Old Journals

3/31/07 The big day has finally arrived. After a month of hype. A big week, and a big day like
today. I dont know where to start. Well to start off my day. I went to The St Paul Bagelry to
get some bagels for lunch. I met Wally "The Beerman" there. He gave me autographed card. I
did my annual walk through Central Park in the rain. I then went to go watch Blades of Glory. It
was a really funny movie. I then met up with another friend from the past to catch up for a bit.
Mary brought me out to dinner. Outback was a bit packed so We had to goto Famous Daves
instead. I pigged out ofcourse. Went back to the VFW to start the Bday celebration. I was
drunk before my bday party started. I got into a  fight tonight. Someone I didn't now took a
swing at one of my friends, so I got in and choked him down to the ground. Then whoever
buddy it was took a couple shots on my head. I wasn't going to let it ruin my bday. Although, it
did feel great to choke someone. If I had another 10 seconds, I would have choked him out. :)
Other then that I was enjoying just being with my friends and having a good time. Whether it
was getting drunk or getting ice cream cake in my face or just smiling with the peeps. This was
the greatest bday ever.

3/30/07 Friday, it was still cloudy out. Not really the way I expected a Tony Cu week. I was a bit
tired today though. For lunch I was taken out to Don Pablos. I had some pretty good pictures
of me wearing a sombrero. After work today I went to Ol Mexico for some happy hour. We
won 3 to 1 at bowling today. I played kinda crappy today, but did well enough. We went out to
the VFW for some drinks. It was packed for once for karoake night. I don't think I have ever
seen the VFW so busy in my life. It was just one of those nights. I had lots of fun though. I
think we made our way to the Blue fox for some extra drinks. Tomorrow is a big day I better
rest up now.

3/29/07 Another exciting dark cloudy rainy day. Its my bday week I expect sun. Do I have to
do a sun dance to get the sun out. Today for lunch I was lagging. I had chinese which was
crappy but filled me up. After work today I went to Ol Mexico. Its not bowling night, but we had
to get some drinks. Made my way to the Legion and we did well. I did well. I got 4th place and I
wish I could have done better, but I will take my free drink tokens. We then went to Fridays for
dinner. Seems like I am always there too. I know another bar besides the vfw to drink at. The
bartenders no my name there. I got home and I was just awake. I am excited for my bday.
Can't stop thinking about it.

3/28/07 So it feels like a dark gloomy cloudy and rainy day. Well thats what it looks like outside
today. Nothing to exciting. Danielle was showing me something funny at work. Basically, it is
called One day at a time. Alchy books, which I should bring to the bars and read. I was a bit
tired today. Seems like all day this week I been very tired. After work I went to the bar to get
some happy hour in me. I got loaded before poker and I did well enough to make the final table.
I guess I just wanted to test my mind on how I could be patient enough to do it. I succeeded.
After poker I had to stick around for a bit. I knew if I waited too long I would have not made it

3/27/07 I took a personal day today. I had lots to do and I needed to do it during the day. I
was looking for a bday present for my self. I went to the mall and bought some jeans and work
clothes. I went to Best Buy looking for a car stereo for my car. I have just been warn down. I
needed to take time to give to my self. I been happy as of late and maybe its not my bday but
something more. Who knows though. With my bills decreasing over time. I am looking towards
the future. I want more and I expect more. I better find a way to balance that out. DFunniest
thing happened today. I got a phone call from my ex. How exciting is that. Well nothing special
but I get a free teeth cleaning from her. I guess I am her first guinnea pig for her dental class.

3/26/07 Monday started off with a bang. It was nice out, very nice actually. So nice people
were out and about all over the place. It felt great, I wanted to just go home. Me and Mario had
burgers at the VFW. I went home and I was supposed to goto the gym but I was feeling lazy. I
made a stop to the VFW but I decided to have a drink or two. I was full of energy today. I think
with my bday closing in. I am ultra excited for it and I just cant stop thinking about anything
else. I did get to watch some wrestling tonight. I miss doing that every monday night. Maybe I
just grew out of it.

3/25/07 Once again, I woke up and I wanted to not move out of bed all day. I had to help my
dad moving tile this time. Trust me its alot heavier then carpet. My brothers Titan truck, just
sank low. I wa slike, son of a bitch, this is going to be a pain in the ass carrying it. It took only
about 30 minutes. But I was sweating moving all of the stones of tiles. I was hoping he would
buy the cheap kind, but oh well. I picked the girls up and we went to DQ. Then we played at
the Legion. I got 3rd place, so a nice little GC for $13 bucks. Woo hoo... Afterwards, we went
bowling again. We need to stop going bowling. I am starting to get sick of it.

3/24/07 I really wanted to hit the gym today, but I was just feeling lazy. For late lunch today
we had Chili's. I am not to fond of that place, but it worked. I got fish. Don't ask why. I just
wasn't in the mood to get something greasy like a burger. So I had to mix it up. We went
bowling during the day. Don't ask why, since we bowled last night. But thats what they wanted
to do. I did pretty well for myself. I went to play poker and got eliminated. Free poker hasn't
been my style as of late. I skipped the 2nd session and me and Chris went to Billy's to meet up
with Ashley and her peeps. It was a fun time. We took alot of goofy pictures.

3/23/07 Friday, Friday Friday. I am so happy its Friday. I was in a good mood I wanted to go
out for lunch today. We tried to goto Davanni's, but it was very busy. Poor Danielle. She really
wanted to go there. So we had to goto Applebees instead. I helped my dad with the carpet
when I got home. Then I made my way to bowling. I had extra incentive to play harder today
and we got the sweep. I went to get Joey to take her out for her bday. We went to 7 corners
area and went to Sgt Prestons. Then we made our way to Grandma's. That place is still ghetto.
Then Afterwards when we were done. I went to Mary's hot tub party, and poker party. I got
2nd in the 2nd tourney.

3/22/07 How much have I been slacking lately. Really bad actually. I can barely keep my
website updated like I am used too. Life is just going great for me right now and I am just
enjoying it. Ieven though I am spending alot. I know I am in the winding down time of my life. I
sucked at poker tonight at the Legion. I got knocked out with Pocket Aces, some idiot called
me with my favorite hand Ace, and a Jack, even though I raised it. Sigh, First one out. I am not
used to that at all. I did win the side table though, cha ching.... Went up to the Vfw to get some
drinks for celebration.

3/21/07 I focused on doing alot of work today. I was just busy non stop. I don't like that
around this time of year. I been eating healthy, but its not showing yet. I think my body isn't
liking the idea of less alcohol. I stayed late at work today, and I went to the VFW afterwards. I
didn't do well  at all. I sucked once again. But I made it far. Played cribbage afterwards and
won some money from that. There were some weird things going on last night. Made me
realize I am not the person I thought I was. Sometimes I think I am complete, but last night
shows I am not. Made me realize a few things.

3/20/07 I have been feeling full lately. To the point, where I just want to yell it out like the taco
bell commercials. I been in a very odd mood as of late. More odd then normal. I am excited
for my bday , but at the same time I want to keep it more low key. We shall see how that
goes. I been extra tenative at work lately. Things have gotten alot busier for me and today
was a really busy day for me. Non stop... I guess its a different pace that I am used too. I
went to Marys and just watched movies. It was nice to have a non alcoholic evening for once.
I am starting to hate the taste of alcohol. Plus with my tummy not feeling well as of late. Who
knows whats going to happen. I have been doing a good job of preparing my own lunch for
work though.

3/19/07 The icky tummy feeling still looms. I was a bit sluggish today. I hate feeling sick. I
went to Subway with Mario today. We ran into Mike, from poker. It was nice to see him. After
work, I dragged Mario to have cheap burgers at the V. I was feeling so full. I went home and
took a nap. Well it wasn't really a nap. I went back to the V to pick Mary up. We went to
Sweeney's on Dale. I felt like I was going to get shot when I drove down that road. But it was
for Kelleys bday. Even though it was yesterday. Afterwards, I went to Cub Foods to get some
food. I need to start bringing in food from home, not to save money, but to get more of a
healthy lunch.

3/18/07 I woke up and felt a little sick still, I didn't want to be home so I made my return to the
gym, and I got worked at basketball. I was just way off, and I got schooled all over the place. I
never could keep up with the brothers, but I was always close. Now I been left behind. I went
on the treadmill for a half an hour in disgust. I went to the VFW, but since I was still hurting
from yesterday. I had a pop. Went tot he Legion and got 2nd place there. Once again I
dominate them fools. We went to bowling tonight. I did fairly well. I wish we could bowl there. I
seem to do 40 pins over my average there.

3/17/07 I woke up and had this horrible stomach feeling. Then I felt like I had a fever. I was
burning up. I laid in bed motionless all day. What a waste of a St patty's day. Although I was
in bed. There was some amazing NCAA tourney games. All 3 games I watched was amazing.
The Ohio ST game especially. I recouped in time to make it out, but I decided to not have
any drinks. Its kind of weird for me to have a alcohol free day, but thats the way it is. I tried to
play poker, but I sucked horribly. I just wasn't getting the cards, I went down to Alarys for a
quick stint, then we went to Perkins.

3/16/07 I didn't have that feeling that it was friday at all. I thought it was Tuesday or
something. It must be something about them clouds outside. I ate at Mac's fish and chips. I
will probably never go there again. I heard it was really good. It just aint what it used to be I
hear. After work I went to the VFW for some drinks. Then made our way to bowling. We got
the sweep this week. Which was good news, since we had a rough week last week. We went
to Jeff's house for some poker. It was in Hugo, so it wasn't too far away. I lost $40 bucks. I
hate playing poker at houses.

3/15/07 With my IRA in my account, I got some peace of mind and its nice to have money
again. I am going to be very careful with it and make sure the majority of it goes to bills. You
know I have to spend a little portion on fun though. Today was a weird day at work. I got to
drive around and leave the office and pick some boxes up. I didn't mind it. I like doing
different things every now and then. I went to happy hour and got tanked. When I got to the
Legion. I got eliminated right away by Mary. Drinking does make your poker judgement for
you. I can't believe the hands I was playing. It was an early night.

3/14/07 I got in so early today. I havn't been in this early since, I first started. I been trying to
figure out what to do with my IRA. I made a decision, even if it is right or wrong I did it
anyways. I made my way to TCF bank and I cashed out my IRA. Its just been sitting there
since I left TCF and I figure, why not get penalized and take that money to catch up on bills. I
felt it was the right decision. So I am now a couple G's richer. At TIES I got a better 401k-ish
plan anyways. I went to the VFW and i sucked tonight. I got to the final table, but I lost. I been
in a slump. I don't feel confident anymore. I am playing like a scared little girl. I need to stop
caring, so I just play more lose. At least I got to go home early tonight. Current mood though
right now. I am quite excited.

3/13/07 Two things to start off the day today I have made decisions on. For one, I will be
having my bday at the vfw this year. For two, I like the way my life has been going lately.
Even though there have been some rough times. Me and Scott went to go eat some Pho
today. It was quite tasty. I was a bit full from it though. I feel kinda fat now. I went to
Minnetonka to play Poker at Maynards. Mindy got me to go out there, since I had things on
my mind I didn't want to be at home. I sucked horribly. The style of play out there is not what I
am used to and for some reason I struggle. Usually I do well on the road, but I have lost all
confidence. I don't feel I can win anymore.

3/12/07 Seems like everyone was very tired today. Almost to the point where they look
defeated and beaten up. I took mario to Taco Bell. He wasn't feeling to hot after that. I went
tot he VFW for burgers. I went home and spent some much needed quality time doing
nothing. I got to watch wrestling like I used too. I tried to lift some weight, but my muscles just
wern't letting me. I got to do some light reading tonight. I been trying to just relax and I got my
time to do it. I just wish things would be alot easier for me as of late. But my life has always
been complicated, no matter how much I try to make it simple.

3/11/07 I been looking for a 2nd job as of late. I need the money, plus I want to have to do
something where I feel restricted to do something. Therefor I can say no, since I have to
work. I am thinking about getting into the restaurant business. Maybe, be a cook or a
dishwasher, I really don't care. Its just to keep me in check. Today I spent some minor
bonding time with my dad. Well he needed a ride to checker auto parts, since he was
working on his car muffler. So I drove him and we barely talked. It was nice and warm today.
It made me smile for no reason. Today I am in a good mood. Starting this week, I need to
watch my weight though. I seem to be spiraling out of control. I sucked at the legion tonight.
Cards are just not going my way at all. We went bowling afterwards.

3/10/07 I woke up today and I did not want to move at all. I kept waking up all night. I did
some laundry and I was basically trying to clean my room so I can eventually put carpet in it. I
did some light exercises today. I need to get back into the gym. I been kinda feeling a bit fatty
these days. I was sitting and I realized I should have gone to go watch 300. Its been awhile
since I saw a movie. When Ashley was around, she was my movie date buddy to go with. I
went to the VFW and lost at poker, and I lost again in the 2nd session. I have been getting
very impatient lately. I am reverting to my old ways where I just can't sit there like I used too.
Team Tony hasn't been doing well. I think its cause I drink my self out of these tournaments.
Me, Chris and Mary went to perkins afterwards. Normal traditional late night for me.  

3/9/07 I wasn't feeling to good today. For some reason I havn't been feeling very good at all
actually. Lunch, didn't seem to go down pretty well. It was such a wonderful day out. I wanted
to be outside all day. Went to Ol Mexico, only had one beer, wasn't feeling too good there. I
was feeling very hot. I was sweating, and it wasnt from the hot buffalo wings. I was very bad
at bowling today. I think I got a 105 and another 105 and a 113, all very under my average.
The sucky part is it was against a team that was playing bad too.  I went to Heathers birthday
party at Bries boyfriends house. Then I made my way to the vfw for some drinks.

3/8/07 Today was kind of a lets just get through the day and get it over with feeling. I was so
eager to get off work and get some happy hour in me. I think Mitch new I was thursty today
so he laid it light on the liquor at the bar. Well I drank 3 rail drinks in an hour. I think thats
pretty good. We went to the Legion to play poker tonight. I sucked horribly. I actually lost
twice tonight. I got home and I was feeling a bit tired , so I laid at home and just watched
some t.v. Its time for my cell to get a bit of a make over, since the old one sucks giant balls.
Its an older phone then my current one, but it looks better. I was thinking, since this is my
birthday month. What to do for my special day. I am leaning towards vfw. I guess I can test
who the true friends are this way.

3/7/07 I really need to get back to the gym. I feel kinda fat these days. I stayed a little late
after work today, cause I really didn't feel like going home. I think its just the loneliness factor
of not wanting to be alone, and I need to be around people. This has made me work alot
harder at work, but on the crappier sad. My social life has been depleting. I played cards
tonight and I got 4th place. I was doing well all night, but I made one mistake at the end. I got
home today and I watched all the shows I missed this week online. Shows like 24 and things
like that. I been thinking of a plan to figure how to slow things down a bit. So far, I am not
doing so good. Oh by the way, I am leaning towards having my bday at the VFW this year,
but not for sure yet.

3/6/07 Weirdest thing ever today. I woke up and decided I didn't feel like going in. I wanted to
get some things taken care of today. I called the dr and I wanted to get a blood test. Luckilly
they could squeeze me through. Its been something I have put off for awhile. I just want to
know if there is anything wrong with me. Afterwards, I ended up going to work around 1pm,
Its so weird how spontaneous I am. I am just slowly learning how to worry more about me
lately. I wish I could explain how my brain works to people, but I just felt it was a Tony day and
nobody else. It was like I was in a zone. For some reason, it seems that I have to much
pressure on me. Tonight I went over to Marys and Terri, her mom. Bought chinese dinner
which we picked up. It was nice to just stay in and watch t.v. We eventually made our way to
the bar, but I wanted to keep it low key, since i am drinking less these days.

3/5/07 Monday was kind of a weird day. I was in a pretty good mood at work, even though I
am still upset about losing the money from the locksmith, damn you Amir, you stupid
locksmith who charged me about $139 bucks. Who also couldn't even help me push my car
out. Ok, maybe I am still a bit mad at that. I decided to not have $1.75 burgers at the vfw
tonight. Since Mario, couldn't go. Me and Mary went to Blackies over in Oakdale/St Paul, not
sure what it is technically under. I got Brad a few bday shots. It was a pretty fun night. Brads
got some history with me, since he used to work for me at Sunglass hut back in the day. I got
home and went to bed. I wasn't out too late tonight. I got home to watch my favorite show

3/4/07 I went to go get Mary food since she was working at the VFW. I went to one of my
favorite sandwich places. Nelsons Deli and cheese. Its right by the state fair, you should try it
sometime. I went to the Legion to play poker with Marco and Lindsey. I did well, but I got 4th
place. I forgot how bad those guys are over there. I mean seriously, they suck so bad. Went
back to the vfw for more drinks, since it was happy hour all day there. Me and Marco had
bonding time. Me and Mary went to go bowling and I think I did well even though I was a bit
drunk. I needed food so we went to Perkins.

3/3/07 I woke up and brought the kids to mcdonalds and I also had to grab KFC for my dad.
He was craving it. I went to the VFW and had a couple drinks. Then I went to Fridays for
more drinks. Then I made my way back to the vfw for poker. I sucked at both sessions, I was
a bit drunk though and I really needed it due to paying so much last night. I was having lots
of fun though. I think I ended up getting a few pitchers too. But I had to call it an early night
due to being a bit intoxicated. Its been awhile since I have felt this way. Atleast it was just a
one night only case.

3/2/07 I was so alone today at work. Basically, because nobody was there. It was kind of
weird, I was working with the lights of all day. I kinda liked the quietness. I went to Sportmart
and bought a bowling towel. Then I made my way to ol mexico for happy hour. I did well at
bowling again. I was clutch once again. Even though we ended up splitting. I sucked pretty
bad the first game though. Afterwards, my night got worse. I drove to my sisters house to
babysit, but she didn't exactly plow the snow at all. I got stuck and got out of my car and got
locked out with the car on. My phone was inside and my sisters house doesn't have a phone.
I sent my sister a instant message online and she called a lock smith, $139 later. The guy
wouldn't even help me push it out. I called Jim and Sarah and they came and helped me out.
Sarah, the engineer, figured we should use dog food to get the car out and it worked.

3/1/07 I was in the best mood ever today. It couldn't shut my mouth. I kept talking on and on
and on. I was talking to everyone I can find to listen to me. Haha, it was kind of funny. It was
snowing so hard we were sent home early. I got home and something motivated me to shovel
the entire drive way. So I did it and got my daily work out. I went to the VFW to get some
happy hour drinks with Mary. The Legion, was closed so we were there for a bit of the night.
we went to Applebees and it was the only place we could find that was open. It was kind of
weird, that the kid mary punched in the nose by accident ended up showing up with his
peeps. Guess there bar was closed.
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