Old Journal

3-31-08 I woke up with a feeling I never had in a long time. I woke up smiling today, then at the
same time. I also had a small tear come down my face. Such an emotional day for me. I got alot
of morning texts and bday wishes. Its amazing how people remember to do that stuff. I got to
work and I didn't know what to expect on my desk. There was stuff everywhere. i think they
went with the can food approach this year. i normally have to cans of microwavable soup on
my desk. The birthday potluck was very filling. I was full I didn't want to move at all. Jen met up
with me at work. We made our way down to Keys cafe. Its so weird that they serve liquor at
this location. There was a bunch of us there. Even old faces I havn't seen in awhile. I think I had
like 5 shots in that one hour I was there. The walk to the dome was tough in the snow. We got
to the dome, and I was just out of it. I didn't really pay too much attention to the game, just
mingling and flirting or what ever I was doing. I don't really know to tell you the truth. I just
know the twins won. It was tough getting to the Corner bar, since traffic was horrible especially
in this late march snow storm we got. I didn't know how much I had left in the old tank. I tried
my best to talk with everyone again, but I had a hard time making it around. I was very happy
with today and the whole weekend. Thank goodness for my friends. I don't know how I get by
with out them.

3-30-08 What a day today was. Heck what a hell of a weekend it has been so far. I am tired
and worn out. I will never do anything like this again. Two straight days of heavy drinking. This
isn't for me anymore. I don't know how I got up so early today, but I couldn't sleep. I had
brunch with Becky and Steve at Green mill. I got home and I finally got something I wanted to
hear for a long time. I saw on Evelyn's facebook and myspace that shes finally engaged now. It
really got to me pretty hard to tell you the truth. I struggled all day. Trying to put on that fake
smile. I went and went for a walk with Annie today. I couldn't be alone. So we walked down
Summit, and went to an open house. The house was pretty bad. I went to go play bingo.
Dean, Kelley, Jo, and Erin came out. I was so happy. I lost, but I had to leave anyways and get
to Fridays for the dinner. I was happy with my dinner. Finally I got to just relax and enjoy a nice
relaxing dinner. I was happy with everyone that came out. I got to the Bluefox and had some
drinks. I wasn't ready to go home yet, but as the more I drank the more I had a hard time
trying to hide the fact of my feelings. I am happy it happened, now I can finally truely let go of
the ex and really move on. I already had to Lock the door and throw away the key once this
weekend. I can do it again. Its been a heck of a weekend so far. One more day to go. The real

3-29-08 Tonight was the big birthday party night. I was not prepared for it at all. The morning
started off a bit rough. I was dry heaving basically and I felt like ass. I didn't want to move at all.
Andy drove me to my car this morning. I went to go have softball practice. I was so tired, and
out of it. I just wanted to stand in the corner and not move at all. I did pretty good, my training
has showed some what. I was thinking about alot of things today. I didn't know what to expect
tonight at all. I met up with some people at the VFW. I wasn't sure how to start off, cause I was
still feeling sick from last night. We all piled into the mini van and we made our way down to
Legends. It was pretty cool having all my friends there and the music was great. I felt pretty
good. Something wasn't right though. I felt it wasn't my bday yet, but I loved every moment
of it. I tried my best to talk to everyone. It was my day to enjoy it and I did. This is why I love
my life and why I just love kicking it with my friends. No matter what. I had a huge smile on my
face. Nothing would break that. It made me realize alot tonight. Tonight was a great birthday
party. Two days down.Two more to go... Atleast the hard stuff is out of the way.

3-28-08 Today is the official kick off o the birthday weekend. It just felt like any ordinary Friday.
I made sure of it. I was so tired from the night before. We went to the conservatory at como
park and got a feel of summer if you know what I mean. I got home and dropped alot of stuff
off. I wasn't sure what to expect. We went to happy hour at Bradys. I know it seems like I have
been out all week. Actually I have been. Just another typical bday week for me. I just get happy
and love to enjoy the moment. Tonight at bowling we won one game and lost 3. Its ok though,
if playoffs started today. We would be the 4th seed. I struggled tonight. i didn't have that extra
boost. We all went to the Hoggsbreath and it was fun. jim and Mike made a surprise
appearance. I figured they would come out tomorrow, but hey the more the merrier. I got
pretty wasted. Too many shots. Andy and jenni drove me home. I puked and that was no fun.
it seems like I am puking alot lately.

3-27-08 I have been very excited deep down inside for my birthday. I know I was very vocal
about it last year. I didn't want to hurt anyones ears this year. Today I was feeling so happy.
Everything I did, every single person I interacted with. I was just happy go lucky I guess. For
lunch today, I ate at Lee Ann chins, I can't complain I got a free lunch. I am telling you I am on
a awesome streak of luck right now. Words can't explain. Well I can think of a bunch of words. I
got home and realized there was no new episodes of LOST till late April, so I went out to the
Legion to play cards. I havn't seen alot of people in awhile. It was fun, I tried to win tonight, but
got 6th place. I went to the VFW to get more drinks. I was in such a good mood. Liquor kept
going down my throat. I was having a blast. If I could only take a picture with the big smile on
my face for everyone to see. I know its the bday time coming and I can't wait. Its just I put my
self first for an event like this. All I can do is smile and enjoy it. I will bring my camera. I need to
capture everything I can.

3-26-08 To think that I am not excited for my birthday is a bit odd. For some reason I am a bit
nervous this year. What if the bday hype is running out of juice. Is that why I m so quiet about
it this year. To tell you the truth, I have been so busy I havn't had time to worry about it. I
don't even have time to make meals anymore. Last time I checked that was my passion in life.
Oh how things change so fast. I have been doing my daily pushups again. My shoulder is still
bugging me since Katie gave me the death bite. Its all bruised now. I as supposed to go out
tonight, but things fell through. I did enjoy my time at happy hour with Katie. Sounds
confusing there are two Katies. I ended up going to the vfw, for Steve's birthday function. I was
so tired and I had one too many giblets. Actually I had a margarita too. They are my favorite
when I am in such a good mood lately. I forgot about the Excel kickball tournament. Maybe
some of my friends can watch us dominate.

3-25-08 So I have been slacking a bit lately with my journals. I know I have been really
repetitive and boring. Sorry, its just been very boring as of late. I have no sports besides
bowling and no other drama to talk about. i guess its a good thing. I finally got to eat at Pot
Belly today. Out of all the times I have seen it downtown. I never stopped in because it was so
busy. Well today at rosedale. I finally got to eat there. I thought it was good and some what
cheap. Salty, but oh well. Flavor comes out more with salt. I went to happy hour right after
work. I had some catching up to do. It was fun poking fun at Rachael tonight. I was very busy
with so much stuff today. I went to go get some other stuff at the grocery store later tonight. I
need to get away. I want a vacation. I mean a vacation, as in another state thats not touching
Minnesota. i guess thats considered a vacation. My hair is so long I think I am going to buzz it all
of tomorrow. Plus not everyone was a fan of the hair color anyways. I did some push ups, but I
think something locked up in my left side of my arm. Ever since I got bit in the shoulder chest
area. I feel weak, kinda like a nerve or something isn't working.

3-24-08 I am still a bit sad over my Iphone. Its amazing how much I relied on it. No internet
when I am driving on th road. I can't even look at any pictures to show friends of my trip. Why
Apple Gods, why?? Today was kind of slow. I was feeling like time was just trying to go slower to
make me angry. I went to Wendys with Nancy today. I think I ate a healthy meal. After work I
had an appointment with the MAC genius at the Apple store. Well I think thats what they call
them. I gave him my phone and they couldn't figure it out. So they gave me a new one. I was
so happy. It was like the first time I ever... Went down a roller coaster. What do you think I was
going to type. I am now a believer in Apple. They were so good to me. Good bye PC world, and
everything in between. Anyways, I spent tonight at home. I was tired and I needed to
recharge. My hair is awfully long. I should cut it soon. I did some online searching for some FM
transmitters for my Iphone and car stereo. I don't want to use anything generic, but thats all I
want right now. I did some light jogging on the tread mill. I was so tired. It was a good work out

3-23-08 It Easter and this is the first time this year my family had nothing planned. Which is
very odd, since we always have a dinner of some sort or something. I skipped out on church
today. I was very sad my Iphone is not working. I think the battery on it died forever and I
have to send it in to get fixed. The damn thing wont turn on. I am so sad, I feel naked with out
it. I went to TIES today to get one of my old phones I had in the drawer of my desk. So now I
have a temporary phone to use. I went to TGIF Fridays cause that was the only thing open. I
don't know why, but I feel happy there. Maybe its the bartenders, maybe its just me spending
time being happy. I went to go see "Drillbit Taylor" tonight. It just wasn't that funny at all. I was
hoping for a bit more. I went to the Blue fox since everyone was there. I needed to be out
mingling. Something has changed me since I got back from the Dells. I think my mind is clear
and I am able to focus on things again. It felt like the past two weekends were a bit forced to
me. What I mean by that was, I just didn't feel too comfortable at times. I hope this weekend
really makes me happy. I need it, my life has been very odd this March. I bit more down then
normal. I havn't even brought up my bday much. I think all the crazy girls that have screwed
up my head over the years have taken its toll on me.

3-22-08 I just can not sleep that well at all. I was up early again. Ofcourse I could hear every
body getting up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom. Why am I cursed with
having the whole light sleeper life. Well atleast that way I don't pass out and get make up on my
face like someone last night hahaha. It was back to the water park today. Spent some time
shooting hoops in the pool. I think that was a great work out. A game of two on two is always
fun. I think we got yelled at a few times by the life guard, but they are just dumb. For lunch we
had food at the restaurant hotel. It was probably the worst service I have ever had. Then I
realized that, we aren't in the Minnesota nice state anymore. My food was cold, the waitress just
gave us the cold shoulder verbally and physically. We went to some mexican place tonight. I
wasn't too hungry. I had a nice margarita tonight. Then it was time to head back.

3-21-08 I got up at 6am, not by choice I just wasn't feeling good and I couldn't fall back to
sleep. I got over to Katies around 8am. We all were able to squeeze in. It took us about 4 hours
to get there. The snow was a big pain in the arse. I swear, I saw more cars and trucks in the
ditch. I started to wonder why I would still go. Then I realize I am a professional snow driver. We
finally got there and it was a nice resort. I don't know how its supposed to look, but since it was
heavy snow outside. It sure looked like a nice warm environment inside. We made it quick to
the indoor water park. We ate at some place called Mouse something. i think they are known
for their pizzas. Spent alot of time in the hot tub. Its nice to have snow falling on your head
outside and be able to sit in a nice out door tub. We made a run to the liquor store. I guess a
fun night is always going to involve liquor. Well security only came up twice tonight. I think from
all the wrestling/ice fight and chasing going on.

3-20-08 Today I finally had the feeling. The birthday is coming really quick. First though, I have
a weekend at Wisconsin Dells to go through. I think its going to be so much fun. I was feeling
great today. I think its just because I got so much rest. We went to House of Wong for lunch
today. I pigged out, but eventually I shut down and realized I had way to much food. I went to
target to get some steak. I was feeling for some rib eye tonight. I was so full, but it just tasted
wonderful tonight. I am so content with it. I had Mario meet up with me at TIES. I needed a ride
to go pick up the rental car. I got a Honda Accord, I really enjoyed driving it around. I decided
my next vehicle with be something wonderful like my rental. I took Mario out for some drinks,
since he gave me a ride. I got home and got some packing done. I knew I was forgetting stuff, I
wrote it down hoping I would remember in the morning. For the long trip, or maybe quite time.
I downloaded Hannah Montana episodes on my iphone. I know pretty girly huh. I love it though.

3-19-08 I am really getting tired of waking up in the middle of the night. Its starting to become
pretty annoying. I felt I needed a pick me up today. So I decided to eat some candy. No matter
how hard I look. I can't ever seem to find skittles when I need them in this fricking building. I
wasn't in the mood for the walk to the gas station. Atleast Nancy was nice enough to buy me a
ice cream sandwich. After work today I went over to Annie's to pick up Annie and Becky. We
went to dinky town for Kelleys happy hour bday function at the Kitty cat klub. It was nice,
cause there were no cars during rush hour. The bartender made the drinks nice and stiff. i
forgot what strong drinks were like. We went to go eat at Sheng Shuang. One of my favorite
chinese places. I ate so much food I was not feeling so good. We got back to the KCK. The
gang was there. I dropped the girls off at Shaws, and I went home. I was so tired and I ended
up puking all my food out. I have decided I have a eating disorder. Watching my friends stare
at me like I was a freaking bear eating my food was quite disturbing.

3-18-08 Seeing lots of snow, makes Tony Cu very happy. Well brushing it off your car sucks
and watching people drive like idiots is never any fun. I don't have alot of road rage. Usually if
someone cuts me off. I just let it go. I was very spontaneous today. I was just reacting to
anything that moves. I went to Cub foods for lunch. I wanted to have a dinner like meal for
lunch. I was craving deep fried chicken. I was so hungry I inhaled the whole thing in less then 2
minutes. I wish I had a video of my self so I can see how disgusting it would be. I got home
today and I was feeling so tired I just laid my head down on the pillow. Just hoping I would fall
asleep. Ofcourse I was too busy watching ESPN and trying to figure out what the hot teams are
for the NCAA march madness bracketing. I picked up Katie and we went to go eat at the Old
Spaghetti Factory. Its been so long since I have ate there. I was actually very excited. I ordered
the lasagna and chicken marsala. I was a big ball of happiness. After we finished off the bottle of
wine. We went to the Corner bar for drinks. Heather was working, she was looking at jobs on
the computer. I don't know what she would like to do for jobs that would make her happy. I
wasn't tired tonight, like previous nights. I was having lots of fun. Even though the stupid
Gophers lost.

3-17-08 Today sure did not feel like St Patricks day. It just felt like the typical Monday so far.
We had a potluck today. It was quite filling really. I was so stuffed, I didn't want to move at all. I
wore green today. Not alot of people did though. I went to The VFW with Steve for drinks. I
wanted to have some type of corn beef of any variety. I got a nice rueben sandwich with kraut.
We all went bowling and I sucked. Good thing we were just playing for fun. I think I bowled
around the mid 120's. I am glad I didn't bowl like that at leagues. I think I was just tired, my
knee started to act up though. I think its the way I plant and throw. I wanted to call it an early
night. I changed from being all gung ho about going out and partying to being lame and calling
it a early night. I guess I am just getting to old for this stuff. I really wanted to just save money.
So I guess I made the right decision.

3-16-08 Sunday, means I get to go to cheapo and buy my self a cd day. Well if you havn't
figured it out. I love going to cheapo. I went over to Mike and Heidi's since I left my keys over
there. I was so tired today. I watched some games on tv. Basketball games that is. Not sure
why everyone is a basketball fan like me. Me and Joe had food at Old Chicago. I ran into
someone from volleyball. It was kidna funny actually she was on the dominating team. I got her
number for recruiting purposes. Wink wink. Haha, ok I am not funny at all am I. Anyways, me
and Joe pigged out. Wings, pizza, and nachos. Oh and more pizza. I was so full. I went to go
pick up Andy and Jenni, so they all can go to Salt Lake city. I was a bit sad, I can feel the sigh o
relief in everybody in the van. It really seemed like they all needed this vacation. I went to the
Blue fox for more drinks. I was pretty tired tonight. Plus I ate so much food I should go puke it
out or something. Basically its been a busy day and I gotta remember to pick up some bread
tomorrow for the St Pattys day potluck. Hopefully I remember.

3-15-08 Well I guess today is considered fake St patty's day to some people. Most bars are
celebrating it today. Heck the parade is even today. I think this will just hurt business. I spent
alot of time trying to clean my car this morning. I didn't realize i had so much junk in there. On
the bright side, I found my ipod  shuffle. I was wondering where that thing went. I went to
Grumpys to meet up with everyone to cheer on the gophers. Wow they suck at basketball. No
offense, poor defense. I am glad I didn't watch them all season. Afterwards I went to the mall to
find a green shirt. I met up with everyone at Mike and Heidi's house. Our first stop was Psycho
Suzies, then Tony Jaros, then to NE palace. That place really smelled like piss to tell you the
truth. It was an alright time. I was just tired and not in the more St Patricks day like I used too. I
got home and I just checked some email and went to bed. Its just hard for me to keep up since
I have been getting up earlier lately.

3-14-08 Today didn't really feel like Friday to me. I didn't even check my tcf online balance at
all. Even though it was pay day. There was left over breakfast upstairs or a meting. I was all
over it. Sausage, bacon and eggs and potatoes. After I ate it, I realized I wasn't supposed to eat
meat. Oops!! For lunch I ate a fish sandwich, hoping I would be able to redeem my self. I looked
at the weather and I just wanted to get out side. We went to happy hour at Bradys. Seems to
be tradition right now. I drank very slowly. I think seeing alot of sunlight out side threw my
timing off. Tonight I felt good throwing the ball. i scored a 133, 181, and a 129. I would say
thats a bad score for me. I thought I was feeling good. We won 3 games and lost the final one.
I was very disappointed in my self. I let my self get distracted and I lost focus on the final 3
frames. The hype of being Mr clutch is over with. I don't deserve it anymore. It was my fault we
didn't sweep them. I was upset, but once we al got to the Whiskey Rack, and listened to Uncle
Chunk and hung out with the peeps. I just let it go. I just gotta remember how I am still styling
and profiling.

3-13-08 I thought to my self this morning. What if I could travel around the world. Then I
realized I am the scared kid from Mn who is afraid to fly and doesn't get outside of his box in
Minnesota. Well I think thats the best way to put. Lunch was a bit filling today. Me and Nancy
walked over to Jimmy Johns. Then we had to pick up some pizza for the meeting. I was so full. I
need to really stop doing that. I have been in a weird mood all day. I have been actually pretty
happy to tell you the truth. I got home and I was so tired. I just wanted to watch tv. I watched
my favorite tv show LOST tonight. It was a decent episode. Was it a home run episode. Well
not really. Its still enough to get my fix though. I was bored and I wanted to go out. So I went
right to FRIDAYS. It was more of my quality time alone. I just wanted to be by myself tonight.
Plus I like to just mingle with people I don't know. Its always fun that way. I had my had on
very low. You could barely see my nose. I was in gangsta quiet mode. I just wanted to be by
my self tonight.

3-12-08. I came to work a bit late today. I was not feeling good at all. I did figure things out
though. As I go through my shuffle of things. I am going to lay a bit low to prepare my self for
the bday mix. Me and Nancy went to go eat taco bell today. I wasn't feeling well, but I rather go
there then chipotle. I got off of work and I went to go somewhere for happy hour. I decided I
would go straight to Time Out. I wanted to get some food, but since timing wasn't working out
for me. I just had a beer. It was two for ones, so I guess I get two bottles of beer. We beat the
2nd seeded team to advance to the finals. We won the 1st game, and lost the 2nd. The 3rd
game we just kept our heads together and finished them off. I wanted to take everything we
had at Valu pack. Which was basically a tarsi like team. I think some of us was just happy to be
there and I don't blame them. This was a long and bumpy season. Going from last to 2nd place
is amazing to me. I had fun, and I got in shape. Thats all I can ask for.

3-11-08 So I got to work today with a special bagel on my desk. A jalepeno and cheddar bagel.
Which is my favorite. Nancy is so good to me. For lunch, I got to finally eat at Quiznos. Its been
a long time since I have ate there. It was ok, I got some weird sandwich thing there. I think
there menu got smaller though. I am so tired, I think I am getting sick. Ok maybe not I am just
whining alot today. I went to go visit Heather at the Corner bar in minneapolis. It was so weird
how the lighting was there tonight. I never really noticed how awkward it was. Its so sad, when
you see the same bum selling flowers in that place. Especially when he recognizes you and just
doesn't bother trying to sell you roses he probably stole. I look at him and I see something that
resembles a homeless person and a garbage bag full of crap having sex and hes the final
product. Becky and I went to Fridays in Roseville. I ran into Chris Fitzsimmons. I havn't seen him
in like 4 years. I guess he plays poker full time to gain income now. It was a long night. I was
tired and out.

3-10-08 I drove Jennifer to her car this morning. I guess the good thing about day lights
savings is, the fact that its nice and bright out. For lunch today Me and Danielle made the trip to
Cub Foods, she needed stuff for beer cheese soup. Hopefully it turned out good for her later
tonight. I just grabbed a small panini sandwich and soup. I was feeling a bit sick at work. My
stomach was killing me. After work I went to cub by me and bought stuff for tacos. I was in the
mood for tacos tonight. I wasn't sure what I was doing tonight. Since the movie thing got
cancelled, since Jennifer had to work late. I had the itch to go out. Then at the last minute I
decided to stay in. i promised my self I would try harder to not be going out so much during
the week. Especially with our busy sports season coming up. It will be tough to stay in at all if
any. I checked out my evite and things are going according to plan. I expected everyone to
just pick a day or two. I am getting a total of 20 twins tickets. For the friends that don't know
Lunzer as much. Its going to be real fun this year.

3-09-08 I wanted to be a bum today. The whole day lights savings thing really screwed me up.
I was in the mood to get creative today. I made chicken breasts. They were yummy. I went
with the chipotle kick for it. I grilled it and it was so juicy. I almost cried, well not really. Dan and
Cy were at the Hoggsbreath. I couldn't say no to them. So I decided to go. We got hammered,
I think they were still hammered from yesterday haha. Vodka red bulls at 12:30pm. It was fun
just kicking it and talking about what ever we were talking about. Mike and Heidi got there so it
was even more fun. I went to the VFW for bingo. I sucked. I didn't really want to go, but since
Jennifer was there. It gave me incentive to go. It was fun though, I really enjoyed my self. We
went to the Red Robin, I wasn't really a fan of that place. Every one got the Red robin drink. Its
has citron and something else and strawberries in it. I was drunk and my tummy was really
aching from the heavy drinking. Luckilly Jennifer wanted to leave. So I drove her home. I was
just out of it. I went to bed so early, I felt like I was going to puke. No more heavy drinking for

3-08-08 If I told everyone I stayed at home all day today and did absolutely nothing and
watched tv all day would you believe me? Well I did that for the most part. I got my first
blockbuster movie in the mail today. I was pretty excited. I was feeling pretty lazy, I just
couldn't decide what to do. Its a bit surprising, since I didn't go out Friday night. I guess I am
just a tired old man or something. It was getting close to 7pm. Me and Andy went to the vfw to
play some cards to waste some time. My poker rust showed, I was embarrassed to win some
hands, since I was playing every hand. So I folded it. I am not going to beat someone I know
with a 7 and 3 of diamonds, on a flush. I am not that harsh. If I didn't know them, then yeah I
would take them out. We went back to Andys, I wasn't in the mood to go out to tell you the
truth tonight. I just wanted to relax. So everything worked out tonight. I got home and I think
I just was so tired I went right to bed. I figure I would get as much sleep as possible since day
lights savings will mess me up.

3-07-08 I think every ones mood today at work was a bit different then normal. I could feel the
stress, and I could feel excitement. Ofcourse it was Friday. I went to go get Arbys today for
lunch. It was so yummy. I love their fish sandwiches there. I left work early today. Danielle
needed someone to entertain her while she waited till 5pm for her dress fitting. So I told her she
can watch me get drunk at happy hour. When we went to the bar at FRIDAYS. I realized I
accidently ate meat, when I got done eating the buffalo wings. I just totally forgot. Oh well, I
think I did good this year. I went to Bradys to meet up with everyone else for happy hour
there. I was pretty drunk by this time. Then it was off to the bowling alley. I wasn't sure how I
was going to do tonight. I got scores of 173, 148, 117. I got worse as the night went on.
Luckilly my team carried me. Nicole did a good job of subbing for us tonight. I had alot of fun
tonight. I was pretty drunk. So I just went home right to bed. With me waking up earlier now.
Its hard for me to stay up later. Tonight, sure made me smile...

3-06-08 I am trying to do 10 push ups every morning. My arms seem to not like doing them at
all. Time sure flew by pretty quick today. I thought it was around 10am and next thing I knew it
was lunch time at noon. Usually my senses on time are pretty good. Its never been that much
out of whack. I finally decided what I wanted to do for my birthday this year. I figured, since
everyone is ever so busy these days. I could just basically, let everyone live through the life of a
typical Tony Cu weekend. With bowling on Fridays and every other function the other days. I
think it was the smartest way to just be around every group of people I know. With the finale
being the Twins opener. This way, everyone should be able to make it a certain day. I mean
there are four days here. If you can't make it to one your not a friend. j/k. haha..  I went to
Cub Foods today to get some steak. I was in a great mood to treat my self. So I went with my
favorite type of steak meat. Which is rib eye. Why you ask? Well I was raised on eating fatty
foods. So I love eating rib eyes. I stayed home tonight and watched LOST. I did some light
work outs. I am tired though. I need time away right now. I am not as excited for bowling like I
used to be. I think I am just going through alot of stuff right now. So it makes bowling seem
kinda not important. Maybe that will all change tomorrow.

3-05-08 I woke up with a scary dream in the middle of the night. Actually I woke up I saw a face
and it was hovering over me like it was trying to zap me with voodoo magic or something. I
think my mind is playing tricks on me. Or I am being possessed one or the other. Maybe I have
been watching to much SCI-FI channel lately. Anyways, I felt very good today. I think the snow
sure brightened up my day. I forgot how much I like it when the snow hits my head. I took
Rose out to Shish, a mediterranean place off grand ave. I wanted to try something new. It was
her belated birthday from me. I was so tired when I got off work. I decided to goto my favorite
place FRIDAYS. I got food and had a couple long islands, just to relax me. We wont tonight at
volleyball. We beat the 3rd seeded team. Not bad for a  6th seed like us. It was a pretty big
upset to me. We blew them out of the water. I think the games were, 21 to 15, 21 to 14. The
3rd game didn't matter, so we played for fun. I guess thats what happens when we just all play
hard. I didn't have to do much at all. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards. I had good
wings from them for once. It looks like the wings are getting bigger and juicier, but I could have
been hallucinating again.

3-04-08 Today was kind of different. I was so irritated with alot of different things. I think its that
time of the month for me or something. I have been working real hard at work as of late. For
some reason, I hit a wall this week. I don't know if I am just tired or, if I am just getting angry. I
am on a mean streak right now. All I want to do is punch people in the face. I am asking for any
reason to just start something. I had lunch with Mario today. He was finally back from jury
duty. We went to Wendys, I had the fish sandwich, since I saw a commercial for it the other
day. Arbys, still makes the best fish sandwiches, bar none. When it comes to the fast food
industry. I left work a bit angry today, I just wanted to get away. I went to Cub foods to buy
some meat. I made a steak tonight for dinner, hoping that I would just feel relaxed. I went to
the White bear vfw to play cards. I havn't played cards in like 4 weeks. Which is a long time for
me. I got bored like I usually do. I was just tired and maybe I had one to many vodka drinks.
My heart was thinking I should just go home and re-evaluate my day. For some odd reason, all
I can think about was old faces from back in the day. Names I am not aloud to speak of
anymore. No matter how long ago I might have seen her. I guess the bday month, makes me
sad when it comes to things I remember along time ago. I am a bit drunk tonight, so if I didn't
make sense. You will know why.

3-03-08 My moods were different through out the day today. I was full of life, tired, and
confused all in the same day. The weather sure does effect how I react. I had lunch with Nancy
at Mavericks today. Everybody seems to be in love with the place. I figured I would give it
another try. It was better this time around. It didn't feel like I was eating in a cafeteria anymore,
since they updated there chairs and tables. I got home today and I ran. It wasn't for very long
though. I was gasping for air after 10 minutes. I really want to do a 5k race this year and do
decent at it. I guess its part of the training. I went out for a couple drinks at the Hoggsbreath. It
was country night. I can't believe how many country songs I know by heart. Kinda sad if you
ask me. The shot girl kept trying to make me buy shots, ofcourse I couldn't say no. I don't
think this is part of the training plan for the 5k race. I have been healthy so far, no major
injuries, I guess thats a good thing for now.

3-02-08 So i found out today. Someone I know got robbed at knife point downtown. Loss all
there cash they had on them. It sucks that stuff happens in this world. I spent alot of time
working out today. I have been trying very hard lately to push my self. I was reading in cosmo
that. If you are a girl, the best place to meet guys is at the Apple store. Just something I read
about. I know useless facts, but it was a very quiet morning for me. I went to go see a cheap
movie at roseville 4 today. I went to go see "Enchanted", it wasn't too bad actually. I was
surprised how busy it was. I been trying to keep a low profile as of late. I am physically and
mentally worn down. I am tired to be honest. I did some grocery shopping for the week. It was
nice to have some one keep me company when I did that. I tried to eat healthy tonight, I ate
some fish and basically tried to drink more water then normal. This week is going to be pretty
busy. i figure, I would atleast rest up for it.

3-01-08 So now that its March. I am aloud to talk about my birthday now. I think I have the
plans set, but I am not sure. I spent alot of time working out, I know the spring season is
coming and I need to get that stamina up and ready this year. For lunch today, I was
experimenting with pita bread. I was making pizza with it, and grilled cheese with it. I promised
Jamie I would goto East Bethel and goto the Hidden Haven. I havn't been up there in years. I
actually locked my keys in the car in their parking lot tonight. I was so mad, Jamie called the
cops, and they came out and unlocked it. The sheriff just walked over stuck the thing in and
unlocked it right away. The best part was when he said "Good thing its a dodge". I kinda
thought to my self, maybe foreign cars are the way to go. Katrina, and Steph, came up and
finally Chris made it there. It was fun just hanging out and laughing about all the stupid stuff we
did like 2 or 3 years ago. Azch and Abby and Megan came up shortly after. I forgot how cheap
things are up here. $2.25 for a tall beer like at old mexico. Yag bombs for $3 bucks. Haha It was
good to go cheap. I made ym way downtown for Pants off Dance off. Lauren told me it sucked
at 1st ave, so I just went to The Lyons pub. Katie and lauren, and I decided to goto the
Annexx to relive our past. I forgot what its like to just be on the prowl. Well kinda, but its nice
to see there are alot of creepy people out there haha.
Daily Journal