3-31-2016 35th bday
As I hit 35. I was a bit sad. Old age has finally caught up to me. Years and years of
enjoying it. I really felt my age for once. I wanted to goto half time rec for lunch.
Cause I wanted to be different and I love their patty melt.

Dinner we all went to St Paul Grill. Which is my favorite. Everything is so good there.
We went to the Hoggsbreath for drinks.

3-30-2016 Energy
I really wanted to go out and do something today. But I knew I should take it easy. I
stayed home and watched some tv. It is gonna be one of those crazy busy 5 days.

3-29-2016 Taking it easy
I have been so tired lately. I have been all over the place. For lunch today I went and
saw Erika. I got my eye brows waxed.

I got home today and rested. I have a lot going on the up coming week. This is the bday
week after all

3-28-2016 Vball win
We won today. It went to all 3 games, but we snuck out with a win. I was pretty
nervous. This was a team we should beat.

I went and hung out with Joe we went and got drinks at a few bars. We havnt caught
up in awhile.

3-27-2016 Brunch
We went to the Exchange for brunch this morning. It was so good. We spent quite a
bit of money but the bloodies were worth it. We went to Shortstop afterwards. I was
craving my drinks for sure.

3-26-2016  Ikea
We bought some furniture a couple weeks back. The coffee table was missing the glass
piece for it. We finally had time to go there and get the replacement for it. We got
home and just laid low the rest of the night. We wanted a night in to relax.

3-25-2016 Dawn of Justice
I realized it came out today. SO we went to go watch it. It was decent for what it
was. I had pretty low expectations. But I was entertained.

We went and got crab legs tonight. We bought about 10 lbs from the grocery store. It
was so good. I have been craving them for awhile.

3-24-2016 Drinks
With being closed on Good Friday tomorrow. I wanted to get some drinks tonight. We
bounced around to a couple different bars. We ended up at Applebees. So that wasnt
too bad. It was decent, it got the job ddne. I was hungry.

3-23-2016 Tv show catch up
With me being so busy the last two months. I have been so far behind on my tv shows. I
have literally just been doing my best to catch up on all tv shows. So i dont  read
spoilers on line. It is so annoying.

3-22-2016 Steaks
Andy and Sarah came over. They havnt seen the place yet and they havnt met Courtney
yet either. With my grill leaking propane gas. I figured I would skip the outdoor
grilling and cook it inside. We had drinks, it was nice to just have a nice night in.

3-21-2016 Double duty
We won out game at volleyball tonight. We did play the worst team. But we didn't kill
our selves with mistakes. We had to hustle. Cause Crystal was gone this week.

I went to play dodge ball afterwards. I was trying to run around and get exercise. But
the gym was full of people. I did my best to get some movement in though.

3-20-2016 Bun rieu
Feeling lazy all day today. We kinda hung out around the house. I was not feeling good
from alst night. I had a good amount to drink. I had the itch to leave the house. So we
made some soup. Its called bun rieu. Basically a pork,shrimp and tomato broth of
goodness. It was really good.

3-19-2016 Crawfish boil
I went and played dodgeball this morning. I wanted to get my exercise in. I tried to
run around a bit. But I was feeling a bit lazy.

Me and Courtney went over to my sisters house. Her and her husband Du were doing
their crawfish boil. They got about 20 lbs of it from Louisiana. It was so good.

3-18-2016 Electrician
Che's brother came over to do the circuit breaker panel. It took him most of the day
to do it. Basically I came home work from work early and he was done. Basically $1450
to get everything done.

3-17-2016 St Patricks
I have not been going to the gym as much. I wanted to go out. But at the same time. I
just have been lazy. WE went out to the Legion for St Pattys day. It just felt weird
for me not to partake this year.

3-16-2016 Ikea
We made a run to Ikea tonight. We were picking up more furniture to finish off the
living room. We got a tv stand, coffee table and a side table. It was a lot of stuff. So
I was a bit surprised it fit in her Honda Fit.

3-15-2016 Super girl
I wanted to have a tv show we could watch together. Since the Flash is going to be on
Super Girl at some point. I suggested we watch it. I think she likes it. But I can't
tell. So far it is alright.

3-14-2016 Volleyball
Tonight was play offs. I just had a feeling we were gonna lose. We were short a girl.
We put up a good fight. But it wasn't enough. My rust this whole season has hurt us
also. My heart just hasn't been in it this year.

3-13-2016 Sunday funday
I bought a bathroom a hutch and it was the wrong size for my bathroom. So we put it
upstairs. I don't usually measure stuff. But I got the wrong size this time.

We went to the bar after to get drinks We met up with Che and Becky at Station 280
for drinks.

3-12-2016 Microwave
Rad came over and we got the microwave installed. We bought him a bottle of jack as a
thank you. We then went over to The Unofficial bar for some drinks. I was feeling
pretty good. I don't get to drink much anymore.

3-11-2016 Friday
It was nice to focus on a weekend to just do nothing. I don't have to be out of town
and it was nice to relax. Me and Court got in a bit of an argument. But we will get over

3-10-2016 Catching up
I have been so behind on all of my tv shows. I was just trying to catch up wherever I
can. I did some laundry and just tried to get settled. We have card board boxes every
where. Our recycling bin is going to be full for months.

3-09-2016 Dball
I met up with Andy for happy hour. I havnt had drinks for awhile. So they went down
pretty nicely. I don't care if I will struggle a bit tonight.

I did alright at dodgeball. I was pretty tired. But I got my exercise in. My fitbit says
I lost about 600 calories.

3-08-2016 Working from home
They needed another day to do the drain tile. To drill more. Which costed another
$600. But, hopefully it will work out. I am getting a bit frustrated in all of this. I
just want it all to end.

3-07-2016 Drilling
So I am getting my basement water proofed this weekend. To fix some leakage. Also to
get drain tile fixed and sump pump replaced. They were so loud. With all the jack
hammering. But, they gotta do what they gotta do.

3-06-2016 Rest
I was basically sick with the flu all day today. We got some rugs for the house. I
spent about $120 at Home depot on things. We are both throwing a lot of money into
the place.

3-05-2016 Attack tournament
It was the castle tournament everyone was talking about. It was really fun. I had a
good time playing all the different roles. We had enough throwers on the team so I
didn't care what I did. We won. Then drove home.

3-04-2016 Off to Iowa
I had a car rented and we went to Sioux city. It was a 4 and a half hour drive. I
picked up Morgan and Aj. Once we got there. We stopped at some restaurant in town.
It was the weirdest service I have ever seen. They had to look up how to make a rum
and coke.

3-03-2016 Sober
I realized I have been sober all week. I had happy hour action yesterday, but that was
it. It is so weird how I have been changing into my new life. I don't miss it. I have
been pretty calm as of late.

3-02-2016 DBall
I went and played some dball tonight. I needed to just get some exercise. I have been
gaining wight the last 3 weeks. My foot injury didn't help things. But I am trying to
get back into shape. My belly is getting big again.

3-01-2016 Tuesday electrical
Today we had some electrical problems in the house. Not sure what happened. But the
power to the garage wouldn't turn on. So I had my dad come over. We tried playing
with the circuit breaker again. But nothing worked. It kinda just magically worked out
of no where. It was weird.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”