3-31-2011 my 30th bday
It was different this year. The energy wasn't quite there. I think it was from my
week of getting up earlier. The lunch was great. The whole dept came out.

Happy hours at  8th street grill and off to Mannys for dinner. It was so worth it. We
went to drink at the Prohibition and the Keys cafe after that. Hells kitchen with E and
I was out cold.

3-30-2011 Last of my 20's
I was really tired today at work. Everyone at work is pumped about my bday. Well
almost everyone. i can sense. Some are annoyed with me.

I was thinking about the past ten years in my 20s. I have had some many memories good
or bad. The main thing is. I have no regrets. It was great and I thank you. For one of
the best memories I will have. Its time to move onto my 30's. A lot is going to happen
then. My maturity has grown to a new level.

3-29-2011 Study time
I went over to Erikas to help her study for her test. I didn't want to be a
distraction, but I hope she passes it. i know he is waiting for this opportunity for
awhile. I remember when I just wanted to find my nitch and have a job like every one
else. That was about 5 years ago. Funny how time flies.

3-28-2011 8am start time
This new 8am start time was a real pain in the ass. I got up and made it to work on
time. I already know I am going to get screwed but someones gotta be the fail safe.
Itss always me, and hopefully one of these days I get rewarded for it. Its almost racy
on how I am always the one that gets taught a lesson.

3-27-2011 Sleeping in
It was so nice to sleep in till 2pm today. We got up so early and just went home to
sleep. The hard ground at their place was a bit rough on us. We went tot he mall of
america to try out the Cadillac ranch. i had a groupon. So, I figured it was a good deal.
It was ok, but expensive.

3-26-2011 Sara bday
Me and casey and Erika went over to Saras for her bday. It was a nice house, we just
hung otu and drank and stayed the night. It was definitely a late night.

3-25-2011 Subbed
Tonight at bowling I got a 171, 63 and a 147. Not too bad I don't think. It was fun, but
I was feeling the alcohol. i guess I am quite the light weight lately.

3-24-2011 7 day mark
I drank coffee again today. I am slowly trying to get used to drinking coffee every
morning. Next week i start at 8am. I am not a fan of it. Its another carrot dangled in
front of me. Hopefully I get a raise, but You can only dangle a carrot in front of me so
many times and I get nothing for it. I guess I am used to it. Not my fault I been put
in the position I am in.

3-23-2011 Dball energy
I tried to push my self to get a good exercise. I wore pants so i would sweat more. I
ran around like an idiot. Just to sweat. I forgot how much people cheat at dodgeball. I
struggled catching, but I got better towards the end. My vision as certainly
deteriorated.  Some day I will have to get lasik.

3-22-2011 Bets
Me and Mario both play NBA 2K11 and we are going to have a 7 game series to
determine whos the better player. We have lunch on the line. I hope I win. I got home
court advantage thats for sure.

3-21-2011 Video games
I was thinking the other day about how much I play video games. I have been doing it
all my life. I wonder how many hours of gaming have I done over the years. I bet its
safe to say that its probably more then watching tv life time. Which is kind of a scary

3-20-2011 Poor life
With my bday around the corner. i have been trying to stay in. Its already hard enough
to be able to pay for Mannys. Its funny how I have dedicated a whole month to saving
just for dinner. I guess thats how important dinner is to me.

Tonight. i took it easy by just playing video games and catching up on tv shows. I felt
so tired I was laying on the couch. Like I was going to pass out.

3-19-2011 Bracket busted
My bracket this year for the Ncaa tournament looks horrible. The only thing I got left
is BYU. Which I have going all the way. Hopefully Jimmer nation takes over.

I didn't want to drink too much tonight. I didn't know how tomorrow appointment
would go.

3-18-2011 Sleep
How should I typically spend a Saturday. Well I spent most of the day sleeping. I have
been so tired as of late. I think all that food me and Erika ate for lunch today really
put me out cold. I went over to Her brothers house. It was her moms birthday party.
Just kicked it there and took it easy tonight.

3-17-2011 Buffet time
I bought a fancy buffet holder, which has 3 warming areas. I felt pretty fancy having
it. I hope to get to use it tonight. I am unsure of what i would be using it for. It was
normally $50, but it was 75% off. I want to go back and buy another one.

3-16-2011 St Patty day potluck
I woke up early to check on my guinness beef stew. I felt it was a little too soupy
still for my liking. I like my stew dry and chunky with very little liquid. I braised it as
much as I could. I threw it back in the crock pot and brought it to work and turn the
heat up. I was also worried I would lose so much moisture that it would be too salty.
Luckily it turned out great. I was happy with it, but it was a pain in the ass.

3-15-2011 Working out slowly
So I did a few push ups and I called it a work out. One step at a time right. I feel like
working out is so hard on my body. My joints hurt. I honestly believe I physically can't
do it. Ok I know I can, I am just being my own worst enemy.

3-14-2011 Wake up
It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. I tried to get up early so I could catch
up on work. It was just too tough to do. I was struggling today. I felt tired and
unmotivated. Plus, i was trying t catch up on work. It just wasn't a good combination. I
got home and just laid on the couch. I didn't feel like doing anything at all.

3-13-2011 Hermit day
I woke up and it was about 12:30pm. Oh day lights savings. Ugh, I feel out of it all
day. I didn't even leave my house. I am starting to enjoy my life in my shell. I don't
get lonely. Erika went up to her parents house in Duluth for the week. I guess I get to
stay pretty quiet this week. A day full of video games, cleaning and laundry.

3-12-2011 Who says
I pretty much laid around all day. I went to Homedepot and got some solar salt for the
salt brine container for my soft water. It was pretty cheap so I bought 3 bags of it. I
hope this fixes the water issue and the dishwasher issue with the white stains. I
found it very annoying.

3-11-2011 People say dumb things
I hate it when people brag, who shouldn't be braggin at all. I find it weak and it shows
me that some people try to make them selves better then what they are. Pathetic
actually. I am glad I am not into anyone like that. It would drive me bonkers.

I went out to Jessie's birthday at the tin cup. I have never been there before. It was
nice seeing old faces. I had a good time. I went to the Legion the Bluefox after that. I
was a fun time tonight. I needed that.

3-10-2011 Day off
I really needed today off. I have been very tired lately. Mentally physically I have
been just very moody lately. I guess old age is starting to set in. I have made up my
mind that I need to lose weight to help combat these inuries. I think my brain is still
moving at a very young speed and my body isn't yet.

3-09-2011 Vball sub part 2
I was just trying to get my bearings back. I am still struggling with my timing with my
ankle injury. We won all three against a very easy team. i was watching int he other
court and the number 1 seed that we lost to. Lost tonight. I found that very

3-08-2011 Excitement
I finally booked my Mannys dinner reservations. I don't want you to be sad if you
didn't get invited. I figure I would just save on the awkwardness of not being able to
afford it. Regardless, the big part will be in Northeast Minneapolis this year. Its
going to be a good one as I turn 30.

3-07-2011 Bowling finale
I have struggled on these lanes specifically. One lane is heavily oiled and the next is
dry. I got a 124 a 134 and a 152. Low averages for me thats for sure. I felt
comfortable towards the end. I just throw my ball a bit different. I think I am
throwing it a bit too hard. Maybe i got too strong.

3-06-2011 Tater tot
Me and Erika were strolling through the grocery store and we somehow started talking
about tater tot hot dish. She has never had it. So i figured we could make it. I made
the mistake of making the sauce a bit too thick. Forgetting it would thicken up in the
oven. I will just have to correct it for next time.

3-05-2011 Mason Cu
I went to go see my new nephew Mason today. Hes a cute little guy. Apparently he
looks like me. He is so small and fragile. I honestly can't wait to have a baby some day.
It was a nice moment indeed. Hes going to be a cute one.

3-04-2011 Bowling troubles
I wanted to bowl so well tonight. Unfortunately the lanes were really dry tonight.
Making my ball basically worthless. I struggles again, but it just was a bit
frustrating. I got through and I did what I could to get a tie. Thank goodness.

3-03-2011 Bagels
Karen was craving carbs today at work. Me and Nancy tried to get her to change her
mind. Only for us, we got sucked into wanting bagels. We made a stop to the St Paul
Bagelry and got some bagels. They were good. I love it there. I ate two of my favorite
bagels. jalapeno cheese. Although, it seems as if they are being lame on the seasonings.
I should make a complaint.

3-02-2011 Volleyball sub
Me and Andy went to happy before volleyball. I hurt my ankle on the first jump and I
was basically useless from there. I still didn't make too many mistakes. I played well
for what it was worth. With my ankle a big question mark leading into the spring
season. I don' know if my body will be able to handle a full season.

3-01-2011 March mania begins
I had troubles getting up this morning. I was so tired. I got into work a bit late. I am
not on high blood pressure pills. So It should help, well I hope. Its supposed to make
me piss a lot. Which means the sodium in my body is going through my piss. Wish me
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”