Old Journals

03-31-10 29th bday
This was a pretty quiet year for me. I didn't quite have the extra energy I have always
had. I guess I new it was my filler bday year. Not a big deal. I wanted things to be small
anyways. I am pretty excited ab out my birthday this weekend also. I was with great
friends and loved ones. It was peaceful and fun today. I am quite thank full for
everything. SO thanks from the bottom of my heart.

03-30-10 Birthday eve
On my drive to work today. I kinda started crying for no reason. Not sure why. I guess all
the importance of it took control of me. I was happy and glad I had great friends. I was
at peace. I started it off with buying bagels for everyone at work. Its been tradition for
me to do this for a few years now. I was in a great mood at work.

I had lunch with Jamie today. She took me out to Chili's. It was great seeing her and
catching up. I actually had a lot of fun just dissecting things.

The stage is set for tomorrow and the rest of the week. I am excited and this is the only
time I am very selfish about me.

03-29-10 Annie happy hour
After work today. Annie took me out to Sweeneys for happy hour. We had a bottle of
wine. It was half priced. I ordered their wings, which is supposed to be awesome. I
thought it was average. I had a good time regardless and I was happy Annie took me out to
celebrate. Too bad she wont be there for the regular festivities.

Sad day, my favorite wrestler growing has officially retired. I need a new hero to look up

03-28-10 Billy bday
I had pho with Joe for lunch today. How could I turn down a yummy bowl or lunch. We went
to Trieu Chau, which right now is my favorite pho place. I was so full, and I needed to get
out of the house anyways.

I ended up getting some shopping done today at the mall of america. I had to goto ikea to
get a plate. I accidently broke one of my dishes a night or two before. I felt it was
needed. I couldn't bare to notice one plate was missing.

I went to the Bluefox for Billy's birthday. I just wante dto get him a shot of Jameson.
Well I ended up doing one also. Man thats burns. I forget what its like.

03-27-10 Mike bday
I went to go play dodgeball today. I needed a goo work out. So I ran around in circles a bit
more then I am used too. I felt the burn, thats or sure.

I made jello shots for Mikes bday tonight at Liza's place. I figured I would make some
jello shots to liven up the party a little.

03-26-10 Still grey
I had lunch with Jessica today. We went to Broadway pizza. I don't know why I like their
pizza so much. There isn't much too it really. We had good talks, which was much needed. I
guess we have been on different frequencies lately. Either way, I think were on the same
radio station again. I told her I would be truthful and honest. No more lies. Well still
about a good 90% honest. Sorry Jess.

After bowling tonight. I went to Dave and Busters for Mikes birthday. I had a fun time
and it was nice to get out near my house. I guess I forgot what its like to have a place so
close. Where I can just stumble home. We did end up going to Cowbow Jacks after. That
was a fun time also.

03-25-10 Time
Today it felt like it was going so fast. I was pretty busy today. Which always helps sped
up the day. I was feeling pretty tired through out the day. I felt it was from my lack of
sleep lately. I tried to do better, but my timing is off. Notice how I did that. I amuse my
self so easily. I spent most of my time on Final Fantasy tonight. I wanted to try to finish
that game. I am on the 3rd and final disc. 3 Chapters left to go. Which means, I will need
to put in about 8 hours.

03-24-10 Crepes
Tonight for dinner, I made vietnamese crepes. Which is called "banh xeo". I have never
made it before. My mom used to make them all the time. I really tried my best to
duplicate it. I got a ways to go thats for sure. I couldn't get it as crunchy for some odd
reason. It was really bugging me. It was good though.

So I went to go see "Alice in Wonderland" tonight. I never really saw the original at all. I
actually felt pretty dumb. I thought it was like The Wizard of Oz.

03-23-10 Vengeance
With the weird mean streak I have been on lately. I have been angrier then normal. I
don't show it at times, but its like a got a new swagger too. Just been trying to stay away
from the world. I think I jsut woke up on the wrong side of bed today.

03-22-10 Tough times
Its been an interesting two weeks. I think I have had to make tough decisions that I
would normally sweep under the rug. I think facing certain realities, have made me more
aware. Today on my Facebook. I posted "re-branding my self". Like always, my messages
are very cryptic. What I meant was, at my bday. I was very open about who comes and
what now. I decided maybe I should make it small. Its always a wonder of who I should
care for. I think I am like chameleon, I can change so quick. I am an excellent liar.  Its
just not a good combo. From today on.. If your not going to keep up with me and you don't
show you want to be around me. You lose me and I will just move forward. I have  a black
heart now. I converted into the dark side! The purge has begun!

03-21-10 Budgeting
Andy and Jenny came over to show off the new ride. The Honda Civic was a perfect choice
for them. Spacey and its a compact car. Which is always good for insurance purposes.

With more unexpected bills. My funds are pretty low this week. I guess I better take it
easy and save. I already have it figured out. I have spent over 16 hours on Final fantasy
13. I should be spending another 13 hours to finish the game.

I have the next 30 days to let time slow down. I know this spring is going to be one of the
most busy and active seasons I have ever had. I will be tired and grouchy. That is for sure.

03-20-10 Downtown
Tonight, I felt my life went back 6 years. I was downtown in the club scene again. Dancing
and not caring about anything. It was for Andrews birthday. Who is all part of that
meetup group. Not the dodgeball thing I attend, but the intermediate volleyball group. It
was fun, but when i noticed my wallet was running low on cash. I was pretty discouraged. I
had $110 cash on me. It went down to $35 bucks. Where the hell did it all go. I had a lot o
fun meeting new people as always, but ofcourse things always get awkward.  Which makes
me not smile as much. I am one to protect others for their happiness!

03-19-10 Bowling streak
Tonight at bowling I posted scores of 150, 169, and 213. We lost finally and I was able to
let this burden go. Although it was with an asterisk. Their other two bowlers prebowled. I
don't question their scores, but I feel its a dynamic you need to have when your in
competition. Do I feel I lost with out a fair fight, yes. We still came close. We lost by 10
total. Ouch!

03-18-10 Star craft beta
Starcraft was one of those games growing up. That I have not forgotten. I have been
waiting for Starcraft 2 for a very very long time. I am happy to report, its almost the
same game with upgrades up the ying yang. I was afraid of them copping out and being like
Warcraft 3. I didn't like it at all.

03-17-10 St pattys day potluck
I wanted to make something somewhat authentic for St Patty day potluck at work. I
google irish potlucks and found a salmon chowder recipe. I wanted to be different, since
everyone was making stews. I have to say, it turned out great. Way beyond my

03-16-10 LOST
The end is coming with only 8 episodes left. One has to wonder how this show will end. Will
it be the ending everyone hopes it would be. Who knows. I am sure it will be the best
ending we have ever seen in a television series. That will make us go wow. They have been
doing this to us all 6 seasons.

03-15-10 Laziness
I have been trying to stay in more and more lately. Its just a matter of a few different
things. I am tired first and foremost. B, I need a break from the booze. It seems when I
do go out. I enjoy it more though. I should find my balance.

03-14-10 Taxes, but its nice
It was so nice out today. Me and Andy went to Rainbow to get some groceries. I was in
the mood to get some meat. I found some pork on sale. I will be making pulled pork
eventually. I will push my taxes off another time. It is way too nice outside for this.

03-13-10 Oh Kate
Tonights plans fell through. I got a text from Kate later, and plans were made. Lunzer and
Guppy came out too. We went to Bunnys in SLP. I havn't been there in a long time. Last
time I was there I had there big sirloin steak. It wasn't good, but I remember it. We
had a lot of goo talks and it was a fun night out. The day lights savings thing is going to be
a real bummer in the morning.

03-12-10 Bowling fire off
My strategy was to just get through tonight. We had nothing to play for. We were in the
playoffs and we do know one thing. We do not want to play Mindy's team. They are hot
right now. I bowled well for shits and giggles. I finished with 179, 179 and 160. A bit
better then I should have bowled but, I needed the confidence I was missing lat week. I
expect to be great next week.

03-11-10 Dodgeball
For some odd reason, every time we are in the gym. I have such a hard time breathing. I
don't know what it is. I like having the water fountain there though. I usually get pretty
dehydrated and all. I had my moments, but I felt so rusty. I could have done better. Oh
well, just trying to have fun again.

03-10-10 Final Fantasy 13
I finally got a chance to play FF13. I didn't know what to expect, since I havn't played one
of these series in so long. It was fun though, but it was lacking a lot of the things I used
to love about these games. First of all, its real linear now. I miss the cartoony
characters, but I guess the fan base did grow up a little. So far I am 2 hours in. I hope
its worth it in the end. I am sure FF13 will not disappoint.

03-09-10 Fogo de Chao part 3
I was so excited for Fogo de Chao tonight. I was craving it so bad. I was hungry all day.
Tonight the food was good as normal. Still a little salty for my liking but oh well. We got
free drinks, wine and well we ordered a $18 shot for everyone. It was nice to have a
vendor take us out for food and drinks. Makes me happy.

03-08-10 Kickball champs
Kickball champs in indoor kickball. Another championship win. Another home hum tony cu.
This season has been a cake walk. The indoor environment suites my style of play a lot
better. Some girl kicked a ball at my face. She shed some blood on me, but I still caught
it. The game got down tot he wire at the end, but I believed in our experience to win it
for us.

03-07-10 Legion return
I made my Legion return tonight. I got 4th place at cards and I think I could have stolen
the show if I had a little more luck go my way. I am happy with my free drink tokens
though> Jeremy made the drinks so strong tonight. I was f'd up, thats for sure. We made
it to the Bluefox and I was in la la land. Luckily I got home safely.

03-06-10 Jessica bday party
I was trying to get my exercise in for today. I went to dodgeball to get my fixings in at
throwing stuff at people. I was tired as the games went on. I felt my legs were tired. I
had nothing left.

I went over to Erika and Caseys tonight for drinking and we all went to get food from the
5/8 club. I was getting a bit tipsy from the drinking games.

I went to uptown for jessica's 24th bday party. I told her I would make it out eventually
it was a good time, but I got tired again. Its been a theme all week.

03-05-10 Bowling failure
I had one of the worst games of my bowling career. 133, 133, 137. I was trying my best.
The ball just wouldn't give me strikes. I tried everything, moving to different spots. My
arm and my fingers were hurting. I had no strength in me to throw my ball. Fatigued took
over. I was tired. Not a good excuse, but I failed our team bad. I went home tonight and
went to bed. i was too tired.

03-04-10 Wildfire
Erin got there fashionably late. I had probably the best prime rib I have ever had. It was
thick and juicy and it melted in my mouth. Erin had the salmon with a soy sauce glaze with
a sweet flavor too it. It was really good. Our dessert was yummy too. I was so full I was
gonna puke it out.

03-03-10 New value pack
Tonight at volleyball. Our official team was finally back together. We were all there
ready to play the best team in the playoffs. We advanced to the semi's, but they were
too much. No weak spots at all. They just bump set and spike. We had no answer. We just
hit it over. The flaws in our team from not playing together showed.

03-02-10 Food adventures
I was so excited or cafe Lurcat tonight. Jessica got there kinda late so we didn't end up
going. So I was going to drive us to Cheese cake factory, but I didn't want to drive that
far. So we just went to Old Spaghetti factory.

We had fish bowls at Prestons, since shes never had one before. It was a lot of fun. it
was trivia night and most of the kids there, were idiots. We made this old guy who
doesn't know anything about technology take pictures of us. It was funny. We ended up
picking her dad up and I drove his car home. It was a BMW and it was a stick. I want a
nice ride now.

03-01-10 March madness
I was so tired today. I didn't sleep much last night. It was time to head home and check
out the local scenery. It was fun to look at all the shops and just go with the flow. I was
never bored at all this weekend and it was quite the adventure.

We won tonight at kickball and it was against the worst team. It was a playoff game, but
we still won. Like we should.