Old Journals

5-31-09 Gone fishing again
i made my way to work this morning. I knew I had to get some things done there. I have these renewals
that always take up so much time. Well, its just hard to get into a rhythm when there are distractions. I
need a quiet setting.

My brother called and asked me to go fishing. I was hesitant at first. I needed to get out of the office
anyways. It was wonderful out. I couldn't complain. We went up to Green Lake. I think thats in
Chisago/Forest lake area somewhere. I caught 7 sunnies. I was really excited. My fishing pole broke, but
I got it fixed I think.

Tonight at volleyball we lost all 3 games. We played the undefeated team. We were down a person, and
had a sub. For once, I didn't believe we could win. Usually when were big underdogs. I always still
believe. Maybe its all the losing lately. I just lost my competitive fire. Atleast this way I can goof
around a bit more and not try to mess up.

5-30-09 Paintball me
I went to paint ball for the first time in years. I actually don't remember the last time I played to be
honest. It was a lot of fun. I remember spending a lot more money back in the day. I remember paying
about $90 back then. Today I only spent $37 bucks and got to play for about a good 3 hours. I was
having a lot of fun diving into trenches and barriers. Made me feel I was in a war or something.

Me and Chris went over to Andy and jenny's tonight. I wanted to do something low key and relax for
tonight. I was so exhausted I knew I couldn't do too much. We had badminton matches, hammer schlagen
and a bon fire. I got some brats from Rainbow. The philly cheese steak variety. They weren't too bad.

5-29-09 Kickball week 2
I realized I didn't have my shoes for kickball tonight. I didn't want to drive all the way back home. I
decided it was a great opportunity to buy a new pair of running shoes. I went to the Mall of America and
did some power shopping. I found a nice pair of Adidas that I liked. We shall see how they work tonight
for kickball.

We lost 7 to 6 tonight. I went 2 for 3. I  popped up in my last at bat in the bottom of the 9th. I should
have tried a little more. I was trying to kick to right field. When I normally don't even kick over there.
With this team not being serious. I have a hard time adjusting to being competitive and not trying. I
guess I am very black and white.

5-28-09 My fishing opener
After work today. I went to Long lake to go fishing. Chad and Danielle were just dumping their boat in
the boat launch. I was slowly putting together my crappy $12 fishing pole from Walmart. I didn't know
what I was going to catch today I always catch sun fish. The weather was just great. I didn't catch
anything at all. Not even a nibble. I didn't care, a beer in my hand and just being on the lake. Made my
day and I was happy to be there. We will catch fish next time around.

5-27-09 Softball blow out
We did everything we could short handed. We were in the lead. We hung on and shut them out back to
back innings. Then the one thing that always gets us. Is the one bad inning. We gave up 12 runs in one
inning. It was a horrible feeling. I felt we did good hitting the ball once again. Just those basic plays
are killing us. Not sure how I feel about it. Either way, the ump was kind of a pain in the ass. First
thing he said to us was no drinking or we would get kicked out.

5-26-09 One more time
I know I havn't done a good job of taking care of my eating habits. Today is a different day. I am no
longer going to attempt to eat greasy food. What ever that is. I am not sure. All I know was. Tonight,
was my last pizza, I will ever have. I am going to stick with leaner meats and just eat more greens. I
know what your thinking. Give it a week.

5-25-09 Just chilling
It was wonderful out. Perfect enough to just stay home and do some grilling. I have really enjoyed my
little grill. It really gives me a chance to just relax. Watching the charcoal burn. Staring at the fire.
Staring at the meat cook. It just gives me a chance to slow things down.

I was going to go out tonight. Since, I had tomorrow off. I ended up staying in. I have been so tired
lately. I am starting to think I am sick. Of course, its all in my head. I am happy the weekend was nice
and relaxing.

5-24-09 Dauner bbq
I picked up my nephew and we went to go play mini golf today. He wasn't as patient as he was before. We
went to Spring Lake Park amusement park again. We tried the 2nd kiddy course. I played well actually. I
was even. My mini golf game has really improved. Kobe didn't try to cheat today. I think he knew I was on
to him.

I went to Robert street to get some eats for my moms bday. The family decided to go with the chinese
buffet. I believe its called the Grand buffet. I was pretty full. Not sure why I ate so much. I really
need to control that.

I went over to Mike an Heidi's for their bbq. I was so full from all the food I ate. Played all the lawn
games there. That was my goal. I was feeling pretty tired and uninterested in drinking tonight. I think
last night wore me out. Also, just knowing I am supposed to shut down my drinking 60% has really forced
me to slow it down.

5-23-09 Kate bday
I was fully rested today. I went for a morning bike ride today. I wanted to get more exercise in for this
summer. I feel I have been really slacking in that department. I went do dodgeball after that. To get a
double whammy of exercise in. I was pretty tired after wards.

I went to The Bulldog for Kates birthday. I was feeling pretty good. The drinks really got to me. Me and
Joe went next door to Whiteys. Got even more drunk. Kate and her peeps came over. More shots and
drunk times. I had a good time. Becky came and picked us up. Figured I should be safe. For a fun night.

5-22-09 Night off
I was having a hard time at work today. I really wanted to be outside like everyone else. It was really
quiet today at work. Not a lot of people were there to tell you the truth. So it was nice and quiet. I
decided to take Tuesday off since everyone else today Friday off. I needed a break. I have been worki ng
on over drive for awhile.

Tonight I was feeling so tired. I ended up grilling on the deck with my dad and just talking to him. It
was quite the bonding moment. I don't get a lot of those. So I was really happy I stayed home. I
attempted to watch the Usual Suspects. I ended up falling asleep. Oh well, maybe I can watch it later on.

5-21-09 Jamie's bday outting
Can't get enough of TGIF. The $5 menu is just awesome and I feel I have ate everything on that menu.
Its a nice way to get something nice and pretty cheap. This is the 2nd time this week I have ate here. I
hope I get to eat there more.

We all met up at Acapulco in Riverdale. I have never really aten there before. The food was alright.
Nothing fancy or amazing. I tried my best to get Jamie drunk. I got her 3 shots. We all decided to goto
POV's after. It was ladies night. I never really seen this place so packed. A lot of silly drunken people
all over. It was fun regardless.

5-20-09 Softball thriller
I went to go watch my former kickball team today. It was fun to watch and see how they are doing. They
won another close game. They seem just fine with out me. So that is always good.

Tonight at softball we lost 12 to 13. I went 3 for 3. I hit a nice one towards the outfield. Probably my
best hit ever. I popped up but they just missed it. I got one base. I got walked and we ended up scoring.
I was happy with our game tonight. It is always those little mistakes that is killing us. If we didn't
start off the game so bad we would have wont his one.

5-19-09 Catching up with time
I have been feeling so tired lately. I didn't want to do too much tonight. I just caught up on my tv shows
and watched on of my Blockbuster movies. Hopefully tonight I actually fall asleep.

Day dreaming while laying in bed. It is one of the worst case scenarios. I have my mind wandering so
much lately. I am not sure whats causing this.

5-18-09 Volleyball losses continue
I was in a  really good mood today. Maybe it was the nice weather coming. Whatever it is. I enjoyed it. I
got to grill outside again tonight. Drummies and steak.

Tonight we lost all 3 games. I was confused on why we seem to not be able to finish these teams off. I
think our serving needs to improve to give us a chance to defend. Time will help also so we can click as a
team. Took a year for me and my Zero Gravity team to finally click. Just frustrating we are on a 6 game
losing streak.

5-17-09 Volleyball embarrassment
On the way back from Garrison we stopped at Shooters. We had a few drinks there in the morning. It
was actually pretty fun there.

This had to be one of the longest volleyball games we have ever played. The volleys went back and forth.
Both teams unable to score. We lost the first game 22 to 20. We were ahead in that one. We gave up
basically in the 2nd game 21 to 13. The 3rd game we lost 21 to 19 in the final game. We had a lot of
serving errors. ALOT!! We did not play our best. We look to rebound next week,

5-16-09 Garrison MN: Blue Goose?
I woke up and got my butt to dodgeball today. I figured I needed to get some exercise. I havn't been
going for a few weeks. I did pretty good, but I wanted to save a lot of energy for tonight.

We drove up to Garrison, MN for The Jacob Martin band. We stopped at the Crows nest in Mora. I got
the steak and lobster. I was feeling fancy. Once we checked into our hotel we walked over to the bar. It
was a lot of fun. I was so tired at the end of the night. I barely slept all night. It was going to be a
very rough morning.

5-15-09 Alone time?
After work today. I was so excited to grill tonight. I went to Rainbow and bought chicken and steak. I
got home and made sure I was going to get it all cooked before it rained. It actually rained a little on
me. It did not dampen my spirits.

I finally got the call to play in the big boy roster for softball. I was just finishing my food. I was so
tired. I ended up playing. I did good. 5 for 7 I think. I noticed we were playing against some people from
our old high school. Basically all the druggies. Good thing we crushed them twice.

5-14-09 Keith Urban concert
I drove every one down to downtown St Paul. We ate at Great Waters Brewing. We got a good parking
spot on the street. I didn't want to deal with any of the parking ramps. The concert was really good.
Zac Brown band kicked it off. I have been a fan of theirs for awhile. Keith Urban was totally awesome
live. i heard a lot of great things about it before. I will definitely go again.

5-13-09 So close
Pre game drinks at Majors in Golden Valley. Late 9pm game. Makes softball so much fun. We lost another
exciting thriller. The score was 17 to 19. With us having a chance to win. I hit a home run. I was 2 for
4. I also dropped a fly ball in the outfield. Even though we had two ringers. We seem to still be
improving. I think we will get better sooner then later and get that first win.  It was exciting though.
Just like last week.

5-12-09 Me and my grill
After work today. I was content on grilling. I went to Rainbow and got some steak and chicken. I was
sitting on the deck and realizing how relaxing this is. Just waiting patiently for my food to be cooked. I
am not a fan of burning stuff on the grill. I noticed the grass was green and squirrels are just
squirrels. Not sure what that means, but hey I needed to fill this paragraph a bit more. So a much
needed relaxing night.

5-11-09 Volleyball beat down on us
We went to go eat at Khans for Nancy's birthday today. My food just seem to taste worse and worse
every time I go there. I have just never really been a fan of this place. It was a fun group that went
out for lunch.

At volleyball tonight. We lost all three games. This was a tough team we played against tonight. I think
we can take them. We will need to just get better and get used to just playing together. We are now 4
and 5.

5-10-09 Volleyball beat down!
I was wondering what I was going to do this morning. I wanted to wake up early and get Some things
done. I got to grill for lunch. That always makes me excited.

Tonight at volleyball we played the worst team in our league. They are so bad, when you hit it over. They
never really hit it back. They are the all girl team. A bunch of message therapists and hair dressers.
They are fun and good sports though. I drank with them afterwards.

5-09-09 Birthdays and birthdays.
I knew today was going to be one of those busy days. I was prepared for what ever was going to happen

My nephew Camerons birthday was pretty exciting. There were lots of food and lots of kids running
around. I was drinking so many shots of Remy martin. I forgot to tell you the truth. It was fun though I
passed out at 5pm. He loved his gift I think.

Jens birthday was just as exciting. I was a bit tired from the heavier drinking load during the day.
There was a nice cosy bonfire and hammer schlaagen.

5-08-09 MUSA return
We went out to eat at TGIF in Roseville for lunch. I can't get enough of the $5 menu. It is such a good
deal. I am not sure why no body is all over it. I have tried it twice now and it feels like a steal every
time I do it.

My MUSA return was horrible tonight. I was pretty embarrassed with my performance. I had 3 errors I
counted. I couldn't grip the slippery ball in the rain. We all had a fun time drinking int he rain though. I
just wish I could have done better. We lost 15 to 3.

I went tot he Blue fox and realized I was unable to drive. I went over to Perkins next door by my self
and got some food and sobered up. I was the only customer in there. The poor 19 year old waiter must
have been bored all night. He talked to me all night. I gave him pointers on life and gave him words of
wisdom. He absorbed it like a sponge. I think I helped him find his way.

5-07-09 Finally got to grill
I don't know why, but for some reason I like House of Wongs. Its not like its the best food, it might be
average at best. It is so inexpensive, and very generous portions. Regardless, of all the old people that
eat there. I just like eating there wings for some reason. When I want to splurge and eat like a king.
This is the place.

Since I stayed late at work today. I figured I would treat my self to a steak. I went to Target to look
for some charcoal. I went over to the meat section and got my self some steak and chicken. I was so
excited when I got home. I recently got a small grill and I wanted to convert back to charcoal grilling. I
loved it. I sat there and stared into the distance. It was so relaxing to me. Makes me happy and it was
something I could do to just relax.

5-06-09 So close
WE almost got our first win of the season today. We lost 8 to 10. Danielle hit a home run. Jaime hit two
home runs. I struggled hitting this week. I went 1 for 3. I popped up and fouled out. We had a very
physical game this week. Libby hurt her quad/hammy, Mike took a line drive in the knee, pitching is scary,
Cara took a take out slide at home. We were leading most of the way. We had a chance to score and get
the lead again. It was fun regardless.

5-05-09 Cinco de Mayo, Jen bday
Today was just an odd day. I was all over the place. I felt busier then. Well I couldn't think of anything
comparable. I felt confused at times. Sometimes I wonder if its the medication.

We went to La Fonda's in Eagan. I was really disappointed in that place. The food was just blah. Just
tasted like there was no love put into that kitchen. I can't believe how that place is even busy. General
rule of thumb I go bye. If its authentic, shouldn't authentic people be eating there.

5-04-09 Monday night lights
I woke up today and I didn't feel good at all. I had terrible pains in my stomach. I was thinking the
worst case scenario. Maybe some how the liver finally shut down. Luckily that wasn't the case. I did lay
in bed for most of the day.

Tonight at volleyball. We lost the 1st two and wont he 3rd game. We looked like we were in much better
sync. It seems that at times we try a little too hard on the bump set spike. It does feel hen we are on,
we are unstoppable.

5-03-09 Out side all day
I knew the weather was on my side today. So I was ready for an action packed day outside. I went to
Oak City in Bloomington for brunch. It was more of a meet and greet for the kickball team. After
brunch, we rolled over to the fields. Watched the team practice. I was pitching them all different types
of pitches. Hoping they would be used to seeing slow ones, bouncy balls, and fast balls. We got a lot of
green players. We might not win many games this year. I was promised it would be fun though. Which is
all I care.

I went shopping with Annie at Best Buy. She needed a new camera. So I helped her pick out my model.
Well except it was a newer model. We strolled over to Dick's sporting goods. I wanted to buy Jen a
pogo stick for her birthday. I found one and I was so excited to give it to her I couldn't even wait till
Tuesday. So we went over to Andy and Jen's to test it out. It looks like this one shouldn't break like
the last one.

Zero Gravity volleyball returns tonight. I had a late game. It was a 9pm game. We won all 3 games. It
was a lot of fun. Well the other team was pretty bad. I was struggling with the ball we were playing
with. No excuse, but I am hard on my self when it comes to things I should be dominating at. It looks
like we havn't lost a step though. There was some rust, but thats expected. We got an easy one next
week against the all girl team.

5-02-09 Pants off dance off 5
I took my nephew Kobe to mini golf today. He has never played before. I feel its one of those things
every child should partake in. He didn't even know what it was. So what did a resourceful 8 year old do?
Looked it up on youtube. Amazing how technology has changed everything these days. I think he had a good
time. He wanted to play at the other course in Blaine.

Another year, another dance off pants off. Not sure why we call it that. Its just going out to a selected
dancing bar or club. I think I have been to 3 out of the 5 for the past years. I lost track. I am still
having a hard time drinking again. It just wont go down. I can't handle the taste anymore. We were up
stairs dancing the night away. I was a sweaty mess.

5-01-09 I love sushi
Today at work, everyone was really in good spirits. The smiles and the laughing it was just great. Its
been a tense few weeks for me. Not sure why. I just am a bit more focused for some odd reason. I was
nervous about my results. So I was just trying to get work done and forget about it.

I picked up Erin and we went to Nami in downtown Minneapolis. I have never been there before. So I was
kinda excited to try it out. I havn't seen Erin for awhile. So we had a lot to catch up on. I really liked
the sushi there. Service was kinda crappy in my eyes, but oh well. As long as they don't spit in my food I
don't care. We went to The Refuge after. I miss that place. Plus its just so cheap.