Old Journal

5-31-08 I woke up today and watched some tv. I went outside to finally get a work out in from
my boxing bag. It was a nice work out an I really am glad I was able to get it. I was determined
and motivated today. I called Annie and I wanted to put together her ping pong table thats
been sitting down in her basement for like 5 months. I got there and it was in a billion pieces.
The instructions were worthless. It just didn't make any sense. I was hoping to use this building
activity as a building back you life type of thing. I guess I ended up quitting the project, due to
missing pieces. I guess my life is missing a piece. Haha not sure where the symbolism stuff is
coming from but I was in a really different mood today. With June coming up tomorrow its one
of my most sensitive months. Me and Chris went tot h vfw tonight. Tornado sirens were going
off. It was pretty dark skies north of us. I sucked at cards tonight. I just wanted to defend my
title. I left and went to go meet someone for drinks in uptown. It was pretty fun.

5-30-08 My stomach was in a bit more pain today then it normally is. I decided to call and make
an appointment for next week. Today I decided to just eat real healthy. I guess its time to
shock my system with healthy plain boring food. I am not really a fan of doing that but I have
no choice right now. After work today I went to Fridays to meet up with Emily Rad and Becky.
After that I went to Biff's in blaine to play some pool with the gang. I was actually making some
good shots for once. We then went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Mario had an announcement to
make. Well Actually Danielle figure it out before any of us did. So we found out Mario and Liz are
engaged now. It was pretty exciting, I think he said they wanted all of us in the wedding for
next year. I am not sure what he meant. We went to Monte's just to try to attempt to sober
up. Christine was driving me back to my car and I noticed my window was open. i totally
freaked out, but I must have forgotten to roll it back up. Luckilly nothing got stolen.

5-29-08 For lunch today I had jimmy johns. I wanted something light and easy. I ate half of my
sandwich. I tried to force the other half down I was looking forward to using my new work out
toy. I guess I wont be able to since I have kickball tonight. Its been kinda gloomy all day, but we
havn't seen any rain yet. I drove down to the park early. I didn't know if it was going to get
cancelled or not. So I kept calling the weather line to just be extra safe. Being around this area
kinda brings back memories. Every time I drive over the mississippi bridge it brings back
memories to the glory years. We lost 5 to 1 tonight. It was cold and rainy, but I trained my
team for these games. For some reason we just can't get it done. Even when the other team
was short a person. We went to bullwinkles and we made a stop to the corner bar. It was
pretty busy in there. Then we realized it was the bridge workers just hanging out in there. They
look like a bunch of hicks with there camo hats and stuff. I seriously thought it was a hunting
convention or something.

5-28-08 I was feeling pretty tired today. My sleeping habit is out of whack. Thats why I never
take naps. It just messes me up. For lunch today I finally brought in some food from home. Me
and Danielle went biking and I we went by Andy and Jenni's new house. I was checking it out. I
was so hot, I was sweating by the time I got back to work. I went to Ol Mexico after work
today. Then stopped by the house again to see the inside this time. I had to run home. Some
bodys computer at home had a virus and I ha to clean it up. I went to kickball tonight. We are
the best team and we just lost to the worst team. We lost 1 to 0. We had no offense to save
our lives tonight. It was a bit frustrating. Me and Matt went to the Fort Snelling club to get some
drinks. I couldn't tell if it was a vfw or a legion. Regardless we were both disappointed in the
team. Hopefully next week is better and we can get another win.

5-27-08 I got up a bit earlier today so I could goto my DR's appointment. I was so out of date
with how things work. I am so used to seeing the nurses use clipboards and sheets to answer
questions. I was a bit confused when I saw them using laptops and tablet pc's. I thought it was
kind of cool. They tested my blood and they tested my urine. The final diagnosis. They didn't
know what was wrong with me. They said my blood was clean, thank goodness. I have been a
whore as of late. j/k. I got back to work and I was so tired from just being up early. I found a
boxing bag on craigslist today. It was $25 bucks. It was one of those stand alone ones. The
type you poor water into the base. Anyways, I drove to North oaks to pick it up. This was
probably the nicest townhome I have ever seen. I was just excited to have my new work out
toy. I got home and I was so tired. I think the warm/cold weather has taken its toll on me. I will
b taking things easy, since we are monitoring my tummy for now.

5-26-08 I slept in till about Noon today. It felt great to just e able to do that. I weighed my self
today and I am down about another 3 lbs. Which is great. I love being able to lose weight. I
went to the vfw for burgers for lunch. I went shopping after that. I was looking for some new
jeans, but was unable to find any I liked. I then did more shopping at Target. I was looking for
more useless things to buy. Ofcourse it aint useless, but I tend to just buy weird things. Once I
got home. I took some more meds, this time around I wasn't feeling to well at all. Luckilly I have
my appointment set for tomorrow. I am not sure what wrong with me. I have been doing a
very good job of taking it easy. With things getting hectic in the next few weeks. I have alot
going on as of late and its taking its toll on me. Its being hard living the single life and trying to
stay home. I have managed to do it very well. I am quite proud of myself. You would be
amazed how mush I have saved already. I guess priorities change and you grow up after awhile.

5-25-08 I really wanted to get on my bike today. I just didn't have time to get it done at all. I
got more tv time in today. I also did some cleaning, which is always my favorite thing to do.
There is sarcasm there. We went golfing today. Brightwood golf course to be exact. It was
Lindsey, Dan, Mindy, Mary and Steve. I know this is like probably the 4th or 5th time golfing in
my life. I sucked so bad today I was throwing my golf clubs all over the place. My driving game
has improved today. My putting game which is usually my best game was totally a set back. It
was nice and humid and hot out. Today was the first time it actually felt like summer. Afterwads
I was meeting up with them for lunch. I went to Applebee's, and I was waiting for everyone to
get there. They called me asking where I was. I said I am already here. I totally blanked out and
forget we were going to Chili's instead. I felt so bad, my mind has really been floating away
lately. I was feeling so out of it. I guess I was being kinda of in a cave lately. I decided to just
goto the Blue Fox. I just wanted the night life tonight.

5-24-08 I spent most of the day cleaning. I did more resting and I was just getting bored sitting
at home. I guess this is all part of living a normal life at home. Its been hard, but I am getting
used to slowing it down. It has calmed me down as a persona nd I feel like I can be more socially
active since I am not drained all the other nights. I ordered some pictures of my friends online
from the past year. I took so many pictures. I figured why not get them printed out for good
times sake. I went to the VFW to play cards tonight. I didn't have any plans, so I figured why
not. My return was awesome. I got 1st place tonight and Marco and Lindsey finished 2nd and
3rd. We had a good final table and got rid of the rift raft. Well atleast the people we don't care
so much about. There were alot of drunks there tonight. It was kinda cool. I looked outside and
there were like a dozen low riders pulling into the Vfw. I guess there was a quinceanera party
down stairs in the basement.

5-23-08 I knew today was going to be extra busy at work. With Nancy and Scott off for today.
I was going to be over taking by work load. So I came in extra early today. I felt so weak today,
I think the pain just makes me tired. For lunch we had chipotle. I ate as much as I could. I got
home today and i was just super tired. I laid in bed and I was watching tv. Andy and Jenni biked
over. We talked outside for a bit. We ended up going to Jimmys for two for ones. Once I got
home, I was just trying to find something on tv. I was unable to find anything. So I was forced
to go through some blockbuster movies and I was going through seasons of things. Eventually
I fell asleep. I think the pills kicked in and out I went.

5-22-08 Today I knew was going to be busy at work. How much busy? Not really sure. I
wanted to take a vacation in the next month or two. I need some thing to just get away. For
lunch today since we were so busy, we just ordered pizza. We had the ultimate grill pizza from
pizza hut. Chicken, steak and ham on a pizza. It was pretty good. Not sure if its one of those
things I would order all the time. I went to pick up Cara and we made our way to the game.
Tonight was one of our low points this season. We let 9 runs in the first inning. I think that
deflated our sails. I think the final score was 2 to 14 or something like that. Thats with them
freezing the score after they ten runned us. I was playing a bit tenative. I think my injury has
really gotten inside my head. We went to Bull Winkles for drinks. They waitress is giving us
$5.00 pitchers now. Its awesome. We strolled over to Grandmas, we heard it was the last night
it was going to be open so we had a drink or two and maybe a shot just for good ol times and
Jamie's bday outting ofcourse. We stumbled our way to the Corner bar for more shots and
darts. It was alot of fun tonight. I am glad we are able to get Jamie out again.

5-21-08 I took Jamie out to The Loop today for her birthday. I don't get a chance to get out
down there much, but when I do. I want to eat something real good. I think I had the best
pizza in a very long time. It was just fun to talk about things to keep up to date. I used to see
Jamie atleast 2 times a week like 5 years ago. Now its like once in a  blue moon. Funny how
peoples lives just change. I got ready for kickball today. I wasn't too sure what to expect from
me. i told Lindsay to put me at the bottom of the kicking lineup. I just felt I would hurt the team
if I was put higher up. We won 4 to 3. I saw one of the most ridicuolous calls in kickball history
tonight. I was on 3rd base. With two outs. One of our girls was up and she kicked it down 3rd
base. He threw the ball to first, but it hits our girl in the ankle. The ump calls her safe. I ran
home. Confused and unaware of how a ball hitting her is safe. The ump said you can only throw
between the shoulders and knees. I laughed and the other team was just pissed. I was like I
don't know any kickball rules. Anyways we win. Thats all folks.

5-20-08 Today was all haywire for me. I have to just keep my head up and keep going.
Sometimes I wonder if I have to worry about something just to keep things interesting. I
received a phone call from and old friend today. Its always exciting, since it just lightens up your
day. From what I can gather, one of my favorite singers cd came out Tuesday and I was so
lazy I didn't even bother to pick it up. Is it the fact that I know it will be there tomorrow.
Probably, but for now I have other things to take care of. Its just been super busy for me at
work. I am shutting down mentally. Plus physically, my stomach is still feeling pain towards my
lower left area. I got home today and I tried to work out, but it hurt when  tried to jog. I was
looking up stuff on web md, but I got no where. I tried to get some rest tonight. I am glad I
was able to stay in.

5-19-08 I think if I tried running something in my stomach would rupture. Well thats the feeling
I have this morning. I listened to kdwb this morning and some times I like listening to the radio
and sometimes I just zone out. I guess I do have multiple personalities sometimes. With my
moods and stuff. You never know which Tony your going to get. I had lunch with Andy at
Chili's today. I havn't ate there in a very long time. The bartender/waitress girl was cute. Her
name was Megan. Thats two megans in a row while I am eating out. Hmm, maybe the next
time I eat out I will get another Megan. Maybe I am in the Megan faze right now. I have no clue.
I had happy hour with Mario at the vfw. We had burgers. We havn't done that in a very long
time. Almost a year I would say. I stayed home tonight. I was just tired and out of it. I havn't
fully recovered yet. Right now I am just trying to get my breath back. I feel so exhausted. I
guess I have all week to recover before the big run.

5-18-08 The pain in my stomach still lingers and it sucks. I am so afraid to eat anything right
now. I am starting to not trust any bodys cooking when i eat food. i guess thats a good thing
since I am supposed to be not eating out anyways. Today I got up early and I went to the
driving range to whack a few balls. I did pretty good, atleast good enough to think I will do
good in the tournament. I met up with everyone at the vfw and it we were of to the course. I
thought I did pretty good today. I didn't whiff or have too many bad balls. I only lost two balls
into the water. Which I think is good for me. We tied for 2nd to last place. I think there was a 4
way tie. We got back to the vfw and had our steak dinner. I couldn't stay to long because I
had to drive to Andover and play volleyball at POV's. We won 2 to 1. We blew them out the
first two games. I think the last game we let them win out of pitty. They were so bad. I was
starting to bleed on my wrist. Oh well it was fun, we played the bean bag game there and I ran
into Chris Farmer which is always a nice sight to see.

5-17-08 I woke up and made lunch today. About thirty minutes later I had such a bad stomach
pain that I couldn't really move. It felt like the time I had food poisoning where the pain was just
awful. I had no choice but to get to my bed and try to just curl into a ball. I fell asleep and woke
up 3 hours later. The pain was kinda away, but I felt the lingering affects. I didn't feel like eating
or drinking at all. I went to the Roller Derby and it was pretty good. I wish there would be more
heavy hitting, but it was enough to get my moneys worth. Strolling back to my car, I realized
how much I miss working down town. Even though, some of those times sucked. Later on that
night I made my way to the Mike and Heidi's, for Lindseys birthday. I wasn't drinking at all. I had
a bottle of Boones farm in the car just for fun. I decided to leave it there. I had some food just
to try it out. It felt ok for now. I hope I feel better soon.

5-16-08 I was more interested in getting through the day. With my temper tantrums as of late.
I needed to get to the weekend. I havn't been feeling so well lately. My stomach has just been
hurting a bit. For lunch today we had Davanni's. It was ok, I just wanted to get out of the office
today. It was just wonderful out. In the past 3 weeks I have gained some extra lbs. I was doing
so good, but I let loose some how. Now I need to work on getting it off again. Its going to be
extra hard this summer with all the sports. I went to Pearl Vision today. Today was the first time
I would ever learn to get contacts in my eyes. It only took me about 30 minutes per eye. After
that i drove to meet up wtih Mario and his g/f since I was going to be in the area. I drove to
Valley View to get the Roller Derby tickets from Nicole. I was driving home and I got a text from
jen to meet up at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was so tired and not really feeling to well.

5-15-08 During work today, me and Nancy had to goto St Kates to pick up a few switches. It
was so weird when we got lost. We went into the library and its so weird. The girls just stared at
me. Then I realized it was an all girls school. Too bad they weren't hot at all. I met up with
Lawrence at Gabes for happy hour action after work. Went to watch the beginning for the puff
n stuff game vs Undies game. I guess Puffy was able to pull through. Tonight at our kickball
game we got of to an awesome start. We were up 4 to 0. But the other team came raging
back. Chad hit our first home run of the year. The final score was 5 to 8. They were just to
much for us to handle. We went to Bullwinkles and it was lots of fun. My favorite part about
kickball games is just the fact we go out and BS. This is what I love most and enjoy it. Makes me
remember why we do this. Me, Dan and Mike went to the Corner bar for more shots. I guess
we can't seem to get enough of it. I talked to Heather for a bit. Sounds like things are going

5-14-08 I was driving to work today and I noticed that there was a car pulled over. I was going
to pull over and help, but then I noticed they had a cell phone call going on and I decided not
too. I guess I was feeling like I was in a very helpful mood today. I was pretty grouchy this
morning. I was ready to blow and I felt like I was going to be on a mean streak all day. i was
getting pissed off about little things. After lunch I cooled down. I was to my regular self after I
got some food. I was eating my chicken almond sandwich and I was unable to eat all of it.
Nancy gave me a pill to make me feel full. It worked for a few minutes but I got hungry again. I
went to Fridays to get a few drinks in. After that I made my way to kickball. I didn't know what
to expect for tonight. We won 6 to 5. Our defense really held strong, but there was a few
minor set backs. Other then that we did a good job of scoring and playing defense when we
needed it. I made my way to the 5/8 club and had a few drinks with Matt and Keith. I then
made my way to the vfw for one drink and I called it a night after that.

5-13-08 I might seem a little crabby lately when I wake up in the morning. Not sure why I am
so angry. I think I am just bottling up and its starting to pop. So if I seem tense thats why. I
went to Pearl Vision today to get my eyes checked. My eyes got worse, but my intentions were
to finally get contacts. Its more of a cosmetic issue. I am going to get color contacts and for me
to get them I had to have another eye exam. I guess it was ok, I havnt had one in two years. I
got home today and made dinner, its been awhile since I tried something new. I did some light
exercising. With my back hurting so much I am not as able to move around the way I want to.
Its a quiet night tonight and I am glad I stayed in. I guess I won't get to relax like this much. So
this is good for me while I rebound from my wounds.

5-12-08 I have been so tired, that my mind has been wandering so much lately. It was a nice
day today. I was just trying to keep up. Work has been a bit busy as of late. For lunch today
we went to eat at Ol Mexico for the buffet. Well I rather eat the buffet cause it was more
appealing then there menu. I left work and went to Cub to grab some food. I wanted to buy
some chicken breasts and beef for some future cooking events. I havnt really cooked in awhile
and I have been a bit stressed lately. I think I need to relax and do that. I have been looking
into trips lately. Things are going to pick up. I want to shed some extra weight before I go
anywhere. Maybe that can be motivation for me. To just lose about 10 lbs and then take a trip
somewhere and probably gain it all back. I dunno, my mood has been out of whack. Its been
hard to sleep. Atleast I am some what eating healthier.

5-11-08 I was not feeling so well this morning. I got home and I just went back to bed again.
Well I tried to get to bed but I basically just laid there. I knew today was going to be a bit action
packed. I went to the mall to get nancy a bday gift for Monday. I then walked around the mall
trying to find my 3 year old nephew something for his bday today also. It was mothers day
today so we went to my brothers house and they had  a joint family mothers day thing. We
got lots of crab legs. About over 30 lbs of it. Thats mathematically about $150 worth. I was so
full. I think I was getting ready to puke. I went to Champlin and we had volleyball practice. Next
Sunday we are going to start our volleyball season. So we needed all the practice we could get.
I think we will be ready, we looked sloppy but I am sure we will be perfectly ready. I got home
and I basically watched some NBA playoff action. With my mind wandering lately. Its a good
thing to just stay in tonight and take it easy.

5-10-08 I was supposed to get to TIES early enough so we could decorate Nancy's desk. I got
there a bit late. I have a sleep issue as of late. I went to the mall to get some stuff done. I met
up with Mike and Heidi for lunch today at Big Bowl. Oh how much I love this place. Ok lots of
sarcasm there. My food was ok though, it was good enough for me to be happy. We went to
go see "Iron Man" after that. I was kind of excited to see it and I had no expectations since I
don't remember the cartoon when I was little. I got home to relax a bit more, I eventually made
it to Fridays for dinner tonight. I met up for Brynn's birthday at Billys on grand ave. I was so
drunk. It was fun though. I talked to Matt for a bit. I also talked to some random girl named
Nikki for awhile. She was interesting. I remember it was like 3 of the girls bdays in that week. We
went to Annie's house and I stayed the night there. I knew I had too much to drink to be able
to get home.

5-09-08 With all the craziness of yesterday I was so tired today. I was just super busy all day
today. For lunch today we went to go eat at Old chicago. I am just not a big fan of eating there
food. It just doesnt taste good to me at all. After work today I went to go see "what happens in
vegas" It was pretty good. I was not expecting much out of it to tell you the truth. I went to
cheapo to try to find some music. I have been very addicted with cheapo lately. I was so tired
tonight I decided to just got home and stay in tonight. I watched a few movies and it was nice
to just be able to relax tonight. I had stuff on my mind and I had a good chance to balance my
money and figure things out. I figured with both bday events tomorrow I should just take it
easy tonight and see what happens tomorrow.

5-08-08  I forgot my shorts at home, so I decided to just drive home for lunch today. I
grabbed taco bell on the way back. I was just in a confident mood all day. I knew things were
just going to work out tonight. I went to the VFW after work and had dinner there. Mike and
Heidi were there. I played buck hunter. I now have the high score and most perfect sites. Now I
can brag for ever there and see my initials "HBK" up there every time I go there. I went to the
game tonight. The other team looked intimidating to us. I ran the bases hard tonight. I gambled
a few times and it paid off and basically we just worked a team that was not paying much base
attention. Our girls stepped up this week and we had our power kicker back. I was happy with
our 6 to 4 win, but I was still not happy with some defensive mistakes. Afterwards we went tot
he Corner bar and had a few drinks. I made my way to Fridays for a bit and eventually called it
a night.

5-07-08 that snooze button was hit like 3 times this morning. I had a hard time getting out of
bed. For lunch we went to the park and hit some balls on the field. We were working on our
defense today. It was pretty tough trying to catch that ball when the sun is at its peak. I really
didn't know what to expect for tonight. I had alot of time to waste and I wasn't sure what I
wanted to do. I ended up going to Grumpys for a quick one. I just needed a different place to
go. I went tot he VFW to play some cards tonight. I wasn't really trying again. It kinda sucked
that I had to play such a late game tonight for kickball. We won tonight. 2 to 1 I believe the
score was. For some reason we always seem to win the close games. Either way its a win and it
was fun. It was getting a bit cold tonight. I need to start wearing pants. I dunno, its May it
should b warm right?

5-06-08 I was not as tired as yesterday. I really wanted to enjoy the weather outside though.
Danielle, Mario and I went to the driving range at Island lake. I was struggling a bit, but I finally
hit a nice groove. With all the hard core guys around me swinging and hitting the golf bar far. i
tried using all my strength. When I do that though I was either missing it or shanked it pretty
good. I went to Fridays for dinner, It was nice getting everything paid for me. I guess I like
getting treated every now and then too. I don't know why, but I was very appreciative. We
went to the mall to do some shopping. I got to pick out outfits for her to try on. We went to
the VFW for a few drinks. I was tired and got home early. I watched Juno for the first time. It
was an alright movie. Just a random boyish girl who deals with pregnancy, with a MN twist. Its
kinda funny hearing mankato, stillwater and st cloud in a movie these days. I have been dieting
pretty well lately. I just gotta keep it up.

5-05-08 I had a hard time sleeping last night. I kept waking up every hour. So I said screw it
and I got up at 5am. I made it to work by 6:30am this morning. Lately I feel like I have had
nothing to talk about. I think its the fact that I am just lame. Nah, i think its more of the fact I
have been trying to slow my life down a bit. For lunch today I had carrots and broccoli and
some nasty dip. I don't know why I grab lunch from Cub Foods, but I was in a healthy eating
mood today. I drove to the park on my lunch, there were people on the courts so I just stayed
away from them. I got home and just relaxed. I was so tired. I eventually made it out to TGIF.
Becky, Steve and Annie were out too. I just wanted to get a quick bite to eat. I had so many
free appetizers that I used up about two of them today. Thats when you know you go there
too much. I went to the VFW where everyone else was. Patron, patron, and more patron.. I
was starting to feel it a bit. Its the only day Scott really gets hammed on purpose.

5-04-08 I spent most of today trying to be outside for the most part. It was just wonderful
weather out. I had lunch with Joe and Green Mill. Well we had the brunch. Good thing Aaron
works there. He hooked us up. I went and shot some hoops tried to get my stamina back up. I
went for a short bike ride also. I was so tired when I got home I just laid down and watched
some nba basketball. I was slowly falling alseep. I was trying to fight it off. I knew if I took a nap,
I would not be able to sleep tonight. I went to The Stadium for Jenni's bday gathering. it was
fun. I think I had more then a few vodka red bulls. We ended up going to burger king for some
reason. Not exactly sure why. Either way I needed food and thats all I have to say about that. I
got home and I was so tired. I made sure to turn on my alarm for tomorrow. I have alot going
through my head these days. Its nothing major, but I think the change in weather is starting to
affect me.

5-03-08 I slept in today. It felt great. Waking up around noon, with out any alarm to wake you
up. I shot some hoops at a local park today. I was trying to re work my jump shot. I am
basically redoing whole shot. From the way I release the ball to my jump. I got alot of work to
do. I was doing some light reading online. I was trying to figure out ways to eat healthier. I
ended up going out to dinner with an old friend today. After that I went to get drinks. I was just
in a weird mood all night. I ran into Paula, and old friend from our soccer and kickball days. We
stayed at the bar and talked for awhile. She was a bit surprised that i was still single. I didn't
know what to tell her. It was nice to talk about it though. She gave me some good insight on
things and I figured out some things. It was a fun night overall though. Its not like I am out to
closing time anymore. So I was pretty tired and it felt great to just get home and go right to

5-02-08 I really wanted to just get through the day as soon as possible. I have been very tired
as of late. I think the extra nights of sports is harder for me to get used too. The weather was
crappy all day. Rain, and more rain. Its not really to depressing for me. It just recharges me and
it give me time to think. Think of it as being something symbolic. I got home tonight and I was
just watching movies. I had to catch up on LOST. Since I have kickball on Thursday nights I am
unable to watch it now. I also watched Good luck chuck. I was told i am basically Chuck. So
basically very girl he screwed ended up getting married. Well in my case any girl I liked is finding
that special someone. i got the itch to go out later tonight. I had a few drinks and then just
called it a night. I needed some fresh rainy air to relax me some more. I could only do laundry
for so long. I am happy it is the weekend though. I can't wait for that stimulious package to kick
in. Hopefully next week.

5-01-08 The weather seemed a bit cloudy all day. I was in a pretty quiet mood today. I was
focused on alot of different tidbits. I dragged Danielle to goto Target with me today. I was
bored and I needed to walk around. After work today I had to go home to get my shorts for
tonight. I forgot them at home. I was excited to see my other Blockbuster movie come in the
mail. Everyone has been talking about "Juno" lately. So thats why I want to see it so bad.
Tonight for kickball we got a 3 to 3 tie. It was my fault we tied. I tried to put  two girls in right
field and right center. They took advantage of it in one inning and that cost us the win. I was so
mad at my self for even trying that. We went to the Corner bar for some drinks. I was feeling
so full. I ate nachos and once Dave and Mary came. I had to eat some pizza too. It was a fun
night out. I just wish we could have gotten the win. We were far better then that team.
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