Old Journals

3-31-09 My 28th Birthday!
I woke up to the biggest snow flakes I have ever seen. I knew today was my birthday. I was a bit tired all
day. I didn't know what to expect. I was actually nervous all day. We went to Don pablos for lunch. I tried to
eat a lot of tacos. Since it was all you can eat. The waitress sucked though. I was quite thankful for
everyone at work. I mean all the balloons at my desk. Helped me remind me every day this month. I found my
camera at home. I was freaking out about it. I went to Bradys early. I had a chance to sit by my self. The
calm before the storm. Which was totally fine. I think I had 4 or 5 shots within an hour span. I knew I was a
gonner after that. I had a lot of fun tonight. I having great friends around ya. Just makes life easy. I got
kidnapped and a few of us went to Jessie's. Some odd topics came up. Although they are topics I enjoy talking
about. It was fun regardless. I got dropped off at home and out I went!

3-30-09 300? Nope, not even close
Today I woke up smiling. I knew I was one day away. I couldn't even stop smiling at all. I was in one of those
amazing moods all day. I went to Mcdonalds for lunch today. I was really craving a burger. It was so good. I
miss the greasy mess. After work, I went straight too bowling. I started of the first game with 6 straight
strikes. I got excited and threw my next ball right into the gutter. I honestly didn't know what happened. I
think the pressure got to me. Or, maybe I just wanted to get it over with so I could have fun. I got a 213,
173, and a 101. I got worse as I went. I didn't care too much. I was just having a good time. I went to Salut
with Annie. We got wine. The waitress was great too us. She got me a little desert thing for my birthday. I
was really excited. I figure I would relax. The calm before the storm.

3-29-09 Recharging
I didn't really want to get up this morning. I was just motionless. I said goodbye to mostly everyone. I
stopped into Andy and Jenni's room. They had gifts for me. Amy got me a nice looking cooler bag. I liked it
actually. Andy  nd Jenni got me a shirt and randoms. Which is what we always do. So that was cool. Some of us
ended up at Border grill again. I was hungry I needed food. Then it was the drive back home. I was so tired, I
knew I was just going to be relaxing at home today. I sure needed it. My brother was over and we all had
dinner. I went to bed around 7pm tonight. It sure is going to feel good tomorrow.

3-28-09 Destination B-day weekend
I woke up around 8am today. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I planned a mini vacation getaway. I
was running around like a crazy person. I just wanted to make sure everything was perfect. I met up with
everyone at Jimmy's in Vadnais around 1pm. Then we chain drove up. We made a stop in Lindstrom at the
Municipal. Our next stop was in Taylors Falls at The Border grill. Then we made one more stop at Loggers on
the Wisconsin side of things. Kinda funny we ran into Sush there. He was my favorite bartender at Fridays. I
surprised everyone when I bought everyone a round. Hey its my b-day, but I like to give back. That's just how
every one had a chance to drink and stay safe. Everyone was doing craps. I said my friends would probably be
every one had a chance to drink and stay safe. Everyone was doing craps. I said my friends would probably be
up 1k as a team. They were hooting and hollering at the craps table all night. I was down about $80 bucks.
Seems like everyone else kicked ass though. I had a lot of fun tonight. It was nice to just get away from
cities. This was one of those nights I can store in the memory bank as a big success. I am thankful for my
awesome friends!

3-27-09 Bowling misery
Seems like today was going by fast. That means I get to goto happy hour and go bowling tonight. I was telling
people at work. I was just not in the mood for bowling tonight. Maybe it was cause my arm was hurting. I jsut
didn't have the confidence tonight. I bowled a 130, 148, and a 151. All below my 159 average. I thought the
lanes were a bit slippery. I just couldn't figure it out. I ended up going home. I knew I had a long day
tomorrow. We won .5 of a game and lost 3.5 games tonight. Yes, you guessed it. Another tie.

3-26-09 Food and more food
I sure miss those warm temperatures we had more then a few days ago. My arm was killing me today. I was
trying to take something to relieve the pain. I guess thats what I get for over doing it. I have been so busy
with work. I am just over whelmed right now. I can hear my self sighing a lot. I went and got Papa Murphys. I
was just starving. Me and Jen met up at Bradys. We then went to Mad Jacks. I never really been there
before. I thought it was alright. We got nachos and wings. I over ate tonight. I guess I knew I couldn't eat
meat tomorrow. So I figure why not go all out.

3-25-09 Time to lose it
Since I weighed in at 181 lbs to days ago. I was a bit upset about it. I told my self, I would lose weight.
Instead I gained it back. I am limiting my meals for food. I can grease it up. The only difference. I will not
be consuming as much food. Thats always the hard part. Eating when I shouldn't. Today I ate food I made alst
night. I had tilapia and some calamari. Not really healthy since I fried it. Oh well, it was small. Lawrenced
picked me up for dodgeball. We went to the Driftwood. The bartender sucked this time around. I actually
forgot my credit card there. I got a good work out for trying about 90%. With my foot and arm bothering me.
There was no need to make it worse. I am determined to lose 15 lbs.

3-24-09 Its so clear
This morning, I decided to get breakfast for the work peeps. The count down. One week away from my
birthday. Since, I brought bagels last week. I figure I would just get something healthy. So I got fresh fruit
with some weird yogurt dip. I gotta be the best person ever. For lunch today I had Pad thai with Annie. Its
one of her favorite dishes. Once I got home from work. I was just starving. I was talking to someone about
fish all day. I pan fried some tilapia. I spent the entire day just reading things online. I feel its my duty to
always be in front of a computer. I look forward to tomorrow. I need to work out a bit more. I need to get
back on that boxing bag int he garage.

3-23-09 Bowled alright
Once again  left the house with out a jacket. I refuse to believe its a cold day. By the time I was going to
walk out side for lunch. I stayed in and couldn't handle it. The wind was blowing, rain was drizzling. It was
too much for my brown skin to handle. Today was the last day of our biggest loser. Seems like every one did a
good job. Tonight I bowled pretty well. 201, 179, 129. I kinda got tired at the end. I was running on only 3
hours of sleep last night. I had lots of fun. We were next to Jeff's team. So we just got to all chat. I have a
lot of fun around these guys. I wish I could play kickball with them. I wish I didn't over book my self this

3-22-09 My day to relax
I went to go get a light snack today. It was wonderful out. I had a drink at the Vfw, I didn't want to stay
and play bingo. I did some things and cleaned up my car. I went to the Blue fox to have a few drinks and
dinner. I was kinda glad I was there. I got a chance to relax and everything. Then everyone from the Vfw
came over. I didn't think it was awkward that there was obviously. But I was basically looked upon that I had
to decide. Which is lame. I was very upset tonight. I was so upset. I decided to clarify.  Basically I was
throwing poison pills around. I am sure the story will be a bit confusing now. And this will be said and that.
rookies. I guess I am still the ultimate chess master! Cause non of it will make sense now. Haha, Any drama
happens this weekend. I will buy a gun, get a permit, and start cleaning out the idiots in this world. Seriously!

3-21-09 Brake lazy
I really wanted to get some exercise today. I decided to not go jog like I wanted too. I went over to Rad and
emily's. Rad was looking at my brakes. He took it apart and was trying to figure out why its been making the
squeeking noise. I went to go get a few drinks down at the Corner bar. It was nice to see that old place again.
Then we went to Grumpys down the road. It is always fun to people watch there.

3-20-09 Getting swept
The weather was perfect, it was so nice out. It has been hard accepting this. Knowing we may still get a
blizzard or two. We went to go eat at Applebees today. We were tired of eating fish sandwiches at different
places. I got some deep fried walleye thing. It was kinda disappointing. I went to happy hour before bowling. I
wanted to get a few drinks in me since my arm and ankle was hurting. I didn't drink too much actually. I
struggled tonight. I think I was around 163, 149, 153. We lost all four games. Mario had a career high of 203.
We still lost that game too. We went over to the Hoggs for a couple drinks after.

3-19-09 Injured again
I was trying to figure out what my weekend plans were this weekend. I have been very strict about not over
eatin the past two days. I figure if I can do this. It would help me lose some weight. For lunch today. I ha let
over pad thai. It was pretty good still. Me and Lawrence went to The Driftwood on Nicollet before dodgeball.
It was cheap and I needed a few drinks before. I did ok tonight, I didn't try to over do it. I still somehow
hurt my ankle and shoulder. I don't think this will ever heal. I need  to just take it easy for awhile. This
should affect my bowling tomorrow.

3-18-09 Busy day
I went to pick up a bunch of  bagels, from the St Paul Bagelry on the way to work. Then I dropped my car of
at Tires plus for an oil change. I hate how they always harass me to get other things done. I am not sure why
I always go back to that place. We went to soem Thai place in down town St. Paul. Scott was saying this place
was the best.It was called "Ruam Mit Thai" It was near 7th street. I couldn't remember anything else. It
was pretty good. I got the hottest pad thai possible. It sure was hot. I went to the Sip N Sample tonight.
Erin, Katie and Lauren were there too. This time around it was at The Steak house/7 Sushi ultra lounge,
basically kiddy corner from Fogo de Chao. I thought the food was just "blah". We did g crazy on the wine. I
was so tired tonight. Unfortunately I was unable to sleep all night. I just kept tossing and turning.

3-17-09 St Pattys day
I wore my green today. I was unsure what I was doing tonight. I was in the mood to go home actually. For
lunch today we went to the batting cage. I thought I was doing a good job hitting the ball. I even tried to
switch hit, but I whiffed horribly. I went down to the Legion for some drinks. Everyone was there. The bad
was a little loud, but oh well. I had a good time. I got home and I was just tired. I knew I had to get up early
tomorrow to take my car to get an oil change. I think I am going to buy bagels or everyone tomorrow.

3-16-09 Brace your self
Its lovely out. I can't seem to ever enjoy this enough. So when i walked outside today. I just stood there like
an idiot for a few seconds. Just taking it in. I am sure I looked like a weirdo, but thats ok. For lunch today
we had our potluck. We had to do it a day early. Since, most of the T and L people were doing seminars on
Tuesday. I brough bq meatballs. I totally forgot and had no time. I went to bowling tonight. I got a 175, 181,
and a 155. WE got swept tonight. Even though my average was a 135. We did not do well and the other team
was just too much. I see why they are number 1. They just turn it on when they need too. bastards.

3-15-09 Spring you here?
I did not want to waste today being inside. I made damn sure I was going to be outside in some capacity. I
went over to Andy's. We decided to go to lunch in uptown. Jenny and Amy wanted somewhere we could people
watch. We went to Figlio. I was not too impressed. I just thought it was "blah". We walked over to Bar
Abilene for a drink. Then it was of to the Vfw for memories. I forgot how strong they make their drinks. We
went back to Andy's and grilled some food and drank outside. We were jumping on Amy's pogo stick. I think we
broke it. It was nice relaxing today. I really just wanted to sit and be outside. I am happy.

3-14-09 Early St Patty's day
I went to the batting cage to watch Danielle and Chad hit with their new bat. Well the new bat broke. After
that I went to the mall to walk around and look for a few things. I picked up Joe and we went to Azia for
their happy hour. I have been telling him they have the best wings in town. Which they do for sure. We went
to the Moose for Shawn and Joy's beer bust. A lot of drunk people, but what do you expect. Some how some
way we went to Patricks. We saw Jane there, I guess we don't see her much every since John passed away.
Gabes was ok, but they didn't get a tent this year so it was really packed inside to watch Uncle Chunk. I went
down to Dixies, it was a bit quieter there. It was a pretty busy night.

3-13-09 Separation Friday
Today sure was busy. I am glad I took yesterday off. I came in early ready to go. I have been more focused
then ever. I got through a lot today, a lot more then I thought. I was told the best fish sandwiches were at
Wendy's. So far for fast food chains. I say Arby's is the winner so far. Till next Friday I guess. I was abit
annoyed by the new Facebook page today. I had a hard time figuring out the status message for friends. I
went to Brady's for happy hour. It was a bit packed in there. Tonight at bowling I got a 178, 190, 204. I
guaranteed a 200 game from someone one my team. I finally remembered to me left  more. Which Andy told m
to do last week. It finally stuck in my head. We got the sweep against Lindsey's team. Thats twice this
season we swept there team. I was a bit intoxicated, I was unable to go out after that.

3-12-09 Day off
Emotionally I needed today off. I think physically and mentally I was tired. So I figure it was a good day for
me to recharge at home. I slept in till 1pm. I bought this hair product the other day to bleach my hair. I
figured it was time for a new look anyways. It seems I tend to color my hair around March. I ate healthy all
day. I am determined to lose a bunch of weight now. Just looking at old pictures sure got me in the right
mentally. I went to play some cards, but I lost in the final two tables. I knew I wasn't going to be able to
sleep tonight. Took my hydroxyzine and out I went.

3-11-09 2nd place again
It felt like another cold  day in February. It was about 1 degree when I left for this morning. I thought to
my self. Why is it so fricking cold. We shouldn't be getting cold temperatures like this in March. Were
supposed to be getting blizzards and warm ups. I stayed late again to finish a few things. After that it was
off to volleyball. We had a tough semi finals opponent. We won the first and they won the 2nd game. We
crushed them in the 3rd. We waited to see who our opponents would be. There was an upset and the 4th seed
beat the 1 seed. The 4th seed is a team we have lost twice too. We can't seem to beat them. Well they took it
too us. We lost twice against them. We made too many mistakes. If we played the way we did the first game.
We would have won. So we get a 2nd place trophy.

3-10-09 Wintry mix
I know its hard to contain things in my head sometimes. At times I feel like I am trying to fight a struggle
between two people. Maybe some day I will get therapy for it. Work was busy today. Its been really busy
actually. I have become frustrated and falling behind. Today it felt like I was having flash backs. Maybe I am
watching to much Lost or something. I do feel like I get images implanted in my head. Like I am supposed to
remember something. Nah, I think its just SAD(Seasonal affective disorder). With all this mix of snow, rain,
clouds and who knows what else. I have been out of whack. I am stressing so bad, my cold sores are bad right
now. I played video games tonight to just do some thing. I needed to just relax tonight. I was even bored
enough to sign onto a internet dating website. I have always talked about this summer love tour. Which never
took off.

3-09-09 Busted
Today was the calm before the storm. Well it was supposed to snow yesterday. We didn't get any snow. All I
know the weatherman said tomorrow we are supposed to get snow or a wintry mix. I ate in at work today. I
have been doing such a great job at that. Even though I might eat more. I was feeling out of it all day. I
wasn't feeling well. I went home and made some ribs on the grill. I skipped out on bowling tonight. Eventually
I ended up going out. I needed a drink. My bowling mates saw my status on facebook. I felt like a douche after
that. Darn you facebook.

3-08-09 Spirit walk
My main goal today was to spend some time alone. I didn't want to be out and about. It was just more about m
time today. I went to walmart and got a few things. Well, I ended up getting more then a  few things. I went
to the vfw to get a quick drink. I never really talked to Mary before. She started there a few weeks ago I
think. She looked bored. Glad I was able to keep her from being bored. I played bingo. I lost ofcourse. Which
sucked. I got home and just took it easy. I wanted to goto bed early tonight. I have lots to do this week. So
far my alone time today is what I wanted. Just wish I can do it more often.

3-07-09 Budget crisis
So far my first week on a budget. I have not gone under yet. I am close though. I might be able to make it
through. If it wasn't for my expensive dinner week. This would have been a piece of cake. So far I got about
60 bucks to spend for the rest of the week. I spent the entire day cleaning. I have been trying to force my
self to get those little things done on the weekends. I was catching home up on tv shows this morning. I have
been getting a bit o weight lately. I am unable to work out with my foot. I think once I am healthy again. I am
going to work out like a maniac. Tonight I went over to Annie's. She was having people over. Too bad day
lights savings is tonight. Makes it a very short night. I am going to hate waking up tomorrow.

3-06-09 A Tie?
Today seemed to go buy faster then any other day I can think of. I didn't even get a chance to prep my self
for bowling tonight. Karen and Nancy came out with me for lunch. I went to Arbys for the fish sandwich. I
had lots of fun and I am glad they came out with me. Sometimes you just get better convo's outside of walk.
I went to Bradys for happy hour. We all were ready to go after a long week. Tonight at bowling. I bowled a
197, 139 and 155. I think I was a bit drunk tonight at bowling. We wont he first game, the 2nd game we tied?
and I think we lost the 3rd. Not sure how the tie works. I was unable to party tonight afterwards. I just had
nothing left in the tank. So it was an early night for me.

3-05-09 Lindys Round 2
Ever since I can remember. I always hated tomatoes. Not sure why. I think it was just the texture or the
fact the flavor was just awful to me. For lunch today I just ate the rest of my pizza I got yesterday. After
work. Joe Called and wanted to eat at Lindy's he had a $25 off coupon. He convinced me, even though I dislike
that place. I played cards today at the Legion. I havn't done that in a long time. I did ok, but lost it all.

3-04-09 Playoff Pressure
I was going to drive into tires plus today to get an oil change. I don't know why I even bother going to that
place. They have screwed me over so much. I was running late. So I didn't have time. The stupid check engine
light came on today. It was really annoying. I helped Andy get his tv exchanged after work. Best buy, Oh how
I still have the memories. Tonight at volleyball, we dominated all 3 games. This team, gave us troubles last
week. It looks like the top 4 seeds all advanced. No upsets this year. We are playing a team that we won 3 to
0 in the regular season. Although they have the same record as us. As long as we play mistake free. We can
beat anyone. Hopefully we will be ready on the grand stage. For next weeks finale.

3-03-09 Cave Vin
I must have read the temperature wrong. I got outside and I thought it was going to be a warm day. So I
grabbed my extremely thin coat. I felt pretty dumb. I got to eat out today. I went to Burger King and  got
the angry whopper. I could feel my insides starting to hurt though. For dinner tonight, Me and Erin went to
Cave Vin. I think thats french. I am unsure. It was really good. Its very small, but cozy. It was also half
price bottle of wine night. How can you go wrong with that. The only down fall with this place. They have one
one bathroom. Just one for everyone. When I got home I was a bit awake. I decided to catch up on Heroes and

3-02-09 Cafe Lurcat
I was in a very good mood today. Maybe it was the first day I was able to gloat a bit about my birthday. I
have been planning this for months. Ok, more like 2 weeks ago. We went to Rainbow today. I picked up some
groceries during my lunch. I saw some good deals. Figured I would pick some things up. I stayed late at work
today. I had to get some spread sheet done. I had happy hour with Shannon at Fridays. Then I picked up Annie
and we went to Cafe Lurcat. Its restaurant week. So dinner is basically $30 at some nicer restaurants. You
get appetizer, entree and dessert. I had the seabass with Miso tonight. It was very delicious. My mouth was
watering all over. Yummy!

3-01-09 A nice break
I  was so tired from this weekends activities. I decided it was time for me to just lay low today. I went
through 2 dvds. I watched a couple basketball games as well. Since it is March now. I am aloud to talk a bout
my birthday. Oh i feel bad for the people at work or any of my friends. I am pretty excited already. I was
balancing my budget today. Its going to be tough, but I know I can do it. I also ate healthy today. I just cant
shake off this hunger I have. I am on my way back to what I want though. I was digging through facebook and
I saw a lot of vacation pictures. So I was bored tonight. I decided to throw $10 bucks into Full tilt poker. I
never played for real money before. I walked away ahead $3.25. I was happy with that.