Lawrence today, we went to go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Tonight I
went to go play poker at the Big Ten. I played in a side game and won that and got a crappy
card. Finally, I played in the normal tourney and ended up getting 2nd place. I could have
took him out, but I was getting tired and wanted to go home. Plus, this way I can say I will
never win the big one. I decided to get shots with my $30 gift certificate. Haha yag bombs, I
love them. I don't play poker for the money, I just do it to  get away for awhile. Thats why I
spent my winnings, and rather have my friends enjoy the moment too. Hahaha.

3/9/06 - Today for lunch, me and Scott went shopping at Herbergers. I actually bought stuff
today. We went to go eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. He actually ate pho. If you know me, its
a typical Vietnamese dish. Its kinda like soup. After work, I went to go to Dodge-it. We won 4
to 3 and we should have beat the new team by alot more. There was one guy on there team
that just dominated us. I did well, but I could have played better. I hurt my left elbow, but I will
be ok for next week. I decided to go home, since I was a bit tired. I am just glad its Friday
tomorrow. I can't believe how nice it was outside today. That makes the day go by so much

3/8/06 - Well today, Danielle, Ceil and I went to Mavericks for lunch. I heard so much about
this place. I ended up getting the pulled pork. For some odd reason, I can't describe why I
like pulled pork so much. Mavericks is ok, but it feels like I am in some cheesy whole in the
wall. I won't mind on coming back though. After work, I went over to Brad's house, or should I
say Mark and Scotties house too. They wanted to check out my check engine light. They
have some device that can read the errors it was getting. So tomorrow I guess I will find out
more. I went to The Mermaid, since it was Heathers birthday. Well her Birthday wasn't till
tomorrow. We were all celebrating early. Heather looks really happy, and that makes me
happy. She is pregnant, I found out the other day. So I am excited for her. She is a
hottie...shes gonna be a milf... haha... I talked to Jamie and we were playing the truth and
honesty game. While I was playing it, I realized how truthful I am most of the time anyways. I
made it a quick night. Only 2 tall beers. I been promising my self to slow down soon. It will

3/7/06 - For lunch today at work, I went to go eat at subway again. I am just in a healthy
eating mood lately. I have been trying very hard to stay in shape. Mostly, because I will be
doing alot of sports this spring. I am getting very excited about my birthday. I am sold on
going to NE Minneapolis and bar hop. You never know with me, I may change things up
though. I also got wireless internet working around the house. Its not secure yet, but I am
happy its just working. Tonight, I went to Walmart and Jenni wanted me to meet up with her
and Slade at Majors. I didn't really like this place. It was kinda of a crappy champps to me. I
made it a quick night, two drinks and I was out.

3/6/06 - So today, I had a hard time getting up for work. I was so tired. I lost track on eating
healthy since my trip. So, for lunch today I went to go eat at Subway. I had the new Bistro
steak sub. It was quite yummy. For some odd reason, I couldn't stop smiling all day. I was just
in a great mood. After work I went to Applebee's to meet up with Jamie, Chris and Becky. I
havn't seen them in a while. It was nice to just hang out for a bit again. I made my way
towards The Bluefox. I didn't plan on playing poker, but Lindsey said she hasn't seen me in a
few days. So, Somehow I ended up playing haha. Tonight, i sucked it up pretty bad. I have
been thinking about spring lately. For some odd reason. I feel like traveling more and more. I
don't know where the crave is coming from. Tomorrow is going to be a good day too. I can
just feel it. Tony very happy today.....

3/5/06 - We had to leave the hotel by 4:30am this morning. I barely got out of bed. I had
issues, I was so tired. When we got to the airport, their Burger King was so expensive, it was
ridiculous. It was basically 3 times the amount of what we would pay back home. I slept the
whole flight home. I honestly didn't want to go home. Now that I am back, back to my busy
schedule. Since Brie was sick, I had Susan come with me to the Jeremy Camp concert.
Mainstay was the opening local group. They were ok. Bethany Dillon was a good singer, but
alittle too churchy for me. Jeremy Camp put on a good show at East Bethel, Grand Hall. After
that, me and Susan. Went to Red Lobster for some dinner. After thatI went to Chili's for
Brad's birthday. He's now 22. I think he was glad I made it. Tonight I ended up spending alot
of money. Wow!!! I am just tired right now.

3/4/06 - We got up pretty early today. We ate breakfast at Mcdonalds again, hey its
cheap.We wanted to get as much site seeing as possible. Today, I was going to finally be
able to see the ocean. We went to Long Beach and walked to the Ocean, I touched it, I was
so excited. I felt very relaxed and felt inner peace when I was there. I loved it. We wen down
the strip area by the beach, alot of shops and alot of weird people. Got to see muscle beach,
but there wern't many people lifting weights. I got a psychic reading, which was cool. Ask me
more about it if your interested on what she told me. Danielle wanted to go eat at the in and
out burger. For some odd reason, it was really busy and we finally got our food. It was pretty
good I thought. We decided to make our trip to the Walk of Fame. We finally found it and
walked around and did some shopping. We even got to see where the Oscars where going
to be held. I took pictures of it. Scott wanted to drive down Crenshaw ave. I never heard of it,
but I guess its in alot of movies and songs, think Compton. We ate at some silly sports bar by
the hotel. It was kinda crappy, but oh well.

3/3/06 - On Friday, we had breakfast at the hotels little restaurant. It was quite expensive,
but hey its California, they can rip people off left and right. Today for lunch , they took us to
more seafood, it was called Kings Fish. My meal was ok, this place was basically like a Joes
crab shack. After work, we went back to the hotel, I wanted to shoot some hoops at the hotel,
but some kids came up and I was playing them 2 on 1, and I was dominating till they got
rough. Danielle had to help me since they were dangling all over me. Tonight we went to eat
at some place called the Alcatraz brewery, they had cool sampler beers, I actually spilled it all
over my pants. We later went to  Downtown Disney, and went to a place called the Jazz
Kitchen. They played blues or jazz music, but we already ate so we weren't so hungry. We
then went to the ESPN Zone. Which is a restaurant/bar and a video game area, kinda like
Gameworks. We had alot of good times there.

3/2/06 - Our first day at 8e6 was quite interesting. We had Mcdonalds before we went there. I
love Mcdonalds. The 8e6 people were extremely nice. They took us out to this seafood place
called Market Broiler. It was good, I think I had shark that night. Yummy!!! Bryan, wasn't
feeling good though, he had yellow tail fish and it didn't seem to sit well in his tummy. After
that we all went to the Vans store, and they had a huge skateboarding area. I thought it was
cool. For dinner that night, we went to this mall called the Spectrum, which is actually an
outdoor mall. There we went to eat at some sports bar, then after that we went to the Improv,
which is a comedy club. It was cool, I liked it. I should have took more pictures of the outdoor
malls there.

3/1/06 - Sorry for now updating the website, but this if it this way. I was on vacation. So I
made it too work today. Today we made our way towards the airport. I was quite excited
about going to California. Well after our 4 hour trip on the plane. We made it to Los Angelos.
We had the GPs in the mini van and we were getting lost and getting caught up in alot of
traffic. The first night, we were just trying to find somewhere to eat. We tried to find a few
places, but they just wern't good enough. We found a place called Islands Restaurant. The
waiter guy had no clue what he was doing. Tonight we prepare for 8e6 tomorrow.
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