Old Journals

05-31-10 The drive home
All I heard this morning was water splashing at my window. I thought the local custodian
was playing a mean trick to me at the motel 6. Well It was raining pretty hard out. Which
put a damper(no pun intended) on things. Millenium park and The Pier would have to wait
another time.  I was starving, so I was trying to find anything on the way back. A suburb
outside of Chicago. I forget what the place was called. They had pretty good food. Good
drinks to say the least. The Bartender/waitress was pretty nice. All and all it was a fun
trip. It was low key and chill. Which is what we both wanted. With our crazy lives.

05-30-10 Chicago part 2
Got up early and it was off to 6 Flags. Basically the main reason we went to Chicago in the
first place. We went on the Superman ride. It was alright in my book. There seems to be
a lot of very similar things here compared to Valley Fair. They had their version of Steel
Venom and Wild Thing. I felt their best ride was The Raging Bull, Which was a better
version of Wild Thing. It wasn't as tall, but it had a lot of loops and thrills. The game plan
was simple. Go on a bunch of wet rides to cool us off during the day. After about 8 hours
of thrills. I was just toasted and tired.

We went to Ginos on Higgins for pizza. I have heard so much about this place. A
distributor at work told me about their amazing deep dish. It was so good. I felt pretty
full. We went back downtown to do some more drinking and checking things out.

05-29-10 Chicago part 1
I woke up this morning around 8am. I was so tired from last night. I was unable to sleep
the night before. Due to me being an idiot and taking a nap around 7 to 9pm. I was jsut
wide awake.

Jessica and I got to Chicago around 4pm. Once we check in, we went right down to
downtown Chicago. We went to the Willis Tower(Sears tower).  It was pretty cool. Its
taller then the Empire building in NY. I freaked out when I walked out into the clear
glass on the edge. I was unable to do it a first. I was shaking afterwards.

We went to a restaurant called Tavern at the park. It had pretty good food. I got the
Prime rib. Jessica got the veggie lasagna. They were both really good. We did a lot of
walking checking every thing out. We went to a few bars, one of them was a blues bar.

05-28-10 My story
Everyday at McDonalds, the manager comes up with the "plan" for the lunch and dinner
rushes. Basically, from 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm, every employee and manager on the floor
is assigned to a certain position. For example, if you're working in the kitchen, there are
four places that must be occupied by a different person. The first is the screen, and that
person is the one who puts the bread into the toaster and sends out the orders. The guy
or girl next to him is the one who fills the condiments of the sandwich, be it ketchup,
lettuce, or Big Mac sauce. At the end of the table is the wrapper who puts the meat or
chicken into the sandwiches and finishes it. Finally, there's the employee who works on
the grill, filling up the meat and oils.

No one wants to work the grill. It's hot, exhausting, and usually means you're the weakest
person in the ktichen. But that's not always the case. Although the workers with the most
experience and prestige work on the table, it's not uncommon for someone strong to work
on the grill. The reason I'm telling you this is because I feel I have always been that guy
that just does what it takes to get things don in any scenario. When it comes to sports,
work, friendships.

05-27-10 Steak
Must be a good day when all you think about during lunch is steak. I brought steaks for
lunch today. I seasoned them just an hour before I put it on the grill at work. I was
craving meat for some odd reason. Gotta use the amenities at TIES right.

Besides the meat. I was pretty frustrated today. I had a long day at work and nothing I
was doing was working right. I am just a rhythm person and I need to be in a constant
zone. Its so easily to get distracted there.

I had dinner with Annie tonight to catch up on things. I had a great time. I guess there is
so much going on in my life. That I am excited to just toot my horn. Nothing like having
drinks later the Legion though. Although, with new management. The drinks weren't as
strong as they used to be. Still stiff for normal people standards.

05-26-10 Perfect season
We had a very good game tonight at softball. We played a team that brought their own
piano and we heard the national anthem. It was weird.  Kinda fun though. We kept getting
one run each inning. Eventually we broke to a 7 to 2 lead. The final inning they scored 5 to
tie the game. We were at the bottom of the inning and we easily got the walk off to win
the game. There wasn't much excitement from the team. I was ecstatic, but we looked
like we should have won. I need to get them more excited,

05-25-10 What to do
Without LOST on  he airwaves now. What am I supposed to do on Tuesday night. I grilled
seabass thats what I did. I was cleaning out the fish and I found a little fish inside of it.
I guarantee you 90% of the world would have been grossed out. Not me though. I just
chucked the little guy aside and kept cleaning it out. It was quite delicious on the grill. I
need to work on my skills getting the scales off. I am sure there is a secret technique to
do it.

05-24-10 Volleyball skills
We had another dominating night. We let one game slip away, but it against a weaker team
that had 2 new players that were way better. We will rebound, our season has been a
success so far though. It was fun playing for fun after the games got done. I had a lot of
fun getting my exercise in.

05-23-10 Lost goodbye
Tonight at kickball we lost for the first and hopefully only time of the season. I Went to
Target earlier in the day. To get some heel pads to put in my shoes. It worked pretty
good. I was still unable to move around as much.

We won all three games at volleyball tonight. The other team reminded me of a bad team
we used to play at POV's. I think they did fine. The only difference is, we have been
playing so long. We have improved too much. I was toying with them the whole time. My
skills have developed slowly. As I still try to master the top spin.

I got home in time to watch LOST. I was very curious as I have spent the past 6 years of
my life watching this show. Laughing, crying, pissed. I was there for all of it. The ending
wasn't what I hoped it would be. I guess I always want more. I was sad to see it end, but
it was our MASH of our era.

05-22-10 Night out
I went to Costco with Chad and Danielle today. I wanted to get my membership finally. It
was pretty good stuff there. I only got it for the meats. I had a Sams Club membership
before. I was disappointed with it though.

I went out with Jessica tonight to uptown and downtown. I had fun, but I did some
thinking and I don't know what I want anymore. I had a lot on my mind tonight and the
tequila sure wasn't helping. Either way, I had a fun time. I do enjoy late nights though. I
forget what that is like. Maybe I just write this to make other people feel better. What
ever that means. Key thing I learned tonight. No more lies..

05-21-10 Maniac win?
Those pesty Maniacs got another win. It was a 4 to 1 victory. They are just a better team
right now. Better defense, better offense. Still they have a broken down Tony Cu. They
are able to win effortlessly. It shows me that I can call it the end of Friday nights next

05-20-10 Ribs in my tummy
I never really cooked a rack o ribs on the grill before. It was on sale at rainbow and I
wanted to give it a shot. I found a nice apple smoked rub for it. I have to say. This was
fricking good. I didn't even need bbq sauce. Asparagus was good also on the grill. I hear
its healthier to grill everything. So I am giving it a shot. With my injuries, I realize that
its cause I am not in shape to be doing my sports this year. Its quite sad actually. I will
regain my strength though.

05-19-10 Softball dominance
We won 20 to 10 this week. The team we played against looked pretty good. They had
guys that could hit the ball. Our defense hasnt been tested much this year. Nobody has
really hit the ball far yet. I only played one inning, since Dan was late. I wasn't planning on
playing to heal my ankles. I did get a triple though. I was excited about that.

05-18-10 Lost
This is the 2nd to last episode for LOST. I am not sure what I am going to do once this
show is over. It was definitely a st up show for the 2 and a half hour finale on Sunday.
Apparently ABS figured they would move it to Sunday night to garner more ratings.
Smart move in any case.

05-17-10 Nice night
I wanted to get to volleyball early this week. The weather was nice and there is nothing
better then having a cold beer outside watching some volleyball action. We went 2 and 1
again this week. We lost two are friends this week. My heel was really starting to hut a
lot. I was so tired from the weekend. I just ran out of juice a the end of the night. It
was fun, and thats what I have learned to do this year. With all my injuries.

05-16-10 Day in the park
You know the feeling when its nice out and you have to just goto the park to walk around
and hang out. Well that was the feeling today. We went to lake Nakomis today. It is not
one of my grandest parks but it does the job.

Kickball we won 8 to 2. I hurt my heel running to first base. Not sure how I did that. I
was just running like normal. I felt a lot of pain after.

Volleyball debut at New hope today. The competition is a lot better. Actual volleyball
players now. We adjusted and realized we had to get used to the game speed of the true
vball players.

05-15-10 Bostons
I havn't seen Jessica in awhile. She accused me of avoiding her lately. So I figured it
would be a good time to meet up. I havevn't been to Bostons in a long time. Not since I
lived in Osseo. Feels like 4 or 5 years ago. Anyways, it was nice catching up and I forgot
how much she makes me laugh. It take a lot to make me laugh. Back to Bostons, their pizza
was fricking good. I love it more then Pizza luche. MMM maybe.

05-14-10 Upset
Tonight was the big Dipsomaniac show down. Well it was the Dipso's vs Maniacs. Like how
I did that. Well anyways, with Casey and Mercedes gone this week. My natural instincts
to lead took over and I wanted the team to win real bad. We got a good bunch of people
this year and it should be fun this year. I didn't know how my hurt wrist would turn out,
but it worked out fine. We won a thriller 4 to 3.

05-13-10 Tired, and sick
I had a solitary lunch at Arbys today. I went through the drive through and just ate in the
parking lot. I just wanted some time alone today. I was tired and sick. It was raining
really hard and I didn't want tog et out of my car to go in. I didn't feel the best when I
got done with my food, but it sure tasted good.

Went over to Andy and jenny's for stuffed shells and salad. I was tired, so I couldn't
stay too late tonight. The wine, didn't even go down as well as I hoped.

05-12-10 Sicky
I called in sick today. I was not feeling the best at all. I was tired, I had a head ache and
I was all stuffed up and weak. I took some generic alka seltzer like drug and it sure made
me feel a lot better. I was feeling good after that. I worked from home today anyways.
So I got all caught up.

05-11-10 Quiet nights
I was really looking forward to LOST tonight. It was one of those crazy episodes that
have nothing to do with the current characters. It was kind of disappointing depending
who you ask. I liked it, but it did not give a lot of answers. Which is always annoying. I still
was into it though. Next week is the last episode before the finale. Should be a good one.

05-10-10 Finally 3
It was a old rainy day for volleyball. We still played in it. We won 3 games finally. We
almost lost to one of the weaker teams. We escaped with a win and we were just happy to
get it over with.

I hurt my wrist at the boxing game this week. I was trying to break my own score and I
just injured a nerve or something. I can't grip anything at all.

05-09-10 Mothers day
Went over tot he parents house for Mothers day. We had dungenous crab and pho. I was
quite full. I really like playing with my nephew Cameron. He is a lot more playful then the
previous two nephews.

05-08-10 Last minute
I went to go play dodgeball last minute today. I was in the area nd I had my clothes from
kickball and I figured why not. I felt pretty good throwing those balls. My arm does seem
to be getting weaker in time. I still blame it on my ankle. I can't plant my foot.

I finally beat Final Fantasy 13 tonight. I spent a total of 58 hours on it. The ending was
somewhat not as satisfying to me. I guess I am so used to the old games that I expected
more. It was good or what it was I guess.

I ended up going out late last night. I had nothing to do and I felt like having a drink or

05-07-10 Kickball return delayed
Well its not really a return, but its a return to Friday nights. We were rained out today.
Which is good news for me. I needed the extra week off.

I took it pretty easy tonight. I have been really tired lately and I just needed to relax
and be a home body on a weekend. Day one of a weekend in the books with out spending
money. Check!

05-06-10 Dinner everything!
Erika came over and we made a lot of different things. We were both craving different
things. So we made chili dogs, mussels, chicken wings. Yea I know, odd combo.

I decided I needed a new bed tonight. My bed is old and its been handed down twice. My
back is sore every morning I wake up from it. Time for me to get that done. Its been long
over due.

05-05-10 Walk off run
Tonights softball game, was probably our toughest challenge. They all had guys that were
good. We were down every inning, but we kept answering what they had for us. At one
point, we let in 6 runs in one inning. Only to score 6 of our own. In the final inning, we
needed one run to tie and two to win. We had a walk off run. Erika had a big hit to win us
the game. It was quite exciting.

05-04-10 Injuries
At the rip old age of 29. I have realized, my body isn't holding up. I was hoping I would
just be able to play through it. Like I have in the past. With my ankle injury, its causing
me to have pain in other area's. Now its my knee on  he same leg. I believe its the way I
have been favoring my leg, when I walk. Time is ticking and I know I wont have much left

05-03-10 Volleyball
For lunch today. Me and Danielle went to Dicks sporting goods to buy a volleyball. I just
wanted to have one to practice with.

Tonight at volleyball we won 2 games and lost the last one. Those games that we lose. We
are always leading by a significant number. There are a lot of good teams in this league
this year. There is still a 4 way tie for 2nd place. At 8 and 4. We should be 10 and 2, but
oh well.

05-02-10 Season opener
I went to my nephews birthday today. I wasn't sure what to get him for his birthday this
year. He is turning 5 today. I bought him airplanes. My brother told me he is in love with
airplanes. He liked it, I bought him this gigantic foam airplane.

Kickball opener was windy. I was struggling to kick the ball. Even with all the practice. I
did my normal defensive duties. We won 4 to 2. I was a tight one.

05-01-10 Kickball practice
I woke up early today so I can get to Lunzers a little after 11am. The keg was ready to go
and next thing you know. I was playing the bean bag game. Afterwards, I went over to
Casey's for her kickball practice. I wasn't sure how much effort I would put into it. With
my ankle being a bit sore that day. It turned out fine. I pushed it harder then I hoped.