3-31-2015 Happy bday
I woke up today and I finally had that happy feeling. That has been missing for so long.
Coworkers took me to Khans for bday lunch. I went to Pazzaluna by my self for happy
hour. Then had dinner at Cosettas. I was feeling pretty full. Then it was off to the
Legion and Hogs with friends. It was a fun night.

3-30-2015 Dball
I went to dodge ball tonight cause I had nothing else to do. With volleyball over. I
played pretty well. I was goin after Patrick. Since we had our bet. We tied. Cause I
had to beat him with a 2 to 1 ratio. We all went to Scoreboard and then to Perkins. We
waited till midnight to sing happy birthday.

3-29-2015 Recovery
I laid low all day. I was really excited to make chicken wings tonight for Wrestle
Mania. I should really clean. But I was tired. Very very tired. It was time for some
rest today.

3-28-2015 Party time
I was nervous all day. I knew that I had a lot of drinking going on tonight. I kept
looking at the clock all day. But once the party started I just went around in my
circles and danced the night away. I had 19 shots. It was a good year this year.

3-27-2015 Calm before the storm
I had no plans of going out tonight. I was tired and wanted to just be sober before the
big day. I stayed home and did more laundry and cleaned a little. Tomorrow is going to
be a big day. This will be it before. I move onto phase 3 with my life.

3-26-2015 Happy hour
I went downtown for the downtown minneapolis happy hour group. It was actually
pretty fun. I had a good time down there. Socializing and meeting people. Plus it was at
Cowboy Jacks and drinks are super cheap.

I met up with Tracy, Morgan, and Naomi later that night. At Brits. I was just having a
good old time all night. I was tired. But I had a good time.

3-25-2015 Dball
I was trying to take it easy tonight at dball. My arms are tired from lifting weight
and I didn't want to kill it too much. But I did fairly well. I just didn't have enough
mustard on my throws today.

3-24-2015 Lazy
I needed a lazy day. My body is tired. I wonder if its making me look old. I just did the
usual laundry stuff today. Watched tv and caught up on all my shows. Well most of

3-23-2018 Consolation championship
we came out firing today. The last few weeks. We really took it to the other teams.
We are playing so well. We havn't lost a game in 3 weeks. The fire we have is what I
expected. I told them we needed to start looking like an upper B team.

3-22-2015 Working out
I pushed pretty hard today at the gym. I really wanted to get a good work out in. I am
starting to notice my tummy shrinking. My face isn't lossing as much weight as I
hoped. But I kept pushing. I ran a little farther today on the treadmill. But my foot is
starting to hurt.

3-21-2015 Drinks
I was pretty tired today. My arm was basically dead from dodgeball. I was sitting at
home. Cass wanted to get burgers. Actually I forgot about the plans. we had burgers it
was fun. I met everyone at the Hoggs. But it wasn't how I wanted my evening to end.

3-20-2015 Hashing drinking
Shawna wanted me to goto her hashing group practice drinking thing. I didn't really
want to go. So I made Dave come with me. We went to Elsies, then made our way to the
Yacht club. Then we ended up at the 1029. I won at the wheel so I was excited about

3-19-2015 Work
I had really wasn't feeling good today. My stomach was making me almost feel like I
was going to throw up. But my body was telling me something was wrong. I barely ate
my lunch today.

3-18-2015 Day off
I was basically worthless today. I was feeling so lazy at home. I needed the whole day
to recover and some. I was just not the same at all today. I was tired and sore. Not
sure why I am sore. But I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

3-17-2015 St Pattys
I met everyone in St Paul and it was a drunkfest. I had a good time just getting out
and drinking. I had this lady paint a green clover leaf on my forehead. It was pretty
cool. We went from bar to bar to bar. It was a long night. Thats for sure.

3-16-2015 Vball
We played well tonight. With it being the 2nd week of playoffs. We had to do well
today. We wont the first two games and it was just good action from all of us. Proud
of everyone tonight. As we advance to the Consolation finals. I was in good spirits

3-15-2015 Drinking
I wanted to have tacos at The Dog house today. They are a buck each and its worth it.
To get 3 tacos every time. I was drinking a lot tonight. I just had stuff on my mind. I
stayed out later then I should have.

3-14-2015 Tourney
We got 3rd place in the tourney today. We didn't seem like our selves. But we just
didn't have the fire. Maybe it was the drinks late last night.

St Patty weekend in St Paul. I met Nicole and her friends for her bday at the Louies
bar above Cossetas. It was fun up there.

I made my way to Tin Cups for the March birthdays. I knew I would get crap for
getting 3rd place. I didn't care though.

3-13-2015 Eau Claire
I met Shawna at happy hour downtown and from there we went off to Eau Claire. It
was such a fun time hanging out with everyone. I really enjoyed it. We all stayed at
Kumars house out there. We went to three bars that night. I was feeling good. I really
needed it.

3-12-2015 Finally
It took 12 days. I finally let it go. I knew I was controlling this anger since I was a
kid. But the last 12 days I let it control me. I decided today was the day it needed to
end. I was mad at my self. For not being farther in life. I feel like I been stuck for 6
years. I was mad at my self the whole time. I decided to let some of that anger be
apart of who I am now.

3-11-2015 Nuts
I went nuts at work today. I was so mad about stupid stuff. I needed to get out of the
office today.

At dodgeball tonight. My arms were hurting from lifting so much this week. I didn't
really release a lot of anger. But I dont care.

3-10-2015 Tired
I was kind pissy today cause a co worker was pissing me off. Sometimes people just
jump on you for not even asking what was really wrong. I was mat about it. But I can't
help other people are going nuts. When I am a;ready a ticking time bomb.

3-09-2015 Vball
Tonight was playoffs for volleyball. We barely escaped with a victory. I lost my cool
again this week. I was so mad I pouted on the court from the 2nd game to the 3rd
game. The final game. It was close. I wanted the ball to win the game. I did that.

3-08-2015 Mason bday
It was actually his birthday earlier in the week. But I got him some lego marvel stuff.
He seemed to like it. I got kinda drunk at my brothers house. I drank his grey goose
vodka. I kinda told my mom I was crazy. I basically showed I can drink  a lot. Instead
of my casual 3 beers I always have.

3-07-2015 Grumpys
I took it fairly easy tonight. I didn't want to get as drunk as I was last time I was
here. I was in pretty rough shape. But me and Dave beat Gordon at darts. Thats all
that matters.

3-06-3015 Dinner
I had dinner with Crystal today. We talked about my outbreak at volleyball and stuff.
I was hoping she would cheer me up. She was always someone I looked to for happiness.
But after dinner. I dropped her off at home and still felt angry inside. By the way.
Mirror of Korea wasn't too bad.

3-05-2015 Weights
Since I am so pissy lately. I been lifting weights. I been pushing my self pretty hard.
My arms feel like they are going to fall off. But I feel like i'm in the best shape of my
life in a odd way.

3-04-2015 Cleaning
I wanted to get a lot of cleaning done today. I have been so busy with things. I havn't
really had a chance to really clean around the house. Today I got a lot of things done.
But I had so much energy to do it.

3-03-2015 Mad
I was still mad about yesterday. That I punched the wall at work today. I couldn't
control my anger inside again. Usually when I am mad it goes away in a day or two. Its
been three days now.

3-02-2015 Snapped
At volleyball tonight. I was so upset. I threw my glasses and punched the ground this
week. I was so mad I don't know what happened to me. We lost. But we only had 4
people. So I shouldn't be mad.

3-01-2015 Change
I knew something was wrong today. I knew I was angry inside and I couldn't control it.
What ever it is. It kinda hurts inside. I hope i'm not getting depressed or anything
like that.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”