3-31-2013 Easter/32nd Bday
I woke up so hung over today. I felt like I was 21 all over again. Luckily I puked most
of it out last night.

I went over to my sisters house. I havn't seen her new place before. It was only 8
minutes away. We had craw fish, New orleans style, dungenous crab. Ribs and chicken.
It was a good feast. I was so full.

3-30-2013 Bday party
I went to dodge ball today to get my exercise in for today. It was a good work out. I
got a lot of exercise. Thats for sure.

I got home and cooked the rice and meatballs. It took nearly 3 hours. $45 to do all of
this and buy everything. I was worn out and tired. I made it though.

I was so happy tonight. It was a good night. I had 14 shots down. I was just in a happy
place. I did  my best to talk to everyone. Its always so hard. I threw up in the
bathroom, but it was a fun night.

3-29-2013 Good Friday
How nice is it to have Good Friday off. It was really nice to be honest. I just got a
lot of things done today. More prepping for the big party tomorrow. I am starting to
get real excited about it. I think I am going in with a big bang.

3-28-2013 Prepping
I spent most of the evening making rice. For the fried rice this weekend. I bought  
anew bag of rice. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Its a little stickier then
I prefer. I will have to make it work. We shall see how it goes. For now, I need to dry
this rice out.

3-27-2013 Sara Bday
I went to Cowboy Jacks in Bloomington for Sara's birthday. it was a lot of fun.
Catching up with everyone.

I went to dodge ball afterwards, I was feeling pretty drunk. But I had a good timeout.
I struggled seeing the ball. But I think I sweated away some alcohol.

3-26-2013 Troubles
I knew this was going to be a hard week for me to sleep. With my ups and downs all
March. I knew that I would have troubles sleeping. Last night was really tough. I am
pretty tired today cause of it.

3-25-2013 Vball Playoffs
We knew we had a pretty easy team tonight. I kept saying, we used to be the underdogs
once. We took care of business easily. We played well. But We shall see how it goes
next week,.

3-24-2013 Lazy day
So today I watched Safehouse, it was a decent movie. Then watched some basketball
action. The Gophers sucked as expected. But, we all knew that was going to happen. The
girls rented Silent house from Redbox. It was an ok scary movie. More suspense then
jump out scary.

3-23-2013 March Bdays
We started off at the Lamplighter out of all places. It was actually a lot of fun
there. We all were living it up pretty good.

We then made our way to Tin cups. It was a good time, but I tried to take it easy this
time around. I was feeling pretty good though. I only had a few shots, but it sure hurt
me. I was low key this year. Just going through the motions. I am exciting for next

3-22-2013 Night out
I to dinner at Dancing Ganesha with Melissa. I needed to use my groupon. It was
pretty good. I couldn't eat meat today. So I just got their paneer. It was still pretty
good. We went and got drinks after. It was a fun night out.

3-21-2013 Sleep
I have been having some troubles sleeping lately. I think with my birthday coming up. I
am starting to not feel as young as I used too. I keep thinking what if when I was
around 25 to 30. I never got in a hurry to meet someone. I don't regret the past. But
its in the back of my mind.

3-20-2013 Quiet
I decided to skip dodge ball tonight. It was just too much work for me to drive down
town. I was working from home today. So, I figured it would be nice to jut sit back.
Plus I can relax my arm.

3-19-2013 Dinner
Steamer happy hour was today. Me and kate got there first. We decided it would be fun
to do it at JJ's clubhouse.

For dinner tonight. It was a pork loin with green beans and tomatoes. Tanja made for
us. It turned out pretty good. We just hung out and played card games after.

3-18-2013 Vball win
We got a big win tonight. We won all three. Thats two weeks in a row. We got a sweep.
This is the last week as we go into play offs next week. We are feeling pretty
confident right now. We all played pretty good. It helped having Erika sub for us this
week also.

3-17-2013 St Pattys day
I really spent a lot of time at home just relaxing. I felt old not even going out last
night. Which was nice. I was tired all day. I eventually went out to Texatonka. Since
Jeff was going there. Figured I would go at least get out for a bit. I think its a sign
of old age.

3-16-2013 Movie
Today me and Heidi went to go see The Great Powerful Oz movie. I wasn't really
expecting too much from this movie. Its a prequel to Wizard of Oz. The story was
cheesy but I really liked the CGI. Its was really pretty.

3-15-2013 Practice
Some of the guys wanted to practice for their dodge ball tournament in Chicago. They
are using 8.25 size balls. I decided to help them. I love throwing those balls. We
played for over 2 and a half hours. My arm was tired. I was tired. I took a long shower
when I got home. I was wiped out.

3-14-2013 Sleepy
I wasn't feeling good all day. I had a head ache and my eyes were hurting. I got home
from work and I felt super sleepy. I went to sleep, well a nap. I woke up later. I ended
up sleeping about 11 hours last night. Crazy.

3-13-2013 Tacos
Me and Cheenew decided to bet Jesse and Jake at dodge ball some tacos. We were doing
teams. It was actually pretty fun. Everyone else in the gym meant nothing really as we
all battled each other. It was a fun and good work out. We ended up only owing them
one taco. Our side couldn't win the line to get to them.

3-12-2013 More thoughts
I have had a lot of things go through my head lately. With the ex, with Angela. With
my life and future. Its been really hard on me. Right  now I don't even know what I
want. I tried to figure things out. But you can never figure out your own thing. You
always need help from a 3rd party.

3-11-2013 Vball sweep
We got the sweep tonight at volleyball. We played a team. That was just at our level.
I really wanted to win. We played well though. We were down by about 7 points the 2nd
game. We fought back and won. Shows our character. We didn't fold like we used too.
Its been 6 years almost since we started.

3-10-2013 Clean clean clean
I am not sure what my latest obsession with cleaning is. I guess maybe its old age. Or
maybe I am just trying to be cleaner. Not sure what it is.

Walking Dead was a pretty good episode tonight. I thought it was another filler, but I
like how they are messing with things.

3-9-2013 Thoughts
I went to go play dodge ball today. I had a nice work out. We went to El Paraiso
afterwards. It was a lot of fun. I had troubles drinking beer for some odd reason.

I went out for Chris Simons bday. We were all at Stanleys and NE palace in Ne Mpls.
I had a good time. I was limiting my self to my budget though. I was a good boy tonight.
But I felt old out tonight. Which was odd.  Maybe it was cause I was sober. Who knows.

3-8-2013 Happy hour
I have been meaning to catch up with Jess for some time now. We finally had schedules
that would work. We went tot he Republic in uptown. Its been my favorite place as of
late. It was fun to catch up and even laugh again. I had a good time tonight.

3-7-2013 Bday month begins
I already have mysterious vegetables sitting at my desk. There is 6 birthday balloons
sitting at my desk. Which means its march madness for me. I am not as excited this
year for some reason. Maybe I am just getting way too old for this. Nahh!!!

I got a good work out in after work. It felt so good to sweat a little. I have been
trying to do a better job of it. I realll pushed the envelope and I am hurting cause of

3-6-2013 Dodge ball
I was trying to just get back into shape. I did my best to move around and stay active
today. I felt I had  a good night. Which I have been struggling lately.

I went over to my parents house today. I dropped off my dads computer I fixed for
him. He has been messing around on it way too much. I feel I have to reformat it for
him every 4 months.

3-5-2013 Snow snow snow
I woke up this morning. I realized it was snowing pretty good.  I decided I would work
from home. I didn't want to deal with the traffic this morning.

I was kinda broke today. I cashed in my coin jar a the bank. I always feel awkward at
banks. I don't know why. But I hate going face to face with tellers. I pushed through
the awkwardness and got my money though. I didn't want to go under.

3-4-2013 Dinner night
Tanja came over and made casserole for us. It was pretty good. Melissa brought Ice
cream and caramel sauce, which is my favorite. We played card games, which is always

We won two games tonight at vollyball. They were close, but we snuck out a win. It was
a lot of fun though. I sure was sweating quite a bit.

3-3-2013 Sleep
With my sleep apnea, there is no doubt. I don't get good sleep. I havn't been wearing
my mouth piece lately. I need too. I slept in all day. I took a long nap during the day. I
guess my body needed to recharge. I know my numbers havn't been good lately. I need
to eat better. The pizza today wasn't good for that. But its such a good deal for $7
papa johns.

3-2-2013 Saturday fun
I went to play dodge ball today. I needed to get some exercise in. I havn't been going
this week. I have been very lazy as of late. I don't know why. Maybe its the lack of
sleep I have been getting recently.

We went to the Legion tonight. I wasn't sure how much I was going to drink. I saw
plenty of cops on the road and that kind of freaked me out a bit. So I took it fairly
easy. It was a fun night though.

3-1-2013 Blue Fox
I wasn't planning on going out tonight. Heidi and Mindy were pretty persistent that I
go out tonight. I guess Heidi's been staying in recently. I couldn't say no. I have been
a bit poor this week. So I decided to take a few shots of vodka and go for it. It was a
lot of fun and we danced and stuff. A good night overall.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”