5-31-2011 Tennis
So much for playing tennis today. The weather was so windy. I didn't really feel like it
was practice at all. I was breathing hard again, but luckily we just had a light work out.

I made my red snapper again for dinner. it was delicious. i added ore garlic and ginger
this time. It sure turned out great with rice.

5-30-2011 Memorial day
I had some people over for a bbq today. It was great. We played some ping pong and
just sat outside for a bit. I really enjoyed everyone being there.

5-29-2011 Memorial day weekend party
I went over to Miek and heidis today for their bbq party. I got 2nd palce twice in
their bean bag tournament. I had a lot of fun seeing everyone. Everyone showing their
kindness was great too. Just shows how much everyone cares.

5-28-2011 Roth Wedding
I went to Roths wedding and it was a lot of fun. I almost got into a fight with
someone, but oh  ell. What are you gonna do. It was a long night,but I am happy for
Becky and Roth. My heart went through alot, more then it should have.

5-27-2011 ER part 2
I did an ECHo this morning and a stress test. If I were to fail the strest test. I
would have to do a angigram. I was definitely worried. Go figure this would be the most
important test of my life. I waited patiently, and I knew I did good on my strest test.
Basically running on a tread mill. I just hope it went well. I waited for over an hour.
If find out it went well. I was free to go and prescribed medicine. Happy day.

5-26-2011 ER
I called to schedule a clinic appointment for next week. They forwarded me to a nurse
and I told her about my chest pains. She told me to go directly to ER. I got there and
they put me in a wheel chair. I had an EKG done. Basically an image of my heart and a
ultra sound. I was told I would have to stay over night. I had high troponin in my blood.
Which means there was damage to my heart. They took blood from me multiple times. i
found it annoying.

5-25-2011 Dodgeball guns
I was worried I would have the same issues as last week. When i w as breathing hard
and feeling pain my chest. Well it wasn't a fluke. I played for about 10 minutes and had
a hard time breathing again. I tried to push through, but the pain was too much.

5-24-2011 Miami Heat
Its one of those days, where I decided to just clean my car. My carpet was pretty
dirty. There was salt from the winter and leaves from last fall in there. With the
wedding this weekend. i better clean my car.

The Miami heat won tonight. They lead the series 3 to 1 against the Bulls. I can't
stand Lebron and hes going to come out of the east.

5-23-2011Belated jamie bday
I took Jamie out to eat at El Azteca for dinner. Two days in a row I get mexican food.
Quite odd for me. The food was good. The wait staff was hilarious actually. I enjoyed
the food there. It tasted pretty authentic and I got good food portions. Enough for me
two have two dinner int he next two days.

5-22-2011 Mexican
Me and Erika went to La Cucaracha for lunch today. I have never been there before. I
know the reviews have been bad, but I hear that they are changing there image. Well, I
thought the food was good. I don't even like mexican food. My burrito had good flavor.
The fajitas had good seasoning. The weight staff was fun and nice.

5-21-2011 Vball tourney
We made a good run at the volleyball tournament, but we just ran out of juice. We
played a pretty solid team and the next team. We were just already gone.

I went to the kickball beer bust after and had a pretty good time. I got to spend time
with Erika. Since, we havn't had a chance to see each other all week.

5-20-2011 Kickball rain out
We were rained out, but since most of us were at the fields. We just decided to drink
and have a good time anyways. We drank so much and we went to the bar after. it was a
fun night overall just hanging out with everyone.

5-19-2011 Softball strong
We played against a hippy looking team. I felt we would blow them out. It was tied 0
to 0 after 3 innings. We eventually kicked it up a gear and won 16 to 3. It was a good
night for our team. Our power hitters were back and we were having a good time.

5-18-2011 Dehydration
After work I had a few beers and tried to play dodgeball. With me taking my
medication and just being pretty tired all week. I tried to play and was sweating and
having a hard time breathing. I had to just sit ont he bench and watch. I ended up going
home and passing out early.

5-17-2011 Working out
I did some more pushups today. I am pretty focused when it comes to getting back in
shape. My foot still bothers me, but I am not letting it affect me too much.

My eyes seem a bit dry today. I think I am mentally and physically really tired. I just
need to get some more sleep. It is so hard to do. I have a lot of good shows I like to
watch at night. Plus, there are video games too.

5-16-2011 Lunch with Kelli
Today I had lunch with Kelli at the Bluefox. We have been meaning to catch up and talk
for a long time. My burger was pretty good. It had two juicy patties. The waffle fries
were well over fried.

I was so tired, I just decided to go home and make some red snapper in my special asian
sauce. It was really tasty.

5-15-2011 Kickball Vball
Tonight I had a lot of things going on. We won against the Monistars and we won in
convincing fashion. I had my first hoem run in about 3 years. I was pretty excited. I
think we won 6 to 1.

It was Zero Gravity vball debut. We won all 3 games against the team that won it last
year. I felt we played well. We are definitely playing at a high level.

5-14-2011 Moms bday
I went to the asian store in the morning to get papaya salad. We were having a buffet
potluck at my brothers new house. Which has a pretty good view of Lake McCarrons.
Its a pretty nice house I would say with a nice open floor plan. My mom turns 59
today. I gave her a big hug. It felt good.

I had Kobe come over and just hung out. He wanted to make ribs again. They turned out
really good. He didn't like it was a bit spicy. I didn't add too much heat to it. But it
made his young taste buds go wacky.

Andy came over and we just watched tv played video games and hung out. It was nice to
see the old chap.

5-13-2011 Victory road
I was an idiot and didn't check the weather today. I assumed it would be nice. I just
brought shorts and a t-shirt to kickball. Which was a dumb idea. With me not going
home and going straight to the fields. I was freezing. I called Erika to bring my a
sweatshirt. They play later. It was a cold night, but we won 8 to 2. I made some pretty
good plays. My kicking was struggling, but my ankle held up somewhat.

5-12-2011 Healing
I was pretty tired today. My body was aching from just working out so much lately. I
took my care to Tires Plus today. I got my tires rotated. It sure did need it. I
remember when I used to take in my mini van. They always wanted to do so many
maintenance things on it. With a newer car. They couldn't say anything to me anymore.
My cars steering wheel no longer shakes. I am happy. Just in time for the Kansas city

5-11-2011 Dodgeball
I made it back to work today. It was also Nancys birthday. so we went out to Khans
and had lunch. We had a wonderful ice cream cake for dessert once we got back to the

I went to dodgeball to just be active. I have been sitting around sick lately and I
didn't want to just be sitting around any longer.

5-10-2011 Sick day part 2
I did my best to get to work to work. I realized I shouldn't go cause I was still sick.
I would just get someone else sick. I basically did as much as I could after sleeping
the whole time. I expect to be back tomorrow.

5-09-2011 Sick day
I definitely did not make it to work today. I just slept and watched tv and did
absolutely nothing all day.

5-08-2011 Not much
I am still pretty sick and I have been moping around all day. I don't think I will make
it to work tomorrow. I just can't seem to stop coughing and breathing.

5-07-2011 Being sick
I made a new friend today. I went over to my brothers house to help cook food for
Masons baptism party. Luckily I got to skip the church part by cooking all the food.

When i got home later today. I had so much to do tonight. Brians grad party, Hages
bachelor party. My nephew Camerons bday. Unfortunately. I finally got more sick then
I was home. The cough and sore throat I have been having for the past 2 weeks. I feel
sick now and really weak. So I just stayed in and played starcraft with Dan and Randy.

5-06-2011 A new beginning
Tonight at kickball i made my debut for "Dont shake the baby". I got a lot of boos from
my old team every time I got up to kick. I am sure I deserve it, but I just don't think
they understood my feelings got hurt when They didn't confirm I was finished. Yes I
said I was retired, but eventually I wanted to play again and the teams were full. I
still wanted to play.

5-05-2011 Cinco de Mayo
Tonight was our debut for our new season of softball. I didn't know what to expect. I
got new girls who are new, but I was so confident in them. I knew they would do well.
They sure did well. It was funny, cause I remember my nervousness my first time. My
new girls rocked and we won 17 to 11. Matt and Mike subbed for us tonight. They made
some huge  key hits. I am just super pumped right now. I was talking to Dan after the
game and we felt our team is right where we want it to be. We have people who want to
be here. The aura is just gonna grow win or lose. I am happy. This has been 3 years in
the making for me. I did re-injure my ankle, but I will play through it like I always do.

5-04-2011 Dodgeball energy
I tried to push my self today. I was trying to throw harder then normal. They had knew
balls and thats always a good excuse to pelt someone. I ran out of energy early though.
I was just tired. I got a good work out in and I am just super tired.

5-03-2011 Drinks
Me and Erika had some drinks at Mad Jacks. We were going to go to my nephews t-ball
game, but he got sick so we decided to just get drinks instead. We made a thai noodle
stir fry. Well I guess thats the best way to describe it. It was delicious.

5-02-2011 Body injuries
With it being summer really soon. I have been trying to work out. Even with my bad
ankle. I just can't stand to just sit around. I know I have to take it easy.

5-01-Cold days
Practice was really cold today. We didn't have many people show up. I wasn't sure
what to expect with the new girls. After watchings todays practice. I felt they were a
perfect fit for our team. They want to get better and I have confidence in them too.
They are here to have fun and thats the mind set I like.

At kickball today it was our season opener for the Steamers. With achilles bothering
me still. I didn't know how I would do at a high speed. I ran, but it was sloppy. I had
troubles throwing the ball. I was a bit critical of my self. I got it there, but I wanted
to be more accurate.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”