05-31-2012 Infinite Gravity
We played against our sister team Zero Gravity tonight. They beat us the first game,
and we took it too them the 2nd game. We also won the 3rd game. it was pretty fun
though. Mario and Andy are still pretty green, but I think we can get them going this

05-30-2012 Dodgeball
I had a pretty fun night at dodgeball. We were all being so damn goofy. I played pretty
well. I got my sweat on. Which is all I really wanted. We went to El Paraiso
afterwards. Its just a nice night out. I really needed it.

05-29-2012 Done
I just couldn't deal with Erikas immaturity anymore. I grew tired of the antics. For
years I heard I deserved better and I finally listened. I come into a relationship.
Trying to be a boyfriend, not a parent.

05-28-2012 Tanja bbq
Well I was pretty exhausted after yesterdays events. I went over to Tanja's party
and it was a lot of fun. Grilling with everyone and we even played a game of kickball.
We then just went back to Tanja's and hung out and drank. Its pretty fun when you
don't have to worry a bout anyone else.

05-27-2012 Mike and Heidi Memorial day
I spent most of the day making eggrolls. I started at 2pm and it really was taking a
lot longer then I expected. The rolling process was just taking forever. I was getting
a bit frustrated. The frying part was easy.

05-26-2012 Laina bday
Me and Erika decided to go get a early dinner at Pho 79. We ate brunch  early. So we
were pretty hungry. We went shopping around the Mall of America today. It was so

We went to meet up with everyone at Shamrocks. We then made our way to Stand and
Joes or what ever its called. Then we finished it off at Tavern on the ave. It was a
fun night overall. Probably had one too many shots tonight.

05-25-2012 Osseo Legion
Tonight we decided to try something different. We went to the Osseo legion. Which is
about 4 minutes away from my house. It was kind of spacious actually. Drinks were
cheap. I can't complain when its only $3.50 for everything.

05-24-2012 Vball debut
After work today. I went with Chad and Danielle to Otsego. It was their food tasting
for their wedding. It was kinda fun to go and taste everything. I was happy they
brought me along for the input on the dishes.

Tonight we lost 2 games and won pone. It was fun, we finally got Mario to play. I think
we have a solid team. We played the best team I would say.

05-23-2012 Dodgeball fun
We had a pretty small turn out tonight. I showed up last minute. It was pretty fun
throwing at the newbs. Which is always a highlight for me. The arm felt strong and I
was moving around pretty well. I still had my pinky taped up. I was cautious. But it
was a good work out in that hot gym.

05-22-2012 Nuts
I got to just lay around tonight. Even though my head was hurting a bit. Erika came
over and we grilled some rib eye steaks. Which were awesome by the way. Back to my
head ache. It hurt enough for me to go to bed.

05-21-2012 Vball subbing
We lost our first two games and won our final game. I still feel pretty slow when I
play. I think I lost a step. Or maybe, its all the drinking. Who knows really. It was a
good night overall.

05-20-2012 Drive home
The drive home was long, but it was nice to be home. We took 52 and it had a lot of
turns and curves and hills. It was pretty scenic though. Which was worth it. I was
pretty tired when I got home. I took it easy and passed out.

05-19-2012 Kates wedding
We drove an hour and a half and we arrived at Dubuques, Iowa. We got to check in
early. Most of the gang went to go see the Field of Dreams movie site. We thought it
was ok. We wanted a kickball picture with it. The wedding was just perfect. I was so
happy for Kate. Captain cokes were free all night. Of course I took advantage of that.

05-18-2012 Off to Madison
We left pretty early. We didn't get to Madison till about 3pm today. We settled in at
the hotel. We made our way down to the zoo. We figured we would check it out. I was
told it was like the como zoo. It was kinda sad. There was about 6 animals. We went to
eat at the Blue marlin, it was ok, but over priced for what it was worth.

05-17-2012 Genuine
Things have been pretty good so far this week. As I try to keep my self out of any
drama. I am quite at peace as of late. It helps knowing your vacation is set for this
weekend and its finally here.

I did stop at Jiffy Lube for oil changes. I totally forgot how much they rape you and
push you to buy things you don't need.

05-16-2012 Happy hour
After work today. I had happy hour with Shannon. I havn't had happy hour with her in a
very long time. It was nice to just catch up and relive high school days. Sometimes I
forget what makes me click. I do enjoy peoples lives and how well they are doing.

05-15-2012 Tired
I didn't even have time to goto the gym today. I was pretty lazy actually. I was more
excited to set up my blu ray player then anything. So far so good. Its working pretty
well right now.

05-14-2012 Vball subbin
Tonight at Saks, we won 3 to 0. I am starting to get my legs back after I struggled to
move pretty well last week. It felt good to get the sweep victories. I had a good time
as usual, but I can see why nobody wants to play there. They just suck all your money.

I had lunch with kate downtown today. I am so excited for her wedding this weekend in
Iowa. I made her try something she wasn't used to trying.

05-13-2012 Steamer magic
We were down 6 to 2. I was on 3rd base with 2 outs. The ball was kicked towards 3rd.
I went for home plate anyways. We scored, got the team going again. I kicked a homer
when we were up to bat. It felt pretty good. We came back and won the game.

05-12-2012 Ribs
With my propane tank out. I had to bake the ribs and they turned out much better then
I anticipated. I slow cooked it and gave it a nice sizzle. They turned out the best ever.
baby back ribs are the way to go.

05-11-2012 Fish tacos
With Kobe over, we made fish tacos. They were so good. My chipotle mayo dip is off the

Andy came over and we all drank and it was pretty fun. Me, sarah, Andy and kobe played
the game of life. It was fun, I won.

05-10-2012 Spending time with E
I wanted to have a good night with Erika before she left on her trip. We ate and just
hung out. It was a nice night between us. Which was much needed.

05-09-2012 Dball
For once. I didnt drink before dodgeball. I had a lot more energy then I expected. I
played pretty well. I dropped easy floaters. But my hand was heavily taped.

05-08-2012 Pinky
I was working out at the gym today and my pinky just doesn't seem to be healing at all.
I havn't given it much of a chance to either. Which is on me. I better start taping it.
Thats what they would make me do anyways.

05-07-2012 Vball sub
I subbed last night at Saks for Mike and Heidis team. It was fun just getting a chance
to play again. We went 2 and 1. I felt pretty rusty. I was a bit slower and I didn't
even bother trying to jump in that sand. It felt good though.

05-06-2012 Steamers
Steamers got the 2nd win of the season with a nice blow out. I really checked out of
this game. I was tired from yesterday and I literally left it in first gear. I think it
was 12 to 0.

I went to go see the Avengers tonight. Besides the crying baby in the front row. It
was a pretty kick ass movie. i was pretty excited for it to be honest. It lived up to my
expectations. There will be plenty of sequel action to be excited about.

05-05-2012 Hamburg
So this morning we drive down to hamburg, MN for a kickball tournament. It was a
pretty quick drive. I say maybe 40 minutes. We won the double elimination tournament.
But we were soaked after playing in the rain and stepping all over the puddles. We won
the tournament and went to the bar to spend our winnings.

Later on that evening. I went to Park Tavern for Jeffs birthday. Which was this past
Thursday I believe. It was fun hearing the karoake and as this group does there once
in a month thing. Its been really fun so far. I was really tired though. All day I was
tired. I know some things wrong with my body. I have been taking easy on the booze.

05-04-2012 Cameron pre bday
I went over to my brothers house for Camerons Bday party. His birthday isn't till
Monday. I didn't know what to get him. I remember he loved watching the Alvin and the
chipmunks movie So i bought him the 3rd installment of that franchise. I let him have a
sneak peek before I left. Wanted him to remember what I got him.

05-03-2012 New phone
I really didn't want to fork $150 for the new phone, but it was needed. I felt pretty
naked with out my phone for the past 3 days. Although it was nice not having to look at
it every moment in the world. I spent today just redoing all the things that make it
great. With Apps.

05-02-2012 Dodgeball
I got to Pats tap before dodgeball. Since Erika had my car. I didn't have to drive. I
got kinda liquored up before dodgeball. Which was not the best idea in the world. I
really struggled to breathe at dodgeball tonight. I was sweaty and gross afterwards. I
was having a hard time breathing.

05-01-2012 Lost phone
I kept looking for my phone. I assumed it would be in my sisters car or maybe at
Erikas place. I have checked both places and I can't seem to find it. I have given up
hope and will just buy a new phone. Its just odd that it is gone. Maybe it fell outside
some how.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”