Old Journals

5/31/06 - Today I was feeling real sick in the morning. First of all, I had diarrhea that was a black
tar like color.  Every hour of the night. It was pretty gross. I have never seen such a thing. So
for work today I had lunch with Joey at Pizza Hut. I love pizza more then anything in the whole
world. Ok, I do love chicken wings and any other edible food too. I played tennis today.
Another 6 to 3 win. I think I am getting better at it, but I seem to have issues with my stamina.
Went to the VFW to play some poker, I lost in the regular tournament. I ended up playing in
the side table and I ended up winning it, so I got $25 bucks. Yippeee. Although I am a bit drunk,
it was all worth it. I guess, I was a bit distracted, I guess sometimes people forget I got amazing
street smart skillz.

5/30/06 - Today I was a bit grouchy in the morning. Not because of my lack of sleep and not
being able to breathe at night. Just the fact that I was just not in a good mood. I ate at A and
W today, I never have eaten drive through style before. I thought it was pretty cool. Also not
to mention my burger really hit the spot. After work I played some dodgeball, and then went to
the Rice and Arlington field for some kickball bbq action. Oh yeah its Stacy's birthday too. I was
tired and nobody seemed to want to go out to the Indepenence in uptown. I was in the mood
to go. Oh well tonight. I am tired and I am going to rest up.

5/29/06 - I woke up and was feeling pretty good this morning. I wasn't too tired at all. I basically
sat around, since the air conditioning isn't on at the moment so I was a little afraid to go
outside. We had our family bbq at the house today. I got to see Cameron, and he was letting
me hold him. He can walk pretty good on his own now. I was basically the man of the grill
today. I didn't want to burn anything, but we threw fish, chicken and steak on the grill. It was
my responsibility to not screw it up. I thought I did an amazing job today. If I could have only
took pictures of it. Haha

5/28/06 - I worked out in the hot hot sun today. I think it was like over 90 degrees out today. I
normally like to train in the elements.  Went to the mall today and just cool off there. It was so
hot I had to just relax in there and walk around in the mall. It was kind of funny, I ran into Andy
and Jenni there. I went home to get things ready for tomorrows bbq and to just basically rest.
My body is tired, physically and mentally. Went up to Ramsey for the first time in awhile, haha
and the fab 4 once again got drinking again. It was kind of a weird night. Chris got a flat tire. I
gave me bad memories when he was changing the tire. It kind of freaked me out actually.

5/27/06 - I felt pretty good this morning, considering I was pretty drunk last night. I must have
great amazing healing powers or something. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings today. I guess Joey
decided to not goto the wedding. I was kind of looking forward to it. I had my nice clothes put
aside and everything. Not sure if I will see her Memorial day weekend, but we shall see. Today
was kind of an odd day. I took it pretty easy. I went up to Jamie and Becky's and watched Fun
with Dick and Jane. Later on that evening, I met up with Andy and Jenni. We rented a
movie(The Ringer), and we had some strawberry daiquiris. It was a nice quiet night. I havn't
had those in awhile. Glad I had it though.

5/26/06 - Work was super busy today. I can't believe how much work I got done. After work, I
went home and cleaned up. Went over to Marco and Lindsey's for some pre bar drinking. I
knew it was going to be  a night, I was going to get wasted. Its been while since I have done
that. Well we ended up cramming 9 people in the the SUV. Don't ask me how we did it, but
thank goodness Marco was sober cab. The freighthouse was cool. Kind of a mixed crowd, but t
felt like I was in California, except,we had a weird smell since we were by the St Croix. I got
pretty drunk. So that makes me happy, I havn't done it in awhile. So I am glad I got to  do it

5/25/06 - Lately I been gaining some weight. I think its do to me being lazy. Nah, is my horrible
eating habit of eating everything in sight. I am trying really hard this week to slim down a bit. I
got some exercise in today. I played basketball and rode the bike around. I was kind pissed we
didn't get to play kickball. I was ready to go. We all went to Bullwinkles for drinks and then The
Corner bar for more drinks. It was  a quiet night, but it was only because the college kids were
done with school. Or maybe the massive rain we got. Stupid fricking rain. Lately, Thursday
nights is not the night to have sports. Its been horrible weather. Tonight, I am a bit grouchy,
but only cause of the events during the day.

5/24/06 - My neck has been killing me, I mean it just hurts in the morning. So much that I can't
sleep much anymore. The day kicked off pretty well, I think I was in a fairly good mood. I talked
to an old friend today. Brad, he used to work with me at Sunglasshut back in the day. I have
talked about him before on my website. Today, he was in a rough spot, his current girlfriend
and him just broke up. Too make it worse, He lost the house and is fighting for custody of the
kids. Poor kid, hes the outside looking in right now. I got home today and just watched some
t.v. I was trying to watch LOST. I have no fricking clue whats going on. I thought it was about
a plane crash and people trying to figure out whats going on the island. Now there talking about
weird test stuff, what the hell. After flip flopping all over the t.v. I got bored and went to the
VFW to watch some poker. I was being good, only one drink. I can't wait till the weekend. Right
now I am in a great mood. I hope I can sleep happily tonight.

5/23/06 - I was dragging a bit slow today. I felt like I only got about 3 hours of sleep. Lately I
have been having troubles sleeping again. I don't know if it is because of May 30th or if I just
been thinking about too many things lately. For lunch today, I havn't eaten out for the 2nd
consecutive day. Although, Joey was nice enough to get me Subway. That made me very
happy. Since, I do get kinda girly sometimes and like to be treated. Which it is all it takes to get
my affection of any kind. Since I am normally sacrificing alot for all my other friends. I went to
dodgeball for a brief 10 minutes. Then I decided to play tennis with Joey instead. I have gotten
to like tennis alot lately. We played today at Falcon Park. Normally a place where I play
basketball. I kept looking at the basketball court, which used to be my home. I later on went to
watch kickball. It was a nice little drunk evening for me. I did enjoy my self. Lately, I been trying
to find my smile as of late.

5/22/06 - I was told I was being grouchy today. I didn't think I was at all. Theres been alot of
drama going around. Lately, we been hiding things from Jamie. I decided, out of all our friends I
was the one that will tell Jamie the truth. Since I am a nice guy. So I told her the truth about the
past few weekends. Even if it hurts for her. I think things will be ok. Anyways, I need to control
my hunger, so I think for my lunches, I am going to do alot of extra exercising. I got home
today and just ate alot of pho(pronounced "fuh"). My mom made some of it for the first time in
forever. I think I should have invited Scott over. He loves that stuff. So I had a deep thought
today. Remember when I had that psychic tell me I will find love later this year. I think its
coming soon. Don't know who, or when. Eventually I will let my guard down. June 30th is my 3
year anniversary of breaking up with Evelyn. What perfect timing. I was so bored out of my
mind. I decided to get in my car at 11pm this evening and drive around the cities. Just alot on
my mind. I think tomorrow I will be different then normal. Maybe I can smile more tomorrow.

5/21/06 - I went to target to find my nephew something for his 1 year old birthday. It was
actually 2 weeks ago, but we never had a chance to celebrate with family. So, I got him a
t-wolves, warm up outfit. It was so cute. So we had a hot pot of food, alot of seafood basically.
It was good, but I didn't eat that much. Later on, I went to Jamie's mini surprise birthday
outting at the Mermaid. It was fun, I let Jamie beat me at bowling. Surprisingly, I did a 122
without trying. I was also a machine at air hockey. I don't think I have lost in a very long time.
So I guess thats a challenge to  anybody haha. I got home and I was just relaxing a bit. I just
want to slow down a bit. I feel so  awkward, when I am sitting around doing nothing. I feel like I
always have to be doing something.

5/20/06 - I woke up pretty rested today, I had lots of rest, but my body seems to be hurting
alot lately. I went to the basketball courts and shot some hoops, my left arm is hurting alot. So
everytime I shoot it hurts. I went to play dodgeball outside, it was some good excercise.
Afterwards, I went over to Andy's and I hung out there for a bit. I wasn't sure what we were
doing. We decided to go the VFW for poker and drinks. We both sucked it up pretty bad
tonight. After wards, we went to White Bear Bar to visit Jenni and her girls night out. I hate that
bar, its a fricking dump. I wanted to get out of there. Tonight, was an odd night, alot of hoochie
ugly girls out tonight. I just have to say that.

5/19/06 - Today was a nice slow day for me. I really like those actually. For lunch today, we all
went to Quiznos for food. I love eating their. Tonight, I went on my date with Joey finally. We
went to Chammps. Then after that, I was shocked she's never been to FRIDAYS. So we had to
go there. Shes also never had a long island or a margarita. So I had to for sure get those.
Basically, it was a good time. I had fun. Afterwards, we tried going to the corner bar that night,
but she fell asleep on me.Also, I found out Lunzer and all of them were at Sgt Prestons. I really
wanted to go there too. Oh well.

5/18/06 - I thought today was a very nice day. The weather was just right. Work flow was
alittle slow and a little busy. I had kickball tonight. I didn't know how my team would react
against one of the best teams in the state. My strategy failed me. I figured having me at catcher
would stop their bunts and they would have to kick away. Being a player short. I couldn't go
with that strategy. We lost  19 to 5. Never in my kickball career have I been in such a lopsided
loss. It was ok with me, they bunted even when they were ahead of us. I knew our team was
out matched heavilly. I don't care. All I care was the team having fun, and they still seemed
united. With the dark lighting on the field. I am at a disadvantage. Since I can't see the ball as
well. We went to Bullwinkle's afterwards, and we had  lots of fun there as usual. Next week I feel
an upset coming.

5/17/06 - Alot of news to report today. I guess, today was my day to just do stuff at work. I
did alot of things at work today. It was also Lindsey's birthday so I made sure to call her and
bug her about it. I went to the VFW to play poker tonight. I did fairly well but eventually lost.
The way the night ended, things kinda sucked for me. I normally don't talk about other peoples
personal lives on my website, but this time I will. Tonight, things will change. I guess, when a
friend is not welcomed at the VFW. To make things fair. I will just not play at the VFW anymore.
Yes, I will lose my fun of being somewhere where I enjoy playing, but it was the right thing to
do. I like playing poker, since it makes me happy for a few hours and I don't think about
anything else even when I am stressed. Tonight, things go a different direction.

5/16/06 - Today kind of sucked in the morning. I was just not in a very good mood at all. For
lunch today. I seriously stuffed my face with Mcdonalds. For some odd reason. I been eating so
much lately. It can't be stress. So I don't know what it is. After work today. Me and Joey played
some tennis. I was very confident, cause I know I was going to be better then the previous
time I played. Well I won 6 to 3. Not quite sure if Joey tried all the way, but she was pretty
frustrated. I played very good. I will continue to get better and better. Afterwards, I went to
watch kickball and it was a pretty good night. I love just sitting back and enjoying the evening
and mingling. I made food tonight when I go to home. I just got to remember to bring it

5/15/06 - With out Scott at work today, it was fairly quiet for me. Very quiet actually. I stuffed
my self with taco bell today. I love taco bell and I havn't eaten there in a very long time. After
work today I went to FRIDAYS. I didn't know they changed their happy hour specials. They
kind of suck now to tell you the truth. I wasn't too happy about that. It seems that everything
has been disappointing to me lately. I got home and did some laundry, and watched some t.v. I
just wanted to relax tonight. My body has been hurting since Saturday, so it was a good rested
night for me.

5/14/06 - Mothers day. I woke up this morning, and I needed to go  do something. Becky left
her car in Forest Lake last night. So I drove her to her car. We saw Poseidon, I thought it was a
pretty good movie. I liked it alot and it wasn't boring at all. I ent out to eat with the family at a  
place  called Miss China on University. It was pretty good. This was basically my mom's bday
too, since her bday was during the week. I got to take a few pictures of Cameron, but he was
being grouchy all night, little baby, only would play with me if I gave him his little toy. I got
home and I was pretty tired. This weekend went by pretty fast. I wish I could have enjoyed it
more, but the rain has been pissing me off.

5/13/06 - I woke up so early this morning. This morning we had a dodgeball tournament. Fred
works out at Northwest athletic club and he saw a flyer so he signed us up. I thought it was a
weird system but we ended up getting screwed in the finals. We were down 3 to 0, and came
back to tie it up. We ended up  losing it, but I didn't think we would have to be going against
the refs too. They screwed us over and I am sure we would have won it if it wasn't for them.
We went to Fred's and we had a few drinks there. Ithink everybody was getting heavilly buzzed
and this was already before 5pm. Crazy huh. I ended up going to Matts housewarming party.
Actually let me rewind for a second. I was at Beckys passions party. I just needed to nap
somewhere so I slept on Saprina's bed. Then I woke up and went to Matt's.

5/12/06 - I think I ate out about every day this week. I think my goal is to not eat out at all
next week. Hopefully I can do it, but we shall see. I got  home and I  tried to fix my dads PC. It
had alot of virus or spyware on it. It was a pain in the ass, but I think I got it fixed. Paul called
me to go play poker, but I turned it down. I had plans to  go out with Jessica and Becky at
Applebees, It was dollar taps. I think I got a ncie buzz for under ten bucks. How sweet is that.
Also, this was the place where I met Delilah, but I am glad she wasn't working. Who knows what
I would have said to her.

5/11/06 - Well today I had brunch, it was eggs and a bagel, basically left overs from a meeting
of some sort. I later on had a little kickball practice with Danielle and Bryan for lunch. I was still
hungry of course and made a Mcdonalds run and got some more food. I had dinner with Becky
at Fridays before the game. She seemed to be down lately. So I was trying to figure out what
was going on. Tonights game, it was close the whole way. We were up 2 to 0, but they made a
run and eventually the score was 4 to 2. With us losing. I made a drop, I never drop balls in
kickball. I was quite shocked. I ref'd the next game and it was a blow out. 21 to 2. Basically we
play the monster team next week. There was alot of bitching going on, and it was making me
angry, cause I called a good game. Afterwards I made my way to Bullwinkles. It was fun
hanging out with some of the team mates. There a good group of people and they made me
laugh and feel quite comfortable actually.

5/10/06 - Today I ate at Fuddruckers for the first time ever. I never their burgers before. All I
kept seeing was the advertisement as the best burgers ever. It was ok, I liked it, but it was a bit
spendy. After work today. I wanted to get a good work out. So I played basketball at Falcon
park before the VFW. I was on fire and I  was just doing great. Its kind of weird having the
poker tournament on a Tuesday at the VFW. Danielle and Chad came and that made me very
happy. I ended up taking 3rd place tonight. I was doing ok, all night, but I hung around long
enough to make the final 3. Afterwards, I decided to goto Legends for a drink. I promised I
would make an appearance. It was fun talking to the gang again. I had a good time. I basically
broke out even for the night. Since I won a few bucks from the VFW tonight. No distractions
basically. So I was focused all night. I am a bit tipsy right now, but oh well I had a good night.

5/09/06 - With my new hair color, I was hoping more people would notice at work. I guess,
they didn't notice the darker hair color. I had a weird thought today. I figured, if I could run
atleast 2 miles everyday. I should atleast lose a 1 lbs of fat. Then I realized how much I love
eating out, then that went down the drain. Then after that, I realized how much I havn't said
the word "love" lately. I don't remember saying it lately, but maybe someday. I can say it to
someone again. I had lunch with Tim today, he's getting his kitchen remodeled and its going to
cost over $50,000 easilly. Craziness I tell you. After work today I went to Fridays with Becky.
Jamie met up with us after and we went to go watch kickball. I think I was fairly drunk and I was
having a blast cheering on my respected teams. I was off in my own little world, trying to talk to
everyone like I always do. I think I was in a very good mood today. I might not have shown it,
but hey, I am full of surprises. You never know what I am thinking. That makes for a always
entertaining Tony.

5/08/06 - So everyone at work had to say something about my orange hair. It was quite
amusing, how everyone was a bit shocked and didn't know what to say. I later on went to
Walmart and bought some dark dye. I wanted to dye it a good brownish color. I didn't know
what it would turn out like. I am glad it looks alot better now. I went to the park and ran
around, and tried to get a cardio work out going. I rested for a bit, and I was watching a tennis
instructor teach someone the correct way to play tennis. I was taking notes in my head
ofcourse. I am glad today was nice and slow  for me. It was a chance for me to just relax. Since
I been running around all weekend.

5/07/06 - I woke up, and decided to skip out on church today. I just wasn't in the mood to go.
I did decide to do something to my hair though. You shall see when ever you see me though
hahaha. Today, I wanted to get some tennis practice in. I am going to keep practicing till I am
an amazing tennis player. I been doing a great job controlling my appetite. I guess chewing
gum does work. Sorry for not posting so much. I could have gotten into more detail about my
weekend. Just too lazy too. When two separate girls are all over you, the past two nights You
kind of have an ego trip going. j/k.. HAHAHA.

5/06/06 - I woke up today and was cleaning around my room. Just trying to figure out what to
do today. I wanted to get some excercise. Then I realized, there was dodgeball at3pm. That
was fun, I got a good work out. Then I drove to my borthers house for Camerons bday. It was
nice to drink and eat with the cousins and friends. Kind of fun seeing the peeps. Hennessey
XOXO, not a very good thing. Strong shit. Then went over to Steph's housewarming party. I
been all over the place this weekend I decided. Not much time to think about anything.
Wemade our way to Jacobs tavern. The girls wanted to play on the idiot box.

5/05/06 - What a weird mood everyone was in today. I think today actually felt like a Friday at
TIES for once. People were in a good mood. For lunch me and Joey went to Mcdonalds. We
had to make it short since she only gets 30 minutes. Usually 30 minutes is plenty for me
anyways. After work, I went to Didi' bday and bbq at her and Rick's house. Then made our way
to Ol Mexico for Jenni's bday outting. Seems like Jen was having  a good time. Had to get her a
jag bomb.

5/04/06 - Today was an awkward day. I seem to have had alot going on lately. Just been
trying to focus on one to many things. I have been a little over board on the cockiness lately.
Its not intentional though. I guess I am just trying to impress. The old tony style wasn't working
anymore. Lately, I have been trying to mix the whole nice guy gimmick with a little, carelessness
also. Seems to be working. I am not good at it, but hey, it does the job. So tonight was the
debut of my new team Zero Gravity. I always will believe we can win, but people tend to believe
we aren't good enough. That bugs me, we have a good group of people and I want to win for
them. Well we won 8 to 6. It was a close game, but we got a nice head start. The team, was
becoming a team finally and that made me happy. People were talking to each other and it just
gave me a smile on my face. I didn't have to do anything dazzling, so that was good and I am
not beating my body up. Tonight it was a good team effort, we went to Bullwinkles afterwards.
$5 pitchers and $1 taps,  can't say no too that. Tonight we celebrate. Lately my mood has
been up and down. Right now, I am quite happy.

5/03/06 - I can't seem to figure out. Why some days traffic is backed up and why some days,
it isn't. It really pisses me off. Oh well, maybe people just feel like pissing me off in the morning
commute. So I have been outside the past few days. Being outside has made Tony happy.
Today I got to play tennis for the first time since, gym class in high school, maybe a little with
the ex. Joey is pretty good at tennis. She wasn't kidding around about being number one or
conference champ of Mora or something like that. We played a set and I won 6 to 3. Ok, before
I celebrate in all my glory, she told me she let me win. I think she was afraid of me getting better
and better. I was still irritated she let me win though. Regardless, I will still take credit on being an
greatest amazing natural athlete. Ok, there goes my ego again. We went to the Mermaid for a
drink. I had to celebrate my victory. I did have lots of fun though. I forgot how much I like to
play it. I got home later and I was just watching the basketball game on t.v. I actually passed
out during the game. I don't remember ever taking a nap the past few months. Odd huh. I got
a big day of kickball tomorrow. I am thrilled.

5/02/06 - I had a hard time sleeping last night. I kept waking up in the middle of the night. It
was nice and sunny today. Then all the clouds came in out of no where. For lunch I had lunch
with Jamie at Gurstel. I had a mini steak sandwich thing. It was quite small, but it filled me up. I
figured a new way to suppress my hunger. Chewing gum... So if you notice me chewing gum.
Then I am trying to not eat as much. Everyone knows I have a big appetite. After work, I shot
some hoops. With my left elbow hurting I had a hard time getting my shot off. After that I went
to watch kickball. Looks like there are some good competition for Tuesday nights. It was kind of
crazy, one of the teams had alcoholic snowballs or slushees. Craziness I tell ya. I decided this
summer I want to get involved in soccer and maybe tennis.

5/01/06 - I woke up so early today. Just so much on my brain right now. I could say mind, but
I figured I would put brain instead. I went somewhere I havn't been in a very long time today.
For lunch me and Danielle went to Snuffy's. Yes, Snuffy's the malt shop. Haha I don't remember
eating there since middle school. Lately its been retro week. I went to the Mall of America after
work, I was basically killing time before my brother and his wife's flight arrives. Since I was
picking them up. This was a place I spent alot of my younger years at. More memories, more
flashbacks. I don't know whats going on with me lately. I had so much on my mind I almost
was day dreaming so much, I almost got into two accidents today. Just too many flashbacks.
Scary... Tonight, I sit back and relax. I figured I should start working out again. I just got too
much going on in my head. It makes me sad, even though my heart tells me I am happy. I
write more music tonight...
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Daily Journal