3-31-2017 Bday
We drove up to the casino and got some food on the way. Ashley wanted Culvers. I met
up with everyone in my room. I was feeling pretty good cause I went to happy hour
before. But I had fun walking around. And catching up with people. Even with some
drama tonight.

3-30-3017 Calm before
It was the calm before the storm. i took it easy tonight and next thing you know.
Ashley wanted to goto mall of america. Since she got me a bunch of clothes and we had
to return the one pair of jeans. We tried some new mexican restaurant. Which was
over priced for what it was. It was on the 4th floor.

3-29-2017 Dball
Seems like this is the only exercise I have been getting lately. Which isn't enough for
what I eat. But it was fun today and I had a good time throwing balls at people over
and over again.

3-28-2017 Tuesday
I was feeling lazy today. I didn't want to go out anywhere. I just want to get to the
weekend. But today. I was eating terribly. I am trying to lose weight. But I went nuts
and ate everything today.

3-27-2017 Bday week
I was feeling good today. I realize I am getting older and its cause me to have a bit of
a panic. But at the same time. I am just ready for the future I guess.

We won tonight at our volleyball games. Both of them. We won the Lower B

3-26-2017 Tournament
They were the big rubber balls. Which I hate playing with. At least I could grip it. but
We threw way too many catches today. Which sucked. WE could have made a good run.

3-25-2017 Drinks
I got up early today. Today we drove to Cedar Rapids Iowa. There wasn't much to this
town. But it was fun and they had bars. Didn't matter who was in it. They had
everything. I took a gummy tonight to get the full affect.

3-24-2017 Barking
Zoomie has gotten pretty bad lately with excessive barking. He is really only playing,
but his timing is terrible. He just wants to play with the cat. But he gets really loud.
I am buying him a remote controlled bark collar.

3-23-2017 Drink
I went out with Becky yo Cowboy jacks and we went to Vegas lounge. To meet her
coworker. I forget how much fun that place is. Even though its a hole. But everyone
likes it. I had a bit too much to drink tonight.

3-22-2017 Dball
I wasn't planning on going, but I needed some type of work out. Cause I have been very
bad at exercising this week. Post concussion protocol I guess. So I needed to do
something. Even if I have a tournament this weekend.

3-21-2017 Chicken
With chicken thighs on sale. I marinated them with a simple dressing. I am trying very
hard to eat light. But this week has been a total failure. I can't help it.

3-20-2017 Vball
We had a bye the first round of the play offs. We had a easy team to advance today.
It was good for us to play. We were a bit rusty. But we played well.

3-19-2017 Happy hour
Ashley finally came home and I picked her up from the airport. I had happy hour
tonight and it was glorious. I was feeling pretty good. It was a good time.

3-18-2017 Faucet
I took the time today to install the new kitchen faucet. it was a bit of work. but I was
able to figure it out eventually.

3-17-2017 St Pattys
First time in my life since I was 20 years old. i was sober on tis day. I just wasn't
feeling it and I had Kobe over. It was nice to take a break.

3-16-2017 Sober
I have been sober this week so far. I have done a good job of taking it easy. I can't
afford things right now. With all my trips planned this year.

3-15-2017 Back room dball
It is surprising, that I havn't played dball in the back room at all, all winter. I showed
up on the last night and literally threw out my arm.

3-14-2017 Rest
I have been eating a lot better. i am slimming down a bit today. I installed the new
storage unit for the bathroom. It looks nice.

3-13-2017 Bye
With a bye at volleyball. I went and played doge ball tonight. My arm was so sore. But
it was fun to throw balls at people.

3-12-2017 Happy hour
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do today. I ordered a kitchen faucet and other things.
i plan on changing things around the house. While Ashley was gone.

3-11-2017 Back in the day part 2
I made sauce all day for lasagna. Emily and Rad and Becky, Che and Kristen came over
for lasagna. We hung out and just drank and had some editables. I need friends more
than ever and it feels good to be around them. For some reason I am pushing people

3-10-2017 Back in the day part 1
Jamie and Chris came over. We had drinks and got food at Acapulco. It was so nice to
catch up and remember the good times. We are older now and just took it easy tonight.
It was a nice blast from the past.

3-9-2017 Late night
I was in the mood for drinks tonight. But things didn't work out and I ended up just
having a couple beers at Cowboy jacks. I was so tired when I got home and passed out.

3-8-2017 Rearranging
We were redoing the living room. Then we decided to put it back. Well i decided to put
it back. It was tough with the section on the couch. But We compromised. Well not
really. But we had pizza.

3-7-2017 Tuesday fun
I spent most of the day just lounging at work. When I got home. We went to Target to
get a few things. Hell I think I somehow ended buying Ashley clothes lol. But we got
what we needed. Then it was off to Petco.

3-6-2017 Stanleys
The vball team had a bye tonight. We went to Stanleys and got food. It was nice
hanging. Team bonding is so important. I was still hungry and when I got home Me and
Ashley made a pizza and watched the bachelor.

3-5-2017 Happy hour
Got a couple drinks with Becky at cowboy jacks. So i gave up vodka for lent this year.
So, it was tough for me to get wasted. I drank light beer. Which was good. Healthier
living right.

3-4-2017 Low key
I really just wanted to stay in a bit tonight. I have been tired and ran a lot of chores.
We celebrated my nephew Masons 6th bday. The kids are growing up so fast. I bought
him the lego batman toy. But someone already got it. So I ran back to target to get
him another.

3-3-2017 Sick
I had some really bad diarrhea today. It literally was so bad. I got no sleep at night. I
eventually got some work done. But I spent most of the day sleeping. I fell fine enough
to get drinks with Dave and Gordon at Cowboy Jacks.

3-2-2018 Catching up
I spent all night watching all my tv shows to catch up. I just wanted to save some
money. We booked our trip to San Diego next month. Need to cut down  on costs and

3-1-2018 Work
It was nice to get some exercise tonight. I promised my self i would do a better job.
tonight, I decided I am going to hinkley for my bday. It should be a lot of fun. I went
to dodgeball to get my exercise in.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”