Old Journal

5-31-07 It was nice and hot outside today. It was a perfect day for golf. I wanted to hit some
balls today. Scott ended up cancelling on me during lunch so I couldn't whack any balls. During
kickball today. We played one of the worst teams. We won 10 to 0, I got a homerun, but it was
more a of shady homerun. We went to The Cardinal after kickball, it was fun. I went to the
Legion to get some drinks there. I played some darts. I think I played the best game of darts in
my young dart career. I was just hitting everything. I got home later tonight to pack for
tomorrows trip. I wasn't too excited about the trip. But hey, atleast I get to leave town. I guess
I realized last night. I did screw up about 3 weeks ago. My ego took over from the pain of the
past 4 years and it made me remember why the Ev-ster left so long ago. I think its time to
recharge and come back changed again, like I did from NY.

5-30-07 With the crazy weather of rain and sunshine and hot heat. I have been pretty moody
as of late, plus I am not getting much sleep lately either. I been eating a bit healthier and
excercising again. Maybe that will me get through and get my body moving again. After work
today I went to my favorite place to drink FRIDAYS. Afterwards I went to the VFW. I got some
free chicken wings since they screwed up my order at FRIDAYS. So I gave them to Mitch the
bartender. I played well at poker today. I wasn't feeling well, I had to get rolaids from someone.
I made it to the final table and from there I was just trying to lose. All i know is I had a full boat
and folded it. I just wasn't feeling well. It must have been those wings. I got home and did some
laundry and I came back to the VFW. Things got pretty interesting from there. I was in a weird
spot, no matter what I did. I would get in trouble. So I made a decision. I have decided I just
dont care anymore. I am already on the outside looking in anyways. So they made the choice
for me. I still have my selected peeps I like there.

5-29-07 I finally did something kinda exciting today. Well its not exciting to normal people, but
to me it is a big deal. I went to Sports Authority and bought a golf set. I have all the clubs I
need. What I will do with them, well thats where I have no clue when I will get to use them. I
guess this is my chance to wack some balls around. I need to hit up that driving range and see
how things go. After work today i got home and just laid around. I was so tired. I got a 2nd
boost of energy later in the evening so I decided to goto Lifetime and get a workout in. I was in
decent shape. I just have trouble on the basketball floor. I am not as fast as I once was. I was
able to hold my own though. I got home and went to bed. I was so tired, but ofcourse I had to
spend a little time on myspace.

5-28-07 today I finally put some attention to the mini van. I was changing the spark plug wires.
gives my car a little more giddy up. I went to the gas station to get some propane today. I also
went to sams club to pick up some meat. The family bbq wasn't too exciting. I was in charge of
the grill. So I was kinda stuck there. We had so much meat chicken, beef, fish, we had it all. I
was feeling so full. Afterwards, I got back and I was trying to figure out what to do. I went over
to Joeys, since she was having pc issues. After wards I ended up having a drink or two at
Jimmys and some pool action also. I seem to suck at pool. I show signs of greatness though. I
need to practice more.

5-27-07 As we inch closer towards memorial day. This is probably the most action packed
weekend I have ever had. All I know is I have went to every single bbq in existance. I went over
to Jamie's place for some bbq action. We had burgers. I got to finally see little Adrian. Jaime's
little baby. Chris was there too, so it was nice to just get the gang back together again. Plus we
were looking at old pictures. Afterwards I went over to dan's house and I talked with Kristin for a
bit. I don't get a chance to talk to her like I used too. So it was nice to just catch up on things. I
was going to stay for poker, but I was too tired. I went home and I just relaxed. I have just
been tired all weekend.

5-26-07 I woke up early this morning. Feeling alittle tired from just being up all morning I guess.
I went to go watch Shrek 3 at Wynnsong with Joey and the kids. It wasn't as good as the first
two movies. Thats all I have to say about that. I ended up going over to Bake and Nicoles
house finally. I been ditching becky and all of them as of late. We went to the twins game. It
was cool to be in the Luther suite at the dome. Blakes dad is the Luther auto dealerships. I ate
so much at the game and drank alot too. Alot, meaning puking drunk. I went to the vfw
afterwards, since the twins were losing we left the dome. I got there and the twins were tied up.
I was the joke about leaving the game early. They still lost in extra innings. I am now tied for the
most twins game in a year life time at three. Me, Mike and heidi, went to the Bluefox and we
closed that place. I was feeling so drunk. I couldn't drink anymore.

5-25-07 I wanted this day to end so fast. I was busy all day. I have been so tired. I am not sure
why. I went through he motions though. I was feeling a bit sick too. After work I went to The
corner bar for drinks. Heather was working, so its always nice to get a few drinks for free. I got
home and I just past out. I was so tired from just being busy all week. I woke up at 1am and I
saw I had alot of missed calls and text messages. I stayed up and watched dark kingdom all
night. It was a mini series and it was 4 hours loing. I didn't know why I was so tired but when I
woke up I was wide awake. Maybe its jsut my time to relax and spend alone tony time. Which I
havn't been doing lately.

5-24-07 Seems like I am one day closer to the memorial day weekend. It hasn't come fast
enough. All this rain is making me angry. It even got our kickball game cancelled. Even though it
stopped raining from 4pm and after. But I guess the parks needs there fields to not get torn up.
Me and Joey went to the Legion and had a few drinks. I wanted to go somewhere cheap. We
went back to her place so I can transfer all her music files to her other computer. I decided mid
70's is the best weather to be outside for. I have been so tired lately. I think my body is telling
me its the weekend already. When thats not the case. So therefor I feel sleepy all the time. I
really want to go fishing this weekend. But it might have to wait again. So far I got no big plans
for this weekend. Things come up and theres always stuff to do, so we shall wait and see.

5-23-07 It was a big day for me. It was the finale of LOST. All day I was trying to think of the
possible outcome for tonights episode with out looking at spoilers. I somehow made it through
the day. I got home and rearranged my room. Put carpet down and the whole works. I was so
tired. When it came time to watch LOST. I was enjoying all of it. Never has a tv show gotten me
so interested and intrigued. The finale made me say wtf out loud. I talked to alot of people on
the phone tonight. Just people catching up with me. Since I have my so called busy life. So
busy I cant find my way back to the gym ever. I need to get  anew bed. I am starting to sink
into my bed. Or maybe I am just getting fatter. Whatever the case is. I think its time to buy a
cheap one at Ikea.

5-22-07 I think from eating so much food. i should stop eating in general. Ok I know that aint
gonna happen, but who knows. I really wanted to go watch kickball today, but I decided to get
drunk instead. So I went to the corner bar where heather was working. Heather has come
along way, so I am happy for her. Her and little Autumn look so cute. The baby was the best
thing for her. The twins were on and I was cheering for Santana. I was also cheering for
Sammy, I always lied sammy sosa. I got home and I felt real tired. i took a nice long nap and I
woke up in the middle of the night wide awake. I guess, it messed up my sleeping habit. I better
get it straightened out.

5-21-07 I was feeling so tired and achy all over. I almost called in sick to work today. I somehow
mustered the strength to pull through though. My ribs were hurting alot today. I think all those
dives in volleyball really hurt things. Plus throwing some dodgeballs around again really hurt my
arm again. We went to chipotle for lunch today. We got to cash in our free burrito from the
Saints game. After work I went over to Mike and Heidi's. They were grilling burgers and cheddar
dogs, actually i think it was the best cheddar brats I have ever had in my life. I guess thats  how
it taste when it comes from the farm. We watched the season finale of Heroes. I thought it was
good. I was craving more. I got home and just laid around. I was feeling pretty tired from the
weekend. Seems like I wont be getting much sleep in the next few days.

5-20-07 I woke up and I wanted to do something indoors since it was kind of cold out. I went
to go watch a cheap movie at Roseville 4. I figured I would go with the whole kid theme and I
went to go watch Bridge to Terabithia. I was expecting alot more from this movie, but I still liked
it. It actually gave me a little tear in my eyes. Seems like I have been having one of those
sensitive months. Thats twice in a row for a movie now. I went to the VFW, and had a drink and
some food. Figured I would drop off some food. I went tot he Legion and played poker. I was
actually doing great. But I checked the time and I needed to goto POV's for volleyball. I tried to
lose it like I normally do. We won tonight. Out of the 3 games, we won 2 to 1. I was quite
excited. It was a very busy day, but I had to take care of a few things. I am very tired from this
weekend. It was definitely busy.

5-19-07 I woke up so early today. I tried to sleep in as much as I could. I really wanted to go
fishing today. But, things weren't looking to work out that way for me. I really didn't do to
much in the day time. I went to the mall and did somethings there. I gave the van a good
cleaning. With all my sports junk in the back. Its hard to keep it clean. I left to goto Kenwood
park for some dodgeball. There was barely anyone there. Seems like its just a dead thing. It was
once fun and filling, but now those days are gone. I cleaned up and got ready for the party bus
for Lindsey's bday. we all met up at the VFW and our first stop was at the Byrd, then we made
our way to stillwater and basically went to every place there. Ofcourse the crappiest bar of
them all Bleachers was our last stop. I wasn't even suppose to drink much tonight. I got home
and I puked in the driveway. I guess one to many drinks for me.

5-18-07 Today went by so fast. I was feeling very hungry today. Which isn't good when its
really early in the day. It really didn't even feel like a Friday to me. I been slowly working out
again. After work today. We all went to the como zoo. We needed something to do while we
wait before the Saints game. I remember my first Saint's game. It was actually my first baseball
game. I loved it so much. Then when I eventually went to a twins game I felt bored. Danielle
almost caught a ball that went to our area. It was in her finger tips. It was a perfect day to
watch a game. Now I know why everyone bitches about being in a dome on a nice day. I am
sure everyone will be ecstactic when we get our new ball park. I got home and I just wanted to
relax. I figured it would be an action packed weekend anyways.

5-17-07 With today being kinda mucky out. Well it wasn't too mucky, but I felt a little cold this
morning. For lunch today it was a nice yummy burger king. Its been awhile since I had a
whopper. It felt so good going down. After work today I wanted to get very drunk before the
kickball game since its at 9pm. So I made my way to the local vfw. Joe and Jeff were there, so
they kept me entertained. I picked up Lynn before the game, since shes having car issues.
Tonight we played our best game of the season. We didn't win, but we only lost by 2. I think
the score was 5 to 7. We were winning , but just couldn't hold on. I had lots of fun and I am
proud of the team for playing their best. My vision has gotten alot worse. I couldn't tell if its a
girl or guy up to bat when I was in the outfield. Maybe its time to think about getting contacts.

5-16-07 What time is it when ten elephants is chasing a person? ten after one. Lame joke, but
thats all I can think about yesterday. I will try better next time. Seems like things have been
shaping up nicely for this weekend. Looks like I will be able to goto the Saints game and go
fishing after all this weekend. I am pretty excited about that. After work today I went shopping
with Joey at Rosedale. Ofcourse I made a stop at Fridays for some happy hour action. I bought
a couple shirts. I needed more shirts for the summer. I got home and watched LOST. I been
anticipating this all day. I am not sure what I will do after this, maybe go back to playing poker.
who knows. I have been lifting weights again, but My arms are so sore that I can't do anymore.
I stayed up pretty late watching the basketball game. I need to get back into shape to run with
the ballers.

5-15-07 What is more exciting then a pile of rocks. Watching TMNT at Roseville 4. Hahaha. I
remember when I was a little Cu, and I used to watch saturday morning cartoons and I
remember watching the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I didn't like the concept of the cartoony
look for the movie, but it worked out alright. I would say rent it if your in for a turtle like mood.
Afterwards today I went to watch some kickball tonight. I guess it was fan appreciation night.
Plus I just wanted to see some old faces. A grill with food, a keg at the games, what more do
you want. Maybe if it was a bit warmer, but hey I guess I am just used to the cold weather by
now. I got home today and I was feeling pretty tired. Its not like I did anything special either.
Hopefully tomorrow I can make my way back to the gym, I have been slacking again.  

5-14-07 It was a busy one at work today. I was the lone wolf for the department. It was also a
very hot and muggy day. Which I couldn't decide if I enjoyed it or not. Regardless, it was a
good day. After work today it took me about 50 minutes to drive all the way up to POV's. We
needed practice and I am glad I got a chance to do that. I had to shake of years of rust. My
timing was a bit off, but I got back into the swing of things. I think we will do alright. I went
home and I was feeling really tired. I missed Heroes, but I am sure I can catch up on it
tomorrow. I was feeling really hungry. I made fettuccine with chicken, and a sandwich. Don't
ask, I was craving a sammy too. I been feeling pretty good lately. Just tired, but I hear its going
to be kinda cold tomorrow. I can't wait for the nice cool down.

5-13-07 I woke up early once again. I think my other neighbor was mowing the grass this time.
Since I was wide awake. I figured I would do something I havn't done in a long time. Which is
goto the gym. I worked out as hard as I could. Shot some hoops ran on the tredmill and just
tried to get back into things. I went to Ikea to shop for some stuff. I also went to go eat at
some place called Jun Bo for mothers day dinner. Food was alright, but I have had better.
Afterwards I made a trip to the legion to just say Hi to a couple folks. Then I went to the VFW
to play some darts, which I sucked at. Went to Saxon, I didn't feel like bowling much, but I
eventually played one game. Tonight was a good night. I found out what I needed, and now I
can finally move on from things. I guess I am no longer feeling stuck. Sometimes, you can't
have the best of both worlds, someone I know already got that luxury from me, but not

5-12-07 I was so excited that it was saturday. I tried to sleep in, but all I heard was the fricking
lawn more. Stupid neighbor, mowing at 8am. Couldn't they just wait another hour. I decided to
have some bonding time with my mom today. I asked her if she wanted to go to the mall with
me to look for my nephews bday gift. We went to Kohls, and I got him a few outfits. My mom
insisted we goto the cooking section to check out the tubber ware. Since it was her bday too, I
bought her $60 dollars worth of stuff. I guess it was just because I don't get to bond with mom
anymore. Making up for lost time. I went to my nephews party and ate so much food. I left
before the heavy drinkers got there. I didn't want to get overally wasted tonight. I went with
Andy and Jenni to our old stomping grounds at Jimmy's. Two for ones are always nice. I am
glad I skipped everything else to hang with them. I always feel comfortable around them two.

5-11-07 I couldn't ask for the day to go any faster, but it was just going slow as hell. Usually
when we plan gatherings, they have crumbled, but tonight it worked out good. Me, Mike, Heidi,
Mindy, Mary went to Granite city for dinner. It was kind of funny. I was so hungry, I had to
drink beer to try to fill me up as I wait for everyone to arrive. Afterwards, we went to go see
spiderman 3. I heard some pretty negative reviews about it, but they didn't bother me. I liked it
alot, com on its spidy. Afterwards I went home, didn't know everyone was going to the VFW. I
decided to hang low, but then I made my way to Bradys. I ran into Dave, Lisa's brother and
saw Chris Hvinden. I havn't seen him in a long time. He was a close middle school friend. I am
just glad he turned out alright. It was a good night, I was glad I went out. they asked me if I
wanted to hang out with them afterwards, I didn't cause I went my the normal group to dans. I
should have went the other direction. Lately, I don't feel comfy no more.

5-10-07 I always wanted to have a little plant to take care of at work. I wasn't sure when this
day would come. Except today, it finally came. For lunch today we went to Linders and I
walked around looking for the perfect plant. I wanted something more then just a green plant,
plus it had to be able to live in low light. As of right now, it stands about 8 inches high. I am sure
it will fall apart and die. I ran some errands at target and got some beer. Unfortunately the cops
came by  through out the day checking for booze. We won today 20 to 9. Our whole team
kicked 8 homeruns. I kicked 2 homeruns. We were a bit tired from running so much.
Afterwards we went to Psycho Suzies. I was just glad everyone came out. The morale was just
so much better. After getting thwomped the week before. This was a very good thing. Plus I
found out that Kristin is pregnant. Which is great news.

5-9-07 I want food and I want it now. I was so hungry this morning. I was doing so much work
today. The peeps left a 8e6 box and they were out in Wayzata. So I went and drove to
Wayzata to get away from the office and to enjoy the nice air. It was so nice out. I was in love
with the warmth. I was sweating a bit, but oh well. After work today, I finally was able to break
the mold. I finally didn't goto poker. I went to go watch dan play volleyball. Mindy came with
too. It was fun watching, but I was curious as to how competitive sand volleyball play would be.
Since our league starts up in 2 sundays from now. it should be pretty interesting. I went home
and watched my LOST. I was feeling pretty tired and I didn't feel like dealing with the VFW
tonight. I went to bed around 10:30pm. Just to show how tired I was. I guess we shall see how
rested I am.  

5-8-07 I don't know what I feel like today. Its feeling like one of my non stop moving type of
days. Things are really picking up for us. So I am ultra busy at work. Although I did make time
for a trip to the food court at rosedale today. Mary had tickets for the twins game. It was kinda
funny, I was going to ask her to go, but to sit in the nose bleeds. I guess she had tickets for 3rd
base lower level, I never have sat close. It was an exciting game though. I was thrilled to be a
part of it. It started to rain real heavy when we were leaving the game. Lately things have been
a bit different. I feel very intrigued to try something new. There are talks of going to canada as
a vacation. maybe Toronto, or Montreal. Its not for sure, just talks right now. I was thinking
tonight, and one of the biggest thing I had troubles with was jealousy, it goes back to the ex.
Well it always does. I guess I fixed that. That was a very bad tony weak spot.

5-7-07 I was feeling a bit sluggish today. Seems like it has been a trend lately. I feel like I know
too much information sometimes. I am not saying I am smart, just know too much I shouldn't
know. Luckilly the whole I am very naive thing throws people off hahaha. My body hurts all
over. I feel like my body is telling me I am getting my ass kicked. Since this is finally my slow
day. I went to Cub Foods and made some food for me to eat. I made steak, cajun chicken and
a garlic like asparagus. Ok I was eating like a king hahaha. I watched my favorite tv shows and I
cleaned my room and did laundry. It is really hard for me to sit home, but it is something I used
to do alot. I need to do this more, since I do like my alone time. Since there are so many creepy
people out there.

5-6-07 I woke up and I wanted to do something far away. I went to mall of america and I made
a stop into Ikea. I wanted to go see Spiderman 3 but everyone was kind a busy. I went to the
VFW and had a couple drinks. Joe was working and I remember when he used to work there
along time ago. I was always there. So it was a nice little flash back for me. joe had me troy a
vodka gimlet, it was a nice new drink for me. I dig it for sure. Went to the Legion, just figured I
was fix a few loose ends. Played at the consolation table won it. It was a $15 gift card, which I
ended up giving away. I have told people in the past. I play to have fun, I can care less for the
prizes. Went bowling tonight and I was throwing with my left hand basically all night. I am
getting bored of playing. So I was goofing off the whole time. Sadly I still beat people throwing
opposite handed.

5-5-07 Saturday was a bit more peaceful for me. Well I guess at night things got alot more
crazy. I went to go see Pan's labrynth. It was in spanish, thank goodness I brought my glasses
with me so I could read the english sub titles. It was a very excellent movie. I was thinking it was
a kids movie, but it was rated R and I should have realized that when I saw this guy in th
emovie, pummel a guy repeated to the face with a bottle. It was kinda gross. Went to go play
cards. I had no interest in playing tonight. So I was just there to fill in space. There was so much
drama there at the V last night. I picked up Andy and Jenni from the airport. They just got back
from Las Vegas. Cinco de Mayo was very low key this year. I preferred it that way anyways. I
have so much going on these days. I just need to relax more.

5-4-07 TGIF, thats all I have to say about that. I was in a very moody mood today. I just
wanted to get the day over with and relax. I have lost some weight from eating somewhat
healthier. Not going to Mcdonalds and Burger King has really helped out alot. It has made me
feel a little lighter off my feet if you know what I mean. I was at home today just laying around.
I ended up going to Best Buy and buying a couple cd's. I had a few Best Buy Gift cards I didn't
use them though. Still waiting for my big purchase someday. Went to Ted's for the first time
ever. It was k ind of a rundown place. I will never go there again. Ok well maybe. I decided to
leave the gang and go home. I was tired and a bit drunk. I just wanted to sleep. I havn't been
doing that as well lately.

5-3-07 So today is the return of kickball for me. I guess this year theres no expectation. We will
probably lose more games this year, but we are all thrilled to have lots of fun. Today for lunch
we went to the Raptor Center at the U of M st paul campus. That was quite interesting. Danielle
is getting nervous, not sure what shes nervous about, but I guess the kickball feeling is back in
the air. Well our first game went according to plan. We got blown out. I knew we would
struggle since we didn't have a practice. Well the other team sucked too. They had there first
kicker bunt, and he was a guy. Lame I tell you. We went to Sgt Prestons afterwards. i was
pretty tired today. I then made my way to the Legion and played beer pong for the first time.

5-02-07 I really wanted to get alot of stuff done today. I been working my arse off all day. After
work me and Mary went to our favorite bagel place. Well her favorite bagel place. I feel kinda
bad, its always the same loser guy working. He sure did make an amazing bagel today though.
It was a pizza bagel. We went to como park and played mini golf. I won ofcourse, but I got the
score card stolen from em and taken away. I now don't have proof. I got to cards and I lost a
big hand right away, after that I didn't care anymore so I went all in with nothing. I figured I had
time to make it home to go watch LOST. So I went home and watched it, it was a great
episode. I love that show. I went back to the VFw for more drinks. I was sober. I talked to Heidi
towards the end of the night. I don't think I ever had bonding time with her before. Regardless
it was a good night.

5-01-07 I sure hope today is one of those, get it done with and go home type of days. I been
thinking of a good spot to try hide from everyone I know. I don't think I have one. Maybe the
library. I am kidding ofcourse. Everyone thinks I am hiding from everyone. I am just in loner
mode right now. For lunch today We went to Cub foods and bought food to last the rest of
the week. I did wander to the hot foods section and got some chicken. After work today I went
home and got ready to go play tennis. I was so sore. My knees and hamstrings and foot were
just feeling very crappy. I could barely walk. Its technically all my fault. All those year of gym
teachers telling you to stretch before doing anything. I guess it has caught up to me. I did goto
the vfw for a drink. Steve and Mitch wanted to go somewhere so I decided to go with them.
We went to the lamplighter. I have never been to such a fine establishment. It was kinda ghetto
though. Went to the Legion and watched them guys lose at pulltabs and then I made my way
back to the VFW. It was a busy night.
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