3-31-2014 Bday
Oddly enough. I woke up pretty crabby today. I was just thinking about so many things.
I did get some drinks at Joe Sensors with good friends. We went to the Legion after.
It was a good time. I had more to drink then I wanted though. With my flight this
week to Tampa the next day.

3-30-2014 Family dining
I wasn't really hungry today, When i got to my parents. I tried to eat as much as I
could. But nothing would really go down that well. I tried and tried. But it was a good
time with the family.

3-29-2014 Numb
When I woke up I was feeling so numb. I felt like I was going to puke all day today. I
knew I had a limit of time for Erins wedding later today. So I did my best to recoup
all day.

Erins wedding was pretty good. it was nice talking to Dean and Kellie. They have really
became of a family. With the kiddos. I got a bit depressed about stuff tonight. But I
think I woke up a new person today. The old Tony died  last night.

3-28-2014 Bday bash
I was actually pretty nervous all day. I don't think I can handle any shots. I havn't
been feeling good the last few days. But we went at it and I tried eating the tator tot
nachos, but I couldn't eat it fast enough. I did 18 shots. More then last year. I threw
up and threw up. I remember dancing in the middle of a circle of my friends. That was a
lot of fun.

3-27-2014 Foggy
I was feeling a bit foggy all day today. I just wasn't sure what I was doing at work
today. Luckily it was a good day for me to float by. Hopefully it goes away soon. But
for now. I'm still alive.

3-26-2014 Concussed
I dove for a ball and stretched out for it. I caught it, but my head bounced off the
ground. For the first time I didn't get back up. Well I technically got up but went
back down. I took 3 games off. But I wanted to keep playing. I felt pretty foggy the
rest of the night.

3-25-2014 Work out
I pushed my self pretty hard at the gym tonight. I really was feeling the need to burn
some extra calories. Especially with all the eating I have been doing. I didn't want to
work too much on weight. Since I had dodge ball the next day.

3-24-2014 Zero Gravity Finale
I wasn't sure what to expect tonight. We were playing for the consolation
championship. We wont he first game, and lost the 2nd game. The 3rd game came down
to the wire. But we were able to pull off the victory. Zero Gravity can rest in peace
now. Since we are changing our team name.

3-23-2014 Late night
I went to the Dog house tonight. I was feeling up for some drinking. I had cash in my
pocket ready to be spent. Me and Kellie stayed out pretty late. I needed to get food.
So we went to Perkins. We could act normal. With out being dorks at the bar.

3-22-2014 Busy
I went to dodge ball this morning. Marjan came over and we carpooled. I had a fun time
at Dball tonight. I sweat a little. But it wasn't a major work out.

I went to Mad jacks to get some drinks tonight. Andy and Hollie came out too. Jay did
also, we just drank and listened to amazing karoake. Actually it was pretty terrible.

3-21-2014 Kobe
After work I went over to Shakopee to pick up Kobe. I went to the grocery store and
got some food. I tried to keep the bill low. As this kid eats like a machine. I was not
feeling the best today. I called it an early night.

3-20-2014 relaxing
Moneys been tight the last week or so. I needed to stay in tonight. I have been so busy
lately. I don't really get a chance to stay home and relax. Tonight was a good night for
that though.

I found out today I am going to Tampa, Florida April 1st. That should be a good time. I
havn't traveled for work in forever.

3-19-2014 Dball
With Wednesday night volleyball over. I can play dodge ball again. It was nice to get
back into it. But it was so crowded I couldn't really get going. I struggled, but the
balls were pretty beaten up.

3-18-2014 Dinner
I havn't seen Christina in awhile. She wanted to have dinner. I will never say no to
dinner. We went to the Thai table in Plymouth. It was pretty good actually. I liked it a
lot. I will have to go there more often.

3-17-2014 Big win
Zero gravity was up against  a team that swept them in week 2. I was convinced we
have improved since then. We came out of the gates and played hard to win game 1. We
got down in game two. But we kept fighting and pulled out of game 2 with a 27 to 26
win. Wowsers.

3-16-2014 Sober
As I try to spend the day relaxing. I only have the urge to go out and get drinks
tonight. Sunday has become my new Saturday night. Not sure why, but thats what I

3-15-2014 Pre Pattys day
I went over to Beckys. Che and Kristen was bringing a big Costco pizza. It was so good.
I really want a Costco pizza now. We went to the Legion. It was pretty busy there.

I went over to Park Tavern to hang with the D-ball crew. It was a good time. Im
trying to limit my drinking so I left early.

3-14-2014 family night
After work today. I went over to my brothers house for dinner. They don't really ever
invite me over ever. So It was nice to go. They made my favorite fried squid. It was
probably the best fried squid I ever had. I played with the nephews. I was tired. It
was a nice cheap night for me.

3-13-2014 Happy hour    
I had happy hour with Jess today. We havn't really seen each other since my birthday
lat year. Things have changed. I see shes doing well. Which is a good thing.

I picked up my brother at the airport. It was a long drive home. I probably had a few
too many drinks at the bar. But I was trying to hide it.

3-12-2014 3rd Place
Tonight at volleyball was our last game for Wednesdays. We needed to win to get 3rd
place. This has been a rough year. But to make 3rd place, would be a success. We lost
the 1st game and blew them out the 2nd game. The 3rd game. They were up 16 to 8 and
we came back and beat them. It was nice for a change. That it happened to someone
else. I wasn't going to lose today.

3-11-2014 Gym
I made my self goto the gym for lunch today. I just want to get into better shape. I
feel a step slow lately. I worked my legs a bit today. I could really feel the burn.

I made spicy chicken with pasta tonight. I made a nice creamy sauce to go with it. I
actually miss cooking. I have been so busy lately. I havn't had time to make it.

3-10-2014 ZG Playoffs
We played the number 1 seed tonight. We put up a really good fight actually. I was
very proud of us. They were better, but we had a chance to win. I got a good hit in
tonight. But my body is just too sore. We are coming along nicely.

3-09-2014 TI casino trip
I met up with everyone at The Legion for the bus to take us to Treasure Island. It
was a good deal. Since it was only $10. I spent money on drinks down there, but I
honestly was ahead like $10. It worked out well for me. Everyone was so drunk though.

3-08-2014 Dball
I got a good work out in today. My body was really sore. We went to the new mexican
place. It was pretty good actually.

I got home and was ready for a nice relaxing night. Crystal texted me and was able to
convince me to go out. I met up with her and her peeps at Summit Brewery. Then we
went to Billy's and played darts. It was a lot of fun. I am glad I went out. Its nice to
be around genuinely nice people. Some times I forget who I am.

3-07-2014 Out
I went out tonight down town. I got Jay out of the house and met Nina and Gordon
downtown. It was a lot of fun. We met at 508. Then we went to Cowboy Jacks. We
were in the mood for pizza luche. We saw Terry Porter there. We ended up at strip
clubs. Fun night thats for sure.

3-06-2014 Quiet
With me doing my health kick lately. I have been trying to eat in . Which I have been
doing a good job of doing. Especially with my expensive weekend lined up.

3-05-2014 More
Drinking again. Thats all I have to say. Well met up at the Doghouse and it was
another shit show. I was feeling pretty good. I beat some kids in beer pong. That was
fun. I was feeling pretty hammered tonight.

3-04-2014 Night off
It was nice to finally have a night of no drinking. I really needed it. My body has taken
a beating lately. I can feel it. I made some soup tonight. It turned out pretty good. I
tried making it healthy too.

3-03-2014 Zg
We played the same team as last week. We smoke them all 3 games. This week they
beat us 2 to 1. They had better players this week. But we were a bit bummed. We knew
they would be tougher. But we just couldn't figure it out.

3-02-2014 Sunday fun day
I took Cameron to go see the Lego movie today. I thought it was okay. I was expecting
a bit more.

I went to the Doghouse and spent way too much money. I had a lot of fun though. I met
some interesting people along the way. This Kellie girl seemed funny.

3-01-2014 Retirement party
Today I was feeling so hung over. Che drove me to my car in the morning. On the way
home. I had to pull over on the side of the road to puke my brains out. I got home and I
was feeling it.

I stopped at my brothers house for Masons birthday today. He so cute. He turned 3
today. I stayed after and did a lot of shots. What a rough 2 days of drinking.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”