03-31-2012 31st golden bday
I was pretty excited this morning. We ate so much breakfast. We ventured back to
Little Angies for drinks. Joe had this great idea of going to Superior to bar hop. So
we did that and hit 7 or 8 bars very fast. I was pretty gone by the time we got back.
We stopped at the jazz club. I was so worn out. I napped for a couple hours. Then it
was off to JJ Astors. I was puking on the walk there. I puked in the rest rooms also.
I barely tasted dinner. All I could really do is stay awake and not do anything to crazy.
I was just happy everyone was there and enjoying their food and having a good time.
We went to the Casino after. I just tried my best to talk to everyone. I ended up
going back and throwing up more.

03-30-2012 The Drive
We met up with Joe and Kelli at the Vfw in Roseville. We then ventured North and
stopped at Hinkley. Joe got free Gordon Ramsey pans and Kelli won money. Trip was off
to a good start so far.

We finally made it to Duluth. I twas nice to just kick back tonight. Me and Erika
spent most of the evening at Little Angies for drinks.

03-29-2012 Calm before the storm
I told Erika I didn't want to do anything too exciting tonight. For dinner I made asian
cole slaw with sear ahi tuna on top. It was really good. I made it for the first time
and I really enjoy it at restaurants.

03-28-2012 Dodgeball
I made Sarah goto dodgeball with me this week. Figured it would be nice for her to get
out of the house. Well its not like she ever has time, but I figure it would be fun to
throw balls at her.

03-27-2012 Bars
As tradition goes, I always bring in treats the week of my birthday. Today was no
different. I brought in sweet bars for everyone to enjoy. I got it from the Roseville
Bakery. Figured I would give that place a shot.

03-26-2012 The next day
I was pretty tired all day today. I got home and cleaned up. I had to get all this goo
and red marker off my forehead and scalp. It was a  pain in the ass to get off. I know
deep down I have to eat healthier. I really don't want to be on one of those machines.

03-25-2012 Sleep Apnea
Tonight I went in at 9pm to the Fairview Sleep apnea at the U of M. I was pretty
nervous about this. I just didn't know if I was going to be able to sleep. Knowing
someone is monitoring me from the other room. Night time was at 11pm. I Eventually
fell asleep an hour in. I woke up at 3am in the morning. I didn't know what to expect.
Know Cpap machine. So thats a good sign.

03-24-2012 Family bday lunch
I went over to my parents house. My mom made pho and we ate as a family. There was a
lot of food. I was so full. I have never seen shrimp so big. My dad got them at Costco.

Me and Erika wanted to use my gift card at Oak city. My brother gave it to me. So I
figured we should just use it. So we got some apps and drinks.

We later went to the Legion to just get drinks. We were in the drinking mood. I was
still hurting from yesterday. Her friend Cassie and her cousin came. It was another
fun night. Bday festivities are under way.

03-23-2012 Bday bashes
Tonight was Jesse's, Mikes and my bday bash combined. So it was something the guys
wanted to do to mix our bdays. Especially for the meet up group and some kickball
peeps. I didn't take it too seriously, but I felt it was an opportunity for my friends
to go that aren't going to Duluth. I had a lot of fun though. It was a fun night.

03-22-2012 Angry birds space
I used to love Angry birds. At work today. Dan thought of an idea to throw his toy
angry birds around. It was fun actually. Check out the youtube video

03-21-2012 Final Fantasy 13-2 Done!
I finally finished Final Fantasy 13-2. I spent a total of 50 hours beating that game. I
bought it went it came out late January. Took me a month and a half to do it. I was
depressed about the ending. Spoiler alert. It said to be continued. I felt so ripped off.
I did some research online and apparently, there will be downloadable content. Meaning
Square Enix is charging for extras and endings. What a slap in the face to someone
who puts a lot of hours into a $60 game.

03-20-2012 Final push
My birthday is inching closer and closer. I will turn 31 in 11 days. Its amazing how
much I have been through all my life. This will finally be my golden birthday. I am going
big this year. I am quite excited.

03-19-2012 Ankle
My ankle was really bugging me tonight. So i decided to skip my work out at the gym
tonight. I tried to just sit down and put my leg up. It didn't work too well. I will just
have to keep an eye on it. My Dr said I am susceptible to arthritis.

03-18-2012 Quiet day
I have been trying to finish Final Fantasy 13-2 for about a month now. I am 36 hours
into the game and I seem to finally be heading in the right direction. I had to go online.
I have been stuck on more then one occasion. Its kinda frustrating. I just want to get
this game over with.

03-17-2012 St Patricks day
I kept pushing for a quiet St Pattys day. I have never been a fan of this holiday. In my
younger years I enjoyed it, took the day off and got hammered during the day. But
these days. I just don't want to be at a over crowded bar. So tonight, Me and Erika
picked up Andy and we went to the Legion. It was pretty quiet there. makes me enjoy
this day more.

03-16-2012 Sleep Apnea appointment
I went to the U of M Fairview Sleep clinic today. My Dr told me I needed to go. Erika
came with me, since I should have my sleep partner with me. So that they can get more
direct info. My over night study is March 25th. Hopefully it all goes well. I am a bit
nervous about it.

03-15-2012 Sour fish soup
One of my favorite summer soups is a sour fish soup. It is so good. I love making it. It
has pineapple and tomatoes in it. Things I am not a fan of, but the fish flavor really
comes out. With the warm weather we have been getting. Figured it was a good day to
make it.

03-14-2012 Personal day
I had so much on my plate today. I needed the day off. I had to run over to my parents
and install a router. I had to go buy things at Walmart. I had to hit the gym and run to
the grocery store. I just put things off till the last minute and this time it was too
much. It was a nice day also.

03-13-2012 Night out
Erika made dinner tonight. It was chicken that had cheese and dour y lemon flavor. It
was good. i was so full. I have been tired ever since day lights savings a few days ago.
I took a 2 hour nap. I was out cold.

03-12-2012 Work out
I was sweating pretty good today at the gym. I just can't get over this barrier were I
am at a steady weight. Right now I am 195 and I am stuck there. I feel thinner, but I
guess it is muscle weight.

03-11-2012 Dball champs
We played against the other 3 best teams. We had to go through adversity all 3 games
but we managed to pull out the win. Andy was on fire and we just rode him to the
championship. I hurt my hand and struggled the 3rd series. Just glad we won. We beat
the Honey Badgers 7 to 0.

03-10-2012 Shamrocks
With Erika with her mom all weekend I was free to do whatever. I gave Andy a call and
we went down to Shamrocks. I just wanted to go somewhere some what different. It
was fun, we ran into friends there. We also went to Bennetts after.

03-09-2012 Fish fry
For lunch today. I went over to my parents house for lunch. We had squid and a fish
fry. It was kind of cool. Mostly all the siblings were there to eat and hang out. It felt
warming for once. No special bdays or any thing just for lent. Glad it was a good day.
Me and Erika bought a bunch for snow crab for later this weekend. It was on sale at
Cub. We had to do it.

03-08-2012 Lunch
I think i have been doing a pretty good job with eating lately. I have been trying my
best to eat healthier. Me and Erika went to Don Pablos today. I just got the fajitas. I
wanted to be able to control my potion size. I did eat it all, but for some reason it was
going down.

03-07-2012 Happy hour
I had happy hour with Andy today. We were discussing options for my bday this year.
Although, I don't have a set plan on what were doing. I think it will be a fun time. I am
glad everyone is getting their hotel rooms ahead of time.

03-06-2012 Walking dead
I can't say how much I love this show. Its so intense at times. Also, can't blame them
for making it so gory at times. Its one of my favorite shows right now. Ihope they
don't screw it up.

03-05-2012 Monday work out
I tried to push it hard today at the gym, but my ankle was starting to hurt a bit. I
didn't know what to do. I tried to take it easy and go a little softer. all and all, it was
a good work out.

03-04-2012 Sunday funday
It was a rough morning for me. I couldn't sleep last night. I tried to mix it up by
going to the couch. It was just a lot cooler and I could sleep better.

03-03-2012 Tanja party
We were hurting in cash. So we decided we would goto Tanja's tonight. Plus she lives
close to Erika and it would be a safer drive home then going to the Legion for Mikes
coming home party. It was a lot of fun. Tanja's neighbor gives her a lot of booze. So
we drank as much as we could. It was fun to hang out with the dodgeball crew.

03-02-2012 Day off pt 2
Me and Erika had a date night tonight. So we went down to the Legion and got some
drinks. We told Tom we would visit him one of these times he was bartending. We then
made it to Uncle chunk. They were playing at the Blue Fox and I really like their cover
music. We ran into Mindy and Natasha there. It was a lot of fun. It was also fun to
talk to Ron for awhile.

03-01-2012 Day off
I been wanting to take some vacation time off for some time. I looked the other day
and I had 24 vacation days. So I figured I could use some much needed rest and
relaxation. I literally didn't do anything at all today.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”